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Re: Help with Foundation!!

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Here's a recent conversation on the two: Continue Reading


Re: Daytime Emmys - June 22nd

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Since my "soaps" don't exist anymore, I don't have any reason to watch. IMO, network daytime TV nowadays is background noise a lot of the time. Continue Reading


Re: Relationship advice please.

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Oh Honey, run and don't look back! Lots of red flags here. Yeah he had some good moments, but that's not enough to build a future on. Continue Reading


Re: The Best Exfoliator I have ever used is Natural Aqua Cure Gel.

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On 4/22/2014 Irishrose136 said: Has anyone else googled revitalized hydrogen water? I'm really curious what impression others have gotten from reading/scanning the links. I could be totally off base here and misinterpreting what I'm reading. I'd appreciate it very much to hear other posters' opinions of the research? Or, do people just not care? Thanks! Irish Yes, I have been doing a little research. Maybe it's considered psuedoscience in the drinking of it to cure a disease, but seems there are some applications with benefits and recommendations. I'm not a scientist and I might not say i... Continue Reading



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I don't know if it's special to him or a breed thing, but I adore how my Golden Retriever likes being physically close to me - he's just so sweet and cute. Often when I'm at my desk, he will lay down right beside me so I can reach down and pet him from time to time. Sometimes if he's just standing there, he'll rest his chin on the desk being nosy to see what I'm doing. If he's sitting there, he'll sometimes touch me with his right paw to get noticed. If I'm on the couch, he comes close and rests his head on my lap or sometimes gets his whole body up in my space and lays down on me. If I'... Continue Reading


Re: Dr. Phil and Robin's Informercial

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I agree with you, hope-Q. Even not having a TV show, we all do it to help our families, if we can. I think Dr. Phil has helped a lot of people and he's got good advice most of the time. I think, for regular viewers, the repeated promo's become too much, but when you look at all the people that get helped with treatment programs that a free to them, someone has to foot the bill. Maybe the various centers and doctors gift some of the services, but they can't do it completely free for every referral, not to mention other large monetary gifts, cars, etc. that have been given to assorted deser... Continue Reading


Re: The Best Exfoliator I have ever used is Natural Aqua Cure Gel.

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On 4/22/2014 Irishrose136 said: I noted above a question about what I said: was it fact or my "interpretation". I have no expertise in chemistry. What I wrote came from info on the web when I googled revitalized hydrogen water. I was searching to find the ingredients of this product and this is what I found. "Cure Natural Aqua Gel contains 90% revitalized hydrogen water and natural plant extracts from aloe vera, gingko and rosemary. It does not use preservatives, fragrance, artificial colorings or alcohol that can irritate skin." Source: Continue Reading


Re: Help please - I have large pores and need help with foundation and primer!

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Before primer and foundation, I'd recommend addressing your concerns with skincare first. Continue Reading


Re: My first cast iron skillet

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Be sure to season your new skillet before using it and follow the care instructions for cast iron so it will give you years of use, and only get better as it ages. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone an Ina Garten fan?

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On 4/22/2014 faeriemoon said: On 4/22/2014 BeckiWV said: On 4/22/2014 JeanLouiseFinch said: I enjoy watching her cook, but the set-ups are always so contrived and scripted that it's a bit ridiculous. I'm not doubting that they love one another and enjoy their lives together, but that's also made me wonder how scripted the sweetness between Ina and Jeffrey might be. I was also disappointed when I read in this forum that she refused to grant a "Make a Wish" request to a sick child a few years ago. That has altered my opinion of her as a person. I believe I heard that Ms. Garten did not refuse... Continue Reading

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