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Re: Super Saturday, anyone have their eye on something

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The mally liners have come in and out of stock over the past two weeks so I would just keep checking. Continue Reading


Re: This is not a "steal"

In Beauty Banter 1406343790.363

well as you know from reading these forums there are many women who don't shop around and therefore do not know that it is the same price (or cheaper) elsewhere so, to them, it seems like a steal. Continue Reading


Re: Wen and Healthy Hair, Skin and Nail...Great Combo

In WEN 1406342508.777

Glad WEN and the vitamins works so well for you! Continue Reading


Re: Wen and Gift Card Extra

In WEN 1406342243.57

okay I did it, thanks DogLvr for letting us know! I was going to do $100 but you know I don't really think there is anything I am going to get for awhile so I just got $50 (+ the $10) as I am going to pass on the next WEN TSV and I can't use it for my 4 32 oz SHP CC AD. I can't think of anything else I want from QVC anytime soon. Continue Reading


Re: Who is loving the Summer Honey Peach?

In WEN 1406341899.977

On 7/25/2014 Mandy Moo said: Oh wow! I just got my SHP CC, SC, mousse and RTM and I am loving this scent! I haven't gotten to try them yet but I cannot wait to use them tomorrow. I was surprised at the texture of the SC as it feels more like a gel than a cream. YES that is it- the SHP SC is more gel-like than the others I tried. I was trying to figure out what was different and that is it exactly. Anyway, woohoo on getting your goodies! Let us know what you think once you use it. Continue Reading


Re: Even after 4+ years of Wen i still have single strand knots

In WEN 1406340182.807

I don't really know what you are describing but some hair types do have the tendency to tangle, like mine, regardless of what you use. Unless you didn't have that issue before using WEN in which case I have no idea or suggestions for you. Continue Reading


Re: Wen and Gift Card Extra

In WEN 1406337143.687

On 7/25/2014 posterchild said: Does anybody know if it is possible to deposit these gift cards into your Q acct without making a purchase? If so, how? I'd like to have it sitting in there for the next time I make a purchase. Thanks! yes, call CS and they will add them to your account. I did this last year when they had the similar offer. All my cards' balance were added to my account. Continue Reading


Re: Super Saturday, anyone have their eye on something

In Beauty Banter 1406336400.1

Hoping to see a good josie maran item. Otherwise, I don't really see anything of interest. Continue Reading


Re: Wen and Gift Card Extra

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On 7/25/2014 beaches21 said: On 7/25/2014 DogLvr said: Cash Star told me that QVC had this on their website...which they did...but you had to click the correct picture. Cash Star also told me that QVC emailed their customers. I wasn't and please let me know if anyone was. Would like some feedback about my post above. Thanks ladies. BTW, the only reason that I know about this because someone posted this in another thread but when I went back, I couldn't find it. Maybe it was poofed. No, I never got an email every other one but not this. I never got the email either. Continue Reading

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