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Re: Birthday Tote- Anyone recieve it?

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Lord I had a notice of a package at my apt office. never got around to going over there. maybe its the tote Continue Reading


Re: Clear shampoo/conditioner

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I been using it a few days now and no more irritation. It does not smell strong given perfume is high up on the ingredient list. I never had dandruff but I read that zinc pyrothrione helps hair grow. I am surprised on how good of a job it does. It has to be one of the better drugstore brands I have tried. So far I am liking it more than my salon brands. It makes my hair very soft and moisturized as well as feeling light. I received several compliments on my hair since using this. Pretty much all drugstore shampoo dries out my hair other tan organix. I am definitely going to keep this as a reg... Continue Reading


Re: Ojon replacement?

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redken hairspray Continue Reading


Re: How to PART your HAIR for maximum attractiveness

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I changed my part to a center part in the 1970s and do not remember where my natural part was Continue Reading


Birthday Tote- Anyone recieve it?

Last Reply by kcladyz 1414630179.92 | Started by kcladyz in Beauty Banter

In August I received a flyer that stated if I made any purchase by 8/31 on my QCard I will receive a QVC tote free in my birthday month (september) I never received it. Did anyone receive this offer also? Why do we contact on this QVC the credit card company? Continue Reading


Re: off Topic- I need a ground coffee recommendation.

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I just tried dunkin donuts pumpkin no flavor even after adding a ton of pumpkin creamer. I guess i am destined to be chained to starbucks lattes brewed in person. I am going to try a hazelnut. If that does not work i might as well give up lol Continue Reading


Re: off Topic- I need a ground coffee recommendation.

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On 10/27/2014 CindyinNC said: Always a caffeine addict (diet coke), and never drank coffee - and enjoyed it - until I was in my early 40s. I like Folgers. But I also buy Dunkin Donuts coffee - at the Dunkin Donuts store, not the grocery store. Also have found that most home coffee makers do not heat the water hot enough to brew well. I use an old Braun single cup coffee maker purchased in the 90's. To get the same taste in my BF single brewer, we have to use 2 scoops of coffee instead of one. I got a single serve one from target. a cheap one but it heats up super hot Continue Reading


Re: off Topic- I need a ground coffee recommendation.

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It was decaf starbucks I used and I was suprised that I hated it. i probably need to try something already flavored. Anyone try pumpkin spice from dunken donuts? Continue Reading


Re: $50 to spend at Ulta-What would you buy?

In Beauty Banter 1414362243.363

Shampoo, philosophy, lipstick, makeup Continue Reading

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