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Re: Chaz says haircolor does not fade but mine sure does

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I think hair color will always fade, but mine faded a lot less than if I were to use a sulfate shampoo. I have done my own experiment on this. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa' Cloche

In For the Home Talk 1409491767.517

Tuesday Morning has bird nests periodically. I need to go there tomorrow. I think I saw one this past Easter Continue Reading


Re: Marie Osmond Gone?

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On 8/27/2014 pupcakes said: I don't know, but she was on The View today & looks great. Sure wish I had bought her Olive doll when it was a TSV years ago. It's worth a bunch now. It is? Because I have it and the box. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa' Cloche

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My girlfriend collects cloches and I was thinking about giving her this one. I love the mirror in this one. I may keep it, too. I love the idea in Lisa's video that shows the birds nest and the mercury bird. I might do something like that. Continue Reading


Re: Nice sale at Kate Spade outlet !

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On 8/29/2014 Skylands said: On 8/29/2014 granddi said: read the fine print because OUTLET items are non-returnable Online sale items R not returnable either. On her website? Continue Reading


Re: Nice sale at Kate Spade outlet !

In All About Handbags 1409342711.12

Are they as well made as the purses in her stores or at a dept store? My friend and I want to go to her outlet, but am afraid the purses will be the same quality as the ones at Nordstrom Rack. They look very cheap and plastic. Continue Reading


Re: VPH Cloche's....Handle with care!!!

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On 8/26/2014 Tissyanne said: I am so tired of Valerie offering products that fall apart in your hands. Sorry. This is exactly why I didn't order it. I wanted to because I collect cloches. Are you hearing us Valerie? I bet I see these in the outlet soon. Continue Reading


Re: How to humanely get rid of bats?

In For the Home Talk 1409261363.81

We had them last year and you have to hire a professional and have them removed. They do it humanely:). Good luck. Continue Reading


Re: Any suggestions on a Pure Grace fragrance relpacement?

In philosophy 1409229467.98

Bobbi Brown Beach. It's similar and has great staying power for a 55 year old. Continue Reading


Re: Carnival Glass

In For the Home Talk 1409175344.703

My grandmother left my mom a beautiful purple pitcher and my aunt a orangey color pitcher. My mom said the purple is worth more. I just knew that I wasn't to touch it!! Continue Reading

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