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Re: Clarifying Shampoo + ReMoist = Heaven!

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On 9/12/2014 HonnyBrown said: On the surface, it does sound like hard water! The water report from our city doesn't indicate hard water, and I installed a filter on our shower heads when I moved in with DH. Also if it were the water, my hair wouldn't have brightened when I stopped using Pantene Curly. I also think my skin would have been affected. When I go snowboarding, the area where we stay has very hard water. I notice the effect on my skin right away. It was baffling! Chlorine in water can actually turn grey hair yellow. I do not recall my sister commenting at all that she noticed any s... Continue Reading


Re: Clarifying Shampoo + ReMoist = Heaven!

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On 9/12/2014 HonnyBrown said: KJPA and Denise, that's exactly how I use Wen: I massage it into my scalp well. I use my fingertip pads, go in a clockwise motion, then counterclockwise, then back and forth between my fingers. The better I like the scent, the longer I scrub. With Fig, I hold my breath. I use more than the suggested number of pumps for my hair, and I rinse, rinse, rinse. And rinse some more. It took close to ten months, but I still got build up on my scalp (Tea Tree no longer tingled) and hair (my grays were yellowed). It happened so gradually that I didn't put two and two togeth... Continue Reading


Re: Daily Cleansing

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I cleanse every day as well, with my short baby fine hair, I look like a rooster when I wake up. Plus I work out every morning and I do live on a farm so depending on the daily tasks, I get two showers a day, so I wen twice a day. There is no way I could go through the day with my bed head or work out hair and I am not hitting the sheets with barn hair either. :) Continue Reading


Re: Clarifying Shampoo + ReMoist = Heaven!

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On 9/12/2014 KJPA said: I'm going to post this for newer users in case they read this thread and think the only way to get rid of buildup is to use shampoo. I'm not saying for any particular person that might not be true. We all have different hair/skin/needs/etc. But when I cleanse with anything I always scrub my scalp. Not harshly but I use my fingernails to lightly scrub all over my scalp and it feels great! Honestly, I've never had a buildup with Wen other than maybe the first week or so I was learning how to use it ;) It's now been 6 months without any other shampoo/treatments other than... Continue Reading


Re: wen for men.....latest info from Dooters

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I personally love the idea that there is a mens cleanser and body wash coming out, and so is my wen loving husband. As the regular scents go, there really isn't a " manly " scent. Tea tree is unisex but the others do really fall more under a scent women would buy, they are all fruity or floral. My hubby is excited for a good scented CC for himself but so am I, there is nothing more yummy than a great smelling man!! Continue Reading


Re: Wen Chat - September

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Thanks ladies, it is crazy, I have never seen snow like this in September, maybe late October! It was so hot on the weekend I had the air on, and now it's furnace and sweaters. Almost broke out the WVM this morning seeing it looked like winter, but I am holding on to summer so it was SHP all the way! :) Continue Reading


Re: Wen Chat - September

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It might be September and still summer but half of my province got a huge dump of snow yesterday, last night and still snowing this morning! It looks and feels like December out side, 5 inches of snow, we have over 20 trees down due to the snow weight on the foliage and my garden is under mounds of snow. Used some SHP this morning, closed my eyes and pretended it was still green, I was out in a tank and shorts mowing yard on the weekend, this morning I was in my winter boots! Crazy weather!!!! In a few days back to my summer temps! :) Continue Reading


Re: So glad Fall Ginger Pumpkin came back!

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On 9/7/2014 BExplorer said: Denise, how do the three fall scents compare in moisture for your hair? I have an issue with using the seasonals on a regular basis as I find most dry my hair out, but I can use some of them a few days a week in a row with good results. SHP is top of list, very very moisturizing, WVM comes in second, then the fall scents, FAS then FGP. Those are the only seasonals I have been able to use on my hair, the others are to drying, including the new fall pear scent. Continue Reading


Re: So glad Fall Ginger Pumpkin came back!

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On 9/6/2014 HappyDaze said: I'm happy for all the FGP lovers! Thanks Happy! I know your not a fan of the FGP, but you can do the happy dance next summer, when SMC & SHP come back :) must admit getting some more SMC mist is something I am looking forward to! Continue Reading


So glad Fall Ginger Pumpkin came back!

Last Reply by susan25 1410219074.883 | Started by Denise from Canada in WEN

I have always been a fan of this fall scent and am so glad it came back! I also love the FAS but had stocked up last fall so was not short on that formula this season. I was really hoping FTP was going to be right up there in a warm fall scent and performance but it has fallen short on both. The fruity Pear does not even whisper fall to me and it is the least moisturizing of all the fall scents so far. The only thing that has kept the bottle I have from being gifted to someone is that I actually like having a bit of the Pear scent mixed with the FAS or FGP, guess I have to add my own warmth t... Continue Reading

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