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Re: With all the Red Carpet excitement - I miss my friend Barry Ort.

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Thank u Jacque I did not know / he was so entertaining & looked forward 2 KJL with him / so sad that was not noted / u r quite lovely 2 do so / so endearing Continue Reading


Re: Halloween Festivities, Nail Polish Calendar + Clinton Kelly

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Courtney hi - love the jacket u have on ?? white looking great! Is it available? thanks so much- enjoy u on the show so much. Continue Reading


Re: What Kind of Look Are You Going For? Get It with Bracelets

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Lisa - is that a silver GILI initial bracelet ??? I would like that - I bought the rose but had to send back as the clasp stuck up so much on me and the leather ?? was stiff - will there be a rework on this design / I was not the only one to comment regarding - loved the look. Continue Reading


Re: I'd rather hear from Joan

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I have watched Joan for years on the Q, on her show Fashion Police, seen her in person and elsewhere - love and adore her - she is hysterical and very opinionated. If she did not need or want David there he would be out believe me. He is there to help her & is so respectful. Kinda like now how some of the other designers now have partners to help showcase their products - KJL for instance and then Nolan Miller had his guy too there for a while. It is the ultimate to have designer and Joan knows if she was not there - no one would watch - that is 100% of the charisma and reason to watch - ... Continue Reading


Re: New Watch J478282 Regent Watch??

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Saw the extender for watch - where is the Regent watch??? - looks like a good one to get - I have permanent swelling in watch arm so extender option will be wonderful - JR you think of everything - thank you so much ! Continue Reading


Re: Here's to a New Year of happiness, health, and discovery!

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Hello Barbara - have been watching for your posting so happy to hear from you --- your visit is highly anticipated and excited to see your new pieces - Quan Yin is gorgeous - have already ordered the earring pieces that attach to your hoops I already have in black sapphire - have the red and blue (which I love and are of course sold out). Really the most impressive event since holidays! So happy you are here. Love your work. Have cleared my schedule to watch both times. Continue Reading


Re: Stay In for Fashion's Night Out this Thursday! More Designer Pieces Coming Friday!

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I always watch Rachel Zoe on Q - love her style and fashion and have purchased several items - scarves, bags, vests, jackets - style you cannot find elsewhere - love her too and watch her show on Bravo - even my husband watches - so sorry to hear may not be back to Q - I do think with new baby and other time constraints you have to choose what is best for your life. I hope she knows how much some of us adore her. Rachel and Lisa seem to go great kibbitzing so hope we hear not true. Anyhow having a hard time looking for where the Beauty Nominee voting is on Q website - have looked everywhere ... Continue Reading


Re: Favorites To Fall For

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Carolyn - what is the blazer jacket you have on for the Kitchen show at 12 noon - pacific time - looks fabulous on you and I want it too - please help? also love your pumpkin shirt under it - great show on kitchen needs - I think I own everything you talked about except TSV which I now just bought. thanks alot - love you - so candid and fun! to watch. Continue Reading


Re: Summer is Coming to an end, My Niece Abby's Visit & My a Mini Fight with Steve

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Amy - loved your new show last night - turned in late so did not see or hear about the great looking chunky link necklace you had on - wondering about it and could not find - help please - keep up wonderful delivery - enjoyed all - thanks again - Continue Reading


Re: Sneak Peak of Some New Designs- Tune in at Midnight!

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Agree wholeheartedly - have been waiting since last visit too - please make longer cord chains as another Bixby lover noted - I bought the longer one last visit but returned as it did not hang right but maybe I did not have the right pieces on it - but I loved the look and would buy again to do a double or triple look. Your pieces are amazing and the meaning is so special. I love the unique designs and quality - thank you so much and bless you for your style, flair and beauty. Continue Reading

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