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Re: Beauty with Benefits

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Josie - I know that everyone tells you this, but I love your Argan Oil products. For close to ten years the only products I used on my face and body were philosophy and Laura Geller, but since the first time I tried your 100% Argan Oil last October, your products have joined their ranks. The original reason I tried the oil was twofold: first, to see if it could help to diminish lines and wrinkles around my mouth; second, to see if it could help to eliminate an annoying, but not medically significant, dry, rough spot on my lower lip. The spot was about the size of a pencil eraser and between 1... Continue Reading


Re: NEW! Site Navigation Changes

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On 4/9/2015 Clover29 said: I am baffled. Please can someone explain what is so "very hard" about typing what you're looking for in the search box? Isn't that how you find things on a sales website? isn't that how everyone finds things? Clover29 - I so agree with you. I often used the search bar on the 'old site', and have no problem continuing to do so. I believe if most of the negative posters would spend a fraction of the time actually LOOKING at the site as they do posting their nasty, copy-cat-like complaints, they might realize that the 'new site' isn't all that different. They might ev... Continue Reading


Re: NEW! Site Navigation Changes

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Not better, not worse, just different - that was my initial response to the changes. I am certainly NOT computer/tech savy in any way, but after a few days of navigating the new site, I really DO like it. I can easily find everything I want or need, and the way the categories are grouped makes clear and perfect sense. Yes, it's a change, but just a few minutes of use and a bit of an open mind is all you need. Stop complaining. You can waste your time making excuses or you can make it work. Continue Reading


Re: And the top two dresses are ........................

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Marybeth - While both dresses are beautiful, and both look gorgeous on you, my preference is #1. The hemline and cuffs are lovely and, IMHO, more suited to a Mother-of the-Groom type dress. The color is so pretty on you and will allow you to choose from a wide selection of jewelry - gold, silver, rose, pearls . . .what wouldn't work with that dress ?? And, as a bonus, the color will not clash with the wedding party's or the Mother-of-the-Bride's dresses in photos. Congratulations on this wonderful milestone for your firstborn son. Enjoy the wedding and your time in London. And, please - shar... Continue Reading


Re: Get Gorgeous Giveaway!

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Hi !! I love QVC, and I absolutely adore toGather. I've had a blast putting my collections together, 'specially my "Get Gorgeous" collection. I've been working hard to "Get Gorgeous" since October, when I started on Nutrisystem. I've lost 35 pounds so far, and will continue until I've lost a total of 100 pounds. I sure could use to win a Beauty Gift to help with my Total Get Gorgeous Make-Over! Thanks, QVC, for all the wonderful "Get Gorgeous" products you make available to us (including my Nutriisystem !) and for the chance to win a "Get Gorgeous" Beauty prize !! Continue Reading


Re: Who Wore What at the Customer Choice Beauty Awards!

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As for the winners, Laura Geller looked elegant and amazing, and is my choice for "Best Dressed". Mally, Josie Maran, Megan (from emjoi), and Jamie (from IT Cosmetics) are my runner's up. When it comes to the QVC hosts, Amy is my choice or "Best Dressed". I was so pleased to see my philosophy "must-haves" - Hope in a Jar, Hope in a Jar Night, Purity Made Simple, and Amazing Grace Fragrance - selected as winners, as well as my Laura Geller Bronze N' Brighten and Blush N' Brighten. Although they weren't chosen, I still consider Laura Geller Balance N' Brighten, Baked Eyeshadows, and i-care eye... Continue Reading


Re: Is anyone else annoyed with

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On 9/23/2012 jugtown said: One more thing Cooking Lady - there is one person that I feel is mostly responsible for Amazon raising their prices, and that person spoke on-air last night. Don't get me wrong - she seems like a very nice person and I know she's a HUGE CP fan, but she complained a while back on FB that having other places selling CP at much lower prices has caused her collection to be DE-VALUED! Also the fact that QVC has lowered some CP pieces that were just presented months prior. I'm still a little perturbed, as within DAYS of her complaining, they (CP, I guess!) raised the pric... Continue Reading


Re: Fall, the Season of Friendship!

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Carolyn and all the "sisters" - I am a newer collector, about 18 months now, and already have several beautiful pieces. I have never, ever been disappointed with any of the CP jewelry that I have received. I enjoy mixing and matching all of the pieces and wear it all with pride. However, on your last "mini-series", there was a situation that I found quite disturbing. In July, I was one of the lucky 8000 people to purchase the magnificent sleeping beauty TSV necklace and enhancer set. It is quite stunning, even more so in person. I knew as soon as I saw it on TV that I wanted it, and since we... Continue Reading


Re: Getting Excited for Fall Baking

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SO excited for Wednesday and the new TSV !! I'm an Old World Green girl, and stay true to my color - so I love to see the new things. I even love to see them offerred in other colors and patterns so that EVERYONE can enjoy buying the pieces they've been waiting for. I hope to be getting a few things for now, and some things for Santa's bag for me for Christmas. That's the only way I can get all of the things I want!! Continue Reading


Re: Awaken YOUR Sleeping Beauty!!!

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I ordered the Sleeping Beauty TSV - and cannot wait to receive it! I have one other piece of Sleeping Beauty - a small pendant that I purchased from an artisan jewelry store when I was viviting Wyoming about 5 yrs ago. I truely love that stone, and absolutely love the TSV !! That could become my "signature" piece - - except for the fact that I could not give up my other Carolyn Polack necklaces. So it will simply be another piece to mix and match with the rest of my incredibly gorgeous Carolyn Pollack jewelry. Continue Reading

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