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Re: I always hear complaints about the Q's C/S...I've not once had a bad experience and they came through once again!

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Good for you! I've been shopping with them since 1990 and the customer service is no where as nice as it used to be. I find that HSN has the customer service that QVC used to have, they used to ask every time, is there another else I can do for you? They acted like they really cared. Continue Reading


Re: World Series.

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You had to tell us? Continue Reading


Re: OTC Non habbit forming sleep aids?

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I really like Targets Up version of Unisom. I don't take them every night. Continue Reading


Re: S @H!

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I just received an email saying that I was getting a credit for something I didn't buy. Then a few hours later I received an email that said they made a mistake. Really QVC? This is the second time you have mistaken me for someone else. Please wake up and understand your mistakes and fix them. And please include packing slips on everything I purchase. Continue Reading


Re: Marie Osmond

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There is a brand new Gone With the Wind Adora doll here. QVC is not the only place where she sells her dolls. So Remee, I don't know where you got your info. Continue Reading


Re: What was the most popular TSV that Kristin mentioned?

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It was a computer when I went on the tour 8 years ago Continue Reading


Re: Stick to the script...

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Lisa was on CNBC one time and said they can't make exaggerated claims or QVC can be sued. Imagine having that hanging over your head. Continue Reading


Re: New questions they asked at the Doctor's office last week

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Yes. At Duke hospitals they ask this and the other day they asked if I have been exposed to Ebola or been to West Africa. Continue Reading


Re: Michael former vendor rep for Affinity on HSN Tonight..

In Jewelry Talk 1414023091.37

He had to move because there is so little jewelry here. Continue Reading


Re: Where is Lisa going?

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On 10/20/2014 mineralgirl1 said: I wonder if she could be joining with David Dangle to present Joan's line. That's what I was thinking. Or maybe she's going to another channel or company to be the head of sales. Continue Reading

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