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Re: WEN model Jack on product video for Craig TSV

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I noticed they used him for the segment featuring the Head Phone JACK ... LOL Continue Reading



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Did you ladies notice the Stem Rejen serum with the pearl necklace?! I noticed it a few days ago and thought for sure it was going to be a OTO today! He's presented the serum several times already with a different item number, so my guess is the one with the pearl necklace has been saved for some special pricing today. I have a healthy stash of Stem Rejen so won't buy it, but if it had been paired with something else I would have been tempted lol! IMO I would have preferred to see the pearl necklace with the TTV instead of the purse, would have been perfect with the black dress theme! A... Continue Reading


Re: Albany's Holly Wreath Cookie Recipe

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We make these every year too, except we shape ours like wreaths in a circle with a hole in the middle. We've had to make them bigger and bigger every year cause you can't eat just one LOL! They are so good! Albany, where does the glass of wine in that last picture fit in with the recipe Continue Reading



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WOW this is a great kit for $39, I love that trio of serums with the Vit C powder and the Reorganize Night Eye Balm is a desert island product for me! 306-853 Continue Reading



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The drinking word for the host Melissa should be "WOOOWWW" she repeats this over and over and over again. LOL Continue Reading


Re: Wow! Seeing Cooper On The Show

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I loved seeing Cooper on the show too! I follow her on social media and she is such a hoot, and so beautiful inside and out. A horse told me that Melissa Rivers did name her son Cooper, after meeting our Wen Cooper and falling in love with the name. Such an amazing back story, eh! Continue Reading


Re: I wish Chaz would bring.........

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Seasonal Gallons! Body Cleansers in more scents! I use them for my hand wash too. Continue Reading


Re: WEN kids, any adult users?

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I am! In fact the only Wen gallon I've ever bought is Wen Kids Strawberry Banana. I've tried all three Kids formulas and found this one the most hydrating. I find the Kids formulas froth up really well and rinse easily, and for that reason I usually use it for my first cleanse. The Kids scents are more vibrant, I'd say, from the other Wen formula. Still smell great but more candy-like, so if that doesn't concern you then definitely try them! Continue Reading


Re: WEN December Chat

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HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII LADIES! I was at a holiday party and had to sneak into a corner to order the OTO's on my phone! OMG I have been waiting for that Mousse/VTS OTO forever! Since APRIL when it first leaked actually! Locked that baby in on auto delivery and on easy pays! Oh yeahhhh! Also got the WWC trio, I am soooo excited to try it! I LOVE FGP and have been waiting for a citrus Wen so the idea of the citrus with the cedarwood oil too... OMG I may just faint... backhand to forehead style you know.... Pretty annoyed that I didn't get a shipping discount as per usual when you buy multipl... Continue Reading



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I'm in Florida and we have both channels too. QVC PLUS is a 3 hour delay from the original QVC shows, which is great if you missed a show you wanted to watch! There are special series on there occasionally though, like Mally had a tutorial series on there that wasn't on the main QVC channel. Continue Reading

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