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Re: Bras

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Let's hope we get a reply or two!!! Continue Reading



Last Reply by Peri-doe 1357247719.933 | Started by aga1959 in Fashion Talk

I am sort of new here so if this is not the right spot to ask this question, just let me know! I am a 44DD. With that said, I am looking for a bra that holds me up. Alot of bras only let you adjust so much, and, usually, that is not enough. I guess it is because I am short maybe,,,,duh.. I never had much luck with the breezies. They just never seem to fit, either. Any suggestions??? thank you!!! Continue Reading


Re: Dupe for Denim & Co. pants....a53351

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When I dry my jeans, I smooth them out, of course. I sort of pull on the legs, also. Ha, I don't know if that helps or not. You may also try washing them on delicate cycle; maybe less wrinkles. Continue Reading


Gold earrings

Last Reply by customer 5 1355573484.03 | Started by aga1959 in Jewelry Talk

I want a pair of gold earrings for Christmas. Gold is the only metal that does not bother my ears. Anything else makes them burn. I can't afford too much so I am asking for suggestions! Thank you!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Genie Bra

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Thanks for your response! Continue Reading


Genie Bra

Last Reply by Shelbelle 1336569086.253 | Started by aga1959 in Fashion Talk

Who all has tried this bra and what are your opinons? Would this bra be receommended for large breasted women? Thanks!! Continue Reading



Last Reply by atlantic city2010 1334930358.487 | Started by aga1959 in Jewelry Talk

Is Kathy Levine's Jewelry line still on QVC? Are there still shows? And, yes, I have been away for along time ago. Continue Reading

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