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Re: Lisa R. discussed on Nancy Grace tonight

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I was stalked and it was terrifying. Thankfully, I moved to England and he didn't follow me. There is nothing worse than having to look in your review mirror constantly. Maybe some of you will now stop bashing her. Oh, I forgot. She is a public figure so go right ahead:(. Continue Reading


Re: Dirty sheet at dr. office

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I went to a GYN doc last year and there were cobwebs in the windows and the office looked like a pediatricians office from the early 60's with animal murals on the wall. The blinds were dirty too. I never went back and wrote a bad review, too, Continue Reading


Re: OT walmart usa

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OK. Well, I have never noticed foreigners working in my local WMs. Why, it actually looks like they hire local people. Fancy that! Continue Reading


Re: Great results with Yoga

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Ladies buy or look on YouTube at Dr. Weil's way to deep breathe. I just got over chronic pain that lasted 2 years and deep breathing helped so much. Also go to the Breathe2relax app and you can deep breathe anywhere. I will be taking yoga soon and use my deep breathing exercises. I have very little anxiety now and was able to go off my anti depressants. Continue Reading


Re: Eye shadow that gives the dewy look with out sparkles or glitter?

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HappyDaze! I bought the Make up Forever cream eyeshadow in brown. It is beautiful and gives a lovely sheen. Thank you so much for the rec! I love your idea about putting a lip balm on the eyelids. I read that's what movie stars did in the 30's to get that dewy look. Continue Reading


Re: O/T What do you think of Publix Grocery? We're getting one!

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ECBG Is this the one going up by Falls of Neuse that has been hotly contested in Raleigh? Continue Reading


Eye shadow that gives the dewy look with out sparkles or glitter?

Last Reply by HappyDaze 1397318110.67 | Started by Q2girl in Beauty Banter

Does anyone have a recommendation? I tried Laura Gellar's new eyeshadow, but found it too metallic for my eyes. Thanks so much! Continue Reading

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