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Re: Glossing serum GR vs QVC

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I have had both versions and the differences were just as you described. The GR one was launched first before the QVC version, and I tried the GR version first. It was so thin and runny, and the bottle so small I would have used it up in just a few uses on my thick long hair. I wasn't going to bother with the QVC version when it came out, assumed it was the same but saw the demo and realized it was different. It is much thicker more like honey consistency. Still the small bottle is just useless for me. Neither version did anything for my hair so I went back to adding oil to my 613 leave-... Continue Reading


Re: SKINN and Hautelook

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YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!! They had the 6x colored glosses I wanted!! I stocked up on those! Also stocked up on the Stem Rejen, OMG bonus size to boot! I am one of those who have had a reaction to the new formula, and the original formula is HG major game changer for me. I knew they'd have to do something with stock of the orginal formula at some point, I nearly peed my pants when I saw them today. I also got that lip color in Tender, looks like my color and saw reviews for it on the shopping channel. This made my day and made me feel better that I restrained from purchasing any Skinn from evi... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone use the Coastal Scents eyeshadow Palettes?

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Forest Eve and Kiwi Green look like pretty green/golds! Forest Eve Kiwi Green Continue Reading


Re: Anyone use the Coastal Scents eyeshadow Palettes?

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I paid around $20 for the pots and the 28 piece empty palette together. They also have a 12 piece empty palette for even less. Keep in mind I got everything 50% off, so 17 hot pots @ $0.98 ea and the 28 palette for 4.98. They do have half off hot pot sales several times a year. The two greens I have definitely lean more on the gold side with a green tint, with Gypsy Green having more green to it than Golden Avocado... but only slight. Golden Avocado is very golden. They both have great dimension in that the color shifts at different angles. Probably not what you want though, maybe not... Continue Reading


Re: WP rice cooker

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On 2/21/2015 denisemb said: I'd recommend getting a pair of some version of the Ove' Gloves. (I bought mine through Sam's Club although I don't see them on the website anymore.) Love mine - gives you dexterity in handling hot items for a few minutes without all the bulk of potholders and silicone... Oh I like this idea! Would also be great for when I eat something straight out of the microwave on my couch lol, instead of holding a towel under the dish. Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: WP rice cooker

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On 2/22/2015 Txblond said: Is there no one who can tell me how to get fluffy rice? I made rice again this morning, using med. grain instead of long grain, and using the measuring cup provided, made 1cup rice (3/4) & the same amt. of water (6oz.). WP said on his demos to use the same amt. of water & rice. The rice came out good tasting, but again not "fluffy". The grains didn't separate like when he showed it on TV. Still need help, please. I just use a pot holder to remove the inner pot - works fine for me. Wish I could help, I prefer my rice a little sticky though. My only guess wo... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone use the Coastal Scents eyeshadow Palettes?

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Hot Pot - Chamois Nude Hot Pot - Petal Peach Hot Pot - Persian Peach Hot Pot - Bronze Peach Hot Pot - Mauve Hot Pot - Pale Nude Hot Pot - Antique Maroon Hot Pot - Earth Rose Hot Pot - Cinnamon Stone Hot Pot - Amaretto Hot Pot - Burnished Wine Hot Pot - Victorian Pear Hot Pot - Mai Tai Hot Pot - Camel Taupe Hot Pot - Cherry Moss Hot Pot - Gypsy Green Hot Pot - Golden Avocado Those are the ones I got. I have hazel eyes so got 2 greens at the end of that list, and they are stunning! I will say that the images online are off a bit on my laptop from what they are in real life. Let me know if you... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone use the Coastal Scents eyeshadow Palettes?

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Right back at ya! I think I spent a day looking up swatches online, there are some good bloggers out there with swatches of nearly every color. I also like that you can sort by finish (matte/satin/shimmer) and color family on their site, oh and that they have youtuber's video demos and reviews right there on the items... fabulous! Let me see if I can copy over the one's I got from my order. Oh some of them you can use as blush too! I got several of the big empty palettes but I also got the quad, which has been fantastic for travel! I can just pop out 4 shades I want to take with me! Thei... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone use the Coastal Scents eyeshadow Palettes?

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SOOOO funny you should ask this HD! I was thinking yesterday I need to tell you about Coastal Scents! Over the holidays they had a 50% off sale so I made a bunch of my own palettes with the hot pots and empty magnetic palettes. A bunch of the ones I got were in the rose gold family, plus some basic neutrals. The shadows are very pigmented and great quality. I've had my eye on the Revealed 2 palette but decided to make my own. Sign up for their emails because they have great sales every week, and those Revealed palettes come up on sale for half off often. One of the large empty palettes... Continue Reading


Re: WP Rice Cooker--Anybody remember how he did pork chops and chicken?

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Most of the meat recipes include some sort of sauce so you just put the meat in the pot with the sauce, close the lid, and let it cook away. Are you trying to make the meat plain in the pot alone? I've put plain frozen ground turkey in there alone with just a little bit of water so it doesn't burn, and that's worked for me. Continue Reading

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