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Re: Grandchildren and Germs : )

In Health & Fitness 1427672864.37

I would love to catch my granddaughter's cold. She lives 4 states away. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone ever have their Pyrex explode?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427672558.093

My sil had a dinner for us and she put a hot dish of spaghetti on her glass table and it exploded. Ruined the dinner because there was glass everywhere. It wasn't even a cold night in CA, but the table must have been cooler than the glass dish. Continue Reading


Re: Do you have a favorite CLEAR (colorless) setting powder?

In Beauty Banter 1427631589.16

Trish Mcevoy. It's white, but doesn't make my light skin look ghostly. It makes my skin look air brushed after applying foundation and blush. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Mason is coming back!!!

In Beauty Banter 1427631346.033

As long as she doesn't feel the need to change to fit in with the new immature giggly QVC hosts. Continue Reading



In Q News 1427551967.857

QVC is just mirroring what's happening on the morning "news" shows. I bet their thought is that while you are channel surfing, you will stop to see what all the fun is about. I hate it. Give me back the QVC from the 90's please. Please don't dumb down Lisa Mason either when she makes her return. Continue Reading


Re: Founder of Orthoheel Stabbed to Death

In All About Shoes 1427550941.813

On 3/27/2015 willomenia said: I thought orthoheels were invented by that Dr. Weil, the one they show the story about? No. He just endorsed them. Continue Reading


Re: Lilly Pulitzer coming to Target April 19

In Fashion Talk 1427550183.45

My girlfriend, who buys expensive LP, is not happy about this. She feels it cheapens the brand. Continue Reading


Re: Lipstick Queen- worst customer service

In Beauty Banter 1427487114.933

On 3/27/2015 jackthebear said: On 3/27/2015 ncascade said: Worked in Personal Care R&D for several years. Most formulas are the same. The colors are easy to replicate. Why anyone would pay a lot of money for lipstick when you can get it at the Dollar Tree for a dollar is beyond me. Might be true, but when you order something you expect to get what you ordered and get some timely customer service. Oh gosh!! Please tell me what cheap lipsticks that perform as well as Bobbi Brown and I will buy them at my local drugstore. Put your money where your mouth is. Please. Continue Reading


Re: OT- My doctor is dumping me

In Beauty Banter 1427405448.157

On 3/26/2015 jump4joy said: On 3/26/2015 hyacinth003 said: On 3/26/2015 stray770 said: ITA .....when the government intervenes everyone looses So true. I choose to believe what I see, hear, and read. The ACA has CAUSED a lot of these problems. We are paying more, have higher deductibles, and higher out-of-pocket expenses. People who PAY their way in life are paying MORE for those who are not paying. More non payers than ever, in my opinion. Hyacinth Well said!! I second that!! I lived in England and I highly recommend any of you to really take a deep look at their healthcare and how simply... Continue Reading


Re: OT- My doctor is dumping me

In Beauty Banter 1427405098.773

On 3/26/2015 traveler said: Ahh, a bash ACA thread. Obviously Traveler you haven't been affected by higher deductibles and higher prices for meds. Are you immune to what's going on? I bet you have been impacted but happy to ignore that your prez told us we could keep or docs no matter what. Of course you probably just dump and run on these boards and never come back and see how we have been affected. Maybe you are one of those that is getting supplemented. Good for you. I'm not one of those. I guess I'm paying for your healthcare. Continue Reading

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