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Re: Vionic TSV for Saturday, April 4

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Is the Leopard footbed lined with microfiber? Continue Reading


Re: Best Way to Store 1/2 an Onion?

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I use a small Lock & Lock bowl for my half of onions or tomatoes. It really keeps them fresh. Works like a charm! Continue Reading


Re: Cleaning Judith Ripka Sterling Jewelry

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On 7/14/2013 babs21 said: How do you clean the sterling jewelry? Does it tarnish? Thank you! I would like to know too. Is the TSV something that could be cleaned with a liquid sterling silver cleaner? I have a cleaner that you soak for 10 seconds and then remove from liquid. Would this hurt the stones in the necklace? TIA! Continue Reading


Re: Have a question for Laura Geller? Ask now!

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Hi Laura, I really love your eye spackle! My question is will your under make up primer spackle clog pores? I have to be really careful to wear products that won't clog my pores because I am acne prone. Thank you!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Amazing Grace too strong?????

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I wore the ag spritz to work today and nothing was said by the co-worker that it was too strong! I really like the spritz! Continue Reading


Re: Amazing Grace too strong?????

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On 3/19/2013 cal-gal said: Do you wear the original/ regular AG spray, the eau du parfum, or the new "fine" perfume version? I can't wear the newest "fine " perfume because it is so strong and gives me a headache too. However, I've always been able to wear the regular spray and body spritz without problem. I received a comment from a coworker whenever I wore Eternal Grace. Even though I use the same amount regardless of the scent, the coworker found Eternal Grace to be too strong. I stopped wearing it to work after that revelation LOL. Hi Cal-gal, I wear the original/regular AG Spray. I per... Continue Reading


Re: Amazing Grace too strong?????

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On 3/19/2013 wonderfulworld said: Do you spritz at work or at home before going to work? I can't believe that it would be that strong if you put it on at home. Oh well, at least she told you, I'd rather know. Hi Wonderfulworld, I use the amazing grace spray fragrance at home. I only use two pumps or so. I really was blown away that it could be so offensive. I ordered the ag spritz and when it arrives I hope I will be able to wear it to work. I guess it is ok to know, but it still took me by surprise and bummed me out. Continue Reading


Amazing Grace too strong?????

Last Reply by icezeus 1364775433.377 | Started by ksqshopper in philosophy

I was told by a co-worker today that my fragrance was too strong! She said it gives her a headache. I was wearing amazing grace. This totally bums me out because we share an office. I hate to give up a favorite. I just ordered amazing grace in the spritz. It hasn't even been delivered yet. I never put on very much spray fragrance. I thought philosophy was supposed to be so easy to be around. :-( Continue Reading


Re: March TSV Falling in Love or Summer Grace Set

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I really like summer grace. Does anyone know if the body scrub is the olive oil body scrub? That would be so awesome! Continue Reading

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