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Re: Does anyone use Dr Brandt products?

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The only thing I have used is the pores nor more. I liked it. Bought it when he was on the Q. He did have a comeback on the Q...I thought he had a spokesperson the second time. Not even sure if the Q offers his products anymore. Continue Reading


Re: Perlier vs Philosophy Shower/bath products

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I was first introduced to Perlier Honey cream bath in Europe in 1974. When I saw it on QVC almost twenty years ago I started using it again and followed them to HSN. I feel it is superior to Philosophy, especially the honey cream bath. But that is JMHO. Continue Reading


Re: Delays in Return Processing?

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I sent some things back ten days ago. One item shows returned, the test NO! Glad to know I am NOT alone. Continue Reading


Re: PTR or Dr. Denese TSV

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When is the PTR TSV? Continue Reading


Re: Josie Maran match maker, what a wonderful product.

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I used BE for years. I use BOTH the liquid and the powder. I have left my BE behind in favor of both of these. I am 60 and this works GREAT for me too! Continue Reading


Re: Is it just me???

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Rarely come her anymore. Used to be here every morning and every evening. The good people have gone and the meanies are left. Continue Reading


Re: Ojon is Gone!!?????

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On 12/20/2013 depglass said: Ojon did it to themselves by selling to Estee Lauder, who proceeded to reformulate the line. I've read that Dennis had to sell the company to settle the divorce. Who knows? Maybe he could have bought her out, maybe he couldn't I agree , ojon did it to themselves. I am using my last jumbo restorative treatment in the original formula. When that is gone, it is the end of an era for me. Continue Reading


Re: o/t:dealing with a broken heart that didn't heal......

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I understand completely. Like the song says, the first cut is the deepest. If you loved this person I don't believe that love goes away. Some people are better at burying it. Don't beat yourself up over it; you're human! Continue Reading


Re: Jumbo size Glow Primer

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My favorite Mally primer! Continue Reading


Re: Mally's TSV AD colors for April

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Thanks! They showed the packaging in the morning show but not the shadows...at least not while I was watching and running out the door! Continue Reading

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