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Re: Dandruff shampoo for color treated hair?

In Beauty Banter 1411262245.317

I didn't have dandruff but I did have little bumps on my head and Wen has healed them. Maybe you can try Wen? Continue Reading


Re: Anyone have success with Sugar Busters?

In Health & Fitness 1411238810.913

Yes. My husband and I lost 15 to 20 lbs years ago. It was a very easy diet for us. We still drank red wine at dinner. We did miss our corn, potatoes and white rice. We lost weight quickly and I felt great giving up sugar. Of course we were in our 30's. We still try to eat this way now. Continue Reading


Re: "I bet you were very pretty when you were young."

In Beauty Banter 1410957380.623

How about telling a teen that you will be beautiful when you grow up. Gee, I wonder if that's what contributed to my anoerexia when I was a teen? Continue Reading


Re: New CNN Report Today 9/16 On Joan's Death: Link to CNN Attached for Authentication

In Joan Rivers 1410917846.557

On 9/16/2014 adelle38 said: On 9/16/2014 DARING GREATLY said: I was trying to pass along information from a reliable news network. It's "authenticated" in that I had a link that detailed the story so people here wouldn't think I was making it up. Who knows the facts, I'm just glad a news station is keeping this story alive. My parents died at the hands of incompetent doctors. I appreciate the investigation!!!! CNN has made major mistakes in reporting before. The state health officials will release the facts when their investigation is complete. Spreading rumors doesn't help. We don't need to... Continue Reading


Re: WOW! PM Style!

In Fashion Talk 1410882358.413

I guess we remember the classy days of Kathy Levine hosting PMS. When QVC actually had something I wanted to buy. Continue Reading


Re: The Fabulous Nick Chavez is on!

In Beauty Banter 1410794844.583

I used to use his products faithfully then switched to Wen because my hair is color treated. Can any of you tell me if his shampoo strips or fades the color? Thanks! Continue Reading


Any good mysteries?

Last Reply by Vamp 1410733080.333 | Started by Q2girl in Book Club

Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Why Video Scares Me or Why Commissioner Goodell Should Resign

In Sports 1410531133.13

On 9/12/2014 terrier3 said: I'm with Keith Olbermann on this...I saw him yesterday on ESPN - Goodell needs to be FIRED!!!! I drive almost every day on Goodell Street in downtown Buffalo - it's named after his blood boils every time now!!!!! Why get so fired up? How does it affect you personally? Continue Reading


Re: Why Video Scares Me or Why Commissioner Goodell Should Resign

In Sports 1410530813.873

Anyone surprised how many women wore Rice shirts at last night's game? Not all women support Goodell. Continue Reading


Re: The lady taste testing the crab cakes

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1410441704.26

The Food Saver demo was funny too. He couldn't get the cutter to work. The host said you can use your scissors and he said no because he loves to use the slide cutter. It looked like a piece of junk. Continue Reading

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