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Re: Natural Nails

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I finally got my nails healthy in the last few years. I had nice nails for a very long time and then they started to peel, split and break. My reason was all the medication that I have to take for allergies, etc. I tried so many products but I finally found what works for me: T.I.P.S.---cuticle serum. Does wonders for the skin around the nail and replenishes the moisture back to the nail. I actually saw my nails grow with using this product. A.S.K.--polish remover. This is the only polish remover that I found that does not dry out your nail or smell. I have so many allergies and trying to k... Continue Reading


Re: concealer for fair skin

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I have very fair, sensitive skin with a ton of allergies. I always have dark circles and puffiness under the eyes so this has been my "quest". I finally found Bobbi Brown's correct, conceal and seal system. It WORKS!!! It's fast. I was hesitate at first because I thought three steps...I want to get out the door quick. Not a problem with this one. The key to this system is the color of the corrector. This is what works on my fair skin. Most concealers are too yellow or brown and just make it worse for me. The other plus with BB is that a little goes a long way. It goes on smooth and stays sm... Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone still have/use your Peterboro Baskets??

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Love mine, too! I have a few of the magazine baskets and they hold everything from magazines to dog toys to home repair project supplies. They all still look brand new. Glad to hear that they are still in business. I'll have to check the websites. Continue Reading


Re: XL vs 1X

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Sizing is always an issue. I buy these sizes for my daughter in law and always have to check the measurement chart. Then I have to consider the description of the fit. Not all items have a video so that's a problem. If I can see it on a model who is a Large than I can judge it a bit better. After years of trial and error I have narrowed it down to the few lines of clothing that fit her. Consistency in sizing seems to be a growing issue. It doesn't matter what size it is. Continue Reading


Re: Clarisonic newbie - which one to get?

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Ophelia299: I purchased my Mia 2 when it was a TSV a few years ago. It came with two brush heads, the charger, and the Philosophy skin care of Purity and Microderm wash. The two brush heads were normal and sensitive. I have since purchased the delicate and the deep pore (for the nose area). I have smaller hands so that is what really made me want to try the Mia 2. I have since purchased the full size Clarisonic for the shower and am pleased with that. I actually prefer the Mia 2. It just fits my hand better. I think to start with I would want either the set of two brush heads in normal/d... Continue Reading


Re: Clarisonic newbie - which one to get?

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I started with the Mia 2. I would look for the combination that gives you two types of brush heads and whatever skin care line they add as a "bonus" gift. I didn't have any use for the travel case so I was looking for a kit with as many brush heads in number and variety that I could find. I have sensitive skin but combination skin so that was what was my number one priority in which one to pick. They all come with the charger. This is the best $$ I have ever spent for the health of my skin. I don't think you will regret it. Continue Reading


Re: Best highlighter for fair skin

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I have very fair and sensitive skin and use Bare Minerals radiance as a highlighter. It's very sheer and you can layer it if you wish. Continue Reading


Re: Which Lipstick Color...

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I've recently discovered Bobbi Brown lipstick and am very happy with it. Her color palette blends with most skin/hair combinations. I bought two in the nude line but they are not the normal nude.....they have some nice rose tone to them. Check out her lip products on and see what you like. I also like Mally's lip shine products but I was looking for a change with a matte finish and found it in the Bobbie Brown line. Continue Reading


Re: Suggestions for Christmas Tree Decorations

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I think it's a personal preference but you will get more of a color pop with the birds. Depending on the size of your tree the holly sprigs might get lost unless you tie them with plaid bows. Continue Reading


Re: Decorating a chandelier with garland

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I put the beaded garland around the chandeliers in the kitchen and dining room. I love the beaded fruit. The 5' garland (slender size) may work depending on the diameter or your chandelier. I am always concerned about added weight but these items are light enough not to present a problem. Try it. I did my dining room first and then my kitchen. I love it! This fruit garland is wired so you have some flexibility to mold it around your lights. Post a picture when you'll done. I would leave it up all year round. I originally put mine up for the holidays and then thought that it looked to nic... Continue Reading

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