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Re: Is powder foundation better for breakout prone skin?

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This is so specific to you, what will break you out. The original bare minerals foundation breaks me out, but only within the lasy five or so years, maybe try the matte formula as it is missing a key irritating acne causing ingredient. Best to avoid fragrance and oil, in all face products. Avoiding fragrance is hard to do, but it is a must if breakout prone. If I were you, Id go into a sephora and a bigger department store. Say you are shopping for a new foundation, a liquid foundation. That you are breakout prone. You want samples, and you want enough of a sample to really try the product ou... Continue Reading


Re: How do you get SPF close to the eye?

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On 5/3/2013 FlowershopGirl said: My eyes are very sensitive and the only thing that has a sunscreen in it that I can use around the eye area is the BE mineral foundation and summer bisque concealer. The issue with using makeup as the only source of SPF, especially in the case of mineral foundation and bisque, is that you need to use so much of it for it to be effective at that. I mean a lot, like you look way overdone. I never understood SPF in makeup, it is deceptive, a lot of women think that it is enough. Have you tried physical sunscreens instead of chemical sunscreens? An example of a c... Continue Reading


Re: How do you get SPF close to the eye?

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My issue with spf around the eyes is irritation and stinging. Chemical sunscreens burn when they get in the eye from sweating. Sometimes the chemical ingredients burn the skin. Better to use a physical sunscreen around the eyes. Since I discovered the neutrogena baby sunblock (a physical sunblock), I have no desire to purchase a chemical sunscreen again. My derm recommended the neutrogena baby sunblock, pink on the tube, it has a really high spf, like 50 or 70. Very gentle. Other brands make physical sun blocks. Continue Reading


Re: Future of BE ??

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On 4/19/2013 jewel3 said: It seems that if we hear something negative we so easily believe that rather than considering whether there is a good reason to include an ingredient. If bismuth irritates your skin, Se the matte formulation that doesn't contain that. My skin looks better with the bismuth so I will stick to the original.big corporations exist solely because they make products people want to buy and they are not trying to cheat, screw their customers, etc by sneaking in inferior ingredients. It would be counter productive. The ingredient enthusiast is an aesthetician. I am aware of th... Continue Reading


Re: Ready 8.0 Neutral

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Ooh, I want that one too. I want them all! Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone get their Beautifully Brilliant A-D...

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I love my 2nd shipment, except the blush, looks orange on me, and orange is not a good color for me. I like everything else though, the pale grey shadow has me a little thrown, I like it better with the medium grey from the first quad. What does one do with a color like this, in this color arangement? I cannot figure out a way to make that pale grey look good with aything aside from other shades of grey. Any tips on how to use it without looking like a corpse? Continue Reading


Re: Future of BE ??

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On 4/18/2013 depglass said: An ingredient enthusiast? Unsubstantiated rumor as far as I'm concerned. Name the ingredients and I will believe it. My original foundation has not changed at all as far as I'm concerned. Bismuth Oxichloride is one I know of, off the top of my head. It is an inexpensive ingredient KNOWN to cause skin irritation such as an itchy face and breakouts, yet they put it in there anyway. Why? It is cheap. Last edited on 4/19/2013 Continue Reading


Re: Anyone over 60 using bare minerals?

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Id say the makeup you use really depends on your skin type. If you have dry skin, you won't do yourself any favors by using a powder, no matter what age you are, even with a primer. Just being honest, I know that might not be a popular statement. Id look for a cream or liquid, if dry, even a wax which can be found in makeup artistry brands. Getting lines, and even dare I say wrinkles (sorry:(, probably best to get something hydrating to plump all that up, again a cream or liquid. Now if your skin is still looking pretty crinkle free, and you are oily as in oily all over (even cheeks) which is... Continue Reading


Re: Sooo glad I didn't cave to NAKED; BE has 7 Ways to Bare!

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On 4/14/2013 LovemyBE said: Enjoy your kit Karen! I got mine last week and love it. Absolutely beautiful colors they chose to make this kit. Cute box too, with a drawer alot like the Vision in Velvet box. I also have the UD Naked 1 palette. Hmm. Are many of them matte? I am trying to build up my matte collection and it is not easy! Continue Reading


Re: Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadow 8.0 The Power Neutrals!! New

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On 4/18/2013 Sea BEauty said: On 4/18/2013 quesolvr said: Am I crazy, are they mostly matte shades? In the pictures it looks like only 2 are shimmery. If there are only 2 shimmers, Im buying this and the tsv probably. It is always hard to see the real thing with the Q's pictures quesolvr. They are not in HD. The colors look amazing, and they look like more mattes than shimmers. Yay!!! I know, their pics drive me crazy. On more than one occasion Ive ordered something based on the picture, and when I opened the package, thought "I recieved the wrong color". Continue Reading

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