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Re: JM bronzing oil

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I use it on my face and love it. A little goes a long way tho and you have to remember to shake it each time. Continue Reading



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thanks LJ! Congrats on your new watch. I've always liked the sea remic but do not own one. I never use to like silicone bands, but since buying them lately I love them. I think they've improved them over the years...more like a soft gel. Hope you like yours! Have a great day! Continue Reading



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The Michele rt/gray jelly watch arrive Friday and it is so nice I got on-line and ordered the ballet pink! The smokey quartz is subtle but just glistens set in the rt.(I am not a bling person but this is tasteful and not the least bit over the top (and real). Funny thing is this watch was here within two days and that ripka watch I ordered 10 days ago hasn't arrived and still sitting in the same city where it was shipped. When I asked Michele about their rt I was told they use 18 microns for plating. I was pleased to hear that and now I know the color is very nice...in fact for me it is... Continue Reading



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Jena I thought the 40mm might appeal to you! I think Nordstrom had the wrong orig. price, but all that counts is the final price and freeshipping/returns. I'll be curious to hear what you decide. Mine shipped last night and is scheduled to arrive Friday. Now, no more watches for me (for at least awhile). Have a nice evening!! Continue Reading



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Jena, I like the purple too! Nordstrom has the rt/gray in the 40mm for same sale price. I didn't see the 35mm but may have missed it. Continue Reading



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Hi Jena, Glad you love the Ripka cuff you picked up!!! I haven't received the wrap watch yet but will let you know what I think when it arrrives. The one I cancelled is the non-bling Regent look alike. It really bothered me when I saw they put up the wrap watch gold clad for about $169 when they are trying to get rid of the silver ones at $69 LTS price. Plus I think the new silicone is way overpeices. I decided they probably cheaped the new non bling Regent from the original based on what I am reading on quality issues since Ripka sold the company. I know other fashion watches sell for... Continue Reading



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Lots of 40% off in the sale section of the Michele site! EEL Congrats on the new watches!!! As much as I like many of the Ripka watches I am officially done buying them (even cancelled the advance purchase) because I think they've gotten too costly for the quality even when I like the look! Hope I stay strong because it is the principle of it and the latest new just put me off. Do any of you feel the same? Continue Reading


Re: Sizing on LOGO

In Lori Goldstein 1431973636.713

In the dept store I wear a sm (or med in more fitted items). In logo I wear an xs or sm. I preordered the tsv in sm and and it is loose and flows whic is what I wanted. I can wear this top with jeans and it is loose enough I don't need to worry about cling or seeing pant lines. im could easily wear xs with legging I think. Don't kniw about d&c because I've never ordered but suspect you'd be safe going with a small. Continue Reading



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I already have this top and it is one of my favorites. I think some logo is cheaply made but this is not one of them. I don't layer and if u get this one in the correct size it looks great by itself with jeans and leggings. I also really like the challis trim...it is the best trim fabric she's used so far in my opinion ( I tend to be picky and generally do not like rayon span at all!!). Glad I took a chance on this one and don't feel it is overpriced like the majority if the line. Continue Reading


Re: LOGO TSV women over 50?

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This is a great top and flattering on! I can wear an xs or sm in logo. I am 5'3" and have received the black reg in small and it really is nice. I didn't want to layer and I wanted no cling or pant lines when I wear with jeans and it is perfect. I am glad I preordered because now I know I will order another 1 or 2 today knowing the fit I want. I could easily wear this in an extra small but for a bouncy loose non-layered summer look I prefer the small. It is one of my favorite logo tops and I usually don't love her rayon span. Btw I think it is perfect for 50 plus year olds. Fun but not reveal... Continue Reading

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