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Re: Theresa's Toy Shop - Let It Snow (Or Not)!

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Jackie last nite on the show you wore that purple dress I feel as though you are too heavy chested and it looked as if you were wearing a bathing suit on top. It just didn't look professional you are too top heavy to wear that style Continue Reading


Re: Kathy Van Zeeland on ShopHQ

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I agree with you all, Kathy Van Zeelands purses do look cheapie and even Bruce's purses are not good looking anymore. It's nothing to his purses he needs to go with Kathy over to the other network. Besides, he's annoying to watch, he's all over the place talking too fast like he is on something, switching and swapping out the purses with the poor models. Bruce presents his purses in a kind of desparate (sp) fashion. In my opinion it was really tacky for QVC to have Kathy Van Zeeland come on the show the other day knowing that she is going over to Shop HQ very tacky. Good for her PLEASE GO... Continue Reading


Re: American Heart Association Walk - A Second Chance

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If your "HEART" was in it you would have responded differently when the guest there on QVC fainted. You wouldn't have continued "SELLING" what kind of heart is that "DANO". It's all about the money huh? Continue Reading


Re: The Fashionably Early Gift

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Good-Morning Jane, I know you stated that you were working on trying to get African American products ie Angels, Santa Claus etc. not to mention hair and make-up products. How about trying to get the MAC line. I'm just so tired of being left out, I'm a African American woman and it is a shame, I mean even with the make-up products there QVC uses mainly White females to sell their products and may have one token African American model. I will not buy anything else from QVC until I see a change. Any who Jane, I really enjoy you. Between you Leah & Rachele I pray that you my "Sisters" w... Continue Reading


Re: Mom Monday: Adventures in Mealtime

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Morning Gabrielle, Are you pregnant again? Continue Reading


Re: Jayne’s Gift Favorites

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Hi Jayne, why is the morning show called Jayne & Pat? Pat has been there why longer than you. I also feel as though you try to over talk Pat almost taking over is it because you hosts have to sell alot of products or you'll get the boot like for example Bob Bowersox? I notice you are hardly on air any more Continue Reading


Re: Dan Hughes's Gift Favorites

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Dan after the guest fainted and the way you handled it was a shame it's all about the money and sales huh Dan. I'll never watch you again because in my opinion, when watching you, you just appear to be a "Sales Man". You are boring, Carolyn is the best Host there I wish Carolyn, Antonella(sp) and David Venable where the only one's hosting QVC they are the best. I'm sure your "VACATION" was a direct result on how you handled the guest who fainted. Continue Reading


Re: Thank You QVC!

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gabreille Just wondering are you pregnant? If so congrats Continue Reading

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