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Have you noticed?

Last Reply by millieshops 1392261308.667 | Started by mrskey in Denim & Co

I have noticed lately that the inch dimensions for some sizes are going down. For instance, in Denim & Co the 1X is almost always 51 inches. Perfect for me, but I've noticed lately that some of them are going down to approximately 49 inches. Two inches is a big deal and usually now if I size up, it's too big. Christopher and Banks has also done this between 1X and 2X. Anyone else notice this? Continue Reading


I just hate it when..................

Last Reply by kittymomNC 1391825947.067 | Started by mrskey in Fashion Talk

I just hate it when they have jewelry on for the entire day. What do you hate them showing for the entire day? Continue Reading


Re: Do you return a lot? Have you gotten "the letter" saying you are returning too many items?

In Fashion Talk 1380718727.723

I probably will be getting one. I just ordered $190 worth of clothing items and had to return every item. They also shipped it in a box and a bag so my return shipping was excessive as they advise to return in the original packaging. Continue Reading


Pants for big belly

Last Reply by tufgirl 1379022966.47 | Started by mrskey in Fashion Talk

O.K. I've never ordered any pants from QVC but am happy with the tops I've ordered. My problem is with pants, I have a large belly with a roll of fat over my belly button. Any ideas for which QVC pants would fit an apple shape? Continue Reading


A239034 - striped pants

Last Reply by rowboat 1377049178.797 | Started by mrskey in Susan Graver

I was watching last night and thought that these pants were hideous!! Continue Reading


where's the pants

Last Reply by catprincess 1355336431.463 | Started by mrskey in Fashion Talk

Decided I would take a leap of faith and order some pants from Denim & Company. Put in my size and colors, etc. and there is basically nothing for me to choose from or order!!! How can QVC sell anything if there isn't much offered? Continue Reading


Re: Disappointed in Fashion Changes

In Fashion Talk 1347030287.05

I completely agree with everything you said. Continue Reading


Price and shipping?

Last Reply by paulet 1346786112.73 | Started by mrskey in Fashion Talk

I've been looking for a knit blouse and have found several I like but they are around $44 and the shipping is $7. Yikes!!!!!!! Continue Reading


sleeve length?

Last Reply by wilma 1336154628.35 | Started by mrskey in Fashion Talk

Why is almost everything being shown in 3/4 length sleeves? I would like more elbow length and less 3/4 length sleeves. Continue Reading


Why can't I post a negative review about Birkenstock sandals?

Last Reply by Moonlady 1331220672.177 | Started by mrskey in All About Shoes

I posted a negative review about some Birkenstock sandals and it was rejected. Don't think this is "correct" when they supposedly care so much about the customer reviews. Think people should see both sides. Continue Reading

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