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Re: Christmas in July!

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While watching 'The Joy of Christmas' shows, in the background, was a light colored floor vase with what looked like white bamboo tree branches. There are no leaves, just the stalk. Does anyone know if QVC sells these or where they can be purchased? thank you. Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone see Lisa Mason infomercial?

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I miss Lisa Mason's approach. She was not loud or in your face selling the item. Some of the hosts now are really a turn off. With some of these new hosts I feel QVC has lost some of its sophistication. I really enjoy the Dooney & Bourke shows, but when Lisa Robertson starts throwing the handbags off the set as each color sells out I turn the channel. Not only is that over all disrespectful, but to treat the guest's product in such a manner ... well, she should have been reprimanded. Anyhow, I miss some of the old classier hosts. Good luck to Lisa Mason. Continue Reading

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