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Re: Another keurig bites the dust!

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I have both a Keurig and a Breville KCup machine. I use the Breville all day, every day and am very pleased with it. The Keurig is in the family room and does a fine job for the use down there. When my Breville broke they paid the S&H and sent me a new one. I was so impressed by Breville's customer service that I have purchased other appliances in that brand. Yes, they are pricey but the warranties are longer and the CS is excellent. It drives me crazy that companies think these are throw away items. None of these coffee makers are cheap. Continue Reading


Re: What kind of pasta side would you make with eggplant parmesan?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1406392379.73

I usually make spaghetti or a butter/garlic fettuccini. Eggplant parm is one of my favorites. Continue Reading


Re: Graphics

In Q Did What? 1406391671.65

I agree with all of you. Those graphics are awful. You can't see any of the pricing or the charges and the flashing of the easy pay is ridiculous. The same thing goes for the size availability guide in those odd colors at the bottom of the screen. That is so tiny and faint that you can't see your size or color. It is only visible for a nano second like the Easy Pay offers. I find the entire thing so annoying. I really don't want to have use my phone, IPad or computer while I'm watching the tv to see the information pertaining to the products. This is just a frustrating issue. QVC.....Where... Continue Reading


Re: OMG so mad

In Q Did What? 1406297975.05

I had a similar situation with a food item that I ordered. I used automated ordering while watching ITKWD and before the show was over decided to cancel. (I'm really trying to stick to my budget.) CS rep informed me that all food item orders are directly sent to the vendor. Once you place an order QVC is out of the loop. They can process your cancel request but the customer will need to keep checking to see if the vendor received it (in time) before they start to process your order. Lesson learned. I seldom order on the spur of the moment like that and especially a food item and seldom cancel... Continue Reading


Re: If You Like Watches With Smaller Faces Let QVC Know Here

In Jewelry Talk 1406220291.847

I AGREE! I posted this request on the Jewelry/gem day topic and on Jane Tracey's facebook page. I have small wrists so a big, bold watch face just doesn't fit or look right on me. I also requested better adjustability for the smaller wrists in the watch bands. It seems that the band measurements on the watches and bracelets have been slightly revised. Even if there is a "small" the measurements read somewhere between a small/regular. Now, unless this is a leather strap with two keepers then that item really is not available. I've also noticed that not all the watch bands include extra links... Continue Reading


Re: Christmas in July

In Suggestion Box 1405968640.103

I don't mind the Christmas in July programs. In fact, I'd rather have them spaced out throughout the month and the prices. The big weekend is something that I enjoy just to see what's new or get some decorating ideas. This year I needed some table top trees because we have puppies. I did get tired of the TSV presentations that went on and on. Overkill. I didn't think that they showed a variety of trees, garlands or wreaths very much. (ignoring the tree tsv) Usually we see more lights and yard decorations that what I viewed. Maybe I missed it but I thought that even Valerie had fewer progra... Continue Reading



In WEN 1405787792.643

I use Sweet Almond Mint on my long coat German Shepherd as her second shampoo. I use a traditional dog shampoo as the first coat. I alternate between flea & tick and a conditioning or gentle formula for the first coat. She has a ton of hair and it tangles easy. The Wen was the best thing I found to relieve that matting. I've had a husky/shepherd and the undercoat hair can be a challenge to get clean down to their skin. I mix the Wen Sweet almond in a 50/50 combination (50% Wen 50% water). I just got two German Shepherd puppies and they wil be Wen dogs as well once they grow. Please ju... Continue Reading


Re: Are Jewelers Still Removing Watch Links for Free?

In Jewelry Talk 1405697863.46

Jewelers are not doing anything for free anymore. I have a jeweler who does excellent repair work and ring sizing but you still have to pay a small sum for the repair. I have made a few purchases there as well but I would not call myself a regular shopper---a regular needing repairs. In the past I have had jewelers do repairs, etc. for free but jewelry sales were much stronger then. I think it's misleading for hosts to suggest that these business would not charge for the work. Continue Reading


Re: What do you use?

In Beauty Banter 1405697434.603

Dr.Denese triple strength neck cream. I have very dry, sensitive skin and Dr. Denese skincare is what works for me. A little goes a long way and the product lasts and lasts. Continue Reading


Re: Q, we would love to see a George Simonton TSV!

In Fashion Talk 1405612467.18

I vote for Simonton. I love his clothing--the fit and the quality. Continue Reading

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