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Re: Flat Iron that uses Steam

In Beauty Banter 1432776573.623

^^ That looks expensive Continue Reading


Re: Equate (Walmart brand): CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion

In Beauty Banter 1432773592.777

Equate is the same thing. All it is is the Brand repackaged under the Equate name. Walmart(and other companies) buy the surplus and repackage it under their own name and are able to sell it at a lower price because of they got it as a surplus Continue Reading


Re: Need suggesstions for hair product....

In Beauty Banter 1432768907.567

Maybe a less moisturizing shampoo like a volumizing shampoo Continue Reading


Re: Flat Iron that uses Steam

In Beauty Banter 1432768488.803

I think it was a wet to dry flat iron that has vents and steam rushes out of it when gliding over wet hair. I have one of those and still it works better on dry or almost completely dry hair. I got mine at walmart. Remington i think was the brand. I still prefer to blow dry my hair straight with a vented brush most of the time Continue Reading


Re: Need Help with Tablet Purchase

In Electronics Talk 1432768338.157

It is hard to buy a tablet that cheap and still be good. I have an acer 8.9 icona and it was under 150$ I got at best buy that I consider really good. Amazon kindle has a small version for $99 that is good. For some reason I can not watch youtube videos and not sure why. I know there is a way to fix it I still say apple is the best tablet I ever owned. Continue Reading


Flavored Pancakes?

Last Reply by Vamp 1432746611.267 | Started by kcladyz in Kitchen & Food Talk

Does flavored pancake mixes exist such as pumpkin? Just curious. I think Pumpkin spice pancakes would be awesome Continue Reading


Re: Saw a new coffee creamer flavor today

In Coffee Talk 1432691982.547

I been useing the butter pecan and I taste no sweetness which is a good thing. Continue Reading


Re: I am a blush and lipstick addict, so.........

In Beauty Banter 1432688389.473

I am only a shampoo addict but I seem to only wear mauves as lipsticks. I was reds when i was young but now i am middle aged I can seem to wear reds. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone ever tried Oribe Hair Products?

In Beauty Banter 1432687608.193

On 5/25/2015 naturalfan said: I think I have come to realize that as long as you know how to properly blow dry your hair ( I do not by the way), your hair comes out looking pretty good no matter what products you use. Just like some people have good skin and can get by with Ivory soap and any old moisturizer, there are people who have good hair and those who know how to properly style their hair. I find using a good heat protectant and blow drying with a paddle brush or a vented brush gives you great results. Surprisingly Tresemme keratin smooth is a great shampoo for blow drying Continue Reading


Re: New hair product RAVE!!!! Aveda Thickening Tonic

In Beauty Banter 1432603190.343

Garnier has a new spray that thickens and it actually works Continue Reading

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