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I would love to see the pink and blue diamondigue in 14K yellow, rose and white gold make a return in earrings. I have a few pieces from years ago and always purchased these as gifts for my daughter in law. I would love to have a tennis bracelet as well. I don't think twice about wearing the Diamonique but I hesitate to wear my good jewelry at times. Continue Reading


Re: Pop it Vs. Origami

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I saw this today and have purchased a few different Origami units. At first glance it looks the same but the weight limit per shelf is less. It probably depends on what your purpose you are going to use the shelf. I think I heard 175 lbs. per shelf which is not a light weight. I didn't notice if it had the option of wheels or if that was an additional purchase. I love that option and use it on the ones that I have. The reduced shipping of $7.00 isn't too bad compared to what it could be. I bought my Origami shelves when they had free S&H and it was a TSV. I could see having both brands... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone else do this?

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I started to get better prepared over the last few winters. The ice storms and power outages are what prompted me to do more. We are lucky enough to have a fireplace for heat (if needed) and I have enough flameless candles around so we are not in the dark. The battery supply I am trying to keep in stock. I did buy a Coleman Lantern with panels so every family member can have a panel to get to the bathroom and back. This year I have been focusing on our food supply. I started to stock up on some of the canned items so we have some "thing" that we can eat. I am really interested in some packag... Continue Reading


Re: Can someone recommend good splatter guards?

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I purchased a set of three from the Prepology line that are great. They have tiny holes for ventilation and prevent boil over. I'm not sure if they are still in stock. I did see a Kuhn Rikon version and a lid that vents that got my attention. I'm always on the search for these types of items. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone out there like small jewelry?

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I'm with you on this issue. I have small hands with long, thin fingers and nothing fits my wrists or fingers. It's always a "project" to have something sized to fit and it always doesn't work. I like the classic styles but with a twist or something special added to the pieces. Large does not work for me. I love rings and bracelets....actually I love all jewelry. If I find smaller pieces then most of them look like children's jewelry. It's so frustrating. Single stone settings look the best on my fingers but doesn't mean it has to be completely plain. I wear my jewelry so it also needs to hav... Continue Reading


Re: Recommendations on a Foot Cream/Balm?

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First Aid Ultra Repair cream. It's great! Dries in seconds and you can use over your entire body. The prices isn't too high for the quality and quantity that you get. Works for me. Continue Reading


Re: I need some advice on the best foundation for very dry skin?

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I have very dry, sensitive skin with a ton of allergies and issues. I use Bobbi Brown's foundation stick and love it. A little goes a long way with her products. Every time I get a compliment on my skin you can bet that I'm wearing Bobbi Brown. It still surprises me. I was never that person who had the great skin. This foundation does not dry out to stick in your lines or puffy circles under you eyes. I use her concealing system also. The other thing that I like is that her products seem to glide on the skin and for me it's quick. I don't have to fuss a lot to get everything blended. BB cr... Continue Reading


Re: The Best of Collections ETC. Catalog

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I have ordered from Collections for years. The quality is decent. I swear, that it's the same items that you find in all the big box stores, craft stores, etc. in your area. I used to have a floral design business and some of the items in this magazine were like what I purchased from the vendors for my business. For the price, I don't think you can go wrong. I've had most things last and last. I have not had to deal with CS on anything. Try it with a small order and see what you think. I find a lot of those unique items for my patio and porch from this place. Continue Reading


Re: Levian Jewelry!!!!

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I don't own any of the Levian but am very familiar with the brand. I go to the shows each year. I've seen the colored diamonds and they are beautiful! The settings are not the average setting that you see everywhere else. They are pricey but worth it and competitive with this level of jewelry. I've been on a quest for a sapphire for years. I like they this line has the colors that are more unique and in 14kt and 18kt. The galleries on the rings are more unique. I prefer the bridge style or stones mounted on the sides in addition to the primary setting and you can find that with this line. The... Continue Reading


Re: What to do with articles, clippings that I want to save.....

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I have some woven baskets with lids in a variety of sizes that I use for these items. I have them in the kitchen, den and family room. The places where I sit to sort thru these types of items. Works great for me and keeps the paper stacks out of site. Continue Reading

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