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Re: Heather Hall is so beautiful can't believe she is 42.

In Beauty Banter 1421987728.173

She's one of my favorites too. She speaks clearly, asks all the right questions, let's the hosts talk, just all around appealing to watch. Never mind how stunning she is too! Continue Reading


Re: WEN OTO RIGHT NOW! A265655 3 PC Kit $45.44

In WEN 1421712756.6

Choice of all core formulas, FIG, POM, SAM, TT, LAV Includes: 16-oz Cleansing Conditioner 6-oz Styling Creme 6-oz Volumizing Treatment Spray Continue Reading


Re: New Wen Bottle Design!?????

In WEN 1421465194.21

I was more focused on the shape of the new bottles LOL, less so on the formula! I hope he brings this shape to other formulas. Now if we could just get those 4 oz oils into a plastic bottle with a squeeze twist top instead of a dropper! Continue Reading


Re: How specials and OTO work durning Chaz visits?

In WEN 1421460742.71

OTO's prices are good until 3am Eastern Time on that day, unless they sell out during the show and they often do. Watch for late night appearances after the final presentation of the TSV for that day. It doesn't have to be a Wen dedicated show for an OTO. So for example, he's on tonight with Friday Night Beauty so there's a chance then, there will be an OTO tonight for sure as they already started them but we just don't know if it will be Wen. Continue Reading


Re: New Wen Bottle Design!?????

In WEN 1421456489.063

I agree they are really pretty and I like that the 16oz bottle is skinnier and taller, much better for shelf space in and out of the shower! Oh and I noticed the flip cap too, this is exactly the kind of flip cap I took off a old sun tan lotion bottle and now use it on all my bottles when they get down to that no-pump zone. Just turn it upside down in my shower caddy that has a hole in the shelf to put your bottles upside down! Continue Reading


New Wen Bottle Design!?????

Last Reply by beautty 1421542021.193 | Started by MissKlynn in WEN

16oz 32oz Noticed these under new beauty items and it looks like a new bottle design!? Hopefully a better working pump system!? Continue Reading


Re: I got the Le Mieux Skin Perfecter thanks to howwhatwhen! My first use....review.

In Beauty Banter 1419828832.12

I too am very intrigued by this skin scrubber/spatula device! I found several other brands online and on Amazon for MUCH less $$$, some as low as $40. They look like nearly identical devices so I wonder why such a big price difference? Perhaps the frequency of the sonic is different? Curious to know if anyone has tried one of the other brands? Continue Reading


Re: Pump issues with Dec TSV

In WEN 1419741682.747

Twist open the pump before you put it in the bottle by holding on to the white base below the screw top and twisting the pump. There's a great picture showing how to do this here: http://community.qvc.com/forums/beauty-banter/topic/453419/wen-pump-cant-get-it-to-work.aspx Continue Reading


Re: "you smell good! What is that?'

In Beauty Banter 1419051346.507

Interesting thread! I didn't look at it before because I don't wear fragrance, never could stand it on myself for my own nose nor can I stand it much on others. Yet I've been asked this question over and over again since I was a teenager... so many people come up to me and tell me I smell so good. It's always been my hair! I have a ton of hair and it absorbs whatever scent from the products I use in it. Thank goodness I don't add perfume or I might knock people out if that was added to the products I use in my hair. Interesting thought for other beauties to think about... consider the sc... Continue Reading

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