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Thanks so much for the replies! LJ, I appreciate your input and was wondering about how it is to read. I will also stick by my hesitancy to order from ebay ...thanks for reinforcing my concerns!! Terry, you must love that watch to own it in multiple colors! I have to say after hearing it comes in an array of colors red would be my least favorite too. I am definitely more of a purple, pink or blue person, so I will hold off on red for now. Maybe I should just order the new moonphase from Shop and see for myself if it satisfies my desire to try renato. I am just surprised no reviews have... Continue Reading



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I'm still interested in the new renato moonphase but no reviews posted yet. I'm still afraid of buying on ebay but have to say this one sure looks pretty...anyone own? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Renato-Womens-Pave-Diamond-Beauty-Chronograph-Watch-Limited-Edition-19-30-/151280075794?pt=Wristwatches&hash=item2338fec412 Continue Reading


Re: Gems en Vogue Tanzanite

In Jewelry Talk 1397431806.08

Thanks all. I ordered an inexpensive(at least by their standards) piece of tanzanite form Tiffany that I ended up returning due to color. I realize inexpensive tanzanite isn't going to be top rate, but I do want pretty color if I am going to spend. I am realistic about that but this colorless junk they peddle is just sad. I was mostly wondering if the photos on-line are ven close or do you receive it and feel disappointed? Guess I missed the boat I did see a very nice piece at Costco once...should paid attention. Continue Reading


Gems en Vogue Tanzanite

Last Reply by chickenbutt 1397436246.547 | Started by equss in Jewelry Talk

How does one determine the quality of the stones when they do not rate them in the description. If you own any pieces have you been pleased with the color? Thanks Continue Reading


Re: Gem Week on ShopHQ

In Jewelry Talk 1397402401.237

I have never bought gens en vogue but have read some favorable reviews. he has a couple tanzanite pieces I am considering but the descriptions never say anything about the grade of the stones. The reviews I have read say his stones seem to be very good quality...do any of you own many of his pieces? Are the a decent/fair value? TIA Continue Reading



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Thanks so much LJ for taking the time to provide such excellent info. I did write Mostly Watches and they are going to be gone, not shipping until after the 22nd- so between that, the warranty, listing wrong size, etc. I will likely opt for the new model on shop, but it may make sense wait for reviews and/or a markdown. I like the pink and black in the pics, but I do not think I would like the rose gold based on your description. I've been wearing my Burberry Heritage non-stop since I bought it a couple months ago. For some reason I love this watch more than any others I have (which I wa... Continue Reading



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Thanks LJ and Terryshay!! I doubt I will get both (Terryshay you may be a bad influence...just kidding!). I only have one gold watch that I like and it is a vintage 14k, but tend to not wear yellow gold much anymore. I also have found I like goldtone on certain brands, but not on others. You both seem to love yours on the bracelet and make the diamonds very tempting(you both have the goldtone correct?). At that price point I am very tempted happy to hear you've had luck with Mostly Watches!! It is important to buy from a reputable company. Thanks again Continue Reading



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Hi All, I did write the ebay seller Terryshaysuggested but haven't heard anything back and it has been a couple days. I see that renato diamond moon phase is also available on amazon from Mostly Watches (higher price but have no idea if reputable???). I may just opt for the new one in shop for $279 but was hoping for a better price offering. It is a spotier model so I may get more use out of it. Does anyone own the shop one with leather strap?? I am drawn to the pink or black. I've never owned a Renato but seems most of you hightly recommend them. Thanks for any advice or info!! Enjoy all tho... Continue Reading



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I've never bought off ebay so am a little hesitant. Is this the watch? How can it be that price for real diamonds? Think that is what makes me wonder... Continue Reading


TSV Clarks fit???

Started by equss in All About Shoes 1397146193.377

Are they true to size in width and length? I am not crazy about the look but they do look comfortable for just running around. TIA Continue Reading

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