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Re: Two new great drugstore finds and both are made by PANTENE

In Beauty Banter 1416797249.517

Better than wen. At least to me. I love silicones. never harmed my hair Continue Reading


Re: what's the best way to do weight watchers?

In Health & Fitness 1416797104.56

I do the online program lost 9 pounds so far Continue Reading


Re: RIP my pretty bird.

In Pet Lovers 1416792713.367

My other birds seem to be over it and are playing as usual. Continue Reading


Re: Ebates?

In For the Home Talk 1416792651.157

cash back and its free to use and the checks are real! Continue Reading


Two new great drugstore finds and both are made by PANTENE

Last Reply by StarChild 1416800699.417 | Started by kcladyz in Beauty Banter

Pantene split end mender and keragloss. The split end leave in makes split ends dissapear as well and smooths and conditions. I use it "all over" not just the ends. The keragloss has silicones in it mind you but it makes your hair tangle free and some shine as well as makes your hair look good. I have not had a bad hair day yet while using this! The keragloss is just like the organix keratin spray but much lighter and you only need a little. Continue Reading


Re: RIP my pretty bird.

In Pet Lovers 1416781869.213

Her name was Hantzi I think she was only a year old. She never tamed up. She was always "wild" I procrastinated trying to clip her nails for I knew it will go down badly because of her wildness but I could not put it off any longer. by the time I got her super long nail clipped she died. it was so disturbing. I sure do hope they have a soul and an after life. When I disposed of her body i took one more look at her and she actually had a peaceful expression so maybe as she died she saw light on the other side? I sure hope so. What was hard is my 5 other birds reaction. They stopped sin... Continue Reading


Re: Ok, I'm going to say it...Please QVC...

In Beauty Banter 1416781563.89

On 11/22/2014 BlackLabLover said: Do away with the customer live testimonials...seriously, they are cringe-worthy. Every time I hear a caller call in, I immediately mute the conversation. They are so not necessary. I have not once been tempted by a caller's testimonial. I've been a shopper with QVC for 20+ years. It seems like more and more callers are stumbling over their words, there is dead air, or they simply make the host seem quite uncomfortable. It is so awkward at times to listen to these callers. Just my opinion of course. But had to say something. And it seems that the ones calling... Continue Reading


RIP my pretty bird.

Last Reply by kcladyz 1416792712.863 | Started by kcladyz in Pet Lovers

Her nails were getting too long to where she had problems perching. I had to grab her and try to trim it. She was so frightened she had a hart attack and died in my hands. I never saw death before. I actually saw her eyes roll back and the life leave her. I hope our pets go to heaven and that she will forgive me Continue Reading


Re: Wen VS?

In Beauty Banter 1416562722.567

I love regular shampoo. You can still use shampoo and have great hair. Wen cucumber stripped out my color 100% tho many will disagree. Continue Reading


Re: Coffee maker for college student?? Advice??

In Coffee Talk 1416250022.247

I have the $99 Kurieg model from bestbuy and it is a good size for a dorm room or a small space Continue Reading

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