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Re: Best highlighter for fair skin

In Beauty Banter 1414184838.433

I have very fair and sensitive skin and use Bare Minerals radiance as a highlighter. It's very sheer and you can layer it if you wish. Continue Reading


Re: Which Lipstick Color...

In Beauty Banter 1414184506.477

I've recently discovered Bobbi Brown lipstick and am very happy with it. Her color palette blends with most skin/hair combinations. I bought two in the nude line but they are not the normal nude.....they have some nice rose tone to them. Check out her lip products on QVC.com and see what you like. I also like Mally's lip shine products but I was looking for a change with a matte finish and found it in the Bobbie Brown line. Continue Reading


Re: Suggestions for Christmas Tree Decorations

In For the Home Talk 1414162690.713

I think it's a personal preference but you will get more of a color pop with the birds. Depending on the size of your tree the holly sprigs might get lost unless you tie them with plaid bows. Continue Reading


Re: Decorating a chandelier with garland

In For the Home Talk 1414162490.217

I put the beaded garland around the chandeliers in the kitchen and dining room. I love the beaded fruit. The 5' garland (slender size) may work depending on the diameter or your chandelier. I am always concerned about added weight but these items are light enough not to present a problem. Try it. I did my dining room first and then my kitchen. I love it! This fruit garland is wired so you have some flexibility to mold it around your lights. Post a picture when you'll done. I would leave it up all year round. I originally put mine up for the holidays and then thought that it looked to nic... Continue Reading


Re: My Life with Lisa Ling

In TSV Talk 1414161759.203

I just found this program a few weeks ago. I like her grassroots approach to her stories . I have thought that she was a true professional and her selection of stories is always current and interesting. So refreshing to see a fact based story with a calm voiced journalist. Continue Reading


Re: Verticle Ridges on Nails

In Beauty Banter 1414161035.273

I use the clear or the pink gel. I really don't care for the color polish in the line. It chips really easy on the nails. I got a few bottles of it in a TSV that I'll use on my toes. It still chips but not as fast. Continue Reading


Re: Verticle Ridges on Nails

In Beauty Banter 1414083673.67

I used to have that problem for years then I started using Perfect Formula and T.I.P.S. cuticle oil. I also discovered ASK nail remover (on QVC.com) that did not dry out my hail. What a difference. When I want color on my nail I use the Pro Strong nail polish or the Perfect Formula Gel coat in pink instead of the clear. I take quite a bit of medication for allergies, breathing, etc. and that really dries out my system, skin, nails, etc. These products have worked for me and restored my nails. I have used Josie's intensity oil in the tube on my nails and really rough patches of skin and that ... Continue Reading


Re: A question for those of you who don't wear white metals

In Jewelry Talk 1413905119.88

I'm a yellow gold/rose gold girl all the way! I think it goes with everything. I do try to find purses/shoes that have hidden zippers or goldtone hardware but if not it's not an issue for me. I think it's just a personal taste. If you prefer one over the other then that's what you wear. Continue Reading


Re: host please wear your correct size

In Suggestion Box 1413904651.147

This has been my number one pet peeve for years. No wonder we are so confused as to what size to order and that's ignoring the quality control issue of consistent sizing when manufacturing the item. I have only heard Leah Williams and Carolyn Gracie state that they are a size Large. All the other hosts are a size "small or less". REALLY???? There is no way that a host that is full busted/large busted can wear the same XS as someone who is not. I've even heard some hosts say that a jacket no longer needs to button. That may be a matter of personal taste but I think that it should at least mee... Continue Reading


Re: Who is Katie?

In Q Did What? 1413829177.953

There was a Katie on with Leah Williams on Sat Am Style. She introduced her as the Katie who does the live chats for her and now she is on set. I've noticed that they start a few of them off like that and then we see them elsewhere on air. They must test well. There was no mention of host training, etc. Continue Reading

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