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Re: Profector pro brush, yea or nay

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I have the original version. I don't use it daily, but get good results when I do use it. My hair is fine, long, and moderately thick. I did have a scare once when I rolled the Perfecter close to my scalp and moved my hand a little while looking away. The Perfecter got tangled. I immediately pulled the plug and called DH to help me get it out. I learned my lesson about not allowing myself to get distracted. I haven't had any problems like that since. Continue Reading


Re: O/T What do you like/buy at Costco?

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On 10/20/2014 aubnwa01 said: JeanLouiseFinch, I haven't bought it in awhile ,but I had company once & needed something to use as a dip with tortilla chips & emptied a pouch of the Madras Lentils into a bowl & stirred in some shredded cheddar cheese & heated it up in the microwave until the cheese was all melted & stirred it well & then served with the chips & it was really good as a dip! I liked it better a a dip than I did as a side dish! I'll have to try that sometime. I kind of bought them on a whim once, after sampling, because they're a good source of protei... Continue Reading


Re: Dana from Perricone looked pretty

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I don't know if it was my TV, cable, or how the camera picked her coloring up. Dana's skin looked very clear, smooth, and radiant when I saw her today, but I did notice that her foundation didn't go all the way back to her hairline. There was an obvious end point on the side of her face. Continue Reading


Re: Color wow or Joan River great hair day?

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I never tried the Color Wow, but have had a very good experience with JR Great Hair Day. Continue Reading


Re: It Cosmetics New Holiday Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette Only Sold At Ulta and It Cosmetics Website?

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Thanks Butterfly! I bought the first version last year and it's a big favorite of mine. Last year, Jamie did a BF sale on her website so I'm holding off to see if she does it again. Continue Reading


Re: Paging myshell and Bella re: Missha Essence......

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On 10/19/2014 BellaCarro said: Hey Future! Excellent idea. I was just a little concerned about any ingredients deteriorating. I don't know the shelf life of the ferment :). Maybe that is why the spritz has a small difference in ingredients. I think it would be a great idea to do that with a small amount, though. Any chance you would share the info to the deal you found on Amazon? I am getting low on the Essence and have been so happy with it I'd like to try other Missha skincare items. TIA! Oh, and, it might be tricky to move any to another container with the way the large bottle is packaged.... Continue Reading


Re: O/T What do you like/buy at Costco?

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Years ago, we had a Sam’s membership. Then a Costco was built in the same general vicinity. We carried two memberships for a year while we tried Costco. More and more, we found ourselves going to Costco rather than Sam’s. When it came time to renew, we let our Sam’s membership expire. I LOVE my Costco Executive Membership! With it, I get a rebate on many products. I shop at Costco a lot and we always buy our gasoline there so the annual rebate is more than enough to pay the membership renewal. Add to that the Costco American Express Card. There is no annual fee pl... Continue Reading


Re: Product Life-Changer

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On 10/20/2014 gazelle77 said: Look at DR. Perricone... he is wrinkly and skin looks like leather. If his own product does nothing for him... how is it going to help anyone else? I've thought the same thing. Continue Reading


Re: CHI Styling Iron- is it worth it?

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I bought a few of the Chi Volumizing Irons a couple of years ago when they were a TSV right before Christmas - one for myself and two for DD (one for personal use and one for professional use). They're all still working great. It's certainly not the only professional iron out there, there are many good ones, but I would not equate it with a $20 iron from a big box store. You might be able to find something comparable at Sally's. Just remember, you get what you pay for. Continue Reading


Re: Been away awhile but have a question???

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I've been wondering where you've been, Kat. I hope all is well with you. Continue Reading

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