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Re: Denim & Co...WHERE ARE THE GOODS???

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Been on QVC today to order a few tops and size 2X must be very popular because they are all on wait list!! I'm wondering where are the goods also. Continue Reading


Re: Denim & Co...WHERE ARE THE GOODS???

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Good morning, Got on QVC this morning to buy a few tops and apparently size 2X is very popular. Every top I'm interested is sold out in that size or the only ones left are a color I don't want. Feeling your pain. Continue Reading


Polos and pullovers with collars

Last Reply by Kathlen 1411594400.77 | Started by mrskey in Fashion Talk

Please, please add more polos and pullovers with collars. I'm not a fan of the big openings at the neckline!! Continue Reading


"as is" items

Last Reply by lovetheboardwalk 1410367651.027 | Started by mrskey in Fashion Talk

has anyone purchased an "as is" item? If so, was it a positive experience? thanks Continue Reading


Re: Depressing

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thank you to everyone for your help. Again, I really appreciate it. Continue Reading


Re: Depressing

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Thank you so much. I did not know about the defective. It states that you are to return in the envelope in which it came, so that is what I've been doing. However, it gets very expensive at $6.95 per return. Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it. Continue Reading



Last Reply by tough_kitty 1409638220.28 | Started by mrskey in Fashion Talk

I have ordered 7 items lately and have had to return all of them. Think how much I could have bought with the money I've paid in return shipping. The sizing seems way off for some reason. I LOVE to watch QVC and shop but think I might have to part ways and it is sad Continue Reading


Have you noticed?

Last Reply by millieshops 1392261308.667 | Started by mrskey in Denim & Co

I have noticed lately that the inch dimensions for some sizes are going down. For instance, in Denim & Co the 1X is almost always 51 inches. Perfect for me, but I've noticed lately that some of them are going down to approximately 49 inches. Two inches is a big deal and usually now if I size up, it's too big. Christopher and Banks has also done this between 1X and 2X. Anyone else notice this? Continue Reading


I just hate it when..................

Last Reply by kittymomNC 1391825947.067 | Started by mrskey in Fashion Talk

I just hate it when they have jewelry on for the entire day. What do you hate them showing for the entire day? Continue Reading

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