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Re: Does the Upcoming TSV Run Small or Large?

In Lori Goldstein 1411395474.94

I received two colors and one color (gray) is clearly smaller than the frost (I'd say by a size at least), so I do not know which is the size it is suppose to be because both are smalls. I would say it runs true to size or smaller like the last top tsv. When I started ordering Logo I always took and xs and took an xs in the jacket tsv recently. Past two tops have been smaller so I wonder if her sizing is changing to be more like IM. Her stuff needs to fit in the shoulder and bust or it doesn't look right...now we just need consistent sizing! I am going to have to return the gray because ... Continue Reading


Re: Upcoming LOGO TSV

In Lori Goldstein 1411395168.21

should add the fabric is very thin so for me I would have to layer with the white as you can see anything under it. Continue Reading


Re: Upcoming LOGO TSV

In Lori Goldstein 1411395092.92

I agree it is an off white..I would say beige undertones rather than gray. Continue Reading


Re: Upcoming LOGO TSV

In Lori Goldstein 1411343758.92

I received the upcoming tsv in gray and frost. I am disappointed that the gray is smaller than the frost even though they are both smalls. I do not care for the frost color, but it fits so may keep it. I am between a XS and s in Logo and can usually wear both sizes. The last tsv I ordered sm(was happy with fit) and feel this one runs the same ( except that gray...perhaps mismarked??). I will be curious if others find sizing problems or if they are consistent between colors because I am not sure whether to try a different one in the same size, size up or forget about it. Continue Reading


Re: Baby pink florentine leather

In Dooney & Bourke 1410715496.54

Thanks so much for the replies!! I think I will hold off if the pink is it is brighter than expected . Duster thanks so much for sharing your experience. Tough Kitty I was actually considering the florentine saddle bag so thank you for mentioning the scratching and depth(I loved the grey in the video). I just do not think a bright pink would look too great with scratches. My other Florentines are natural and bone and I do like the leather and how it wears in those colors. Have a great day ladies!!! Continue Reading


Re: Baby pink florentine leather

In Dooney & Bourke 1410714579.907

Thanks Tough kitty...guess it doesn't hurt to try. I tend to be pretty picky, so I am trying hard to be as informed as possible before ordering. I've never even seen the color in the store and the video says it isn't showing right on screen hence my hesitation. I do not own a pink bag and ordered one from Kate spade that was absolutely florescent ...hated it. Continue Reading


Baby pink florentine leather

Last Reply by duster 1410716255.49 | Started by equss in Dooney & Bourke

I am considering one of the sale bags and am wondering if anyone has experience with the baby pink? I own other bags in the florentine and like them but the leather does scratch. Just wondering how that looks on the pink and also how pink it it? I prefer a softer pink. Thanks! Continue Reading



Last Reply by imaclotheshog 1411083997.163 | Started by equss in Lori Goldstein

If you get the Insider take a look because it comes in some great colors and looks really cute. I only wish they had measurements because sometimes I need my reg size and sometimes I need to size down in LOGO. I did place an order and am hoping I selected the correct size...couldn't pass it up because it has $3 shipping...yahoo! Continue Reading



In Jewelry Talk 1410307518.503

LJ you are so right!! I actually took the JR to the post office for return a couple hours ago. The sloppy black on one side bothered me so I know it wouldn't have gotten worn; plus I prefer bracelets to straps. The MOP was pretty tho...overall the workmanship is too hit or miss on JR anymore. Guess I am getting pickier with age! I'll be anxious to hear about peoples experiences ordering from the Invicta boutique! If it's legit there was a nice morganite for a crazy good price. Thanks! Continue Reading



In Jewelry Talk 1410296167.813

I got that one in all silver, but if I have the right one(link below) nordstrom had the TT and I have seen it come back up on line two times in the last several days. If 40% off the head appeals to you give them a call and they will tell you if one of their stores has it and you can call the store and get the sale price (I did that with a Burberry I really liked). I really debated between the silver and TT before I ordered. http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0&_nkw=%25100+AUTHENTIC+NEW+MICHELE+SEREIN+16+TWO-TONE+DIAMOND+LADIE%27S+WATCH... Continue Reading

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