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Re: I just closed my Qcard account

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The problem with closing too many credit cards is that it counts against your credit score. Continue Reading


Re: Help with Jo Malone Fragrance Please?

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Blue agava and cacao is a delicious scent from Jo Malone. Continue Reading


Re: Jenny McCarthy on the View

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I have seen Jenny McCarthy a few times on the view and she does fine. She waits her turn to speak and mostly agrees with what the others are saying. She is not really saying much! Barbara already asked Jenny about her posing for Playboy in the past. She answered that the first time she was young, didn't have any money and wanted to move to California. The second time she helped her mom buy a house with the money. The show seemed more subdued this year. Continue Reading


George Alexander Louis

Last Reply by brewhaha 1374695687.583 | Started by Addison2 in Viewpoints

Kate and Williams named their baby. Continue Reading


Re: Wimbledon ~ 2013

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Smashing tennis today by Djokovic and Delpotro! Too bad Delpotro was so tired in the fifth set that he wasn't aggressive enough with the forehand like he was in the second and fourth set. That's something Djokovic does - he wears down his opponents by striking the ball from side to side of the court. Andy Murray's match was electrifying as well with the big serves of Janowicz. I hope the final is a thriller match and not a let down. Continue Reading


The View and possibly new co-host

Last Reply by Newnick ame 1373140749.207 | Started by Addison2 in Viewpoints

Jenny McCarthy in talks to replace Joy Behar. I don't watch the View all the time, but the times that I have watched I can't believe that topics are discussed without presenting the viewers all the facts. A very biased show! Continue Reading


Re: Fear of flying

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You are not alone with the fear of flying. Many people are. A doctor can give you something for anxiety just for trip. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Who Subscribes to the HGTV Magazine?

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I get my way before it's out on the market shelves. Continue Reading


Re: Hello, Who wants to talk about their low estrogen and what did you do?

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The reason you have no hot flashes, no night sweats and moods swings is because your estrogen levels are low. You have a balance of progesterone and estrogen levels which it is the normal. Continue Reading


The Voice has the best talent than any other singing show

Last Reply by missy1 1368016997.13 | Started by Addison2 in Viewpoints

How do they find all these great singers? I just think that the producers look for talented singers in all the right places. I just don't see this show having auditions like American Idol and X-Factor do wherein they have to listen through all kinds of non-talents to make their picks. All The Voice contestants tonight sounded like they could have their own records - they are so good. The judges are great as well! Love, love this show. It's going to be hard - the eliminations. Continue Reading

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