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Re: Meat loaf - pan or no pan?

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Yes! I started doing this and we like the meat loaf so much better because it seems to cook better and taste better. Not as greasy and you get more of a crust all the way around the meatloaf. Continue Reading


Re: Customer Service in the dark.....

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As I said in another post, I think that part of the company is outsourced to another company, I see this all the time and it happened to me, too. This way QVC can pay the employees less money. I remember in the old days you could actually speak to someone in PA. Continue Reading


Re: Shoe recommendations for vacation walking around Disney World

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Teva sandals. I have never had to break these in and I've walked long distances in them. Continue Reading



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On 5/25/2015 elruth said: I think I read somewhere that the inconsistent sizing in ready wear can be due to the process. Now I forget the particulars but when clothing is made, they have huge machines that can cut through many, many layers of material. The top piece may end up being a different measurement than the cut piece on the bottom of the pile. I think they cut hundreds if not thousands in a stack and the difference could end up being inches. I gather each section of clothing...sleeve, front, back etc. are then sewed together. I ordered the same top in the same size in D and C and one ... Continue Reading



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Wow! She has had no other complaints? I don't believe this for a minute. You should have gotten her first and last name and posted it here. Remember, these people work in a few different call centers and I wouldn't be surprised if QVC has outsourced that part of the company. So many call centers now are run by different companies. Continue Reading


Re: Chocolate Lovers Bundt Cake

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On 5/25/2015 LilBitMissty said: Q2girl.....Hi. Great catch!! This is made with INSTANT pudding. Thanks so much! I love your positive affirmation. I actually copied it a few months ago from a post I saw of yours. I shared it with all my girlfriends. Continue Reading


Re: Chocolate Lovers Bundt Cake

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Is that instant pudding mix or regular? Continue Reading



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What is the Hazel color? I need blonde. Continue Reading


Re: Useful kitchen gadget

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I have one that they used to sell on QVC and it came with a garlic press. Continue Reading


Re: Who is wearing these horrible Clark's sandals?

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On 5/20/2015 brunette8706 said: The geriatrics? QVC really needs to change their so called fashion lineup in regards to shoes! Hey Brunette? Show us what you are wearing. I used to wear the cute expensive flats until I developed severe foot problems that lead to severe pelvic pain. I still go to the PT and it's been 3 years all from wearing horrible beautiful shoes. I'm not old, either. You better be careful of shoes that at so cute and provide no support. You may end up like me. Continue Reading

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