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Hills's Science Diet CD Cat Food

Last Reply by jaxs mom 1411398966.37 | Started by AlAnn in Pet Lovers

Does anyone know why you need a vets prescription to buy this food? There is no medicine in it. After 2 1/2 years my vet will not sell me anymore unless I bring my cat in for a checkup. My problem with this is that taking him to the vet will stress him out, and stress is what caused his last 2 urinary blockages. He currently is fine and having no urinary problems. It is not the money. I can afford the vet visit. I just don't want to stress him out and possibly cause another blockage. Continue Reading


Re: where is everybody

In Recipe Swap 1401042711.857

I honestly think some people are afraid to post their recipes. I have seen a lot of people get bashed for posting recipes with unhealthy ingredients. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone else remember leftovers before the invention of the microwave?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1392150270.583

I not only use mine at home frequently, I also have one in my office at work. Continue Reading


Re: Am I the only one who actually enjoys doing laundry?

In For the Home Talk 1391883759.27

I also love it. I enjoy going in my laundry room by myself and doing the wash. Folding also. It gives me time to chill out if I am stressed and also some alone time to just think. I had a friend who loved to go in the garden and weed for the same reasons. Just to be alone and think, while doing something at the same time. Continue Reading


Re: Favorite "Wintertime" Childhood Memory

In Viewpoints 1391713567.617

There were a lot of kids on the street where I grew up. We would all walk together to an outdoor skating rink, skate for a while and then all walk home together. Those were good times for me. Continue Reading


Re: Do you remember your outfits from high school

In Fashion Talk 1389804584.403

I had one shirt that I just loved. Later as an adult my mother told me how much she hated that shirt and would put off washing it as long as she could so I couldn't wear it. It wasn't revealing or anything like that. She said she just didn't like it. lol Continue Reading


Re: Some going......going.........gone restaurants.......

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1389804249.067

DH and I miss The Ground Round. I don't know if there are any left anywhere else, but the one in our area closed. Continue Reading


Re: This FedEx-SmartPost shipping method

In Viewpoints 1387558004.687

The same thing happened to me. My crock pot was missing for 3 days. Fed Ex said they delivered it to my local post office. Called the post office and they said they didn't have. 3 days later it started to be trackable again. I don't know where it was those 3 days as both Fed Ex and post office said they didn't have it. Continue Reading


Re: Do you leave any pots or pans on top of the stove when you're not cooking?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1386782552.307

On 12/9/2013 PamelaSuein72 said: We have seven cats in the house. Believe me, everything gets put away! Immediately. Same here. We also have 7 cats. Twice we found one of the burners turned on. Either ghosts or the cats! Continue Reading

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