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Re: Paging MissKlynn

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HD - Would you like to take over starting this thread at the end of the month from now on? I'm not a control freak lol and would be grateful for you to take it over. I have been really busy... still haven't posted my June hits and misses yet so I have 2 months worth. I promise to post mine this weekend because I do have some good hits and misses! Continue Reading


JUNE HITS AND MISSES ~ What *NEW* Beauty Items did you try?!

Last Reply by KateChopin 1405473298.7 | Started by MissKlynn in Beauty Banter

Sorry this is late I had internet issues last week! Please share what NEW beauty items you tried in June and why they were a hit or miss! I'll come back and post mine but wanted to get the thread started... HITS .... MISSES .... Continue Reading


Re: Paging MissKlynn

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Oh snap! I had so many internet problems last week and forgot to start it! Thank you for the reminder... I'll go start it now Continue Reading


Re: Self tanner on face and PTR Unwrinkle Peel Pads

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Self tanners essentially tint only the surface layer of your skin, so when you exfoliate you are taking away that top layer. That's why most tanners tell you to exfoliate before you apply the tanner. Continue Reading


Re: Wen - June Chat

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Wendy was feisty tonight. I can't speak his name, she might hear me. He said just to call him Baby so that's what I do. Thanks for the TT RTM bebe. I got 2 of the OTO's... I needed more mousse a long while ago! Excited it has the 4 honey and 4 tea complex in it, my hair loves those! Continue Reading


Re: Wen - June Chat

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why did he have to remind me that his girlfriend is Demi, and she's sitting right there! I'll use my RTM on her, then RUN! Continue Reading


Re: Wen - June Chat

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those are my hands, not Chaz, rubbing oil into his hair... Continue Reading


Re: Wen - June Chat

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Sheila tries to bite Chaz... drink! Continue Reading


Re: Wen - June Chat

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Lisa in her Red dress next to Gina in her Blue dress... 4th of July PARTAYYYYYYYYY! Drink! Continue Reading


Re: Wen - June Chat

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On 6/28/2014 Vivian Ward said: On 6/28/2014 MissKlynn said: OK DRINKING WORD(s) for Gina is "for sure" I was just typing the exact same thing lol! My first time seeing her and that's all I heard for the first minute I have to catch up on the other Wen shows on my DVR from the weekend Continue Reading

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