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Re: Get Your Glow On Instagram Sweepstakes!

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On 5/3/2013 juls88 said: Results willl appear after 4 hours, how long do they last after that? I have fair skin and this would be a perfect solution to adding some color. I still want to apply suncreen when outside, does the application of sunscreen affect the self tanner? Hi Juls88! You can click here > AskJosie and ask your question. Josie and her team will be answering questions all day. Continue Reading


Re: Facebook Chat Update!

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On 4/12/2013 youthaddict said: GREAT idea BUT still put up a FB post like always with the link on it or no one will find it. Hi youthaddict! No worries! We'll post a link for you tomorrow morning so everyone can easily find the AM Style chat. The blog has already been posted so feel free to check it out before the show > AM Style Chat. Enjoy! Continue Reading


Re: Big Bonanza Silver Sweepstakes

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Hi avid shopper! Tracking information says your prize is out for delivery today! :) I will send you the tracking number by email. Enjoy! -Lauren Continue Reading


Re: The Q Quiz with Susan Graver!

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On 4/3/2013 BarbieBWV said: If Susan wasn't a designer she would be an artist......I remember her saying that years ago :) I find it interesting she would like to be Barbra Streisand for a day......Susan stay the way you are, love your clothes and designs.....stay Susan :) Great memory :) Continue Reading


Re: Aqualillies for tarte Cosmetics- Meet the Real Women Behind This High-Performance Collection

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Hi Ladies! The collection is available now on qvc.com. You can shop by clicking HERE. Enjoy! -Lauren, Q Community Last edited on 4/1/2013 Continue Reading


Re: Vote for QVC's Partners In Giving Campaign Video in National Film Festival!

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On 2/27/2013 kittykatkay said: I just voted for QVC, Inc. Good luck QVC.....fingers crossed you win! Come on customers, get in here and vote. Thanks for your support! Continue Reading


Re: You Asked, Antonella Answered!

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On 2/26/2013 amigo said: Antonella, I hope that this note gets to you. I am another horse lover. My boy is named (Call me whatever), so silly . I call him Tequila.....it fits him better. He is a quarter horse,palamino, 15.3 hands spoiled baby. 15years old....still a baby. I do enjoy you so much. You tell like it is ! Don"t ever change...your prefect. Your friend. dale Hi Dale! Antonella will love this. I'll be sure to share it with her! Thanks so much. Continue Reading


Re: You don't have to know what you're doing to get good skin (I mean this in a good way:))

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Hi lizzsmom! This is a great question so I'd love for you to get the answers from the experts themselves- the philosophy team! We have a great Q&A blog happening today so visit http://community.qvc.com/blogs/philosophy/topic/358582/philosophy-tsv-blog-post.aspx to ask your question. Enjoy! Continue Reading


Re: Ask and She'll Answer! Submit Your Style and Red Carpet Questions For Joan!

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Thanks for the great questions. Keep a look out next week for Joan's answers! Continue Reading

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