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Re: California and WEN

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I grew up in and lived in San Diego, CA most of my life. We were taught in my family to shut the water off while you lather up or shave your legs. My parents always had ice plant or rocks for their gardens. My husband and I left CA a few years ago because of the way the state is governed and the taxes were eating us up. Continue Reading


Re: Powered by Perfecter styling tool at Wally World for $15.

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I went today and didn't see a knock off of the Perfector. I saw the Perfector, though. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone see that about Target?? a gift for frustrated LP buyers??

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There is quite a bit at T.com, but it's not available. Continue Reading


Re: Looking for a recipe for a Cream of Chicken

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Crock pot chicken and dumplings. My friend makes her's with organic cream of chicken soup. Put 5 or 6 breasts of chicken in the bottom of he crockpot. Add carrots. In a bowl mix together 2 large cans of cream of chicken soup with one large can water. Poor over the top and cook on low for 6'to 7 hrs. During the last 30 or 40 minutes turn crockpot on high and add one can of pillsbury biscuits. Test to see if they are done and then serve. Yummy!! We love it. Continue Reading


Re: Powered by Perfecter styling tool at Wally World for $15.

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That's a good price. Online it says 49.00 Continue Reading


Re: I'm done with Target......

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I agree. I have a friend who buys many LP items at the LP store. She wasn't too happy about Target cheapening the brand, but guess who was there at 7:30am? Yep. She was. She said she got one dress and didn't even try it on. She said it was a madhouse and people were wildly grabbing stuff. Continue Reading


Re: Do you have a spooky movie that you really liked?

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The Sixth Sense knocked the wind out of me at the end. I did know that was coming, but the ending made sense. Continue Reading



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Chantelle Rive Gauche lace. Love them. They are pretty and very supportive. I buy mine at the big Nordstrom sale in July. Continue Reading


Re: Little flying insects in home...

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Leave a glass of red wine out and they will all fall into it. I have tried everything and that works the best. Continue Reading


Re: Arthritis in Finger

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This is what my hand PT does when I get a ring stuck. Go buy the coban stretchy bandage wrap. Wrap your finger from the ring down to the tip. Leave it on only for a little while. It will shrink your finger so that you can get the ring off. Continue Reading

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