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Re: Adult breakouts --- I could use your recommendations!

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I have very fair, sensitive skin with a ton of allergies and "issues". I have found that when I get those "bumps" that Johnson & Johnson Clean & Clear works well. I also use the Clarisonic on that area for a longer time. It seems to clear it up in half the time. I'm still not certain what causes these things. I blame it on a hormone imbalance rather than an allergic reaction to something. Stress always enters into the equation for me. I also noticed that if I don't take the proper time to apply my serums, moisturizers, etc. that my chin and forehead will have the occasional reactio... Continue Reading


Re: Trish McEvoy "Instant Eye Lift"

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I always have dark circles, puffiness, bags under the eyes, etc. Some of these are hereditary and most are caused by allergies. I have found the Dr. Denese skincare line to work for me. I use her upper and lower eye cream/treatments at night and have seen improvement in firmness and in reducing the puffiness. I use her treatment for puffiness (baggage plus eye puffiness gel) before I put on my makeup or daytime with just my moisturizer. This works. You need to give it a minute or two to dry and work. I have very fair, sensitive skin and am in the 50 ++++ age range. The puffiness and bags un... Continue Reading


Re: Which FL blue coordinates best with OW Blue?

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I started with OW blue but fell in love with the dark blue Floral Lace. Floral Lace is more my style so I'm always waiting and hoping to see the new items in this pattern. There are enough shades of blue in the OW blue that I think it's just your personal preference which shade of blue you select. For me, I always pick the sapphire blue. I just love that color. Continue Reading


Re: PINK gel coat ..a yay or a nay?

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I swear by this stuff. I also love the clear just as much. I use this as my base coat and top coat as well as a stand alone polish. I also have had good luck with Pro Strong nail polish for colors. For me, they last, do not chip and do not dull. Continue Reading


Re: Green Gobbler drain opener - Does it work?

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I have an older home and the drains are always running slow. I also have allergies and most of the drain cleaners bother my breathing. (even with air purifiers/filters running) Green Gobbler works pretty good for the slow running drains and as a maintenance product. I have used it on a clogged drain and had to repeat the process a few times. Of course, that is usually the same with other products. I keep this on hand to keep the drains running smooth. This product works the best for our drains on the slow run issue and to keep them from getting clogged so I keep this on hand. If you have ... Continue Reading


Re: Winter Clothes - Difficult for those of us who are warm

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I'm right there with you. I can't even think about wearing long sleeves unless it's 32or below let alone a sweater. Forget about layering unless I'm outside salting the driveway. I am always on the quest for cotton or natural fiber clothing but this is getting increasingly difficult to find. It is also difficult to find a garment that has some weight to the fabric. I don't want a heavy top/blouse but I don't want to have to wear two underpinnings just so my bra isn't seen. The thing that really gets me is that regardless what body temp you run the garments are just crazy in price. (most of... Continue Reading


Re: Red Lipstick on Fair Complexions

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I have very fair skin with some yellow undertones. I like Bobbie Brown's lipstick because it is more of a satin finish. You can also layer on the color to achieve a deeper intensity. The other thing that I wanted to mention was the trick of coloring in the lip with a lip pencil and then following up with your lipstick. This really keeps the darker shades on the lips and curbs the color from traveling. Continue Reading


Re: Bethlehem Lights Window Candles

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I have been wondering the same thing. I need to start replacing my BLights window candles and there is nothing out there. I use both the plug in and battery operated kind depending on the window. I did purchase a few sets of the battery ones from some other vendor that use AA batteries. These are not too bad but they haven't come back into inventory. I think I must have purchased them in Xmas in July. Some of the other ones that use the C batteries just are battery eaters. I prefer the plug in with the timers and sensors. I find the chip for the timer/sensor is what breaks down in the plug i... Continue Reading


Re: Valerie's Beveled Mirror for Tabletop

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I have been looking at Valerie's table top mirrors for two years. Love the look but not the price. I did see something similar at Bed, Bath & Beyond and PierOne. I may be too late in the season but now that I have coupons I hope to pick up one or two at those stores. They look very, very close to Valerie's and I've had good luck with the home items that I've purchased from both of those stores. I can't remember the specific prices but I think it was in the $30 range. Hope this helps. Continue Reading


Re: O/T -- Front load washer vibrates??

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I have a Samsung front loader washer with the drawer and have not had this problem. I wash king size bedding and sometimes have to check on the dryer with things getting rolled up too tight. My Samsung washer has a load level feature (built in) so this may be why the washer is fine. I remembered when we installed our set that it took a while to get the unit to sit square on the floor and on the drawer. We had to use a level because to the eye it look even. I would suggest that you check the connection between the washer and the drawer. My floor is cement but I did put down a runner underneath... Continue Reading

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