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Re: Joan Rivers jewelry today

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Do you or anyone know if she still carries the "Ladybug Bracelet"? I would love one in white but I don't see it here:( Continue Reading


Re: Unbelieveable Review????

In Judith Ripka 1397912306.027

If I were to buy a JR ring (or any designer ring for that matter) with a gemstone for the price of 143 & change, I would be hesitant that the stone would be inferior because of the price. I would consider that before purchasing but if I did and I recieved a richly colored saturated stone that would be a plus at that price point. The OP is lucky she got such a beautiful ring for the price. Enjoy! So just maybe that 1 Star review was an honest point of view from that posters perspective and just maybe, she recieved an inferior stone & was so disappointed & upset, hence the 1 Star. Y... Continue Reading


Re: Honora going cheap....(spoiler alert - this is only my opinion)

In Honora 1397740085.26

I am really surprised the title of the OP's Post mentioning the word "Cheap" didn't get more negative responses. Honora as well as other designers offer fashion Jewelry & yes the cost is rising but on the other hand there are people who cannot afford Fine Jewelry (gold, platinum) or expensive pearls for goodness sakes & some who just prefer a more a more modern twist to the usual classic pearl. I just think Honora is appealing to a broader market & to call the Co. "Cheap" wasn't necessary & is insulting to people who do like different metals & dyed pearls. JMO... Continue Reading


Re: Oh Please....Josie Maran ....Argan Oil.....Lisa stop it !!!!

In Beauty Banter 1397327639.437

On 4/12/2014 BellaCarro said: On 4/12/2014 philogirl said: Yeah, I was enjoying the presentation, but turned it off as soon as Lisa said, "tell us, Josie, the story..." Yeah, I heard that, too. I thought we were going to have a story free presentation for once. Why, oh why, do the the hosts always bring that up? Because their are some new viewers that are not familar with Argan & the process. I would think thats why its brought up by the hosts. Its also a selling point. But for us, it just has become a repetative story. Why do some you ladies, specifally the OP continue to knit pick eve... Continue Reading


Re: Alex and Ani - what i did with mine!

In Jewelry Talk 1397325015.147

The Jewerly Store where I have bought Pandora Charms, just recently open a display of Alex & Anii. I like the fact that they pay it forward. I like your cross bracelet & I also like the feather one. I would prefer them in SS but I have too many charm bracelets, one filled, another with some dangle charms & others with one charm but if I were to buy one Alex & Ani , it would be the crross. Enjoy Continue Reading


Re: Honora 14k Pearl Flower Ring

In Jewelry Talk 1397324247.343

On 4/12/2014 ennui1 said: That's a pretty ring; it looks like lace. I don't recall seeing it presented. Yes ennui it is! oops got mine in the Rose pearl & prefer wearing it with a summer pastel maxie skirt or a dress, I did buy my daughter the only other flower ring they still offer in the white pearl which is also very pretty but more of a wired design on the flower & the band is a plain polished gold & made in Italy. Continue Reading


Re: 14mm Stud Earrings J293665 What does everyone think? Need some input.

In Honora 1397322347.587

The largest studs I have are 11mm and they look large on me but they are not the Button style. If you like large studs, you should try them if they are singing to you and hopefully because of the style, they won't droop on you. Continue Reading


Honora 14k Pearl Flower Ring

Last Reply by kabella 1397324247.343 | Started by kabella in Jewelry Talk

Strange have a problem posting & hoping the 3rd times a charm! I didn't watch most of the Honora on air presentations & was wondering if this ring was shown? Its J267284 9.0 mm 14k yellow gold Flower ring. It got mixed reviews but I just love the ring especially for the warmer months & I hope Honora offers more 14k in the future. This was & still is on clearance for 199.98 & I believe its offered in the violet pearl only, not sure. I got mine awhile ago with the White Pearl. The Ring is the epitomy of the word Feminine...The Filligre work is just exquisite....The Pearl ha... Continue Reading


Re: Paging Ennui1

In Jewelry Talk 1396710865.503

I'm not here that often but when I am here, I enjoy Ennui's dry sense of humor, I get it! I also like your honest approach in your posts & also I find you to be quite informative. So Thankyou & enjoy the weekend. Did I say your a hoot!!! Continue Reading


Re: Chaco Canyon Southwest Jewelry

In Jewelry Talk 1396709061.713

On 4/4/2014 pistolino said: I had the ring (it's described as "river rock" and not travertine on the site) and I sent it back---it looked fake (I don't know what other word to use) to me, the cream colored stone with this blue stripe running straight across--even if it's compressed stone I would have appreciated some attention to creating a more natural look. The cuff may turn out to be a winner, there's more room to work with there! I generally like Chaco Canyon very much and the ring was the first thing I've ever returned from their line. I remember looking for reviews on the site & i... Continue Reading

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