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Re: WP rice cooker

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I have a huge rave for Campbell's skillet sauces used in this little cooker! Well so far I've only tried the Chicken Marsala and this isn't your average prepackaged sauce! It was full flavored and had lots of big whole mushroom pieces. I put penne pasta, chicken tenderloins, and then the full bag of sauce in the cooker all at the same time. I think I did 1 cup of the pasta, and added an extra 1/2 or 3/4 cup of water to account for the pasta. I would say this one you should time though, I need to work out the exact time but after about 20 minutes the pasta wasn't cooked through and whe... Continue Reading



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Oh yay it's the "WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW","OHHHHHH MYYYYYYYY GOSHHHHHHH" host. I feel like I accidentally called into one of those naughty phone lines when she hosts Dimitri looks dashing as always! I've missed all the shows this weekend so far, I'm laughing though that he was calling frost bite... freezer burn... too funny. He's got me in the mood for a spa night.. I need to go do a mask now! Continue Reading


Re: My Skinn order from Hautelook shipped today!

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I am just over the moon with my hautelook purchases! I am one of those who had a problem with the new Stem Rejen Elites... kept getting little white bumps and it just didn't perform anywhere near the original for me as far as hydration and skin texture. I don't have dry skin so the Stem Rejen is usually all I need for hydration, but with the Elite my skin was DRY and flaky. My skin is sooooo glad to have the original back! Within days of using it again, and now over a week, such a dramatic difference. My skin texture is soft and smooth, pores reduced, and no more bumps. I also got a b... Continue Reading


Re: WP rice cooker

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Here's another successful recipe to share! This is a Lemon Chicken and Rice dish, one I've made in the oven many times over the last few years so thought I'd try it in the rice cooker, with some adjustments. It sounds and looks so simple (it is!) but it really does taste very good! I'll credit the original recipe with this link: http://www.food.com/recipe/solo-baked-chicken-breast-and-lemon-rice-5450 but I've posted the recipe below with the adjustments I made in the rice cooker, mainly it required a lot less liquid and I added some artichokes and goat cheese... but it tastes great without t... Continue Reading


Re: WP rice cooker

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On 3/8/2015 Lisa now in AZ said: I made a tuna casserole in it this afternoon and it makes just enough for dinner for me tonight and lunch and dinner tomorrow. I was surprised that the noodles cooked so quickly, but when it was done, it seemed a little soupy, so I added another handful of noodles, flipped the switch back to cook and let it go again. Yummy. (And no boil-over!) Sounds yummmy! Can you share the recipe you used!? I bought tuna yesterday thinking I'd try to make a tuna casserole too :) Continue Reading


Re: Glossing serum GR vs QVC

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I have had both versions and the differences were just as you described. The GR one was launched first before the QVC version, and I tried the GR version first. It was so thin and runny, and the bottle so small I would have used it up in just a few uses on my thick long hair. I wasn't going to bother with the QVC version when it came out, assumed it was the same but saw the demo and realized it was different. It is much thicker more like honey consistency. Still the small bottle is just useless for me. Neither version did anything for my hair so I went back to adding oil to my 613 leave-... Continue Reading


Re: SKINN and Hautelook

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YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!! They had the 6x colored glosses I wanted!! I stocked up on those! Also stocked up on the Stem Rejen, OMG bonus size to boot! I am one of those who have had a reaction to the new formula, and the original formula is HG major game changer for me. I knew they'd have to do something with stock of the orginal formula at some point, I nearly peed my pants when I saw them today. I also got that lip color in Tender, looks like my color and saw reviews for it on the shopping channel. This made my day and made me feel better that I restrained from purchasing any Skinn from evi... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone use the Coastal Scents eyeshadow Palettes?

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Forest Eve and Kiwi Green look like pretty green/golds! Forest Eve Kiwi Green Continue Reading


Re: Anyone use the Coastal Scents eyeshadow Palettes?

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I paid around $20 for the pots and the 28 piece empty palette together. They also have a 12 piece empty palette for even less. Keep in mind I got everything 50% off, so 17 hot pots @ $0.98 ea and the 28 palette for 4.98. They do have half off hot pot sales several times a year. The two greens I have definitely lean more on the gold side with a green tint, with Gypsy Green having more green to it than Golden Avocado... but only slight. Golden Avocado is very golden. They both have great dimension in that the color shifts at different angles. Probably not what you want though, maybe not... Continue Reading


Re: WP rice cooker

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On 2/21/2015 denisemb said: I'd recommend getting a pair of some version of the Ove' Gloves. (I bought mine through Sam's Club although I don't see them on the website anymore.) Love mine - gives you dexterity in handling hot items for a few minutes without all the bulk of potholders and silicone... Oh I like this idea! Would also be great for when I eat something straight out of the microwave on my couch lol, instead of holding a towel under the dish. Thanks! Continue Reading

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