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Re: Texas Muffin Pan - where's the Floral Lace?

In Temp-tations 1408634988.17

I was wondering the same thing. I really like the size of this pan but prefer the blue floral lace pattern or one of the solid styles. Continue Reading


Re: todays denim&co show

In Denim & Co 1408472647.127

I like Carolyn and how she presents items. I find her refreshing and down to earth and think that she mentions her family members to reference age, size ,etc for the range in the different clothing items that she presents. She is one of the few hosts that gives the information about what she is presenting before they run out of time. Great Host. Continue Reading


Re: Floral lace dinnerware

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I've been wondering the same thing. I purchased the cobalt blue round scalloped set when it was a TSV year/s ago and was hoping it would come back in stock. I saw the square set but storage is an issue for me so I passed on that one. If the reviews had been good I might have been swayed to donate my old set and buy the new version but the quality control and painting issues seem to continue. I looked at Rachael Ray but I wanted solid colors. There seems to be a void in the dinnerware selection on QVC. Continue Reading


Re: Dr Denese TSV is making my skin dry and flaky...Help!?

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I use the Dr. Denese skincare line and have very dry, sensitive skin with a ton of allergies and skin issues. I Love her line! Her products are very concentrated so when I try something new in the line I will occasionally have a reaction like you describe. Under Eye cream---I use this every other night. For the flaky skin I will put a drop or two of the hydroshield serum on my finger tip and tap it on the dry area. This will restore that area but be careful not to use more than a drop or two. Retinol Firmatone RX --I use this twice a week only. I use the firming moisturizer the rest of the... Continue Reading


Re: Very frustrating sizing for fashions getting worse and worse

In Suggestion Box 1408462937.93

I agree with both of you. I am so frustrated by trying to "guess" how something will fit. Yes, I read the description and check the size chart but frankly I don't know why. It's a roll of the dice on most clothing items how it will fit. Recently, I purchased two beach cover ups from D&C to wear in the am when I'm putting the puppies out to potty. The one fits fine. The other one fits like three sizes up. Some hosts will mention if they think an item runs small or large and that I appreciate. I buy most of my daughter in law's clothes for the office and she's a difficult fit. I hold my br... Continue Reading


Re: Models sizing

In Suggestion Box 1408374817.373

I agree! It would be nice to see a petite model in the mix of size range as well. I think that some of the models (as well as the hosts) size down a size for the presentation. I forget which fashion show I was watching and the host asked the model which size she was wearing and which size does she buy. There was a one size difference. I notice that some of the other designers mention sizing and that the models are in their true size. It would sure be helpful to know this information so the customer can have the proper information. Continue Reading


Re: How do I get a puppy dog to love me?

In Pet Lovers 1408211531.567

You need to remember that he just left his Mommy so he needs some time to adapt to his new family. Talk to him in a calm, soft voice and give him time. You need to spend a time with him in addition to the walks so he bonds with both of you. Some vet offices give you a puppy care package that have a puppy care book that could give you tips. At the very least they have pamphlets on individual topics that are helpful. The web has ample information, the dog food websites or the AKC. Hope this helps. Continue Reading


Re: FINALLY! Bring on the OTOs!!!

In Jewelry Talk 1408210916.083

I was hoping for the same thing but wasn't overly impressed with the OTO's. Why so much turquoise jewelry and not to many other gemstones in gold? They all kept hyping about so much new and easy pay offers but I didn't think it really delivered on the hype. Half of the "new" were pieces from years ago and the easy pay wasn't on most of the items that caught my eye. (between the basic and below the super expensive) I did watch a little more than I have in the last few years but I ended up purchasing two clearance items because they had easy pay. It did seem somewhat improved from the previous... Continue Reading


Re: Noticed that a lot of Gold Rush jewelry is described as "Hollow Construction".

In Jewelry Talk 1408210358.923

I noticed that as well. There wasn't too much difference in the price comparison on the items that I was interested in. I found it a bit odd to be stated in that manner. Hollow usually sounds fragile to me. Who wants that? Of course, if they had used a thick piece of gold for the wall so the earring but hollow out the inside of the tube then I think someone would have mentioned that on air or it would have stated in the on line description. As a result, I decided that I did not want to find out that it snapped, dented or fell off my ear or finger so I passed on those items. Continue Reading


Re: My New 'Do!!

In Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, Q News 1408199025.103

LOVE IT !!!!! OMG you look GREAT!!! Continue Reading

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