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Why? Do you charge me for your return label when I haven't used it?

Last Reply by Daysdee 1398282733.743 | Started by Q2girl in Q Did What?

I am getting tired of this. You charge me for the return label when I don't use it. How does that happen? Continue Reading


Re: Does NEW Suave Gradual Self-Tanner Have the Typical Horrible Cat Pee Smell Like Most Self-Tanners?

In Beauty Banter 1398113165.84

Cat pee? That's not what it smells like to me. There is no description for what they smell like. Continue Reading


Re: Looking for a foundation or primer than blurs pores for more then a 1/2 hour!

In Beauty Banter 1398103294.55

Try Murad oil control Mattifier. I still have issues with makeup slipping off in my 50's. I have used a lot of primers and this one keeps my makeup on during the most humid hot days. It isn't advertised as a primer and I just found out about it from a sample I received. I use my morning serum and then put this on. And then my foundation. Great in the winter too. Continue Reading


Re: closing e-bay and pay pal accounts

In Fashion Talk 1398030958.25

Kohls customer service is in Mexico with Mexicans sounding like Americans. Try calling them. I just hang up and get someone in America. I always ask what country am I speaking to. Continue Reading


Re: closing e-bay and pay pal accounts

In Fashion Talk 1398030857.453

On 4/19/2014 yoQuacker said: Many Customer Service stations are located in Bombay, India and China!! It really is a shame that these big companies are not hiring people in the United States who need employment!! It's all about the profit $$$$$$ -- whoever will work for less gets the job. That just does not sit well with me!! Guess what?? You complain enough and they just might pull out of India. The company my husband works at pulled out of India because the companies they rely on threatened to pull their businesses, if his company didn't bring back cust service to America. Continue Reading


Re: Determined to break the (Diet Coke) caffeine habit

In Health & Fitness 1398029711.537

You can do this!! You know what made me stop? I was always running to the bathroom during the day and I only had 2 diet cokes. My doc said that for every can you drink, you p*e out one and a half cans. Continue Reading


Re: Dirty sheet at dr. office

In Health & Fitness 1397688282.087

I went to a GYN doc last year and there were cobwebs in the windows and the office looked like a pediatricians office from the early 60's with animal murals on the wall. The blinds were dirty too. I never went back and wrote a bad review, too, Continue Reading


Re: OT walmart usa

In Beauty Banter 1397598432.103

OK. Well, I have never noticed foreigners working in my local WMs. Why, it actually looks like they hire local people. Fancy that! Continue Reading


Re: Great results with Yoga

In Health & Fitness 1397422786.277

Ladies buy or look on YouTube at Dr. Weil's way to deep breathe. I just got over chronic pain that lasted 2 years and deep breathing helped so much. Also go to the Breathe2relax app and you can deep breathe anywhere. I will be taking yoga soon and use my deep breathing exercises. I have very little anxiety now and was able to go off my anti depressants. Continue Reading

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