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Re: Reviews on Haan Steamer.....

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I Love my Haan Steamer! I have the slim life pro with the swivel head and carpet tray. It works great and the floors are dry very quickly. I have a variety of floor surfaces from carpet, ceramic, marble, hardwood and laminate. It does a great job regardless of what the kids, dogs, etc. leave behind. What I like most about it is the fact that the pads are washable and last a long time. The steamer is light weight so it doesn't hurt my back to push it and it uses tap water. It does the job fast and efficient and doesn't cost a small fortune to own. Continue Reading


Re: Model's accessories while on the air--do share

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I think that's a great idea. I'd rather see that information scrolling across the bottom of the screen rather than all the facebook posts. CS doesn't have this information most of the time and I really don't want to spend all that time searching on line for the item. It defeats the purpose of watching live. Continue Reading


Re: Both HSN amd QVC need to do this.....

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I wish they would do the "quick takes" again. Years ago the did that in the jewelry shows. I would love to see that in all the programs. Continue Reading


Re: Dyson TSV Does IT Work As Advertised?

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I had two Kirby's for over 25 plus years and loved them. I have German Shepherd dogs in addition to kids, etc. I finally purchased my first Dyson about five years ago and then got a second Dyson this year. I needed something lighter because of my back and knees but my cleaning needs did not change. I have multiple floor surfaces so the ability to go from room to room without a hassle was key for me. I looked at the Dyson for many years before I finally made my purchased. The warranty is better than most so I took a chance. This vacuum works great! It gets out dog hair, dirt, sand, whateve... Continue Reading


Re: Dogs and Messy Winter Floors

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To Ceci: As a follow up to my original post--We had so much mud outside that we poured sand over the dirt. We discovered that there was a difference in the type of sand to solve our problem. (We have a lot of clay in our soil--even with a French drain the water just pools) I noticed that there is a variety of fibers in the microfiber rugs so maybe something with a loop might help your beach sand problem. The plush style picked up the all purpose sand from my dogs but it is not as fine as beach sand. I also have purchased the Don Astlett grime stopper mats and used those at my other doorways ... Continue Reading


Re: Lock& Lock Getting pits

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I love my L&L compared to anything else that I have used. Depending on the power of your microwave and what you are heating it will pit sometimes. I notice that soup or leftovers that have grease/oil will cause this. I just repurpose these containers to the craft room or the garage. They work great for all those little extra parts/bits that are attached to other products. I still feel that I get a good value for my $ from this brand so it works just fine for me. Continue Reading


Re: Can anyone recommend a good place to buy cloth napkins?

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BB&B----one of my favorite stores. There's always a coupon promotion and most of the time some sort of sale. My other favorite store is Pier One. Continue Reading


Re: Dogs and Messy Winter Floors

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We have two German Shepherd puppies that have turned the back yard/patio area into a swamp. They come directly into the family room and the muddy paw prints were driving me nuts. Yes, I wipe their feet and have mats inside and outside that worked for the previous dog but it just wasn't working now. I purchased a few microfiber plush style runners from BBB and laid down a runway for them from the door to the kennels as well as their favorite pathways. What a relief!!! I swear by microfiber because it really does drink in the moisture and seems to dry quickly. I also have the Don Astlett g... Continue Reading


Re: Raised pet bowls

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I order the neater feeder thru QVC for my GSD and she loved it! I also saw them at Burton's Total Pet store in my area. I've seen different types of the raised feeders on line and in the stores. I have the one that has the removable top tray that vents spilled water underneath. It works great. Keeps the dog chow dry and no more "surprises" of puddles in the kitchen. Continue Reading


Re: Is It Necessary to Remove the Hair Between a Dog's Toe Pads?

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We had a long coat GSD and we trimmed her paw hair. It grew so long that it was causing her difficulty with her footing on the hardwood floors. I just used cuticle scissors to clean it up a bit around her pads. She tolerated that but we had to have the tech trim her nails. I had asked our vet about should we or shouldn't we and she said that it was a matter of preference unless it interfered with the dog's stability. She also said that some of them will lick at it because they want to clean the pad. Greta had started doing that and, of course, this gave her the upset tummy. We did this a... Continue Reading

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