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Re: I vote Jennifer Coffey for Itay shows

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I agree with depglass. I could not believe that they did not have a back up host for these on location productions. Antonella gets my vote! Continue Reading


Re: Bone/Chew Recommendations?

In Pet Lovers 1429541561.513

I just discovered antlers for our two German Shepherd puppies. Our female just loves to chew. They come in Deer, Moose and Elk. It's based on the amount of bone/bone marrow to the toughness of chew the dog needs. They love them and they are safe. You have to be so careful these days with what is out there for pets. I see all these stores about pet toys that are causing illness and worse in our pets. Continue Reading


Re: Pet clean up help

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I have always washed the dogs blankets/beds with my Shaklee laundry powder. I also have the front loader washer. After I get all of their blankets/towels, etc. done then I run a long load of Shaklee laundry powder and bleach thru the washer. Depending on the if the covers are muddy or not I will run a cycle of water as well. I have German Shepherds so I there is a ton of hair all the time even though they are brushed every day. Continue Reading


Re: I have a question/need help, about nail polish.(Perfect Formula)

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I use PF and love. Yes, it does get thick but then I'm using more than one color of it. I think this is the key as to why this happens. I noticed that I don't have that problem if I'm using the tiny bottles. It is more cost efficient to purchase the regular size for my needs. I'm also using Pro Strong nail color on top of the PF because I have not had good luck with the PF color polish. The shades are great but it just does not work on my nails. I use the thicker PF to do quickie glue repairs to small nicks/cracks until I can do my manicure. I'll use the thick formula to put a coat on my nail... Continue Reading


Re: Primer with SPF

In Beauty Banter 1429456068.903

I use Dr. Demese day cream which is primer, sunscreen and bb cream all in one. You can take it up to you eye and down your chest. It's great! I have very fair skin with a ton of allergies and I can use this. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone else keep the house closed up with climate control due to allergies?

In Health & Fitness 1429455861.677

I do as well. I am allergic to almost everything. I keep the house closed up and let the central air and heap unit run according to the thermostat. I like it cool and so do the dogs. I also have three floor size models of heap air cleaners spaced throughout the house to take care of cooking odors, grilling odors, etc. Our thermostat controls both the heat and the cool and can be programmed by the day and by the hours. I really don't like turning on the AC until Memorial Day but these past years it just has gotten too warm too soon. A few years ago we had to replace the Central air unit and... Continue Reading


Re: No wide/narrow width in the trendier sandals?

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I am always looking for the wide width shoes as gifts for my daughter in law. She also has a high instep. There are less and less styles that are in wide widths and not all these shoes are "true" wide widths. I purchased a pair of Softt clogs in wide for her for Christmas and I couldn't get my foot in them let alone give them as a gift. I don't know where the quality control has gone, where the sizing consistency has gone and where the extended sizing has gone. It is disappointing and frustrating and that's ignoring the prices. Continue Reading


Re: Sheet Help

In For the Home Talk 1429194977.007

We purchased a Sleep Number bed quite a few years ago which threw me into the sheet problem. I also have a thin feather bed topper on top of the mattress. I would guess that you need a 14-16" deep pocket. I always look for the 16" because with washing and shrinkage you need a little extra room. I could not find sheets in the B&M stores that were that deep so I ordered our supply from QVC (Northern Nights and Polar) and HSN (Highgate Manor) and was very pleased. I have refreshed our sheet supply in the last few years and noticed that the sateen finish sheets seem to shrink a little m... Continue Reading


Re: Please prove a point about dogs barking

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We have always had German Shepherds and just love them. They are very smart and are excellent watch dogs but you need to train them so they know what to alert with a bark. Dogs hear sound from such distance that you need to guide the dog on what the boundaries are for your property. When our dogs bark I know that someone/something is on our property. It is never nothing. Dogs can also learn to filter out the neighbors dogs/kids, etc. You just need to give the guidance to the dog so they know what is expected from them. Barking also is way of communicating that they are hungry or thirsty or ... Continue Reading

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