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I know some of you purchased the Ripka Monaco watch when it was the tsv and I just saw they reduced it to $139 with free shipping. Not sure if anyone is interested or not so just passing this info along. Continue Reading


Re: Joan Rivers is listed in Critical Condition.

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I have so much respect for Joan Rivers and her incredible energy and zest for life. I will be sending positive, healing energy to Joan and her family. I sure hope there is some goodnews soon. Continue Reading


Re: Monaco watch

In Judith Ripka 1409244614.94

Thanks so much CT for taking the time to respond and also look up the tsv price. I noticed some good pricing this morning, so I suspect the Q hit the top prices and sales have suffered so perhaps they are moderating prices which would be great! I may go for the black! Congrats on getting the green and I hope you enjoy both watches for many years to come!!! Continue Reading


Monaco watch

Last Reply by CT Customer 1409245492.69 | Started by equss in Judith Ripka

I remember this watch being a tsv but do not recall price. Is the event price a good value and if you have the watch is the strap good quality? I am not into bling but this one in black might be fun for me. Tia Continue Reading


Re: Ordering the JR upcoming TSV ....

In Judith Ripka 1409178183.687

Does anyone happen to know if turquoise is a hard enough stone to hold up as endcaps? I've heard all turquoise is stabilized and a person on the forum nicely told me they have to say if it is reconstituted and the description doesn't list last so it must be a' real' stone. I think it is very pretty so I hope you all love it when it arrives...I suspect I will be ordering myself, but am curious about how the stone will do without being in a setting. TIA and enjoy the shows!! Finally found it is 5 on the Mohs scale, so was able to answer my own question!! Enjoy Continue Reading


Re: Email sent out with TSV price, but can't check out!!!!

In WEN 1409164580.853

I'm signed up for the emails but didn't receive this one. You have to have that link to click and get the correct price...I am so disappointed ! Continue Reading


Re: Judith's TSV

In Judith Ripka 1409079457.27

For some reason I didn't get the email this time so thanks for posting the numbers. I like the cuff and am happy there is no diamonique. The one question I have is how do we know if it is a solid stone and not reconstituted? I am also confused why everyone keeps saying sleeping beauty is rare but it is available everywhere. Seems like every shopping network has gobs of sleeping beauty....why the hype? Curious if this is offered on easy pay? Unless they specificalyl address that it is NOT reconstituted I will likely pass but if they are nice stones it may be worth taking a look at! Congrat... Continue Reading


Re: Skin Care, Milia, Argon Oil - What am I doing wrong?

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I have dry skin and get milia if the product has dimethicone. I know I wasn't able to use dr. D products for several reason but can use Josiemarans products no problem. I cleanse, exfoliate every couple days and use the Argan milk (which I love). I tend to use the Argan oil at night or if I am feeling very dry but I use very little. Don't know if this helps or not but look for any ingredients in you pond and/or dr d that end in 'cone'. From what I understand silicones cause milia problems for a significant amount of people. Continue Reading


Re: Lori Goldstein's TSV preview

In Lori Goldstein 1408716787.71

I think it's cute! My only concern is sizing. Continue Reading

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