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Re: Croco Fino Belted Shopper

In Dooney & Bourke 1416452100.997

Well I ordered the santorini grey lizard this weekend and it is supposed to arrive Friday. Ordered from a local dept store and had a 30% off coupon so I will see about the lock. I actually like the look of the lock but dont like the added weight. Continue Reading


Re: Remember Fritz's Bumblebee Enhancer...

In Carolyn Pollack 1414162101.387

Mine is still in process. Original ship date was 11/3 so about 10days early. They stopped taking orders or it sold out so if you didnt do the advance you might not get one, I guess there will be returns however and some extra. I know what you mean Kathoderay, I do try to plan my purchases as well. Excited to get this piece. I had ordered the cuff but with the ship date close to Christmas, and all the other gifts I will need to buy, i canceled it. But I would love to have it! Love Fritz's work. Continue Reading



In Jewelry Talk 1412694810.727

Hello back to you Juggie and Haca! Continue Reading



In Jewelry Talk 1412693315.963

ical, look on amazon under relios necklaces and I think what you are looking for might be there. Continue Reading


Re: J296658...Carolyn's apaptite ring.

In Carolyn Pollack 1410125593.78

I got the ring and enhancer at the last show. The ring is very comfortable and fits true to size. The color is deep ocean blue/green. I really love it. Continue Reading


Re: Received Some Goodies Today

In Carolyn Pollack 1409793094.933

Congrats on all those beautiful pieces everyone. Its so much fun opening those packages!. Kath, I wanted that bandera piece too and found one on the bay about 2 months ago. Also have the cody butterfly and love that piece too. Well I received the apatite enhancer and ring. Very nice saturated color. They are keepers! Everyone enjoy! Continue Reading


Re: New AW & Native American Designs Now Available

In Carolyn Pollack 1408053916.04

Azcowgirl, I bought this charm holder as a gift for my friend. Look on and put in item # 6-8000-183. She wears that red heart charm right in the center. It now becomes a much larger enhancer and every time she wears it, I think I've got to get myself one of those. You can change the charms around or wear several on it at once. Another way to wear those delightful little charms. Continue Reading


Re: AW July Show Reviews

In Carolyn Pollack 1405807976.327

Haca, I see the turtle sold out! Continue Reading


Re: AW July Show Reviews

In Carolyn Pollack 1405802111.7

Hi Haca and Stoney. Haca I am glad you picked up the turtle. Mine should come Monday. One just sold on the bay for 149. These are very hard to find as I have been looking for quite some time.Hope you love yours. Stoney, I have the winddancer necklace too. Picked up the earrings at the trunk show at the last CP get together event in February. I was actually thinking of wearing the windancer with the turtle pinned closeby. Continue Reading


Re: Carolyn Pollack: What Are You Loving? What Are You Buying?

In Carolyn Pollack 1404525736.533

Good night sistas. Everyone enjoy their new beauties! Continue Reading

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