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Re: Sylvia Browne the psychic has passed

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I had my doubts about Sylvia's psychic abilities. I would watch her on Montel Williams show and there were inconsistencies with her predictions. It seems like Slyvia would be wrong about a situation and would back peddle on the spot. This happened when a studio audience lost a family member through a car accident. Sylvia initially said they had drowned but the audience member said it was a car accident. Sylvia backpeddled and said; it was a car accident, but the car overturned in water. The woman shooked her head "no". I quit watching her from that time on. Sorry to hear about her passing. Continue Reading


Re: What Is The Craziest Call You've Heard?

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Can't recall the Mary Beth story. No shortages of whacko's out in the world. I'm like some posters and usually hit the mute button. There was a comment Jamie Kern ( iT Cosmetics vendor ) made one day. She was demonstrating some powder and said; "It's like an angel came down and kissed you on the cheeks" Really, how often does that happen? I have to say; that comment through me for a loop. So much so, I haven't forgotten it to this day. Continue Reading


Re: Spending Christmas alone this year? It might change in 2014.

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On 11/21/2013 DeLaney said: To answer the OP's question, there is no legal way to regulate rather businesses in a free democracy chooses to remain open on holidays. What can't be enforced to remain the same will always change as the times change---especially if there's money to be made. Many businesses are struggling now, as well as individuals and families. I'd judge no one over it---we do as we must to survive. I have myself been called in for emergency situations on holidays. Not enjoyable at all, but necessity trumps tradition. I hold Christ sacred every day of the year and if I'm called... Continue Reading


Spending Christmas alone this year? It might change in 2014.

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I was out other day buying some items for an upcoming dinner. To be exact, it was a small retail store. We ( the clerk and myself ) were conversing about the many stores being open on Thanksgiving this year. The clerk was telling me, they ( his store ) were thinking about opening next year on Christmas Day 2014. According to this clerk; "there have been customers making this request to be open on that day". I suppose the lonely are requesting this to have a place to go on that day? Christmas was thought to be the most spritual holiday in the U.S. Could this be the breakdown of the family, or ... Continue Reading


Re: Shopping for Myself This Time of Year

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Shopping online may have its advantages there. When shopping online, I tend to buy only for the recipient. When shopping in the stores, I tend to buy for the recipient and myself. It's like I'm rewarding myself for thinking about others. Psychological, I suppose. Continue Reading


Re: Erase "11" Lines

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I use NIA24 Skin Strengthening Complex and it has help lessen my eleven's. No, they are not completely gone, but there is a definite improvement. I don't blame you for resisting Botox. I personally have never done Botox and probally never will. However, I believe in never saying never. Continue Reading


Re: At what age did your metabolism slow down & you started gaining weight?

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I read this online yesterday. People ( esp. women ) that eat an ounce of nuts a day are generally thinner. I eat nuts every day ( walnuts, pecans, peanut butter, so on ), and weigh 132 and stand at 5'7" tall. I'm in menopause and thought my weight would go up. I have a cousin that eats nuts regularly and she is thin, too. IDK, there could be some truth to the study. Continue Reading


Re: Who has that Denim and Co fleece jacket with sherpa lining and hood?

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I thought the one in Rose or Mauve ( whatever it is called ) looked like it was part of a Santa suit. My taste in clothes lean towards having some structure. The D&C jacket is definitely a relaxed fit and looks like it would hang on the body. Walking the dog? Yes. To wear to an event? No. Continue Reading


Re: Do you have a deep, dark secret you'd like to share with us?

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I use to have a crush on my former boss. He went from foxy to foxy roadkill. Continue Reading

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