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Re: 'straight leg' denim leggings

In Fashion Talk 1414075935.817

I ordered from Zappos(free overnight ship for VIP members and free returns which is so nice when trying a new item)...the one review says they are long in the crotch but that certainly isn't true of mine. http://www.zappos.com/lysse-denim-straight-leg-6176l-indigo Continue Reading


Re: New Thread for Gili HOBO TSV- Who bought it??

In All About Handbags 1414075665.157

My delivery date is 11/4 so I do wonder if it is advance purchase?? I ordered grey but wonder if it will really be 'greige'(not sure how to spell that!)? Hope we all love it! Continue Reading


'straight leg' denim leggings

Last Reply by BaileyBop 1414078227.603 | Started by equss in Fashion Talk

Just received the newest Lysse straight leg denim design and they are fantastic!!! I love the Lysse cotton blend and finally in straight leg...look like skinny jeans but with super control. Just wanted to share my new find as they are so worth the money!! Continue Reading


Re: GILI TSV Milano Hobo Video is up

In All About Handbags 1413996131.557

I was hoping for a lower price but have and enjoy the blush Roma 2. I recall people saying the ostrich is a stiffer leather - does it soften up? Tia Continue Reading


Re: Juniors TSV

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413763237.143

Thank you for the reply! Enjoy the rest of your Juniors and now I am looking forward to trying them. The reviews on this brand have been mixed which is why it's taken me so long to give them a try. Continue Reading


Juniors TSV

Last Reply by equss 1413763236.98 | Started by equss in Kitchen & Food Talk

I never saw any reviews from people getting the 1st ship date and I've never had Juniors cheesecake. Is it worth the money? TIA Continue Reading


Re: Bravo David!!

In Joan Rivers Classics Collection 1413224166.207

I watched part of the show and felt it was very well done. The photos and video tributes were poignant. Bravo! Not an easy thing to accomplish. I was able to order the 2014 ornaments and picked up my first jacket. For those of you that wear JR clothing how do they run. Jill kept saying true to size but so many of the lines run differently. I ordered the faux leather quilted jacket which is numeric sizing but on the click measurements they looked to run large but I know there isn't going to be stretch. I am between an xs and sm depending on the line and went with size 4...hope it fit... Continue Reading



In Jewelry Talk 1413223863.057

Congrats to all of you picking up some great pieces! I received a new Burberry (BU9143) with the' city' embossed grey face(really nice gray). Very striking in it simplicity...yet different. I picked mine up at a great sale price and see there are more floating around out there..5atm, swiss made. Hope you all have a great day! Continue Reading


Re: A259246 new top with zippers and lace insets

In Lori Goldstein 1413143038.517

Thanks Okie. Just frustrated shipping and returns take so long. Hopefully I will like the other items I ordered when they arrive. Not a big deal- only clothes. Just trying to save others the hassle. Continue Reading


A259246 new top with zippers and lace insets

Last Reply by Ella3 1413233239.533 | Started by equss in Lori Goldstein

Based on a review I went back to check the color I ordered and realized they have the two pinks reversed on the item page. So, if you order orchid the color shown is the rose( I wanted rose, but looks like I will be receiving the dark pink which I don't want or like)! It shows in transit to ups facility and I ordered the 6th, but they will not cancel or recall package. I am getting pretty fed up with shipping times (all items I ordered from TSV day r showing in transit to ups). I called Q and asked them to please correct but if you order it may be worth double checking. Continue Reading

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