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Re: Have you discovered any beauty favorites because of a sample?

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Maybelline oil free BB cream SPF 30. i had a few samples so really got a good try and I love it. i just recently bought a full size tube that i use everyday. the price was right too! 8.99 I think. i love samples! Also I got a sample of the Dennis Gross Ferulic retinol that was stellar, and got a full size of that. That one was generous, lasted over a month, which for skincare, you really need that amount to see if a product works for you. Last edited on 3/13/2013 Continue Reading


Re: OPI OZ Collection!!!

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Thanks so much. I'm anxious to try What Wizardry is This? It's the new liquid sand polish. Continue Reading


Re: OPI OZ Collection!!!

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Where are you getting these polishes? I didn't see them on Sephora or Ulta. Thanks Continue Reading


Re: 1st 45 RPM song I ever bought..

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Rod Stewart " Maggie May" Continue Reading


Re: More questions for those that use the Dr. Gross ferulic and retinol brightening serum

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Right now I just use it at night. For daytime, I am using up some hope in a bottle serum that I have. When that runs out, I will use it in the morning as well, maybe just on my visible age spots. But to tell you the truth, that may not even be necessary, because they are fading fast thanks to this new serum! Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone seen the new NAIL IT magazine?

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jackthebear, can you tell a little about it? TIA Continue Reading


Re: ComPact 2013 -- February

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I agree, justbee. I'm not a fan of clutter either but they need to be handy. I keep mine in a basket on the bedside table. That also discourages my cats from knocking them around in the middle of the night! I noticed there is another thread asking about a Beauty Bash 2013. That is how my stash came to be, by attending the last two. Ans also by accepting free samples. I will never pass those up, ever. The only difference now is that I will immediately pass on those samples that are not appropriate for me such as sparkley potted lipglosses. The Wen and Dennis Gross products are what I use... Continue Reading


Re: ComPact 2013 -- February

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I forgot to say what progress I made in reducing my stash. I am using up a bottle of when hope is not enough serum. I use that in the AM and the Dennis Gross serum at night. I have also finished 2 opened bottles of body lotion because they are at my bedside, at the ready. Continue Reading


Re: ComPact 2013 -- February

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I have made a few purchases this month but I do not feel as though I fell off the wagon. I bought the March 2 Wen TSV that I planned to buy in March, through the Insider. Another purchase was a 1 oz bottle of Dr Dennis Gross feuric acid and retinol because I just finished my sample and it has made a miraculous improvement in my age spots. This was 20% off and came with another free sample of same, as well as other free samples and free 2 year magazine subscriptions, through dermstore online. Last night I got the Tarte lip butters OTO because my Mally lipstick is just a nub. Every other l... Continue Reading

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