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Re: Well, there goes another jewelry brand...

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I'm with you! Getting sick of them taking away my favorite shows and showing the same old see all the time. About ready to quit watching all together. Continue Reading


Re: Kennedy Collection - Did I misunderstand Sandra?

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Sad to see this line discontinued. I think it's a big mistake. It seems to be a popular line. It's gorgeous jewelry. I will definitely miss Mr. Katz. He really made the line with his wonderful stories, history of the pieces and those beautiful pictures. I wish he'd write a book about her jewelry and include those pictures he's been showing all these years. Continue Reading


Re: Can You Guess Whose Dog This Is?

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First, I just wanted to tell Stephan I love him! He is my favorite leprechaun. I always look forward to seeing him on St Patricks Day and Rose of Tralee. He always makes me laugh. I think QVC should hire him and give him his own show lol. I love that you took in little Watson. He is adorable (so is Hero). I can't believe he was chewing on the famous leprechaun hat. . On another note, I was sad to see the Aran Craft one button sweater was on clearance. I have it and love it. I wear it all the time in winter. I wish I could have gotten it in about 4 more colours. Continue Reading


Re: School, a Wedding, and Rose of Tralee…What an Exciting Week!

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Your children are adorable!! Best wishes to your brother and his wife. Continue Reading



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Can't wait to see my favorite leprechaun! I wish QVC would bring back the 24 hour All Irish days. They were great. Disappointed in how little we get to see of our Irish friends. Can't get enough of them! Continue Reading


Re: Countdown to Rose of Tralee! New Connemara Marble Pieces Are On the Way!

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I can't wait to see the new Connemara marble pieces. I love Stephen! He's adorable and hilarious! He's by far my favorite leprechan! It's a shame we don't get to see nearly enough of him and our other Irish friends. Continue Reading


Re: The Wearin' of the Green!!

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I don't know if anyone is still reading St. Patricks day posts, but if they are here's what my mom was told. After St Patricks day she wrote a letter to the programming dept. saying how disappointed she was in the programming. We didn't know/think they would actually say/do anything. Well she got a voicemail today from someone in the programming dept. This woman said something about not wanting to disappoint their customers. And "claimed" that the buyers (I think it was) said the things weren't selling well or something to that effect. (but I think that is a bunch of b.s. because whenever I'v... Continue Reading


Re: David V.

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I didn't notice that that one, but I did hear him say that he waited weeks for the cooking on Q event. Well, I waited all year for St. Patricks day and all I got were a few measely hours:( That sounds like it should be on a t shirt. I can't stand when hosts say "on the day" for some reason they make it sound like they are sitting on a day like you would a couch. Also I can't stand when they have repeat everything 3 times (ie: love, love, love or amazing, amazing, amazing). drives me nuts. one time is sufficient. and you can't love love love everything and everything can't be amazing amazing ... Continue Reading


Re: Introducing Our New Irish Insights Blog!

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OUTRAGED! I am TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED in QVC's decision to cut their wonderful St Patricks Day celebration to a few measly hours!! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT no less when most people are asleep!! Both my daughter and I enjoy watching (and buying) on St. Patricks Day. it is one of the days we look forward to watching QVC. I was going to take the day off so I could watch the all day programming. When I found out what little progamming there was I went to work instead. We love our "Irish friends" and look forward to seeing them. We enjoy seeing what wonderful and unique things they bring to QVC. F... Continue Reading

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