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Re: No more TCM on Dish??

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On 10/21/2014 straykatz said: I know all the providers go through this form time to time but Dish always seems to drop the ball on channel renewals...I remember the big fiasco when they dropped AMC and all the Breaking Bad/Walking Dead fans were outraged....can't bloame them....you pay a provider for a service so they should make sure they maintain that service!!!! Even when a channel wants to nearly double what they are paid by the distributor (Dish, Direct, cable) that will result in a large increase in consumer prices? Multiply that by however many distribution contracts come up in a yea... Continue Reading


Re: No more TCM on Dish??

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) — Turner Networks has pulled channels such as Cartoon Network and CNN from Dish's programming lineup as a deadline passed for renewing their distribution agreement. Dish Network Corp. said Tuesday that Turner refused to extend the overall deal. Other channels Turner yanked from Dish's programming include Boomerang, HLN, truTV, CNN en Espanol and Turner Classic Movies. Englewood, Colorado-based Dish said that it is still committed to reaching an agreement with Turner that will allow the channels to return to its lineup quickly. http://apnews.myway.com//article/2014... Continue Reading


Re: Would you hate to lose a billion dollars - before lunch?

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I hate not having a billion dollars LOL. Continue Reading


Re: slection of threads limited in Q talk

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I have the normal assortment of topics under Q Talk. Q Did What? The Q We Love Suggestion Box Hosts & Personalities Q News Gift Tip Blogs Holiday Advice Continue Reading



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The final report has not yet been received. I would expect it sometime next month. Walter, Kiko and Autumn are all fine but I did read that Kiko is going to be transferred this spring. It was not released just where he is going. If I hear anything new I will either start a new thread or resurrect this one. Continue Reading


Re: Is Your State Taking Steps?

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On 10/16/2014 GrettaGarbled said: I read last week that NYC was sending actors into hospitals to measure their response to a potential ebola patient. That sounds like a good idea as long as it is done is a way that the results become a teaching/learning tool. Continue Reading


Re: Is Your State Taking Steps?

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Shorty, I really wish more states/communities would get out the word about what they are doing to be prepared. Perhaps that would ease some of the fears if residents knew they aren't going to be facing a disaster like Dallas. Continue Reading


Re: Is Your State Taking Steps?

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Thanks Pit. I just might sign up for the KY alerts too. Between the CDC alerts, SC, KY and hopefully NC I should stay well informed about what is going on in my vicinity. I think SC has done a good job with their preparedness links and other information on their ebola pages and I'm glad they are inviting the public to join in. May help allay fear. Continue Reading


Re: Company Sells out of Ebola Plush Toy - Happy Holidays!

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It looks like what my dog does during his nightly "last out". Continue Reading


Re: Is Your State Taking Steps?

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The list of those that have to comply with this order is unbelievably extensive. Responders including 911 dispatch centers, providers from hospitals and doctors to veterinarians and athletic trainers, morticians and coroners, schools--just about everyone but the general public (which is invited to sign up for the alerts) is required to comply with this directive. There will be no excuses for not being informed or prepared. The list is ON THIS PAGE: http://www.scdhec.gov/Health/FHPF/HealthAlertsNotifications/ebola/healthPreparednessNetwork/ There is so much more that SC is doing. I know... Continue Reading

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