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Re: Which dress gets your "yes"?!

In Fashion Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities 1427726631.587

I like #4....#3 is my second choice. Make sure you are comfortable in the dress. You have a long, emotional day ahead of you and the last thing you want to be fussing around with is your dress and if it is going to be too short when you sit or too tight to eat. Give a few minutes to think about the wedding pictures and how the dress is going to photograph. Lace can be a bit "tricky" in pictures. Have a wonderful day!!! Continue Reading


Re: Steam Cleaner

In For the Home Talk 1427641243.453

I have a Hahn steamer and a variety of floor surfaces. (ceramic, marble, laminate, hardwood and carpet. I also have dogs and family. This steamer gets a workout and I swear by it. Mine is an older version. I think one of the first slim lines that came out. There is a newer version that the center lifts out to do counter tops, etc. I have my eye on that one for just the shear convenience of the tool. I also have the portable steamer that was sold years ago to do surface cleaning in the kitchen, bath, etc. It's great. That thing has got to be 10+ years old. Still works great. It isn't as heavy ... Continue Reading


Re: Dan Hughes!

In Q News 1427465621.207

I like Dan Hughes. His calm, practical presentation style is like a breath of fresh air. Every time he introduces a new tool I usually buy it. I have never been disappointed. It always turns out to be the one both my husband and I reach for the job at hand. I also enjoy his decorating programs. Continue Reading


Re: Jockey TSV Review….what a mistake

In TSV Talk 1427380655.783

I'm glad I passed on this one...(again) Does anyone know how the Jockey line compares to the Yummie line on HSN? It was a TSV this week and it looked like the same type of set. I don't want a compression garment but just a little smoothing. Continue Reading


Re: breezies tsv opinions

In TSV Talk 1427123983.197

I really like the Breezies line. The lining fabric won me over because I run so warm all the time. I've had very good luck with the tee shirt bras and a few other styles. They are comfy for me and fit smoothly under my clothes. I've had and tried other bras but I really miss the lining that is in the Breezies products. I agree that the quality seems to have changed in the last few years. The sizing in the panties seems to be a bit off. I did order the new ones today to try. Sizing and quality seems to be an issue no matter what I purchase where. When I do make a purchase I want a decent retu... Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone taken their dog to an eye specialist?

In Pet Lovers 1426951208.097

I had a Shepherd/Husky with one blue eye and one brown eye. He started to form a cataract in the blue eye. Our vet recommended an eye specialist. The main thing I was concerned about was if there was pain. I didn't want him to be in pain. This vet was very good. His loss of sight was slow and we had drops to put in his eyes to ease any discomfort. He learned to compensate for not seeing out of that eye, He lived many years with just one eye. Good Luck! Continue Reading


Re: Show the INSIDE of the bags please!!

In Vera Bradley 1426950792.41

This has been a pet peeve of mine for years. I want to see how many pockets, zippered, etc. are the inside of the bag. I know how to carry a purse. I need to know the color and size. Honestly........no matter what the price you need to know what you are getting for your money. They spend enough time on the presentations so instead of ordering for themselves or disagreeing about the color description either the host or the vendor could show the inside of the bag. Continue Reading


Re: TSV patio rug, did you buy one, or do you have something similar?

In For the Home Talk 1426865103.35

I purchased two of these last year when they were a TSV in different sizes. Finally, a patio rug that holds up to the weather and dogs! I purchased one like this years ago from a catalogue and paid so much more for it because I was so desperate to find "something nice" for the front porch. That rug now will be replaced with this TSV. This is the first patio rug that I have purchased that actually lasts more than one year. Continue Reading


Re: how do you clean the outside of a crock-pot?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1426603539.583

I swear by a microfiber cleaning cloth with warm water. Then I will add some Dawn to it to work on the tough spots. I've used that BarKeepers Friend and Astonish cleaner on some of my stainless steel/aluminum items and it works well. Continue Reading


Re: Pantry Storage

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1426603346.21

I bought a few to hold the soda cans in the fridge until I started to buy the 2liter bottles. Now I use them in the pantry to hold the jars of gravy and the condensed canned soup. They will also hold the small cans of canned tomatoes and some of the Mexican chilies. It does save me space for these items and makes it quick and easy when I'm reaching for these types of items. I purchased two. That's what I would recommend to start. I'm re-thinking that I may have to purchase a few more now that I have extra shelving in the pantry. Continue Reading

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