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Re: I've got 5 bottles of Wen, now what?

In WEN 1419024495.837

On 12/16/2014 cosmic1 said: I love brewhaha's pithy comments. They always make me laugh. Thanks for brightening my days, brewhaha. I totally agree! Very clever. Bah humbug, marybrown. Continue Reading


Re: If Someone Claims to be a Beauty Expert

In Beauty Banter 1419024320.347

No idea who or what you are referring to but hm, Merry Christams to you? Tis the season... Continue Reading


Re: Sephora's 26 Days Of Meh

In Beauty Banter 1419024197.05

On 12/19/2014 OkeyDokey said: Sephora needs to step it up. They have grown stale. The stores look exactly the same as they did when they first opened in the US and the lighting is terrible. I can't stand not being able to see what I'm interested in. I went to one of the stores here yesterday to purchase a gift card. I stopped to check out some polishes I've been thinking about purchasing. I couldn't tell anything at all about how well the colors would work with my skintone, and I wasn't going to walk to the front of the store to get a better look. Just way too much trouble. I sooo agree! Whe... Continue Reading


Re: Any Depeche Mode Fans? Enjoy

In Fashion Talk 1419013188.75

I love Depeche Mode! Saw them in concert a few times. And The Cure. Continue Reading


Re: Beware: Shopping at Pottery Barn

In Beauty Banter 1419012733.243

On 12/19/2014 The Bird said: I went to Costco to purchase a Blu Ray player. A nice salesman told me that it would go on sale that next week. There were not many on the shelf, so I mentioned that I'd buy it that day, and then go to CS and get the difference in price. He informed me that Costco is changing that policy and would not refund the difference. I mentioned that I could return it on that day and buy it again, and he agreed, the new policy made no sense. I think the "sense" it makes is that there is a percentage of people that won't bother to go the extra steps to save the difference in... Continue Reading


Re: Review of Tweak-d shampoo

In Beauty Banter 1419012358.873

Thanks for sharing your experiment. I love Tweak-D but I love the WEN summer honey peach even better. When I run out of summer honey peach, I will probably use this. I do not really have "problematic" hair but it is on the drier side and I love the nourishing Tweak-D (I've never tried the volume one since I don't need volume and dont' like the ingredients as well) . I also love the scent. ETA: I do have to disagree about the scent disappearing. I think it actually lingers on the hair afterwards. I can smell it on my hair all day long. Even hubby said he can smell it, which WEN generally never... Continue Reading


Re: Is the only difference in the Emjoi TSV from last year's the shape? Thank you!

In TSV Talk 1419012132.41

It does say that it is updated, not just the handle. It has some mechanism that helps keep the skin taut and has the dual opposite rotating blades (not sure if the last one had this or not) to get all hairs that grow in every direction so you should have less passes. This one is suppose to be less irritating. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone getting the epilator TSV?

In Beauty Banter 1419011906.487

I don't have thick hair either, in fact, I have very little hair overall and it is light colored. That is why I was surprised how much it hurt. It hurt the worst on my underarm. I actually shed tears and couldn't even make it through! I am tempted though since it is updated. Continue Reading


Anyone getting the epilator TSV?

Last Reply by Caligurll 1419023233.037 | Started by HappyDaze in Beauty Banter

I got one of the others and it was SUPER painful where I couldn't even use it and I have a pretty high pain tolerance. This one is updated and makes it sound like it is less painful because it actually helps keep the skin taut. Continue Reading


Re: Look at Dimitri's January schedule CRAZY!!!!

In Beauty Banter 1419009983.807

Crazy doesn't even begin to describe it! Continue Reading

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