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Re: Questions of how to deal with yard waste???

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When I tackle my burn pile I take the hose and soak (really soak) the ground around where I'm going to burn, at minimum two feet wide. I keep the hose and a rake nearby and watch the fire carefully. I also take care that the pile is not so large that is can quickly get out of hand, better to add more as the pile burns. Don't overlook that you will have a burned and scorched area when the fire goes out so choose your location carefully making sure there are no trees or wires overhead. Here, at least, any grass beneath the burn pile quickly regenerates. Continue Reading


Re: In NV all you need is a rear license plate

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NC, SC, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida only require a rear license plate. Continue Reading


Re: Thought for the Day

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Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people; the greatest minds aren't confined by a niche, being able to discuss topics across the spectrum from simple to complex. Continue Reading


Re: Disregard, problem solved

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Latest from PP regarding the kitty: UPDATE: Thank you SO MUCH for all of your offers to help us get our Vegas kitty back to Seattle! We have been overwhelmed and humbled by all of your generosity. We are waiting to hear back from the Las Vegas shelter with more information and will follow up with everyone who offered to help with transport very soon. Continue Reading


Re: Disregard, problem solved

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According to chat: Local rescues in LV are contacting PP to help Continue Reading


Re: Disregard, problem solved

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Love my grandkids, Purrfect Pals is attempting to get the shelter to work with them and not euthanize or adopt out the cat until arrangements can be made. Last I heard Mr. Ripley cannot go for about a week. I emailed PP about an organization that is trying to get no kill status but was recently turned down by the commission. I suggested that someone in the organization might be able to rescue the cat and keep it until transportation to WA can be arranged. Keeping paws crossed that things work out. Continue Reading


Re: Disregard, problem solved

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Deep, The kittencam community is something really special. In less than an hour after the call for help went out they had what they needed, including one that is willing to fly to LV to claim and return the cat. Hopefully everything will fall into place. I have no idea how long the shelter will keep an animal. Continue Reading


Re: Checking In Mates

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Congratulations Voots, happy retirement and happy move to NH. I know you've been looking forward to both for a very long time. Best wishes on your new chapters. Happy, happy spring to you too. Now, if you would just ask Mother Nature to let spring happen. Cold and a light dusting of snow this morning. That follows temperatures in the 70s just a few days ago. Suspect you are having the same though. Hutchmates, even though I don't post much know that you are all always in my thoughts with wishes for nothing but the best. Continue Reading


Re: Earth Hour

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PARIS (AP) — The Eiffel Tower has gone dark briefly, with lights going out to mark Earth Hour, the campaign to raise awareness about climate change. The five-minute dark-out on Saturday night was a symbolic gesture in the City of Light. France has been preparing for months to host an international climate conference in Paris at the end of the year, pressing nations to set attainable goals for reducing greenhouse gases and mobilizing international finances to fight climate change. Earth Hour was launched in 2007 by the World Wildlife Fund to encourage awareness of environmental issues. T... Continue Reading

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