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Re: I Need a Cuticle Fix

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I always had a problem with my cuticles and do my own manicures. I found T.I.P.S. on QVC and the improvement is 100% better! It is so easy to do and fast. It absorbs quickly into the nail and cuticle and can be used on natural or painted nails. I would not be without it. Hope this gives you the same results it gives me. Continue Reading


Re: Black or Stainless Steel

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I actually prefer white but I purchased black. My problem was that my stove is black and I knew that I did not want two different color of appliances in my kitchen. I know that I will have to replace the stove in the next year or so but it just was not in the budget to purchase more than one appliance at a time. I have an average size kitchen and the black actually fades away in the row of cabinets. That is exactly what I was hoping for! I think that it creates the illusion of a larger area. I'm not a fan of stainless steel. I prefer the brass tone hardware. My sister in law had a bad expe... Continue Reading


Re: Steam mop help

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I love my Hann steam mop! I have the floor model because I purchased it a few years ago. I had also purchased a portable steamer for the all the other surfaces that I wanted to clean. This system works well for my needs but this all in one type was not available when I did my shopping. I think it depends on how much above floor steaming you have on your list. If you have move to steam clean than the counter tops and you have a lot of odd shaped areas to steam (like in the bathrooms, etc.) then I'm sure this unit would do all that. I have to admit that I love the convenience feature of having... Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone else feel this way about Floral Lace?

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I love the floral lace pattern! It is my favorite in the blue. The brown edging adds something to the dishes for my preference. I could kick myself that I did not order two sets of the dishes a few years ago. I keep looking at the square set but trying to get all of those round and square plates in my one cabinet is quite the task. Not sure if I'm up for a puzzle every time I unload the dishwasher. I must have missed out on the Vintage Grace dinnerware. I saw a Classico set of casserole dishes on the Temp-tations site that looked nice. I loved the shape of them but they did not include stor... Continue Reading


Re: Mascara help

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I swear by Mally's volume formula. I have a ton of allergies and am very sensitive to everything and this works for me. It stays on even though my eyes tear a lot and doesn't travel on the eye or face. It comes off with Purity which is also good to know. Have fun experimenting! Continue Reading


Re: Breville

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I love the Breville product line. I have both the smart oven and the coffee maker. Well worth the money, good quality and good customer service and product warranty. The convenience features of the coffee maker with the on/off switch on the side, storage on top for the my k-cup and able to accommodate my tall travel mug is what got my attention first. It heats the water quickly so you really don't need to keep it turned on constantly. I like that. Next on my list is the Slow Cooker. Continue Reading


Re: Please help-----which dishwasher do I buy?

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THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! I decided on a KitchenAid with the stainless steel tub and the outside control panel. It was on sale and fit the revised budget a bit easier. I had to give up on the idea of using my wood panels because those models were just too pricey. When you include the additional work to create the door it gets price crazy. If I knew the appliance was going to last longer than 3-5 years, I might have done it but decided that additional money is better not spent on a gamble. I can't thank all of you enough for your suggestions and input in my dilemma. I drive myself crazy with... Continue Reading


Re: Aveda hair care....does anyone use?

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I go to an Aveda salon. I have fine hair and color it often. Love all of the products especially the hair spray. The number one thing that I like about the entire line is that it smells good, doesn't aggravate my allergies and does the job. Worth every cent! My husband even goes there! Now that's saying volumes..The Aveeda hairspray is the only one that he will use. I find less residue on the bathroom counters with this brand. (always a plus in my book) Continue Reading


Re: Why Remove Carolyn's Blog about Johnnie?

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That's awful! I agree with you. Honestly, you've got to wonder who makes these decisions. Continue Reading


Re: Dr. Denese Advanced Firming Facial Pads

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I love the Dr.Denese line of skincare. It is the only thing that works for my sensitive skin. I react to about everything but I can use her products with the exception of the these pads. I had the same harsh reaction and it was the new ingredient that was added. What I found was the Pro C illuminating Cell Defense pads that I use in the am. This is my replacement to not using the pads at night. I use the Clarisonic with Purity to cleanse my face and then I apply Dr.Denese products. This is what works for me. Wish you luck with whatever you try. Continue Reading

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