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Re: Which dress gets your "yes"?!

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Mary Beth looks great in all of them but with your blond hair and blue eyes I pick #4 for you. You look fabulous in that one. Continue Reading


Re: Dell Days is back again! Celebrate throughout the month of May!

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I love my Dell Laptop. It is an older one and I still do everything on it. I would love to have the newer one advertised on the Q today. I am checking it out as I send this message. Continue Reading


Re: What's Your Favorite Summer Drink? Margarita? Mojito? Milkshake?

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Hi David. I love a frozen margarita but that summer frozen sangria sounds like a winner. It just might become my favorite new summer drink!!! Continue Reading


Re: What Kind of Cookies Do You Like to Exchange?

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My favorite cookies for Christmas are the Mexican Wedding Cookies! YUMMY! Continue Reading

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