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Re: avon ladies--or users -help please...

In Beauty Banter 1418867966.03

I looked up the ingredients of moroccanoil and Avon oil and argan oil on both items is 5th in place on the ingredient list. So your pretty much getting the same amount of oil it seems for a better price Continue Reading


Re: avon ladies--or users -help please...

In Beauty Banter 1418867352.617

Suave moroccan oil is even better and has a higher concentration of argan oil in it. What is really good is the macadamia oil from hair chemist at sallys beauty. the actual oil is like the third in the ingredient list. there is also a bamboo oil by hair chemist Continue Reading


Re: Oil facial cleansing? (using Wen oils)

In WEN 1418862040.393

I like the oils but its a lot of money for those oils to just wash your face with Continue Reading


Re: None Of The Shelter Cats Liked Me :(

In Pet Lovers 1418861886.627

Cats are funny some will warm up to you but most of the time it takes time Continue Reading


Re: Wen scents

In Beauty Banter 1418861451.847

maybe if you posted this in the wen forum you will get responses. Continue Reading


Re: Great dry shampoo!

In Beauty Banter 1418861351.997

I have bad luck with dry shampoo. does it not have the same active ingredients as the others? Continue Reading


Re: Need a recommendation for Shampoo that really cleans hair but does not strip color. Not interested in Wen.

In Beauty Banter 1418779849.033

On 12/16/2014 glmama said: I'm a big fan of the Suave Argan oil shampoo and conditioner. There's also a one in this line for color-treated hair. I like them both. They are inexpensive and work well for me. They come in dark gold/tan bottles. I purchased that but have not tried it yet. i tried the regular shine version and I love it. I always preferred salon brands. Drugstore brands always been cr*p but suave professionals are surprisingly awesome. Continue Reading


What philosophy scent do you think represents the holidays the most?

Last Reply by susan25 1418871232.61 | Started by kcladyz in philosophy

I want a christmas and or winter scent. Any recommendations? Continue Reading


Re: Am I A Crazy Dog Lady??

In Pet Lovers 1418768403.91

Well if you recognized the symptoms so no I thought it was the responsible thing to do. Many people do not take good care of their pets or can afford it so i think you did the right thing Continue Reading


Re: $49,000 for shampoo???

In Beauty Banter 1418767981.02

On 12/16/2014 woodyend said: On 12/16/2014 Snow Owl said: Yeah but you get $60 in Instant Savings so it really only costs $48,990! But ,but, but does it have free shipping? LOL I thought the same thing LOL Continue Reading

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