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Re: Chaz Dean is the only one

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I don't pay attention really and Amy has been on some of the beauty shows I've watched and I don't recall ever hearing what she was having so I guess not everyone pays so close attention to the personal chit chat onair. Continue Reading


Re: Trish McEvoy TS 4/27

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I don't know but I am new to her line and although I was disappointed in her curling mascara, the free gel eyeliner that came with my order is AWESOME!! Goes on soooo incredibly smoothly (no tugging on the eye at all) and stays put- no smearing or smudging, even when I tightline and then curl my lashes it doesn't come off on my lash curler like many do. Awesome product. Continue Reading



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No, unless perhaps you have issues with getting your skin clean using standard methods. My derm does not recommend them. Continue Reading


Re: Beauty with Benefits: What are you buying?

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I thought they were suppose to be discounted prices but it seems many things are the same price as you can usually get, at least that is what I remember from last year?? Since that is not the case this year, I'd rather buy my beauty products with a coupon code and continue to donate to my various charities on my own. Continue Reading


Re: Hilary

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Personally I have found that the tea tree oil (original one, at least) is the best in terms of helping hair grow quicker. I hadn't experienced the same results with some of the other oils. Continue Reading


Re: Hilary

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On 4/16/2014 ChynnaBlue said: On 4/15/2014 HonnyBrown said: My Tea Tree Treatment Oil magically disappeared. I blame my sons. I have the Lav Treatment Oil that I use in my ReMoist. From your experience (or any other Wenners' personal experience), will I have the same growth results with Lav as I do with the TT Oil? Thanks in advance, all! ps, bebe, please don't post lengthy links; I already know the instructions. My question isn't answered there. Thanks for saying that. While I very much appreciate the original thread and the effort Bebe has gone to in compiling all of that information in on... Continue Reading


Re: Shea Terra Organics Users

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I personally find the carrot oil a little heavy for my skin, even though my skin is on the drier side. I have not tried this particular concoction but it only contains carrot, rose hip seed and seabuckthorn oil so I pretty much have tried all three of those oils so I would think it would be pretty rich (i.e. heavy), as I find seabuckthorn oil a little to heavy as well (and seabuckthorn oil did nothing for me when I used it about four years ago for about several months of use). Continue Reading


Re: The Perfect Wen Kit

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"Naked" moisturizing WEN (i.e. no spice, mint or astringent extracts, no menthol) CC with corresponding 8 oz remoist, body wash and lotion, and another comb like in the recent remoist/comb set. Continue Reading


Re: Ojon Rare Blend Cleansing Conditioner

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On 4/14/2014 Happy Elizabeth said: I am totally willing to try this, but I can't find the ingredients listed anywhere! Maybe I'll go to ulta and see for myself. Ojon is TERRIBLE about listing ingredients- they never do! I'd be curious to see the ingredients as well. Hopefully someone will eventually post them. Continue Reading

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