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Re: Video Blog: Oprah Flashback plus a Behind-the-Scenes Peek at Hot Holiday Gift Picks

In Jewelry Talk, Judith Ripka, TSV Talk 1355518835.24

Hi Judith! Since everyone ia also asking you to consider new items for your line, I thought I'd jump on the band wagon with a twist. I would love to see some of your current rings in smaller sizes (3 and 4) for the pinkie. J267836 is a perfect example. What about blending the color green using different gemstones. Chrome diopside and peridot? Last but not least, I just wanted to wish you a holiday season filled with love and laughter to share with family and friends. Thank you. Last edited on 12/14/2012 Continue Reading


Re: A New Bright Beginning

In Jewelry Talk, Judith Ripka 1327349090.603

Judith, I was wondering if you would consider doing your 18kt. yellow gold flower pin in your QVc line? It's beautiful pin! Would love to own it in silver! Thank you for considering this request. Best regards, Sparkles49 Continue Reading

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