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Re: J290219 Sterling Round Byzantine Slip-On Bangle Bracelet Small Silver -

In Jewelry Talk 1393766620.05

Zzz, you are not alone. I ordered a different bracelet and it is still in process this morning which is bad news for the Q because I took the opportunity to cancel it in favor of something else I got during Shophq's Tucson event. Continue Reading


Re: Today's Byz. Bracelet TTV on Shop HQ

In Jewelry Talk 1393026391.223

Shelbelle and tsavorite - I saw it early this morning and am giving it a try also. I have purchased and returned 3 other iterations of a byzantine, all from the Q, all gold, and much more expensive than the TTV. But they were either minuscule in presence, so soft that the prongs snagged on clothing, etc. Hope you both love yours -I am keeping my fingers crossed! Continue Reading


Re: Has Anyone Received J289538 Double Row Byzantine Bracelet From The Gold Rush?

In Jewelry Talk 1391044793.4

Hi pezhead! I received mine yesterday and wore it to work today. Lots of presence on the wrist, soft and comfortable and doesn't spin. It is not heavy and that's ok. This is the third time I have purchased a byzantine bracelet - the first two were returned but the third time is indeed the charm! One note on size - I have a 6" wrist but got the 7 1/4 for ease of using the clasp. Even though the clasp is large, I still have just enough room to hook it by myself with ease. Any shorter and I would have struggled. You will enjoy this one when you get it. Continue Reading


Re: I still want a Morganite ring!

In Jewelry Talk 1390002784.01

I also have the ring that CalmintheHeart posted about - it is a beautiful stone with a tasteful setting - I wear a size 5 and this ring does not overwhelm the hand - it is just right! Continue Reading


Re: Very large garnet to snatch tonight !

In Jewelry Talk 1389733778.93

I received mine this afternoon. Oh my gosh, the loveliest deepest red garnet I have ever seen and garnet is my birthstone! And even though it is 11 carats, it is not 'over the top' on the finger. A home run in my book. Continue Reading


Re: SHOPHQ Questions....

In Jewelry Talk 1389356080.86

Shogirl, I have noticed this change in the past few months as well. I work out beginning at 4am and used to enjoy Carmela providing commentary on jewelry and stories about her kids. Those shows, often with Tami Lyn (sp) or Christine Kvanli definitely were live. Looks to me like a cost saving measure! Continue Reading


Re: How Much Do You Pay At Your Salon?

In Beauty Banter 1387113236.99

I also pay $80 for trim, one process color, shampoo and blow dry. Small salon in the suburbs run by a husband/wife team. Have been going there every 5 to 6 weeks since the late 80s. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone own J267349, the Braided Berge Cuff?

In Judith Ripka 1385902056.657

I have this one also - it has noticeable weight (a good thing) and a lovely simple design. I have a 6" wrist and the small tends to flip around a lot so I don't wear it quite as much as I had hoped though. That said, it is a beautiful piece. Continue Reading


Re: Jewelry day purchase TSV byzantine

In Jewelry Talk 1384959968.937

bigsister, you are SO right! I just posted a review this morning about how pretty the bracelet is, but is almost impossible to clasp - if someone is lucky enough to maneuver it to actually clasp, they really shouldn't take it off again! Sent mine back this morning - jewelry should not be difficult to wear or require the services of another person to put on! Continue Reading


Re: Jewelry day purchase TSV byzantine

In Jewelry Talk 1384730645.237

I ordered on the 11th and it was shipped on the 14th, is at a 'sort facility' now, which takes a few more days for whatever unfathomable reason. Hope to see it soon! Continue Reading

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