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Re: Susie Q Sailing!

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The nautical things look really cute. Looks like you were having fun. Wonder why you don't make more tops with neckline such as A229767. I can't order it because it is too short for me. Love tops with neckline coming up in the back. Would love to have several in tunic length in liquid knit. love the johnny collars you put on your cotton with elbow sleeves but why not do some in liquid knit. I don't do cotton. Again I have stated this before but I have a long torso and sure I am not the only one so if I wear a medium your tops then get too short. I wore a large before and some o.... Continue Reading


Re: Free to Breathe

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Linda you are a joy. I too lost my husband of 44 yrs. to Lung Cancer and yes was a smoker. It doesn't matter it is still a loss and cheers to you to fight for the cause. I also have had cancer and in few months I will be cancer free of 5 years. I do know your loss and your pain even after almost 6 years of loss. So carry on with the work on support of Cancer. I want to comment on LCNY. Love the designs. Some of the best designs on QVC are LCNY even though someone else is declared the best I prefer your designs. Only one problem is most of designs are in cotton and I don't do well ... Continue Reading


Liquid Knit

Last Reply by Farnella Dot Gridwhop 1402302999.053 | Started by moped in Susan Graver

Susan PLEASE makes some tops in liquid knit or butter knit like A231963, A233840, A233286 . I would like at least 27-28" length not short length and not in cotton. I don't wear cotton too hot a little allergic. I have asked for these necklines before but you never make in knits that I can find. Also even though I might go from a Lg . to a small I still need length. Just because I am smaller doesn't make my shirt tail need to come up higher. It seem everyone does this. I like your clothes mostly but most are too short in length and pants are too long in rise. Still I try to wear because... Continue Reading


Re: Wedding Love & Pictures!!!

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You and your husband looked fabulous. Wedding pictures very nice and everyone looked so pretty and handsome. Susan please do me a favor as I have asked before and I know you have many requests. I would love to have some of your butterknits either with collars or v-neck and at least an inch longer in the large. don't have to be long but 29" would be great. They are always around 27 and I have been ordering some in larger because I have to have the length but then they are to big. I love the fabric as much as liquid knit. My whole closet is nothing but liquid knit and some butterknit. I... Continue Reading


Re: Cool, Covered, & Chic - A Very Special Thursday Item!

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Love the new TSV dress but it is too short. 1-2 in.longer would cover the knee. I am only 5'5" but that would not cover the knee in my size. I am an older young person and have knee surgery and you don't want that scar showing. All your dresses of lately have been little too short . I can hem up but can't add on. Same with tops Love the styles but in my size you cut off at 27" and I need 29". People can cut off but not add on. Please keep that in mind. We none like alterations but some thing are not possible. Love your liquid knit tops . Continue Reading


Re: Weekend Get-Away Photos!!!

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Susan the photos are great. What a wonderful time you must have. I know you are not copycat but if you could do some tops in liquid knit similar to A228918 I would love them in print and solid. A neck similar to that and small flare around the hips. Like some you have A230486 only with the collar I mentioned in the above. Elbow length or 3/4 sleeve. I would make my wardrobe from that. 29" in length. 27" like some of your very pretty ones are just to short for us long torso gals. I would order a lot more in liquid knit if long enough. I am chubby and older and don't like things hangin... Continue Reading


Re: National Quacker Day – A Look Back Plus What’s In Store For This Year’s Celebration!

In Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Quacker Factory 1359613747.447

Way to go. Fun in the sun. Enjoy watching you on all your programs. I love the denim leggings but the black I order I only got to wear twice and the elastic in the waist broke. Of course I cannot fix them and it is way to late to send back. Just to let you know with 2 washings that they should last longer than that. For the amount of money Quality control should be a little better. Not your fault but it is a problem. Continue Reading


Re: Pantone 2013 Color of the Year Revealed!

In Fashion Talk, Susan Graver, All About Accessories 1357501884.267

Love the emerald green and have a few of your greens but don't know their number. A229124 would be very pretty in emerald or smaller print. I love the neckline of it but the print is too wild. Neckline and length is great. More necklines like that or similar. I like another reviewer would love to see more made in the USA. Don't mind paying a little extra if it is good quality and made in USA. Continue Reading


Re: Thanks For Another Successful Quacker Factory Cookie Exchange Show!

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Loved Jean but also love you. You could be her daughter you are a lot like her from what we see on TV. Like the other reply, I don't do facebook, twitter and all the other and do not want to, but you all are leaving us out because we don't. The whole world is not going electronic for everyone to be in their business. I just want to share that I still love the clothes but most of tops are mostly cotton and I would prefer more Polyester as cotton is hot to me and is uncomfortable but I do love the bling and tops that are 29" . For us long waisted people or long torso the others are too shor... Continue Reading


Re: Graver Velvet & FFANY Shoes on Sale!

In Fashion Talk, Susan Graver 1351748555.507

So glad you help with the Breast Cancer with donations. I have had Breast Cancer and a 3 year survivor and I appreciate it. I do like your liquid knit mock necks but you put something in the seams that feels and looks like plastic and rubs my neck raw. Could you possible do something different with that. I haven't tried your velvets but they look lovely. Soon maybe I can. I would like more in the Queen Ann neckline I think that is what it is. Keeps your neck warm in the back yet open in the front. I do like most all of your clothes. Keep them coming. Continue Reading

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