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Re: Any DevaCurl users?

In Beauty Banter 1414276875.357

it costs almost as much as wen so you might as well buy wen. bioterra cleansing conditioner from sallys is even better Continue Reading


Re: New good drugstore find.

In Beauty Banter 1413942796.02

it works and that is all that matters and it works great. I love cones. I do not use a lot. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone had a dental implant....I am going to a dentist for a consult for one...

In Beauty Banter 1413941713.9

My front tooth is an implant. It was no big deal just a pain for they had this metal clamp to hold my mouth open. but that was in the late 70's. My crown needs to be replaced on the implant but I can not afford it. I remember they had to drill out the remaining tooth and drilled a hole in my bone( i think been a while) and cement a metal rod. no pain it was just vibration I felt) I was maybe 10 years old at the time and survived it so it should not be a big deal I do not remember the metal rod having to grow in, bone growing around it. I could have sworn the whole procedure was done in 1 ... Continue Reading


Re: New good drugstore find.

In Beauty Banter 1413941388.767

I had a perfect hair day! Used Bioterra Long and healthy shampoo/conditioner and applied the same brand leave in in soaking wet hair and worked it through ( like the wen method or what ever you call it) then I lightly misted the organix keratin oil and blow dried my hair. Once dry I used Suave professionals finishing cream and used a little more of the keratin oil on the ends and wow my hair looked so good today! Continue Reading


Re: Fresh Honeysuckle Perfume

In Beauty Banter 1413854728.237

What I like is a sunflower scent. I can not wear florals other than lavender anymore. For some reason florals give me migraines now Continue Reading


Re: Carol's Daughter - Losing Cruelty Free Distinction?

In Beauty Banter 1413854639.703

The last time I used a loreal sulfate free shampoo it said on the bottle not tested on animals. I know some people will get mad at me for saying this but it does not matter to me if a product is cruelty free. If it works i will use it if not then not Continue Reading


Re: New good drugstore find.

In Beauty Banter 1413854475.79

Its an oil. I have no worries. Continue Reading


New good drugstore find.

Last Reply by kcladyz 1413942795.63 | Started by kcladyz in Beauty Banter

When ever I do not shampoo my long hair daily it gets dry and a little knotted and breaks. THats why I shampoo every day. I did not shampoo today and my hair was so yuck. I used organix Keratin Oil spray and it made my dry ends soft and I could comb my hair without breakage or hitting knots. Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1413854044.353

i tried a great product today that made me tangle free. I did not wash my hair today and my long hair was dry and knotty. I put Organix keratin oil spray on my hair all over and made my hair soft and I was able to comb out my hair without damage Continue Reading

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