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Re: FUN - Secret QVC Society

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I was grocery shopping in the winter wearing my D&C fleece 3/4 coat in pink and spotted another woman in the same coat in blue. We both looked at each other and smiled. She came over and said how she wanted to get the pink one as well but was trying to be good. I told her that I was doing the same thing about the blue. We had a nice chat. Continue Reading


Re: Are you a frustrated HGTV remodeler? What kind of homes would you tackle?

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The two that I like are Rehab Addict and Fixer Upper. Over the years we've only had one new home and the others have ranged in age. We had projects in all of them. I like Rehab Addict because she restores and just doesn't rip out all the craftsmanship of old. Love her cleaning and restoring tips and wish she would write a book. Fixer Upper gives me ideas of what is possible with what kind of budget. It's always easier with a project when you don't have to live in a space while you are doing rehab or you have a larger budget but the tips and ideas are always useful for our needs. Continue Reading


Re: I am a blush and lipstick addict, so.........

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I have recently converted back to cream blush (Bobbi Brown) and love all her pink tones. They stay creamy and last all day. I also am tiring of lip gloss and returned to lip stick (Bobbi Brown and Doll10) I received a dark shade with two TSV's in berry tones which actually go on more sheer than you would think. I ordered the Doll 10 in her pink nudes which actually have some color to them. They are all nice shades because you get 4 in a set. Neither brand is drying to my lips and the color lasts. I'm in the 50plus and holding age and am not a fan of glitter or intense shine in either blush pr... Continue Reading


Re: Breezies Lately

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I still buy from the Breezies line. I have not been disappointed with what I purchased in both the bra and panty lines. I was hoping that they would expand on the boy shorts because they were a great fit, comfy and really a no show panty. The combed cotton was the best but cotton is just too expensive. I did purchase some panties from the local stores and found that I had sticker shock and sizing issues. I think sizing issues are everywhere. I do swear by the Ultimaire lining in the Breezies line. I run warm all the time and can really notice a difference. I did try the new panties that Bree... Continue Reading



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I've had both and I absolutely love the Corian! They really are a quality product and I think they last longer before they show any signs of wear. Mine are all white and still look great! Continue Reading


Re: Two Hosts - Very Awkward!

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I think that it's awkward for the majority of the time unless one of them has to be on another set. (like the holiday tree presentations). It just does NOT work! It becomes more of a disaster depending on which two hosts have been paired. Not all of them like to share. If they have a vendor on then it just becomes a "mess". The kicker is that the most of the time you still aren't getting the basic information about the item in order to decide on a purchase. Daysdee, I agree with you on the waste of time and talent to have sizes mention for each article of clothing (especially when it's... Continue Reading


Re: Stariway....need recommendation for new floor covering

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Years ago when we removed the carpet (wall to wall) in the house the steps became my project. They are oak. We are up and down those steps a lot. I have big dogs so they have that additional wear on them. I was a little nervous about not having anything but the wood because I run around the house in ballet slippers. I wasn't sure if they would be secure without something else and I just didn't want to go thru all that work to have most of it unseen. I did find this great top coat/sealer that had an anti skid factor and it worked. I also found a refinisher liquid that I use a few times a year ... Continue Reading


Re: Any Foundation that does not fade away into my skin throughout day?

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I am really pleased with Bobbi Brown foundation stick. It really performs and makes my skin look better than it is. Continue Reading


Re: What's your favorite (healthy, non/low toxic) moisturizing sunscreen for the face to wear under makeup?

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Dr. Denese day cream is a moisturizer and sunscreen in one. You can wear it alone or add additional makeup over it. My only regret is that I did not find this product sooner. Continue Reading


Re: Nail polish top coats

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I have had good luck with Perfect Formula's top coat Protect and Seal. This is the first one that I've tried that has worked for me. Continue Reading

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