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Re: O/T - Our cruise excursion makes a stop at a 'clothing optional' beach - would you??

In Beauty Banter 1411182881.393

Nope, not for me. It doesn't matter if I'll ever see the people again or not, the only person entitled to see my goodies is my husband. Continue Reading


Re: O/T New iphone

In Beauty Banter 1411181206.173

On 9/19/2014 HonnyBrown said: That HAS to be a typo! The largest GB 6 on the Apple website is cheaper than that! By multitudes!!! At least QVC's offering free shipping.... Continue Reading


Re: O/T New iphone

In Beauty Banter 1411172387.73

I just saw the QVC listing for the new iPhone 6.......$1360!!!!!!!! Are they nuts??? Continue Reading


Re: Need help...again.

In WEN 1411170011.68

Sweet Almond Mint and Pomegranate are Universal....a good place to start. Continue Reading


Re: I Love Powder Blush! And I have 3 questions for you, thanks!

In Beauty Banter 1411143963.627

I'm with you, powdered blush all the way. I've tried creams and they just disappear. I've collected so many powdered blushes that I probably could make it to the grave and probably not have to buy another! Drugstore: Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso and Berry Amore (but thinking about trying the Red Vino) Non-Drugstore: Laura Geller Baked - Pink Grapefruit, Tropic Hues, Pink Buttercream, Roseberry IT Vitality Cheek Stains - Matte Sweet Apple, Pretty in Peony, Radiant in Rose No matter what blush I'm using, I apply it with IT's Luxe French Boutique Blush Brush. Continue Reading


Re: O/T New iphone

In Beauty Banter 1411140723.417

Not me. I've only had my 5S since last November. Continue Reading


Re: Honey Crisp Apples Are Here!!!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1411097517.163

On 9/18/2014 ID2 said: I try to not buy my apples from a grocery store. I live in Michigan and all I have to do is drive to my local orchard and pick them off the trees! I love Honey Crisp also. Where we spend our summers up north will be having their annual apple festival. Its such a hit rain or shine! You can smell the apples upon driving into town! Mmmm! My sister & BIL live in MI, too. They went picking today and got a haul! Continue Reading


Re: Is there a certain age you must be or not be when wearing sleeveless?

In Viewpoints 1411077958.567

Age doesn't matter, if your arms look good. If you have big, ol' flabby wings, it's time to stop, no matter what age your are. Continue Reading


Re: Roku

In Viewpoints 1411077808.607

On 9/18/2014 seehorse said: I think it will still work as long as your internet is working. Roku is really great - just different than what we're used to as far as flipping through channels. We're working towards cutting off cable, so Roku is one step closer. Recently tried using an old antenna laying around and it pulls in 16 stations (local included). I'm going to try a more powerful one. Ahh, you're right, I said that wrong. Sorry. Continue Reading


Re: Roku

In Viewpoints 1411058756.387

I have a Roku. I access an online program that I subscribe to every morning via the Roku. It works great for me. If you ever have a cable outage, the Roku won't work either. The battery in my remote is still the original - going on 2 yrs. old. Lots of viewing options - probably more than I'm even aware of. Some are free and some are subscription. I still have my regular cable service besides the Roku. I've been really happy to have it. Continue Reading

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