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Re: SKINN's Sunday TTV with link...

In Beauty Banter 1411271779.33

what is a cheek plumper?? Continue Reading


Re: *** Suggestions and concerns about the moderation of QVC Community forums ***

In The Q We Love 1411271504.057

On 9/20/2014 MomTo2Dogs said: I don't know how long the break is or how they determine how much time is sufficient. hm interesting, thanks for that. But yes you are right, if someone truly doesn't know how they violated the rules then how are they suppose to prevent it in the future? Some of the violations are pretty cut and dry but some are vague and are subjective. Continue Reading


Re: *** Suggestions and concerns about the moderation of QVC Community forums ***

In The Q We Love 1411267179.783

On 9/20/2014 Lotus~ said: Their moderation stinks....the wrong people are being banned or being put in "time out". It's a joke. what is a "time out" on the boards? Continue Reading


Re: latest update on hits & shows for 9/26 - 9/30….from Dooters

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Did KJPA see that Dooters mentioned her??! :) Continue Reading


Re: NARS Limited Edition Cheek Palettes: Which One is Your Favorite?

In Beauty Banter 1411264731.467

Now I am really confused. Nars is owned by Shiseido who is not cruelty free. I guess it just bothers me when people say they only buy cruelty free products when it really isn't true. So please, be honest and don't say you only choose cruelty free products when you purchase products on your own since it isn't true. :( Continue Reading


Re: DIY Wen: ReMoist and Oil Whipped Super Treatment

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On 9/20/2014 CoG said: Thanks for the helpful, logical poet! I realized that your mixture is what I use to straighten my hair with blow dryer and flat iron. The proportions are different because I rely, ( always have) heavily on jojoba oil and Shea butter. You're right it's the oils that do the work. Did you know grape seed oil has been used for centuries ( built in resveratrol and antioxidants) to cleanse your skin? Makeup and all wipe right off, it has a slight astringent quality. Grape seed oil is why I wasn't impressed with TATCHA oil cleanser though I agree entirely with its use and effe... Continue Reading


Re: Wen Kids

In WEN 1411258374.067

On 9/20/2014 Usedtobe said: Could someone, please, remind me of what the most moisturizing Kids formula is considered to be? I can't find the thread where this was previously discussed. Thanks. some say the strawberry banana but I personally found it drying for my hair. Continue Reading


Re: Kudos to WEN...

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On 9/20/2014 susan25 said: On 9/20/2014 kcladyz said: I tried wen for the first time in april 2012 as well and its the worst stuff I ever put in my hair. I do like the oils tho. What didn't you like about it? I really like Wen and can't imagine using regular shampoo again. actually, depending on the time of day, which way the wind blows, or who is saying what, sometimes she likes WEN and sometimes it is the worst stuff ever. Sometimes she only likes the oils, sometimes it is the oils and mousse (she just said this the other day), sometimes it is the oils and ONLY the FGP CC or on other days... Continue Reading


Re: Vitamin C

In Beauty Banter 1411257177.33

On 9/19/2014 benm said: Just say your post HappyDaze. Thanks for the savings code. you are welcome! Continue Reading


Re: SKINN's Sunday TTV with link...

In Beauty Banter 1411256939.377

I like his foundation serum but I need the lighter one, Porcelain. I am going to wait to purchase that one on Ebay though since you know Ebay will be inundated with them after the airing. I don't need alot of coverage so it works nicely for my skin. It is really similar to Dr. Perricone's no foundation foundation in terms of coverage. Continue Reading

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