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Re: Share your Holiday Advice for a Chance to Win!

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My gift giving advise is to make your choices as personal as possible! You know your friends and family, let that be your guide. For difficult gifties, I recommend something on the practical side that they will use and appreciate like a HALO, a home décor item from Valerie or Bethlehem Lights, Click Free, something from Lori Greiner etc. If all else fails something yummy from Junior's, Cheryl's, Mrs. Prindable's, or Harry London! Hope this helps... Happy Gifting! :) Continue Reading


Re: Mally's 12 Days of Christmas Instagram

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Hi Mally, I'm a huge Mallanista but haven't yet tried your Poreless Perfection Foundation. I just got your TSV for gifts and the Mega Kit for my gift, but when it came time for the foundation sell, Ms. DD wasn't in the show and since she and I wear the same shade I wasn't quite sure what colour to go with. Tan or Medium Tan?? I already use the Tan in the Cancellation Concealer so would that also hold true for the foundation? Thank you so much xoxo. J Continue Reading

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