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So true LJ just trying to practice self restraint!! Continue Reading


Re: Canine Pancreatitis

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I really worried about the perscription diets quality too because I know there are problems. I agree you just need to find what works. I did experiment with some other foods but ended up going with the specialists suggestions and it has really helped my guy. So Luvthatboxer is right...find what works for your girl and realize it takes time. It is a very painful condition and the inflamation spreads throughout the abdomen. I bought frozen organic chicken tenderloins at costco and boiled them because they cooked quickly and I made them up eachday until he was ready to be weened to dry food... Continue Reading



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Java I have always liked the look of that bronzo cartier style watch but am leary of bronzo. They market it as a solid color throughout but reviews state the color comes off. Have to say I like the look for the price tho!! Anyone see the pic GF posted of the new ecclissi coming out soon? It has a mesh strap. I am partial to stainless watches, but may look at the specs when it is released...seems their watches never have any type info on moisture resistance. I had a mesh stainless ring from tiffany that I enjoyed for years, but the mesh does stretch with time(tarnishing wasn't a proble... Continue Reading


Re: Canine Pancreatitis

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My little guy has dealt with pancreatitis two times. I ended up travelling with him to a different city to consult with a internal medicine specialist and he put him on Royal Canin intestinal low fat. Daily I feed the kibble, but I always keep the canned food on hand and use it anytime he seems to feel the least bit off because it seems more palatable to him. It is a prescription food, but all the big pet stores and many vets carry Royal the customer service for that company is GREAT! I researched to be sure none of the ingredients are imported from China and that it is made ... Continue Reading


Re: Does the Upcoming TSV Run Small or Large?

In Lori Goldstein 1411395474.94

I received two colors and one color (gray) is clearly smaller than the frost (I'd say by a size at least), so I do not know which is the size it is suppose to be because both are smalls. I would say it runs true to size or smaller like the last top tsv. When I started ordering Logo I always took and xs and took an xs in the jacket tsv recently. Past two tops have been smaller so I wonder if her sizing is changing to be more like IM. Her stuff needs to fit in the shoulder and bust or it doesn't look we just need consistent sizing! I am going to have to return the gray because ... Continue Reading


Re: Upcoming LOGO TSV

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should add the fabric is very thin so for me I would have to layer with the white as you can see anything under it. Continue Reading


Re: Upcoming LOGO TSV

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I agree it is an off white..I would say beige undertones rather than gray. Continue Reading


Re: Upcoming LOGO TSV

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I received the upcoming tsv in gray and frost. I am disappointed that the gray is smaller than the frost even though they are both smalls. I do not care for the frost color, but it fits so may keep it. I am between a XS and s in Logo and can usually wear both sizes. The last tsv I ordered sm(was happy with fit) and feel this one runs the same ( except that gray...perhaps mismarked??). I will be curious if others find sizing problems or if they are consistent between colors because I am not sure whether to try a different one in the same size, size up or forget about it. Continue Reading


Re: Baby pink florentine leather

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Thanks so much for the replies!! I think I will hold off if the pink is it is brighter than expected . Duster thanks so much for sharing your experience. Tough Kitty I was actually considering the florentine saddle bag so thank you for mentioning the scratching and depth(I loved the grey in the video). I just do not think a bright pink would look too great with scratches. My other Florentines are natural and bone and I do like the leather and how it wears in those colors. Have a great day ladies!!! Continue Reading

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