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Re: New Spring Goodies in April

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On 4/15/2014 Kjelle said: So the latest on the Blow Out Essentials- that's the name they are going with and they have a choice now of SAM and POM. finally, they've gone from POM to SAM and now to a choice. All the instructions are there etc. still no picture. The VTS/Mousse set is still looking pretty bare bones. Thanks for the update Kjelle! I'm convinced this will be the BwB offer or an OTO since it's been under wraps for so long. My trigger finger is ready lol! Continue Reading


Re: Where is the Mally show that was supposed to be on now?

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Oh I think this is the pre-recorded demo Mally does, fresh face start to finish? I remember them showing a promo for it in one of her other shows this week? It will be on QVCplus. We'll see, it's in 20 minutes! Continue Reading


Re: QVC & CEW Present Beauty With Benefits - April 17th from 8-10pm ET

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I'm disappointed in the gift bag this year compared to last year, which was super super full of goodies. Loved the bag too, I still use it all the time. This bag looks nice, just not thrilled with the items in it. Wish Wen would do something other than the FTC in these gift bags, most of us don't like it and we all have several tubes. Not the best product to entice new Wen users IMO :) My fingers are crossed for the mousse/VTS duo.... that has got to be BWB item! If not, I'm counting on it sometime this weekend. I'm down to my last few pumps of mousse. Excited for the shows! Continue Reading


Re: Wen - Spring Orange Blossom 3-pc Collection (A254689) for $44.00 is back in stock -- includes 16oz CC, 2oz RTM & 1oz Oil

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Thanks bebe! I've had this on waitlist FOREVER from when it was on sale (OTO?) and just checked yesterday and it was still on waitlist. I saw your post and checked my order and it said contact CS. I totally forgot that my debit card was stolen last week and I cancelled the card, didn't even think to update the info here yikes! Got it taken care of thankfully. You'd think QVC would notify me that there was an issue!? Shouldn't have to rely on the forums to know to go check my order right?! Happy to be getting it finally. Continue Reading


Re: Foreo Luna

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I saw this deal promo'd during one of the Korres shows this morning, and have been debating all day! I was waiting for another sale on the big one because I'd like to have the skin care side. For those who have the mini, can you turn it sideways and use it flat on the face for skin care? Or do the silicon nubs get in the way? Continue Reading


Re: Just saw a Tarte TSV is coming May 2 but no description in the Insider...

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On 4/14/2014 Vickie00 said: I don't show that Tarte had a TSV last month and honestly I can't remember. In the April Insider, it states that the Tarte TSV on May 2nd is the Super-size Brazilliance Maracuja Self-Tanner (12 fl oz), Application Mitt & 5 Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Self-Tanning Towelettes (0.45 fl oz). MSRP $83.50 QVC $61 TSV $49.98 S&H $6.72 Yes, this is the TSV for May 2nd. I pre-ordered and just received it last week. The tube of self-tanner is HUGE. 12oz vs normal size 5.5oz (@ $37), plus the 5 towelettes. Continue Reading


Re: What Did You Get From The Sephora Sale

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Oh good, glad there are others who like her too. I always hesitate to post links to videos on here, just don't know what others will respond to. The first time I watched her video I was shocked when she went to the demo part with a bare face... I was like whoooaaa that is the same girl!? She's beautiful with and without her makeup. Love her personality too. Continue Reading


Re: What Did You Get From The Sephora Sale

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On 4/12/2014 HappyDaze said: On 4/12/2014 naleiarenee said: I got the Sephora + Pantone Universe Radiant Orchid Artistry Palette and the Radiant Orchid Cheek Sweep Palette. Hi FUTURE ... I wanted the Pantone Lip Balm or Lipstick but my Sephora was out( not in stock online either) Hey Happydaze ,those Kat Von D palettes look so pretty ! I'm a big fan of her shadows , my fave palettes from the line are Ladybird, Saint, and the Spellbinding Shadow Book (from this past Christmas). I know!!! I know I will eventually get them but will wait until the end of the year if they are still around. I love... Continue Reading


Re: Who is getting the Tarte Bow and Go-2nd Shipment A-D?

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Oh OK lol, thanks Irishrose! I thought there was some big announcement I didn't know about. Yeah it wasn't a surprise to Tarte, but I can't help but wonder if something funny is going on with their TSV ADs with the buyout? I still hold QVC accountable just like I did with the disaster with the last TSV AD, that is who I placed my order with. QVC did s*&! to remedy that. Continue Reading


Re: Cleanse, restore, and style kit available again with bamboo green tea

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Thanks Hilary! That is still a good deal for those who want to try even though it's not the TSV price. Isn't it odd that is the one that sold out first and yet it's the one that is available now? Must be check hold orders who didn't go through. Continue Reading

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