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Re: 4 EZ Pays til 10/07/13

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The recording said it was unavailable at this time. Kinda made me feel left out. But now that I've got a second chance this weekend, I can go to my wish list and shop my head off! Thanks for the suggestions! Have a good weekend!! Continue Reading


Re: Me and m-EYE Shadow

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WoW! Don't you look spicy!! Love the look. I'm a make up freak anyway. But now, you've given some insight into what to do and how to do it. I always kid people when I tell them I'm a professional amateur make up artist. That is, until it came to false eyelashes. One lash ended up in my soup! Silly, right? But I'll practice until I get it right. I love the blend you're wearing because it looks very pretty. Thank you for sharing. Have a good day! Continue Reading


Re: 4 EZ Pays til 10/07/13

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Perhaps there were issues this morning. The price changes were not the kindest cut! Hopefully, it won't happen again. Oh, and btw, darn those pesky dragons...but not to worry QVC sells fire extinguishers--on EZ Pay!!! Too funny! Continue Reading


Re: 4 EZ Pays til 10/07/13

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It's possible QVC had issues. The price changes weren't the kindest cut. Hopefully, this won't happen again....oh and Darn those pesky dragons...I think QVC sells fire extinguishers! Continue Reading


Re: So Now Sinead O'Connor is threatening to sue Miley.

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Though I think Miley (Hanna Montana) Cyrus is going way too far to try and prove she's "her own person", I seriously doubt that Sinead is the one to tell her anything! I'm not all aTwitter. But I think Ms Sin should just keep her tongue still if she doesn't want to get feedback that doesn't make her look ...errrr, ummm, Angelic! Billy Ray, what is wrong with your little girl? Who is she really trying to convince? Whomever it is, she's really trying waaaaaaaaay too hard! Continue Reading


4 EZ Pays til 10/07/13

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This morning, I was trying to shop the so called "4 EZ Pays" on Fashion til 10/07/13. I was finding a great many items that were $12 w/4 payments or $15 w/4 easy payments and a great many less than $20 with the 4 EZ Pays and so on. There were just about each item on each page of 96 in a 30 page series of those deals. I had my card ready to make multiple deals. Well, before I could get my item numbers together to key in, I got a message that flashed on the screen and stayed up for at least an hour that went something like this, "We're sorry, QVC is not available right now". We are experiencing... Continue Reading


Re: What's Your Favorite Jam? And What's The Best Kind of Bread to Put It On?

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Hi David...and Mary. You guys are looking good today In Ypsi. I'm lovin it today. It's exciting because it's a change from the studio presentation. And I'm glad to see all of our faves there with you, Chef Tony, Tara, Greg (with those delicious steak burgers I've gotten twice-Yum) and everybody else that's made the pilgrimage with you. I'm just so happy today. Y'all have made my day...now happy dance all the way around. As for the jam, I never liked jams because I thought they were overpowering and the chunks of fruit seemed not to be as sweet as I thought they should have been. That was unt... Continue Reading


Re: How Do You Take A Few Moments For "Me" Time? Share Your Story For A Chance To Win!

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A long time ago, me time meant, meal time. I ate everything that wasn't nailed down because I was unhappy with myself in every way. My hair was frizzy, my family seemed dizzy and those pimples on my face were a darned disgrace. People made fun of me every single day and I closed my ears so I wouldn't have to listen to a word they'd say. But that did nothing to make me feel better because things didn't change. So I sat down and wrote myself this silly letter: Dear Me... You are the sweetest, the finest, the nicest and the smartest pretty girl in the whole wide world. So don't be discoura... Continue Reading

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