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Re: I am thrilled I found a Pet lovers forum

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I love my babies even tho they do not like to be handled. Continue Reading


Re: And they wonder why the malls are dying

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There a mall that was hopping 10 years ago now its completely deserted! Continue Reading


Re: what are you doing for Easter?

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Nothing. I believe in God but i am not into the Jesus thing. I di dnot even know it was easter till someone mentioned it today. I may shake and bake some chicken Continue Reading


Re: What beauty item/line do YOU stockpile.....?

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Shampoo..... Seriously at one point I had over 30 different varieties. I cleaned out my stock and threw away ones that did nothng for me then of course i then go to sallys beauty suppky and buy Biotera liters LOL Continue Reading


Re: drugstore mousee

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I have to agree then wen mousse is good as far as not feeling sticky etc.. The organiz argan oil mouse and mystic divine mousse is the best i found so far Continue Reading


Re: Hair loss

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On 4/18/2014 tigriss said: Simple, it gets people talking about how it only makes their hair healthy, full, long, and grow, grow, grow. That is enough. You know how some people start rumors just to draw attention, regardless of the rumor, then they pop some kind of big news once they are all buzzed about. This is the same thing. Hollywood does it all the time. This only serves to discuss the positives and rebuttal those fears. I wouldn't know prior to 2009; I don't pay that much attention to a hair product to track all the discussions regarding its side effects and praise. CC has been around ... Continue Reading


Re: Hair loss

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On 4/18/2014 lindamar said: While I have read many comments about wen users experiencing hair loss with the product, I have never heard it discussed by Chaz or even seen many posts on this blog...has anyone experienced hair loss or heard Chaz talk about possible explanations? Well he will never talk about it. But I am sure those people are allergic to some sort of ingredient. I had a reaction to tea tree where I turned red as a lobster!! But you know if you are worried about it then try samples of the 2 oz packets or buy them individually on ebay that way you can try it and not invest $$ in... Continue Reading


Re: I am thrilled I found a Pet lovers forum

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Based on the bottom photo the far left blue girl is Quieksen(squeak in german), The next is a boy named Oliver for he has olive colored leg and beak and the far side is Rainbow Rob. The girl in the back is Hantzie (female) and they are parakeets. Rainbow is a sky blue yellowface type 2 opaline dominant pied. He is like 8 different colors. he is blue, green, tourquoise, white black, gray, purple, yellow His tummy is a mix of blue, green turquoise and looks "aquamarine" compared to the other blue one Continue Reading



Last Reply by PinkyPetunia 1397769875.013 | Started by kcladyz in Beauty Banter

pantene supriises me again. I tried this today. Felt slip in the shower and felt conditioning. I let my hair air dry without my usual ' leave-ins" and my hair came out looking great! It was smooth, soft, very shiny and felt thicker. Continue Reading

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