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Re: dropping the f bomb

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Really? I drop the F bomb 100 times a day. I try to watch it but its a hard habbit to break. Most people are not totally conscious. Continue Reading


Re: Guthy-Renker

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I think the issues that comes up is because people do not look into how items are billed before ordering. Like if you get a 3 month supply,keep it, and cancel you are indeed canceled but will still keep getting billed till the 3 month supply is paid for ( So i was told) . I never had a subscription but I have purchased GR threw ebay and they were good quality products Continue Reading



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On 4/25/2015 Pook said: If this person is using the same IP address every time this happens I don't see why they cannot just block it. Isn't the IP address associated with a specific PC, tablet, etc??? It is easy to fake IP addresses. i used to do it a long time ago. LOL There is a free program you can download but I do not remember what it is Continue Reading


Re: kyLIE is such a LIAR

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Never heard of her but I love the blue hair. She wears it well Continue Reading


Re: Pretty Lady

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On 4/20/2015 Topaz Gem said: On 4/20/2015 kcladyz said: Yes I have all 5 of my birds in 1 cage. 2 females and 3 males ( one male is gay LOL) Not that there's anything wrong with that! Ya my oliver (below in green the blue is Loki, they have a bromance going lol) ignores the females completely and only woos the boys Continue Reading


Re: O/T- What type of pet do you have and what's their breed and name?

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5 budgies Quieksen Princess Snowflake Rainbow Rob Loki Oliver Continue Reading


Re: Vitamin C products for the face that Dr. Oz is touting?

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Dr Oz lost credibility with me when he was pumping diet approved NOT approved by the FDA Continue Reading


Re: O/T anyone suggest a good place to find a resume writer

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I think your microsoft outlook at work and the microsoft word has templates you can use to write your own resume. That is what I used. open word, click the microsoft button top left---new----installed templates or miscrosoft online should be a search box and type "resume" Continue Reading


Re: How strong is the scent of the lavender?

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On 4/21/2015 pipra said: I just read the little guide thingy that tells how many pumps per bottle. The 32 oz has 192 pumps per bottle. If I'm doing the math, at 24 total pumps per shampoo, that works out to..8 shampoos per 32 oz bottle for my long ( past mid back ) hair? Is that right? That can't be right?! I have long hair and 16 oz bottle only lasts me a week. I am not a cc user but I tried the lavender a few year back and it smells good to me. You can really, really, really, smell the menthol and at first it was overwhelming but once I got over it I liked the smell. It smells like the old ... Continue Reading

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