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Re: Where are Diamonique Colors??

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I was wondering the same thing. I love the colored Diamonigue studs in 14k gold and haven't seen them for a long time. Hope they come back soon. Continue Reading


Re: Should I buy Perfect Formula TSV coming up on Tuesday?

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To tigriss: I order the Pro Strong online from QVC. They usually come in color groups instead of individual bottles but are a good deal. I've priced them on the ProStrong website and I can get twice as many bottles for my $ on QVC. I don't know why they don't feature any more shows on air with this polish but I'm guessing it's because they are pushing other products. I've had most of the colors that are on line and there really isn't a bad choice. I'm not one for the navy or green polish so it works for me. Color really does last and resists chips. Hope this works for you. Continue Reading


Re: Bobbi Brown Nude Palettes

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I haven't owned either of the BB palettes but I do own another one with eight shades in the brown/nude and love it. I don't think you can go wrong with any of her palettes. If I had to guess I would say that the nude/nude is for a natural look and the smoky nude most likely has some grey or deep tones in the mix. It all depends on what shades you prefer. If price is the deciding factor then I think I would pick the nude on nude. You can always layer or go heavier with the eyeliner if you want something a little different. Continue Reading


Re: Concealer....

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I like Bobbi Brown's correct, conceal and set system. It's quick and easy and it lasts all day and works. I also have had good luck with Mally's conceal/brighten concealer in the tube. I have horrible dark circles under my eyes and puffiness due to allergies and heredity so I have tried dozens and dozens. Recently, I noticed that my circles were peeking thru the previous concealer so I went on a "quest" to find something new. I always have two choices for concealer and foundation because it depends on how bad my allergies and skin issues are on that day. I have very fair skin so every little ... Continue Reading


Re: Should I buy Perfect Formula TSV coming up on Tuesday?

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I swear by this product. My nails really take a beating with everyday tasks, training two puppies and taking medication. My nails use to be strong but as I got older and needing more medication for allergies and breathing my nails started to peel and split. I tried every thing. I finally tried Perfect Formula and what a difference! I have never been able just to have the bare nails look but now I can. I also found that for color polish I like ProStrong. I will use the Perfect Formula as my base/top coat and use the Pro Strong for some color. I have used the Perfect Formula color formula on my... Continue Reading


Re: Button-down Blouses/Bigshirts

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I would love to see these button down shirts in the D &Co., Linea, Simonton and Issac lines. They always reference wearing these shirts but it is so difficult trying to find a shirt that is not paper thin and is affordable. I also would like to see a few more blouses for the work place. I always shop for my daughter in law and she is required to wear blouses to work. I've been having difficulty trying to find a blouse that you don't need to wear a cami underneath it or a tank. Not everyone wants to layer three tops. Some of us run warm and some of us don't need or want all of those laye... Continue Reading


Re: Is an expensive blowdryer very different from a more standard one?

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I bought a T3 and am so glad that I spent the $$. It dries my hair faster and leaves it in better shape. It doesn't seem to fry my hair. I asked my hairdresser for her recommendations for both a hair dryer and a styling tool. Granted, she will spend even more on these tools than I would. Her opinion was to pick the hairdryer that you best afford and would dry your hair the fastest. The least amount of time you have that intense heat on your hair the better for you hair. I like the T3 so much that I bought one for my husband. He actually noticed a difference. For our needs it was worth it. ... Continue Reading


Re: Need Suggestions

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I have very fair, sensitive skin with a ton of allergies and issues. About six months ago I went thru the similar problem with my makeup. First, I use Dr. Denese skin care line. It works for me and helps improve some of those skin issues with unevenness. Dark circles under the eyes-- I have suffered with this for years. I use the Dr. Denese eye creams at night but for the day I use First Aid Beauty eye triple strength eye cream. It has a brightener in it so it really helps with the dark circles and puffiness. On my worse days I will also use either Bobbi Brown conceal, correct, seal or Mally ... Continue Reading


Re: Texas Muffin Pan - where's the Floral Lace?

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I was wondering the same thing. I really like the size of this pan but prefer the blue floral lace pattern or one of the solid styles. Continue Reading


Re: todays denim&co show

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I like Carolyn and how she presents items. I find her refreshing and down to earth and think that she mentions her family members to reference age, size ,etc for the range in the different clothing items that she presents. She is one of the few hosts that gives the information about what she is presenting before they run out of time. Great Host. Continue Reading

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