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Re: A question for those of you who don't wear white metals

In Jewelry Talk 1413905119.88

I'm a yellow gold/rose gold girl all the way! I think it goes with everything. I do try to find purses/shoes that have hidden zippers or goldtone hardware but if not it's not an issue for me. I think it's just a personal taste. If you prefer one over the other then that's what you wear. Continue Reading


Re: host please wear your correct size

In Suggestion Box 1413904651.147

This has been my number one pet peeve for years. No wonder we are so confused as to what size to order and that's ignoring the quality control issue of consistent sizing when manufacturing the item. I have only heard Leah Williams and Carolyn Gracie state that they are a size Large. All the other hosts are a size "small or less". REALLY???? There is no way that a host that is full busted/large busted can wear the same XS as someone who is not. I've even heard some hosts say that a jacket no longer needs to button. That may be a matter of personal taste but I think that it should at least mee... Continue Reading


Re: Who is Katie?

In Q Did What? 1413829177.953

There was a Katie on with Leah Williams on Sat Am Style. She introduced her as the Katie who does the live chats for her and now she is on set. I've noticed that they start a few of them off like that and then we see them elsewhere on air. They must test well. There was no mention of host training, etc. Continue Reading


Re: Question for Those Having Pergo or Other Top of the Line Laminate

In For the Home Talk 1413822106.46

We have Wilsonart which is the one level up from Pergo. I'm not sure if the Wilsonart is available in the stores anymore of if you have to purchase from a design retailer. These top of the line engineered wood/laminates are terrific. I have German Shepherds, kids, etc. and they hold up GREAT! I had a burning candle fall on the floor and not one mark. That....I could not believe. I can use my Hahn steamer on mine which is terrific however I also use my Don Astlettt microfiber mop and that works in the non heavy traffic areas as well. My floors still look like new and they are 10 years old! Wo... Continue Reading


Re: Opinions On Painting Project...Open Floor Plan

In For the Home Talk 1413821122.267

I have a semi open floor plan and have dealt with this question every time we take on a home project. I am always concerned with the flow regardless if it is the wall color or the floor pattern/material, etc. I know I drive myself crazy but the end result needs to be worth the work and money. I varied the shades and textures of ivory on my first level where the public spaces open onto each other. (foyer, living room, dinning room, kitchen, hallway, stairway) I think you could use a different shade in the foyer because it is the foyer. It needs to compliment the other colors in the open area ... Continue Reading


Re: Cleaning black floor tile

In For the Home Talk 1413820270.64

I swear by my Hann steamer. Not all floor steamers are created equal and I needed one that was a true steam and applied no water to the floor. My ceramic and marble floors are ivory and I had a similar problem with seeing streaks with all other mop systems. The second best system I had was using the Don Astlette microfiber mop and dampening the microfiber pad. This works great on my hardwood floors as well. I have dogs and an semi open floor plan with all ivory colored floor surfaces. Continue Reading


Re: Attaching garland to mantle like Lisa shows

In For the Home Talk 1413645629.823

I just use pipe cleaners. It doesn't harm your wood, metal, etc. and comes in a variety of colors. They work better than twist ties because you twist them off as easy as you twist them on. They can be cut to fit or you can just fold them under in the garland. The pipe cleaners also hold more weight than most of these tie items. I buy mine in the craft/ fabric stores. Continue Reading


Re: How do you care 4 your chandelier ?

In For the Home Talk 1413384818.55

KittyGalore: Invisible Glass is a window cleaner that is streak free and so superior to Windex. I ordered in from QVC but I've seen it in Kmart. I have huge windows and quite a bit of glass surfaces in my home and swear by this stuff. I also have dogs and it does a fine job with their "artwork" that I find on the patio door. Continue Reading


Re: How do you care 4 your chandelier ?

In For the Home Talk 1413306105.03

I have all clear but I use a microfiber duster on them. A few times a year I get on the step ladder and clean the panels/crystals with Invisible Glass and a microfiber lint free cloth. I know my Dyson has a soft duster attachment but I have never tried that on anything glass. It works fine on my stained glass lamps. Continue Reading


Re: The Same Products, show after show, day after day...Seriously, QVC?

In Q Did What? 1413305648.67

I have had QVC on more than usual since I got the puppies and am potty training. I also read an article that QVC recently fired it's company president who was a former Wal-Mart executive. My impression is that QVC has been purchasing a much higher quantity of an item and just runs it out until it's gone. I know they purchase in super large amounts but what caught my attention was when I heard the different hosts mention that they sold 440,000 of a luminary set or 550,000 of a tablet. That sounded unreal to me even for a TSV. I have noticed that it doesn't seem to make a difference if it's AM ... Continue Reading

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