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Re: Summer Honey Peach fans!!

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On 7/30/2014 KJPA said: One of the gals from this forum, with support from several of us, started that petition because Chaz stated on one of his FB pages that he might add it to the regular line up if we "petition him enough." I don't know why he would consider this formula when he didn't make any of the others permanent. I think he personally likes it a LOT. We are just doing it because he seemed to ask us to petition him for it. We aren't threatening him or anything like that. If you want it in the regular lineup please sign the petition. If you don't like it don't sign the petition. Simpl... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone use paulas choice resist anti aging foundation?

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I got some samples many moons ago and just wasn't wowed by it. It was fine, but I like other things better (and for less money). Continue Reading


Re: ~~~Paging Wackers~~~

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Hope you are doing okay, wackers! Just wanted to say I used all the SKIN79 BB creams and none compare to my Missha perfect cover so I won't purchase any of the SKIN79. There is a reason I keep coming back full circle with Missha over the past several years- it just works great. In fact, today at lunch my husband kept staring at me when I was talking to him (I was driving, he was in the passenger seat) and I said is something wrong? And he said, nope, just looking at your beautiful skin! Gotta love the Missha (and must give credit to my skincare too but Missha is like the icing on the cake)! ... Continue Reading


Re: Moisturizer with Physical Sunscreen

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On 7/30/2014 MarenSeattle said: Now that you mention it, I remember reading a review where the reviewer said she used the Baby which she felt was identical to the facial stuff, sans the fragrance. I'd forgotten that. I like the idea of using it on my neck even if I don't on my face, so maybe I'll go check that out -- thanks for the reminder!! Ironically, I LOVE the fragrance of the face formula. :-) EDIT: They're not calling it Unscented Sunscreen for Body (formerly called Baby) -- $24 for 3 oz, the face formula is $45 for 1.7 oz! Thanks again! And attention to MYSHELL, KATLUVR and F1WILD -- ... Continue Reading


Re: Moisturizer with Physical Sunscreen

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On 7/30/2014 suzyQ3 said: On 7/30/2014 Reggie said: Hi, I just went to the dermo last week due to issues we believe are happening due to sunscreen I was using. She recommended Neutrogena Pure & Free baby. It only has three ingredients and she feels that is all you should use on your face. She said it may take a while to work in due to the zinc but she feels its worth it. Good luck! Ps...it's SPF 60+ and zinc oxide is 4.7% Just an FYI: It has two active ingredients (zinc oxide and titanium oxide) and a long list of inactive ingredients. I was thinking this same thing, definitely more than... Continue Reading


Re: Moisturizer with Physical Sunscreen

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On 7/30/2014 glmama said: I did not know that the Supergoop was a physical sunscreen. Also, check out Skinceuticals. There's a tinted and untinted. not all supergoop is physical- some of their products have both and I think there are some that have chemical only (unless that has changed). Continue Reading


Re: Fair (skin tone) ladies......

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On 7/30/2014 bichon_emma said: HappyDaze I'm interested in the JM matchmaker since I am a fan of her products. I tried to check it out at Sephora by my work but instead of the normal "Can I help you with anything" I get every 5 minutes in other sephroa the sa's at this one were doing everything they could to avoid the customers. It was almost comical. Since I was only only checking stuff out to avoid work I understood how they were feeling and figured I could check it out another time. I love having all these new foundations, with good potential, to check out\ hahaha! I've been in S... Continue Reading


Re: Moisturizer with Physical Sunscreen

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On 7/30/2014 MarenSeattle said: On 7/29/2014 HappyDaze said: On 7/29/2014 MarenSeattle said: On 7/29/2014 F1wild said: Thank you all for your suggestions! Yes, MarenSeattle, I'm looking for closer to that 20% zinc oxide. It seems the "moisturizers" have very low % of zinc while the "sunscreens" are too drying. I was looking into the Devita products then saw they had a low rating on Paula's site, not that this would stop me from trying them. I think we're both looking for the holy grail. Yup, the skin cancer story seemed to top all of the national papers today. I can't believe how many have ... Continue Reading


Re: Moisturizer with Physical Sunscreen

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On 7/30/2014 MarenSeattle said: On 7/29/2014 F1wild said: On 7/29/2014 myshell624 said: Andalou has an untinted spf 30 with 20 % zinc. I saw it on iherb. I'm using the CC cream and its really nice. I would think the untinted would be nice too. I'm looking at that very one. I was hoping someone had experience with it. Thank you for your brand endorsement. I wonder if I can get it on Amazon? Must check. Where are you and myshell finding that? Help! iherb is one of those sites that forces me onto their mobile platform, though (I'm on my iPad) and I always have trouble navigating those, even th... Continue Reading


Re: Paging HappyDaze - One Love Organics on HL

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Bella my order finally shipped! Can't wait to get it. I am really excited to try the body oil and vitamin D mist! Continue Reading

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