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Re: Is anyone else bothered by how much food gets wasted during demos?

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On 1/25/2015 house_cat said: On 1/25/2015 ritasNo1Fan said: This post can't be "for real". Is it? Yes. It is for real. I guess I'm just weird, but I always think that there are so many people going to bed hungry and so much food being thrown away. </ Why don't you go out and volunteer like I do? I can't help what others do, but I can help others. I'm so tired of hearing kids go to bed hungry. Yes WE all know that. If you live close to QVC maybe you can go there and offer to take the food to a shelter for them. Why come here to complain? Continue Reading


Re: Grown man doing happy dances?

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On 1/27/2015 Johnnyeager said: On 1/26/2015 Margo Channing said: On 1/26/2015 happy housewife said: How sad that some of the posters here are living such miserable lives that they can't even stand to look at other people being happy. OMG that she can't see the irony here! Irony? Oh, no, no we don't get that here. (Daryl Hannah to Steve Martin in Roxanne). You guys are completely off! I live a very happy life. Just because I don't like the silly happy dance, doesn't mean I'm not happy. Are you all psychologists now? Continue Reading


Re: Grown man doing happy dances?

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On 1/25/2015 Kitlynn said: Hey I am fifty eight and I do the happy dance!! Life is short and if you can't have fun out of it what is the point!! Live a little and enjoy! There is so much sadness and horrible things that go on everyday in the world it is nice to see some fun things and just silliness that isn't hurting anyone. I'm 56 and I agree with you, however I think the happy dance has run its course and it's time for him to find a new thing to do. If I'm turning the tv, then QVC is losing sales. Continue Reading


Re: PM Sad

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OP you have a great point. My feeling is that QVC is targeting the younger crowd with Amy. From what I hear at the mall, this is pretty much how younger people speak. Continue Reading


Re: Courtney, where is she?

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On 1/24/2015 Hippie Chic said: WHO CARES!!!! You don't obviously. Continue Reading


Re: Courtney, where is she?

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QVC Plus are all reruns. Courtney must be in the early morning. Continue Reading


Re: Why? New England Patriots

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Why do we have to wait until after the Superbowl? Just shows you its all money driven. So show our kids it's ok to cheat, cheat, cheat and beat your wives. Continue Reading


Re: How can I stop smoking?

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Both my parents stopped smoking cold turkey in their 40's, but dad still died at age 75 of throat cancer. You do not want to go through this!!!!!! Quit smoking now. Do whatever it takes. It was awful watching my dad die. It breaks my heart that my daughter still smokes. She started Chantix, but it gave her horrible nightmares. Continue Reading


Re: 5 letters that spell...

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That's what As is is. Read the fine print. Continue Reading


Re: My Jenny Journey...........WOW!!

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On 1/23/2015 terrier3 said: On 1/23/2015 hulagirl said: I'm a little nervous, but I've lived through the struggles of most who have food issues, so here's hoping I can do this......thanks for the kind words. I am doing something similar...I am a seasonal worker for a health insurer. I was so happy with my ACA policy and how it allowed me to leave my corporate job and start my own business. My enthusiasm led me to work for the insurer during open enrollment. We had a sales meeting today - I have sold as many plans as the other 9 seasonal workers - COMBINED. I chalk it up to personal experienc... Continue Reading

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