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Re: Tree Recall

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I didn't get the old stand and then have recalled again but am waiting for my refund, still. I did get a message from another QVC customer that said they are going to the CPSC- Consumers Product Safety Commission about how this has been handled. I would prefer to stay out of that part of it but will follow suit if my credit is not resolved soon. They said they would fax me a form to fill out and fax back but I don't have a fax and my husbands company is in middle of getting a new server and their fax is over/through server. I can't just go to hotel and pay for them to recieve it as there ... Continue Reading


Re: Tree Recall

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Yeh, I am glad your done with this and can move onto enjoying the season and not worrying about a return. Its not as if we spent $20 on the tree! I talked to Corporate again today and they say they still don't have my package. This is so darn frustrating. Everyday I check and when they talk to me they say they "hope this week they will find it". What does that mean? Do they have piles of stuff? Totally losing patience and so disappointed in the Q!! Continue Reading


Re: Tree Recall

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I am still waiting. I sent my cord to a lady at corporate, she has been super kind and when I told her about them using the wrong address to send me my package she told me what to do. This I think is week two though since I have sent it back. I am expecting a credit on my items any day that are on easy pay. I bought the tree in good faith, its been fully paid for and now I expect QVC to live up to all their talk and in timing that doesn't leave families waiting and waiting. I am so glad for you that have had this resolved already. Everyone have a Merry Christmas! Continue Reading


Re: Tree Recall

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This is very bad service. I haven't gotten my package yet and have gotten mail already today. I have this tree in a retail store and am not able to turn lights on. Anyone who asks I am going to start saying that I purchased it from QVC and they have yet to help me with the problem but to tell me to not plug it in. This is terrible service, I wouldn't have customers left if I treated them like we are being treated with this tree! Continue Reading


Re: Tree Recall

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Bethlehem Lights 7.5 ft prelighted tree. I got an automated call last night and it said a packet was being mailed to me with my "options", I called customer service back to check what those "options" might be and they said they didn't know and that knowone there would know. Thats nuts for them to think we believe them- that none of them know any details! Continue Reading


Re: Tree Recall

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Yes, I am assuming a month or so too. Again, not happy about it and if they were thinking ahead they would set this as high priority and then also send a good gesture to all of us that are being affected. Keeping the tree that doesn't work to me is nothing, I am going to get rid of it. Its of no benefit to me. Continue Reading


Re: Bethlehem Christmas tree problem

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I posted on tree problem about my call to Corporate office about the recall and what they will do for us. Continue Reading


Re: Tree Recall

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The QVC Corporate office called me back about the Recall. They said the instructions coming to us are very specific but we will be asked to send back the cut off cord. You will NOT be asked to send the tree back so if you want to take lights off or just put other lights on it then you can do that. The foot petal they are talking about is the round one, not the oval one. She said once they get cord back they will issue a full refund and she thought that would include the shipping charges. I was happy they got back to me and still not thrilled we can't take care of this faster but it is so... Continue Reading


Re: Tree Recall

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Sure, they need to understand that we do know things happen but its in how well you do to fix what the problem is.....asking people to wait and having no answers is not good for them at all. And to tell me to just unplug it and go buy another tree, do they have an extra $450 sitting around to just buy another tree? I don't. Continue Reading


Tree Recall

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I know there is another post for this but we need to keep it at the top to get somethings resolved with this. I posted on the other thread but am a retail store with the tree up currently. I need resolution right away. Either a new tree shipped to me or my money refunded. I must have a tree. I left a message at QVC Corporate office and will let you know if they contact me back or not. Continue Reading

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