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Re: O/T -- Front load washer vibrates??

In For the Home Talk 1416582929.52

I have a Samsung front loader washer with the drawer and have not had this problem. I wash king size bedding and sometimes have to check on the dryer with things getting rolled up too tight. My Samsung washer has a load level feature (built in) so this may be why the washer is fine. I remembered when we installed our set that it took a while to get the unit to sit square on the floor and on the drawer. We had to use a level because to the eye it look even. I would suggest that you check the connection between the washer and the drawer. My floor is cement but I did put down a runner underneath... Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone ever successfully restrung lights on a prelit tree?

In For the Home Talk 1415899186.867

I had the same situation where the one section of the tree stopped lighting. The first year I just strung a few additional sets of lights in that area for my quick fix. The next year I purchased this gadget called a "Lightkeeper Pro" and it actually worked! I've seen a few other brands of this type of light restore gadget but this is the one that worked for m. I have since used it on pre lit garlands, etc. Continue Reading


Re: Bobbi Brown powder eyeshadows - thoughts?

In Beauty Banter 1415898730.813

I really like BB powder eye shadows. I have very sensitive skin with a ton of allergies and issues so it's always a "quest" to find a product that works for me. I also like Mally eye shadow sticks and Laura Geller's baked eye shadow items. BB products appeal to me because I wanted shades that would work together and I didn't have to really think about it on those days that I need to get out the door quick or only had ten minutes to pull myself together. I find them to be heavily pigmented in the non metallic shades. I have very fair skin so you can see blue veining, etc with products that are... Continue Reading


Re: I need a Keurig that uses all K-cups

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1415812416.203

I bought a Breville and it uses all types of the k-cups. It has a good warranty and the one time we had a problem (after the warranty had expired) the customer service was great! I also have a Keurig in the family room which we use on the weekends. The Breville is in use almost 24/7. At this point I think it is almost five years old. Yes, you will pay a little more for the Breville but when I buy a kitchen counter appliance I really want it to last longer than a year or two. Continue Reading


Re: When wearing camel on top, do you prefer black or brown on the bottom?

In Fashion Talk 1415726038.963

I have always loved camel and black together. You have to be careful with the brown shades because some camels have too much yellow, etc and the same with the shades of brown. It really depends on the two items that you have and how they blend or compliment each other. I'll take the camel & black combo every time. Continue Reading


Re: What is up with lack of information inside of the on-screen description window during the on-air presentations?

In TSV Talk 1415725095.21

This has been an ongoing issue and just keeps getting worse. Honestly, QVC.....get a clue. No one can shop if the information is on the screen. They are to busy scrolling comments, tweets, etc or clucking on about a $1 a day to bring this home or their personal information that you barely get the color names. I fail to see the "convenience" of shopping from the on air presentations if I have to then go on line to get the product description/information. No wonder sales are down. Many hosts/vendors talk about being busy moms, etc. but somehow forget that the QVC customers/viewers are just as ... Continue Reading


Re: Joe Campanelli Sponges: Anything like these in B&M Stores?

In For the Home Talk 1414768031.297

I love his sponges. I just ordered the clearance ones because my supply was dwindling. Usually when an item goes on clearance that indicates that it is not returning. I looked at Kmart and BBB and have not found anything like these. Continue Reading


Re: Any suggestions for a washer/dryer?

In For the Home Talk 1414767625.103

I think I have the same model of Samsung washer and dryer as ID2. That "pure cycle" pays for itself. I was not a fan of the front models however when I thought about washing the king size bedding I had to rethink my position. It is so much easier on your back, etc. pulling those wet clothes from the washer to the dryer with that front load feature. No one could be more surprised than me that I am very pleased with mine. Continue Reading


Re: Good Chili Powder...

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1414767222.447

I agree with Poodlepet. I always use cumin if I'm using chili powder. It gives it a little something extra without a bite. I recently discovered organic chili powder at my supermarket and I'm hooked. Spices have gotten so pricey that I just happened to check out the organic isle one day. It was right after I read an article about the lack of quality control on spices imported. I do cook with a lot of herbs and spices so it's been a challenge to keep these in the pantry. Prices vary but it's another place to look. Continue Reading


Re: No Size Small Bracelets?

In Honora 1414766545.403

I have very small wrists and ring sizes and I agree. I have found that if they use the extra large clasp then I can at least clip that on to another link in the bracelet an attach a charm to the end of it. It seems to me that QVC has changed the sizing in bracelets. I am always looking for the size large for gifts for my daughter in law and it's difficult to find an 8" . Continue Reading

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