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Re: Where to find locking sifter jars like BE uses

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That was a good idea, to check the craft stores. It's an online source, but I know Southern Magnolia Minerals carries them. http://www.smmcosmetics.com/brushes-accessories/30-gram-empty-turn-and-click-sifter-cosmetic-jar-container/ Continue Reading


Re: Do all WEN SC, VTS and mousses work the same?

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I think it's just preference when it comes to the Volumizing Treatment Mist and Mousse, but there are recommendations regarding the Styling Creme. The info I have goes back aways so the Bamboo Green Tea and Mandarin Fig are not included. Fine Hair: Cucumber Aloe Lavendar Medium & Coarse Hair: Fig Sweet Almond Mint Universal: Pomegranate Tea Tree Continue Reading


Re: Is Anyone Participating in the Worldwide Re-Read of To Kill a Mockingbird?

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On 5/20/2015 Himi lover said: JLF, I thought so. Now is this sequel a recent work of hers or an older one just never published? Come to think if it, is she still alive? My understanding is that GSAW was actually written prior to TKAM, but it was never published because Ms. Lee kept it a secret. In GSAW, Scout is an adult. I think I remember hearing that Harper Lee is still living, in her late 80's or early 90's, but is deaf and I think has vision problems too. Continue Reading


Re: Heat protector, frizz control, smoothing serum?

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Do you think the frizz is due to your hair being dried out a bit from the lightening products? What about doing a deep conditioning treatment? I recently bought a Nick Chavez kit with his mesquite serum. My hair is fine so I only apply one pump to wet hair. It's pretty nice. My hair feels nice and it's smooth. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone else think 613 NBT is magical for skin

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Sadie and sonechko - thanks for the feedback. I'm very happy with my skincare, too, but have wondered from time to time if it would really work to pitch it all and just use my cleansing stuff and 613. I've washed my face with my CC before, when in the shower, and it was fine, but I'm too nervous to put it on my face on a daily and nightly basis. Continue Reading


Re: Gallons on the Chaz Dean website?

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From what I can tell, only the core formulas are available in gallons. Go to the formula, then there's a pulldown selector where you choose the size bottle you want. They're $210. He ships free on that amount, but the QVC deal in June is still better. Continue Reading


Re: Today's Dr Phil

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He didn't remind me of Lechter, but I surely looks guilty. And what about Redvine (I think that's his name), in the second part of the show? I'm sure he's guilty. That poor mom and brother. So sad. Continue Reading


Re: Is Anyone Participating in the Worldwide Re-Read of To Kill a Mockingbird?

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On 5/20/2015 Himi lover said: I loved the book and movie. Doesn't Harper Lee have a sequel coming out? I think I preordered it, may already have it on my iPad somewhere. I don't think it was written recently, just something that was never published? If I'm remembering correctly. Yes, you're correct. Go Set a Watchman is scheduled to be released in mid-July. I'm sure that's why TKAM is being promoted again now, to get readers ready since GSAW is a sequel to TKAM. Continue Reading


Re: Old fashion body talc

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I like using powder, too. Most of the time it's just something I pick up at the grocery store, but I just bought a new one - Lily of the Valley by Taylor of London. I bought it to layer with new lotion and cologne that I just bought. The scent is delightful. This one happens to be in a shaker can, but I like the puffs too. Continue Reading

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