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Re: Done watching QVC

In Fashion Talk 1424731411.117

I feel their lunchtime specials aren't what they used to be either. Continue Reading


Re: "evine live, the fun, new way of shopping."

In Fashion Talk 1424116352.503

I liked it best when it was ValueVision. Loved the show bracelet bash. I got some beautiful 14k gold bracelets there. Continue Reading


Re: Red white blue new temptations

In Temp-tations 1423947899.067

I am loving the firework-fetti mugs! Continue Reading


Snowy Night

Last Reply by homedecor1 1420143974.013 | Started by AlAnn in Temp-tations

I brought out my set of snowy night for my Christmas dinner. I baked my filling in the square casserole dish and served my cranberry sauce in the small bowl that came with the set. I really love that pattern and wish Tara would bring it back. I definitely would buy more pieces. Continue Reading


Re: I've been going back to "Old Perfumes"...that I never liked....crazy!

In Beauty Banter 1419635100.94

They don't make it anymore, but does anyone remember Ariane from Avon? I wore that in my twenties and got lots of compliments on it. Also my aunt wore Avon's Persian Wood all the time. It smelled so good on her. Continue Reading


Hills's Science Diet CD Cat Food

Last Reply by jaxs mom 1411398966.37 | Started by AlAnn in Pet Lovers

Does anyone know why you need a vets prescription to buy this food? There is no medicine in it. After 2 1/2 years my vet will not sell me anymore unless I bring my cat in for a checkup. My problem with this is that taking him to the vet will stress him out, and stress is what caused his last 2 urinary blockages. He currently is fine and having no urinary problems. It is not the money. I can afford the vet visit. I just don't want to stress him out and possibly cause another blockage. Continue Reading


Re: where is everybody

In Recipe Swap 1401042711.857

I honestly think some people are afraid to post their recipes. I have seen a lot of people get bashed for posting recipes with unhealthy ingredients. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone else remember leftovers before the invention of the microwave?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1392150270.583

I not only use mine at home frequently, I also have one in my office at work. Continue Reading


Re: Am I the only one who actually enjoys doing laundry?

In For the Home Talk 1391883759.27

I also love it. I enjoy going in my laundry room by myself and doing the wash. Folding also. It gives me time to chill out if I am stressed and also some alone time to just think. I had a friend who loved to go in the garden and weed for the same reasons. Just to be alone and think, while doing something at the same time. Continue Reading


Re: Favorite "Wintertime" Childhood Memory

In Viewpoints 1391713567.617

There were a lot of kids on the street where I grew up. We would all walk together to an outdoor skating rink, skate for a while and then all walk home together. Those were good times for me. Continue Reading

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