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Re: The Longest Ride

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My boss and his wife saw this movie and highly recommended it to me. I follow the PBR, but they said I will like it for other reasons. They also said Alan Alda was excellent in his role. As soon as DH and I get a chance we are going to see this movie. Continue Reading


Re: cheap cologne....

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I know what you mean. I just bought a bottle of the generic Flowerbomb perfume at Kmart for 6.99 I believe. I still smell it at the end of the day. I got a bottle of Versace Bright Crystal for a Christmas gift. Gone after a couple of hours. Continue Reading


Re: What's your favorite television house?

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Tool Time Tim's house on Home Improvement Continue Reading


Re: Thinking of old t.v. shows

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just bee, thank you for reminding me of Thirtysomething. I loved that show and had totally forgot about it. When I was a kid at home I liked Room 222, Julia, Family Affair and My Mother the Car. My parents never missed the Hollywood Palace which I believe was on Saturday nights. I love this thread. It is bringing back such nice memories. Continue Reading


Re: Done watching QVC

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I feel their lunchtime specials aren't what they used to be either. Continue Reading


Re: "evine live, the fun, new way of shopping."

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I liked it best when it was ValueVision. Loved the show bracelet bash. I got some beautiful 14k gold bracelets there. Continue Reading


Re: Red white blue new temptations

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I am loving the firework-fetti mugs! Continue Reading


Snowy Night

Last Reply by homedecor1 1420143974.013 | Started by AlAnn in Temp-tations

I brought out my set of snowy night for my Christmas dinner. I baked my filling in the square casserole dish and served my cranberry sauce in the small bowl that came with the set. I really love that pattern and wish Tara would bring it back. I definitely would buy more pieces. Continue Reading


Re: I've been going back to "Old Perfumes"...that I never liked....crazy!

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They don't make it anymore, but does anyone remember Ariane from Avon? I wore that in my twenties and got lots of compliments on it. Also my aunt wore Avon's Persian Wood all the time. It smelled so good on her. Continue Reading


Hills's Science Diet CD Cat Food

Last Reply by jaxs mom 1411398966.37 | Started by AlAnn in Pet Lovers

Does anyone know why you need a vets prescription to buy this food? There is no medicine in it. After 2 1/2 years my vet will not sell me anymore unless I bring my cat in for a checkup. My problem with this is that taking him to the vet will stress him out, and stress is what caused his last 2 urinary blockages. He currently is fine and having no urinary problems. It is not the money. I can afford the vet visit. I just don't want to stress him out and possibly cause another blockage. Continue Reading

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