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Re: Checking In Mates

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Just a quick update. Teddy's surgery was moved up and he had the stone removed today. It was huge and very different. Vet sent me a photo of it but I don't know if I should paste it here. It actually looks like some kind of pastry with a streusel topping! It has been sent for analysis. Teddy is doing well and I'll be bringing him home tomorrow. I am so relieved. He must have been miserable for a while. I know the last couple of nights he kept waking me every couple of hours to let him out. Nafe, ouch on the WH. Now I'm twice and concerned about mine going and twice as determined to b... Continue Reading


Re: What happened to the thread with the quiz - What Era Were You Meant To Be In?

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Re: Are any of you having problems on these forums today????

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When your computer is running very slow has anyone opened their resource monitor to see what disk and/or network activity is taking place? There are a lot of programs that run in the background, particularly system and security programs, that hog resources and slow down the computer. Continue Reading


Re: Checking In Mates

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Happy Easter everyone. Will be gong to an Easter egg hunt at brothers in the morning then later to nephew's for dinner in the afternoon. Nafe, so sorry about your water heater. I am always on pins and needles about mine. I know what you mean about robbing a bank. I periodically price them then panic. Syds, when it comes to the weather I'm not taking any bets. We just went through several days of below freezing nights. Now it is rain, rain, rain. Safe trip to the tundra. Hope there is some semblance of spring there. Kdgn, I hope my water heater is related to your old one. If the for... Continue Reading


How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors?

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SEATTLE — Federal investigators successfully removed 4,000 containers of hazardous chemicals from a home here in a cleanup that took almost 10 days, officials said. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency inspected the house April 8 after firefighters discovered the stockpile of chemicals while helping an elderly resident walk down the steps of the home in the city's Green Lake neighborhood. Authorities immediately removed the owners, a brother and sister in their 90s, and called in hazardous-material teams to take out at least 40 varieties of chemicals they described as commercial an... Continue Reading


Re: Vintage Furs - How to you feel about them?

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I have a vintage mink cape that was handed down from my great-grandmother, to my grandmother, to my mother and then to me. I don't and won't wear it but I won't give it up either. At some point my executor can decide what to do with it. Continue Reading


Re: Directv or Dish?

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DoubleDog, I have Dish and they are going through a dispute with NBC in my area so am going through the same as you are with Direct. Last year it was CBS that was gone for a couple of months, the year before Dish and ABC came to an agreement at the last minute. ETA: In the last two or three years there was also the same problem with FX and perhaps another channel that I don't watch. Just received notice about a class action suit over channels being unavailable. Continue Reading


Re: Would You Rather Have A Friend Or Be Alone?

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Anyone that I can't trust or believe wouldn't be my "friend", fun or not. Neither of those descriptions come close to my definition of friend. Co-worker/acquaintance would fit the bill. Continue Reading


Re: Stravenue?

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I had to look up Stravenue and Deep is correct, it is a Tucson thing. From Wiki: A stravenue (portmanteau of street and avenue) is a type of road particular to Tucson, Arizona. The United States Postal Service officially supports the abbreviation STRA for stravenues.[1] A Stravenue runs "diagonally between and intersects a Street and an Avenue."[2] In a few areas of Tucson, primarily around the central part of the city, which is divided by railroad tracks running diagonally from southeast to northwest, builders created small subdivisions of roads and houses that also are laid out on a diagona... Continue Reading


Re: Filling up Your Gas Tank

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Is this about the friend that never offers to drive? The first two things that come to mind is just putting in small amounts in hopes of having some of the kitty leftover or a leak toward the top of the tank. Continue Reading

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