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Re: Have Questions About A Dell Product? Get Answers Here.....Nate Knows Dell!

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Why does it take a month to receive the computer? This is disappointing and information that should be given during the online presentation. Continue Reading


Re: Today’s Special Value 0n Sunday June 9: The HP Pavilion—Newly redesigned and faster than ever!

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Not a reply, just a question....the other 3 laptops have the same color inside as outside - except the silver color I like. Why is that??? Continue Reading


Re: Live Blog Chat 9/23 at Midnight with Dan Wheeler!

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Dan, I just had to write to say when you're the Bose host, I love it when the music gets to you and you do your dance across the floor and up on the steps, including the moon walk....it's so refreshing to see you do that.....keep it up!! Deone Continue Reading


Re: HP Support Assistant

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I had the obvious misunderstanding that when we post a question/comment on this blog that you would respond. I guess not. I know I hate the HP laptop that I bought back in March and get people who don't speak clear English...frustrating. Continue Reading


Re: HP Support Assistant

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Christine, I ordered the 17" Pavilion steel gray laptop after watching your presentation with Dan back in March. I replaced the 17" Acer that was 3 years old. I liked the idea of lifetime antivirus, increased ram (8) and hard drive (750) and really liked the up to 10 hour unplugged battery life. However after using it over a month, I disliked the fact that the cursor moves around constantly and I have to find it and make corrections to what I've typed. It doesn't seem to be even as fast as the Acer. I timed it yesterday and this morning and from the time I pressed the button to turn it on til... Continue Reading

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