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Re: Ebola patients and HIPAA

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On 10/24/2014 Ford1224 said: One of my daughters works in five different hospitals along the Jersey shore as an IT. She is always touching keyboards and electronic equipment that is used by medical personnel. My bet is those items are never disinfected because they are not "medical" per se. Nobody wants panic, but too much is being underreported, IMO. What exactly is being under reported? Continue Reading


Re: Ebola patients and HIPAA

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On 10/24/2014 VanSleepy said: I have a dumb question. How would anyone know it was the same plane? I guess I never assumed that the same flight # was always the exact same plane. Each aircraft has a unique identifier and each flight has detailed logs. If you go to one of the flight tracking sites you will see the aircraft's identification number, flight number, flight path, etc. Continue Reading


Re: Baby Left In Car ...Again

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Not including the one cited in the OP (and perhaps other recent deaths): So far in 2014 there have been at least thirty heatstroke deaths of children in vehicles; twenty-five confirmed as heatstroke and five are still pending official findings by the medical examiner. Last year, 2013, there were at least forty-four deaths of children in vehicles; thirty-nine which has been confirmed as heatstroke and five which, based upon the known circumstances, are most likely heatstroke (2013 list). http://www.ggweather.com/heat/ Map with dates and ages: http://www.ggweather.com/heat/hyperthermia2014.h... Continue Reading



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Pictures from Kiko's party are up the Zoo's FB page: https://www.facebook.com/greenvillezoo/photos/pcb.10152752468005295/10152752457335295/?type=1&theater Continue Reading


Re: Social Security COLA for 2015

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On 10/22/2014 adelle38 said: On 10/22/2014 SoftRaindrops said: On 10/22/2014 MaggieToo said: We get bupkis while millions have gone to expelled undesirable "people". I remember in high school taking an Economics course where the teacher told us NEVER to think about using Social Security to retire on. I remembered that through my entire working career and made sure I always socked away enough money for my retirement. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to do that and even people who saved run into very unexpected expenses these days. I can attest to that. Taking care of my mother has not ... Continue Reading



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On 10/22/2014 SeaGal said: I know Marp, he has grown up so much in these two years, he is a little man now! I just have enjoyed him so much, I sure hope when he is moved his new home they will keep us updated at least on FB. A live cam would be nice too, hopefully the zoo has one? Thank you for the info from FB, I cant wait to see pictures of his cake and all the little kiddies, 'specially the ones that dress up as giraffes, how fun is that!! I do believe that is playing a part in him being transferred to his new home. Continue Reading



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Seems unbelievable that much time has passed doesn't it SeaGal. He is still such a joy to watch. Forgot to add this from the Zoo's FB page: Kiko turns 2 today!! Help us celebrate from 11am to 1pm at the giraffe exhibit. There will be free cake and ice cream while supplies last. As an added bonus, children who dress up like a giraffe will receive free admission today with a paying adult. Continue Reading


Re: No more TCM on Dish??

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On 10/21/2014 straykatz said: I know all the providers go through this form time to time but Dish always seems to drop the ball on channel renewals...I remember the big fiasco when they dropped AMC and all the Breaking Bad/Walking Dead fans were outraged....can't bloame them....you pay a provider for a service so they should make sure they maintain that service!!!! Even when a channel wants to nearly double what they are paid by the distributor (Dish, Direct, cable) that will result in a large increase in consumer prices? Multiply that by however many distribution contracts come up in a yea... Continue Reading


Re: No more TCM on Dish??

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) — Turner Networks has pulled channels such as Cartoon Network and CNN from Dish's programming lineup as a deadline passed for renewing their distribution agreement. Dish Network Corp. said Tuesday that Turner refused to extend the overall deal. Other channels Turner yanked from Dish's programming include Boomerang, HLN, truTV, CNN en Espanol and Turner Classic Movies. Englewood, Colorado-based Dish said that it is still committed to reaching an agreement with Turner that will allow the channels to return to its lineup quickly. http://apnews.myway.com//article/2014... Continue Reading


Re: Would you hate to lose a billion dollars - before lunch?

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I hate not having a billion dollars LOL. Continue Reading

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