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Re: Fresh Honeysuckle Perfume

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What I like is a sunflower scent. I can not wear florals other than lavender anymore. For some reason florals give me migraines now Continue Reading


Re: Carol's Daughter - Losing Cruelty Free Distinction?

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The last time I used a loreal sulfate free shampoo it said on the bottle not tested on animals. I know some people will get mad at me for saying this but it does not matter to me if a product is cruelty free. If it works i will use it if not then not Continue Reading


Re: New good drugstore find.

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Its an oil. I have no worries. Continue Reading


New good drugstore find.

Last Reply by CouponQueen 1413892777.373 | Started by kcladyz in Beauty Banter

When ever I do not shampoo my long hair daily it gets dry and a little knotted and breaks. THats why I shampoo every day. I did not shampoo today and my hair was so yuck. I used organix Keratin Oil spray and it made my dry ends soft and I could comb my hair without breakage or hitting knots. Continue Reading



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i tried a great product today that made me tangle free. I did not wash my hair today and my long hair was dry and knotty. I put Organix keratin oil spray on my hair all over and made my hair soft and I was able to comb out my hair without damage Continue Reading


Re: Poll: What's Your Beauty Obsession?

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On 10/19/2014 kcladyz said: Shampoo lol And all things pumpkin scented Also hair oils ans serums, leave-ins Continue Reading


Re: O/T How do u deal with in-laws that u absolutely hate?

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On 10/19/2014 smileshannon said: I appreciate everyones's responses. I don't know how to explain every issue that has happened. The biggest thing for me was when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter (who is now 11). It was February. I was just pregnant but very sick, needing to be on medication sick. They go away every year after the New Year. We live in NY and they travel across country to California, stopping along the way as they travel. My MIL's mother (my husband's grandmother) was not well, in a nursing home. My MIL was told before she left to travel that the end was near. She went an... Continue Reading


Re: O/T How do u deal with in-laws that u absolutely hate?

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You know I would not hide it. I would tell them exactly how you feel about them and why and perhaps they will ease off of doing whatever it is that you hate. But thats me lol. If i had kids and someone told me how to raise them I would go ballistic lol Continue Reading



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I have elbow length hair and my tangle problem ended when I started useing salon brands. Also combing your hair before you shower helps. Also try adding a leave in conditioner or oil then comb Continue Reading

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