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Re: just want to share

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I had a feeling this line was not well know so was just curious. I haven't tried all their products, but like most of what I have purchased. I learned about it from an aesthetician and purchase directly from their site. I do not know if any large stores carry it or not. Thanks you two for taking the time to respond! Continue Reading


Re: Are SKINN products good quality/results? low price of TS makes me leery & I don't know how to evaluate ingredient decks

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I'm wondering about it too. I have very dry,sensitive skin and not sure it is worth a try or not??? I think I would use the products on my body, but not sure about my face except for the cleansers. Hope you get feedback from those knowledgeable about ingredients. Thanks for starting this thread! Continue Reading


just want to share

Last Reply by pupcakes 1406393784.667 | Started by equss in Beauty Banter

When I find a great new product I love to share... I have NEVER felt like I've had instant results with a product until I decided to use Jakare Elixir 15. It's kind of a fluke ....I just decided to try it because they were running a special ( I receive their emails because I do use some of their other products). I have dry, sensitive 59 year old skin so I've tried many lines over the years. I probably used Perricone the longest, but now I use Josie Maran Milk/argan oil for the most part along with Jakare hydramist(Hydra X in winter) and now the elixir. Elixir sure bumped thing up and I sa... Continue Reading


Re: New to Kate Spade

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Love Kate Spade handbags and they have great sales. My optician recently started carrying Kate Spade frames and I love those too. Enjoy the new handbag...gorgeous color. Continue Reading


Re: Nordstrom-Fast Delivery, great my new Lysse' Leggings

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I have Lysse leggings, cami and a top...I love them all! I think it is a great brand and if I call with a question/order from the Lysse site they are so helpful. Enjoy...they wash and wear well ...really great Continue Reading



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Jena, if I discover I like larger watches that means I would buy more watches ! I better not go there (but with the code Java just posted it is tempting!) Continue Reading



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Thanks Jena for the kind words. Good thing 40mm is too large for me or I would have to consider those beautiful pro divers! Continue Reading


wen RTM

Started by equss in WEN 1406118672.73

opps duplicate review Continue Reading



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Thanks LJ and Java Enjoy that new android! Continue Reading



In Jewelry Talk 1406048599.53

Received my michele deco moderne ll 16 diamond last week and love it. Thanks Terry for telling me what a nice watch it is! I couldn't be happier - especially with the outstanding price from Niemna's Last call. It was completely wrapped with the stopper still in place, bracelet wrapped etc. Hoping to get it sized soon. I'm also glad so many are finding watches they love. Continue Reading

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