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Re: WHOSE READY FOR SOME SKINN???????????????????

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On 3/30/2014 MissKlynn said: YIKES! I have two jars of the Reorganize Night Eye Balm and just used up the one in my bathroom so went to grab the one next to my bed and it's almost empty too! I thought I had plenty left and didn't plan to buy anything this weekend... WELL so much for that! I can't live without this stuff so I'm off to find a good kit with it... The eye balm is the best!! Running out of that would be as bad as running out of my wen! LOL Continue Reading


Re: QVC Japan - Winter Vanilla Mint

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On 3/24/2014 geezerette said: I have no idea what it says either, but judging from the photos of the other cleansing conditioners on the QVC Japan site, their labels look more like the Guthy-Renker products than what is sold on QVC here. I am with you on this one. When Chaz presented in London, the products were the GR style, probably due to international regulations, the same reason why Canada can only get the GR products. I am assuming its the same for Japan, so the WVM he is selling there is more than likely GR stock not the stuff he sold on Q or his own site. Continue Reading


Re: Newest commercials....featuring tattoos

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It's also in human nature to be mean and hateful, it does not mean we should do it. There is a big difference in having opinions about things and outwardly passing judgement on others based on those personal opinions. Continue Reading


Re: Newest commercials....featuring tattoos

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I was raised with the principle that you should not judge a book by its cover. I would never hate on someone or be rude or intolerant to another human being based on their appearance, race or religion. Many different people get tattoos and for some its a form of expression, others it may be decorative. To assume that a person with a tattoo is either a criminal, a gang member, or somehow immoral is no different than assuming someone is a criminal, a gang member or immoral based on their heritage or race. Continue Reading


Re: what ever happened to....

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Oops double post Continue Reading


Re: what ever happened to....

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Did not drop off the face of the earth :). I check in every once in a while to see what's new but do not post that often anymore. And no, am not off chatting in some break away group, just got very tired of all the drama that was happening it was getting to be less fun and more frustrating reading the posts. So may not be here or post that often, but do check in every once in a while to see what's going on. Continue Reading


Re: Spring Orange Blossom Available Now

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Probably going to pass on this one, have not had luck with the past spring and summer formulas, to drying for me, but was thinking of maybe getting the mist and oil. Was hoping that the spring scent would have more of a sweet orange oil scent and not so much floral. Not a fan of floral, so do not think I will be getting any this time. Will now wait for summer peach! Continue Reading


Re: Major Clogged Drain From Wen

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I have used wen on my hair everyday for three years, husband also uses it. Never have had an issue with our drains. And using the wen cleansing conditioner my very baby fine hair is always clean and never weighed down or coated with anything. Continue Reading


Results from the Shea Terra Mud Poo

Last Reply by HonnyBrown 1393622004.583 | Started by Denise from Canada in WEN

So, I received my Clementine scented Mud poo from Shea Terra Organics. First you have to shake the bottle vigorously for like 3 to 5 minutes to get the mud mixed off the bottom of the bottle. I wet hair thoroughly added like 7 pumps of the mud poo which smelt very much like a clementine, then scrubbed into hair like I would my wen, let sit for 5 minutes. Then rinsed, and rinsed, and rinsed and rinsed! I have short hair and I think I rinsed for 10 minutes! My hair did not feel at all nice and slippy clean and light like with wen. It felt coated still after all the rinsing. I can not imagine an... Continue Reading


Re: Is anyone using Wen everyday?

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Yes, I cleanse daily, sometimes twice a day depending on work and working out schedule. I have very fine short hair and it has just enough natural curl to create wild bed head in the morning. My hubby says I remind him of one of our polish hens, ( fancy chicken with big fancy hair do). So I do cleanse everyday just because of that and I also like the feel of fresh clean hair every day. Continue Reading

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