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Re: Freedom of Speech and Though

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On 7/30/2014 kittymomNC said: I personally think maybe they need to train some of their moderators to understand the context when they're deciding to delete something. I posted pictures of cats with signs hanging around their necks that were so funny, but the signs had the word "femi*nism" on them...this was on the "Just Cat Pictures" thread that has 7,362 replies, not a single one of which is in any way controversial or mean. But they said the pictures were perceived as trying to "spark controversy" so they were anyone could look at that thread and think that is beyond me. It's... Continue Reading


Re: Your review of Bliss Lights?

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According to the Bliss website "White lasers don't exist at this time ..." Continue Reading


Re: If someone trashes a rental house on purpose....

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Mima, For your own protection if you have a security deposit from them be sure to follow your state and local rules for making claim to it or they might be able to come back at you with a claim for the security deposit and again, depending on your state and local rules, get punitive damages on top of the amount of the security. Continue Reading


Re: Cruise Line Refuses Refund

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On 7/27/2014 Vivian said: Yes, travel insurance would have made this case easier. However, someone in authority at the cruise company could have done something extraordinary in this extraordinary situation. The family could have been offered a raincheck to be used when the child is better. What great publicity it would have been for the company in addition to a being a simpe human kindness. Cruise lines already have a boatload of bad publicity (pun intended), with gastrointestinal illness, mysterious deaths, missing people, and fires among the many problems passengers have faced. What a misse... Continue Reading


Re: Another Baby Dies in Hot Car.....

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On 7/25/2014 circles said: I didn't open the link...I just can't read any more of these sad...sad...stories..... Did any of you see what a young boy thought of to remind you of the child in the back...put a rope or bungee cord connected to the car seat and then attach it to your driver side when you open it to get are trapped but it reminds you of the child in back... I thought that was a great idea...wish everyone would do would save the poor babies lives.... Isn't it strange we don't read these kinds of stories in the winter...I wonder how that comes to be...I ... Continue Reading


Re: Severance Update

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Congratulations mcall. I'd like to suggest that BEFORE you collect the money you consult with an accountant to see how you can minimize or defer taxes. Continue Reading


Re: I've Read There Are Many Subaru Drivers Here - Alert About Some Models

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On 7/19/2014 Clover29 said: It's something to do with salt water erosion, and presumably gritting the roads with salt is much more common over the other side of the country. It wasn't done in Seattle because residents didn't like what it did to their cars, for the little amount of snow that falls there. We've had manufacturer recall notices before, but we recently moved and if they do it from buyer records, ours would be out of date. I don't know if they have access to title information at the state level, to get current addresses. The article I linked deals with an oil consumption issue tha... Continue Reading


Re: I've Read There Are Many Subaru Drivers Here - Alert About Some Models

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Marienkaefer, Subaru is denying there is a problem and said the oil consumption is "within acceptable levels" so no notification would be sent because they believe there is no problem. The two plaintiffs, one from California and one from Florida, are seeking to get class action status. Continue Reading


I've Read There Are Many Subaru Drivers Here - Alert About Some Models

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NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Some Subaru vehicle models have a defect that could lead to engine failure while they're being driven, a federal lawsuit says. The lawsuit alleges violations of the state's consumer fraud act, breach of express warranty and other violations. It says piston rings in the vehicles wear out quickly and some vehicles burn excessive amounts of oil. The models affected by the defect are the 2011-14 Forester 2.5-liter, 2013 Legacy 2.5-liter, 2013 Outback 2.5-liter, 2012-13 Impreza 2-liter and 2013 XV Crosstek 2-liter, according to the lawsuit. The oil consumption issue "can ... Continue Reading


Re: Checking In Mates

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Bunny, Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. I hope you get to do something special that you've been wanting to do. ((((HUGS)))) Continue Reading

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