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Re: WATCH COLLECTORS.......March 2015

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Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I love the look of your leather straps...nice job putting it all together. Wear in good health and I better get on evine and see if my color is still there. Have a great day and thank you!!!! I just found a michele mini urban for a good price. May have to pick one over the other Continue Reading


Re: WATCH COLLECTORS.......March 2015

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Wow Aprimo your watches look great with the leather straps. I almost bought the baby size but was afraid it might be too large for me. Although I was tempted because the width measurement was small enough I thought it might not wear like a huge watch on my 5.75 in wrist. The color I liked is now back in stock so I am tempted again! I generally don't go much over 34 to36 in in a round watch and the largest rectangular watch I have is a michele park jelly....I know this is a thick watch do you feel like it sits really high on days when you are super active?? Thanks and enjoy them....they l... Continue Reading


Re: TSV Gili Backpack, for those that preordered and have it

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Is it comfortable as a shoulder and/or crossbody because that is how I would wear it?? I feel like this one is a fair price so am tempted but just not sure. I have and like the Roma 2 in blush. Curious does the snow leopard look/'read' like animal print or more of a muted abstract pattern...looks very pretty but I am not an animal print person?? TIA Continue Reading


Re: Next TSV

In Lori Goldstein 1427128593.143

Hi Mtnbikegirl....thanks for your comments! Just ordered the aqua per your suggestion. I am a size 6 so ordered small because I saw your comment on the other thread to buy true to size. Thanks!! Continue Reading


Re: Logo sizing cotton vs rayon/french terry

In Lori Goldstein 1427070475.92

Thanks for the sizing info. mtnbikegirl. I am generally a 6 in stores so think I will get the small based on your comment. So glad you like your tops.....I've gotten some poor quality and/or defective clothes lately so very close to totally giving up! This one sounds like it's worth a try tho. Thanks again Continue Reading


Re: WATCH COLLECTORS.......March 2015

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Congrats Jena on all the new ripka coming home to you! I believe we have the same wrist size so I would love to hear how you feel about the bangle fit. I was just afraid there would be too much movement for me....if they were a cuff I would have gotten for sure. The green watch will be gorgeous with your other pieces. I still haven't ordered the wrap watch because I know the strap will drive me nuts and not sure I want to go through the effort to shorten. I must have missed the deco clone special discussed above...was it good? I love my deco moderne and wear it more often than my other watche... Continue Reading


Re: WATCH COLLECTORS.......March 2015

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I am considering the ripka wrap watch just because it is so different than anything I have. Also if I hate the wrap strap I will have it shortened to single strap at the leather shop. If you own or have seen this one would appreciate feedback. It is currently $79 with free shipping. Tia Continue Reading


Re: Leather Wrap Watch

In Judith Ripka 1426033640.223

Thank you Anisha! Buying multiple watches of the same design says a lot! Continue Reading


Re: Leather Wrap Watch

In Judith Ripka 1426028100.923

Thanks for the feedback.... I greatly appreciate your input. I rotate my watches having a variety so I will now decide on color and order! The more I look the less decided I am which color to try but I already have too many brown and black. Thanks again and enjoy the red one. Continue Reading


Re: Leather Wrap Watch

In Judith Ripka 1426018240.067

Thanks Expatgal!!! I am very tempted but the reviews are mixed and I have a 5.75 in wrist. Guess the strap could be shortened if too much overhang. I never purchased before because I didn't like the white stitching. Do you own it?? Lots of people say the strap is low quality and not comfortable. Any input? If I go with a summer color stitching may not bother me...leaning towards the coral. Thanks again because that's a good price! Continue Reading

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