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Re: Swimming lessons for infants

In Mom to Mom Forum 1393708413.267

When my oldest daughter was born, 27yrs ago next week, my husband and I took her to our poolwhen she was 3 months old. We were living in a condo in Aventura, Fl so we wanted to prepare her for being around a pool. We submerged her and pushed her under water to the other parent. She was like a little tad-pole and not at all afraid of the water. We continued to do this whenever we were at the pool and later gave her swimming lessons. We did the same w/our younger daughter & they both turned out to be great swimmers. It is never too young!! Continue Reading


Re: VPH and Leah Together.

In For the Home Talk 1378467935.633

It was a pleasure to watch. Both ladies are so professional that they enhance each other. Definitely can not stand when Jane T. is presenting as I feel she is too phony. Continue Reading


Re: Question for Valerie Parr Hill, Topiaries?

In TSV Talk 1378467314.083

I saw topiaries at Michael's that look very similar .tp the ones that Valerie has on her set. They were very reasonably priced and you could put them in any kind of container. You might also try Homegoods if you have one near you. Hope this helps. Continue Reading


Re: Have you ever tried distressing your own jeans?

In Fashion Talk 1377473694.177

Yes I have. I diluted bleach with water in a spray bottle and lightly sprayed areas - knees, back pocket etc. Then wherever you want to "distress" put a piece of cardboard between the layers of pant leg. With a one-sided razor blade make horizontal cuts in the denim. Start small first - you can always go bigger. I have been doing this for the past 8 years. Good luck!! Continue Reading


Re: Fragrances you have worn for period of your life, going way back

In Beauty Banter 1377473028.483

I have been wearing Jessica McClintock for the past 20 years on a daily basis and constantly get compliments. Continue Reading


Re: Just bought my first set of velvet pumpkins so excited!

In For the Home Talk 1377096713.967

I saw some cute orange velour pumpkins that came in a set of 3 at Homegoods on Monday. Didn't get them as I just bought VPH's set of 4 beaded pumpkins. Even though Fall doesn't really "hit" here in S.E. Florida I still enjoy decorating for it. Actually, I guess Fall does come to us - that's when it's only 80 followed by "winter" at a cool 70!!! LOL Continue Reading


Re: Susan Graver: It's Always "I," "me," and "my"

In Susan Graver 1376580392.493

Kathleen, that is totally not true. I used to work for Isaac and he is very involved in every aspect of the designs. The design team and showrooms are in the same building. They used to be in SoHo when I worked for him in a vintage type building. Continue Reading


Re: Noise from SG bracelets distracting to me.....

In Susan Graver 1376579701.353

Yes I agree that the clanging bracelets was quite distracting. Then after listening to the "building a wardrobe" comment for the 5th time I switched to Shop NBC and ordered Waterford ! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone notice that the models and hosts can't button their tops?

In Fashion Talk 1375562186.227

I think the model that most ladies are referring too was actually Jesse,who is a 1X and 6 feet tall. Iris is the size Large model. That being said, Jesse looked liked she was poured into the size OTO D&C jacket. Not only was it pulling across the bust bit her arms looked liked like they were uncomfortable in the tight sleeves. Jayne Brown is constantly trying on jackets that are so tight in the "arm pit" area that it's ridiculous. Continue Reading


Re: Attitudes Print Cardigan that Jane is wearing

In Fashion Talk 1375466917.327

I thought it was fabulous looking!!! Continue Reading

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