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Re: Help please - I have large pores and need help with foundation and primer!

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Oh, I also have combo skin with rosacea and use IT CC cream and/or Laura Geller Balance-n-Brighten for foundation. The LG is my HG, it doesn't settle into pores like other powder foundations I've tried. I only use the CC cream when I need fuller coverage or need the extra sun protection. Continue Reading


Re: Help please - I have large pores and need help with foundation and primer!

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Hi Kayak Queen! I have large pores on just one cheek (weird) and tried so many things but had the same issues as you. Makeup always settled in them and looked like polka dots by the end of the day lol! Finally found what works best is Mally's Perfect Prep Poreless primer underneath my foundation, then over my foundation I use Mally's Face Defender... now that Face Defender is magical! It's clear and blurs pores like nothing else! (Skinn has one similar called Plasma Flawless Finish). These two products help my makeup look flawless and last all day. Mally's site has a great duo with both for ... Continue Reading


Re: My rant, what has happened to the Wen forum?

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OK I slept with SOB oil on my scalp and it must have soaked in, I'm feeling flowery today. Spritzed with SMC RTM all over and all will be good in the Wen world now. I wasn't offended, disheartened yes. Too many good things in my life to sweat something so trivial. I had read several comments from posters on WD's page knocking our forum, but the comment that put me off was about the FTC: "Those Q Board ladies are not happy it's the Finishing Treatment Creme in the gift bag but if they don't like it they need to learn to use it right." Then someone posted "Oh, and those Q Board ladies are n... Continue Reading


Re: Tarte Holiday TSV (the one with the bow)

In tarte 1397951887.183

I was able to change my delivery date back as well, did it on Monday and CS said I'd have it by 4/21 (yeah in time for my bday!) but it also has said "in process of shipping" all week. I've never seen that status before. Really hope this AD comes through and doesn't go bust like the one with the BB primer and eyeshadows did. Sending positive energy to Tarte and QVC to fulfill these orders Continue Reading


My rant, what has happened to the Wen forum?

Last Reply by Kokathy 1398038264.887 | Started by MissKlynn in WEN

I come here for fun and to share our experiences with Wen and the different products and formulas. We post our good and bad experiences. We are criticized on the Q forums for not being critical of Wen even though we do share our personal experiences good and bad, and now tonight I went to check Wen Dooters page for a possible hint on an OTO tonight and see we are being criticized there. Even by Wen Dooters. We know who is really posting for the horse right. Makes me sad. I think I'm a positive poster and level headed, I ignore the pot-stirrers and bullies. It's disheartening to be "gr... Continue Reading


Spring Orange Blossom Oil - Sold Out!

Last Reply by MommyL 1398103695.447 | Started by MissKlynn in WEN

It sold out during the show today although it is showing waitlist available, for those who wanted to get it I'd jump sooner rather than later. Last day at featured price. I was very nervous about the SOB scent because I don't like florals, but got this oil and finally got the CC and am so loving it! At first I thought I was smelling more orange, maybe some lemon, itty bit of floral but then finally decided it just smells like grapefruit with a hint of blossom and couldn't figure out why. Just looked at the ingredients and there's the grapefruit... explains it all lol! I LOVE this scent!... Continue Reading


Re: New Spring Goodies in April

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On 4/15/2014 Kjelle said: So the latest on the Blow Out Essentials- that's the name they are going with and they have a choice now of SAM and POM. finally, they've gone from POM to SAM and now to a choice. All the instructions are there etc. still no picture. The VTS/Mousse set is still looking pretty bare bones. Thanks for the update Kjelle! I'm convinced this will be the BwB offer or an OTO since it's been under wraps for so long. My trigger finger is ready lol! Continue Reading


Re: Where is the Mally show that was supposed to be on now?

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Oh I think this is the pre-recorded demo Mally does, fresh face start to finish? I remember them showing a promo for it in one of her other shows this week? It will be on QVCplus. We'll see, it's in 20 minutes! Continue Reading


Re: QVC & CEW Present Beauty With Benefits - April 17th from 8-10pm ET

In WEN 1397524840.27

I'm disappointed in the gift bag this year compared to last year, which was super super full of goodies. Loved the bag too, I still use it all the time. This bag looks nice, just not thrilled with the items in it. Wish Wen would do something other than the FTC in these gift bags, most of us don't like it and we all have several tubes. Not the best product to entice new Wen users IMO :) My fingers are crossed for the mousse/VTS duo.... that has got to be BWB item! If not, I'm counting on it sometime this weekend. I'm down to my last few pumps of mousse. Excited for the shows! Continue Reading

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