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Nancy Hornback

Last Reply by GardeningGal3 1405725061.863 | Started by applecobbler in Fashion Talk

Watching Nancy & Linda , Love how truly real Nancy is. A very informative yet ,not afraid to laugh at her slip ups host and moves right along. Like that in a person. Great flow between the two ladies and of course the models. Really nice to watch great personalities. HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY ! Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone know what coral blouse the host has on!

In Fashion Talk 1402746596.19

Rachel Boesing was the host ,just scroll down to bottom ,click on Meet The Hosts ,click on Rachael Boesing , on the left is her Facebook questions and she seems to answer all of her inquires , someone has asked her your same question. I am also waiting,the top was so pretty on her,love the color. I would say we will have answer today sometime. Goodluck. Continue Reading


Re: Donating shoes?

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New, slightly worn, or worn. Donate. I have browsed and shopped at Goodwill stores over the years and see all types of shoes each visit. People buy the worn shoe just as quickly as the new or slightly worn for yard work , painting , fishing , construction , etc... (smart) . I have donated every type of shoe from family on regular basis over the years , if it is a sneaker just throw it in the washer first ( if needed) . Continue Reading


Re: George Simonton is a great vendor!

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LOVE!!!!!!! Everything about George! Someone that I enjoy very much. Sharp! Continue Reading


Re: David's Distracted

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397273820.197

I do like David as a host, he is very professional yet personable. I have noticed that he does seem preoccupied (bored) on many shows this past year. Vacations, vacations, vacations and two or possibly three on air days per week at their salary. Slow it slightly and enjoy! Continue Reading


Re: Would appreciate your thoughts

In Mom to Mom Forum 1381742210.083

PLEASE, You are still young ! Get out of this situation. BIG MISTAKE ,IF YOU STAY ! You will be and more than likely are miserable. carlycat , See that you moved on, Thank Goodness . Very happy for you. Continue Reading


Re: Host Jane says Women are "Lazy" but we have to pay for tailoring!

In Fashion Talk 1381731133.247

I missed that show. Jayne Brown or Jane Treacy ? Continue Reading


" Dan Hughes "

Last Reply by mominohio 1388871934.81 | Started by applecobbler in For the Home Talk

Have been watching Dan Hughes for well over twenty years. Absolutely LOVE the guy ! , such a great personality ! , wonderful detail on any product . I find myself watching his shows, even when my budget doesn't allow a purchase on occasion . We really appreciate his time ! Professional, yet does his job with such ease .THANK YOU DAN. Continue Reading



Last Reply by Q_spirit 1379931169.723 | Started by applecobbler in Fashion Talk

Everyone, Please read Kitchen & Food Forum, Page 8 (Prayers For A Teenage Boy) By Beautybanter. Thank you Continue Reading

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