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Re: Email re Walmart Beauty Box

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I signed up 2 weeks ago and mine still has not shipped :( Continue Reading


Re: Letting it Go Gray

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Anyone know a good way to go natural and not cave and dye again? I want to grow out my natural color and the stray grays eventually have me cave in and i do a root touch up I started getting white hairs at age 26. :( I am 45 now Continue Reading


Another spiral ham question

Last Reply by tigriss 1427760546.6 | Started by kcladyz in Kitchen & Food Talk

I only purchased one before and it was only cut 1/2 way and the rest was not and struggled cutting it. Are there any brands that spiral cut the ham 100% all the way threw? Continue Reading


Re: Do you color your own hair?

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I stopped dyeing my hair a year ago i use loreal root touch up and i leave it a little longer than directed then shampoo Continue Reading


Re: Nick Chavez Beauty Thread.

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I been useing ION keratin oil from sallys and so far its been the best oil to date. makes my hair look fresh and smooth Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Try Matrix Biolage 's New Cleansing Conditioners?

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I purchased the one for fine hair. low note is citrus but have an overtone of a woody/spicy perfume. I hate citrus smells but this one is quite nice. I read online this is a low-poo formula ( some are no-poo) I have not used it yet but i put some in my hand and added a little water and it seamed a tad frothy and it dissolved rather fast in water so it should be easy to rinse out. And my hands smell quite amazing. This is slightly cheaper than wen. a 33oz bottle is about 34$ and 16-17oz bottle is $26. i will probably try it tuesday or wednesday. Continue Reading


Re: Matrix now has cleansing conditioners!!

In Beauty Banter 1427744722.323

I picked up the formula for fine hair. have not used it yet but the bottom note is citrus and the top note is a spicy/woody perfume smells really good. Also it is apparently a low-poo meaning I think there is a little froth. I read online some of the formulas are low poo and some are more like a true cleansing conditioner having no-poo. Continue Reading


Re: Beauty items at Aldi's?

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I believe they do but its been eons since i been to aldi's i think i saw pantene Continue Reading


Re: Nick Chavez Beauty Thread.

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Has anyone tried the Velvet Mesquite serum? I been curious about this product Continue Reading


Re: Wish there were products

In Beauty Banter 1427677066.897

I once loved getting packages now I also would rather find a store to get what i want Continue Reading

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