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Re: Hey,I'm Talkin' Here!

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Happy Easter,Happy Pesach and Love to all. How do you eat your chocolate bunny? Head first,or ? Meowylove from Lola and moi Continue Reading


Re: Hey,I'm Talkin' Here!

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My usual grocery store has a Senior Discount day (5% off the whole tab) and it is a traffic jam of motorized carts and trikes! Toss in the kids' carts like giant plastic toys and you really have to keep your eyes on the road,oops,aisle. Meow love Continue Reading


Re: Hey,I'm Talkin' Here!

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Hey Di--nope,never got to The Hub,sadly, but I was a regular at The Cellar dance club and later,Dugan's Bistro,with that zinc dance floor,such fun. I am better off being on my own two feet,without skates,skis,or other moving and rolling things!! Dance on! Continue Reading


Re: Hey,I'm Talkin' Here!

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Hello Beauties, A "sister" cat-lover pal of mine told me a cute kitty story: she asked her vet why the cat's whiskers were so long; the vet said "A cat's whiskers are as wide as the cat." Beep-beep... This winter has been so dry that makeup looked more like "flake-up" so for most of the time,I just slathered on moisturizer and only wore mascara (of course!) and guess what? My skin is happier with no stuff on and it's easy to get accustomed to the idea of really au naturel no-makeup look. Fast,too especially when a certain divine cat requires breakfast ASAP. Love to all and mellow melting,we h... Continue Reading


Re: Hey,I'm Talkin' Here!

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SKORTS oh my,oh my--we wore those when we were kids and I recall the panties were more like bloomers of old. Di,are they going to be cool enough in that AZ heat? Be forewarned though,Di because some coach will want to sign you up for a softball team if they see you bopping around in your skorts and ponytail!!! love to all from Moon Face Argyll (no need for "fillers" with my plump au naturel) Miss Lola sends her meowy love too xoxo Continue Reading


Re: Need a New Mascara!

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My favorite topic! L'Oreal Miss MANGA is very nice and a drugstore dupe for Lancôme Hypnose Star. Urban Decay PERVERSION is a new one from them and it is excellent. Smashbox makes some great ones too. (All of these mascaras have real brush applicators,not those annoying plastic wands.) Continue Reading


Re: Hey,I'm Talkin' Here!

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Dear Tinkerbell and welcome! The old thread name had "Thread Killer" in it and we all shared our Klutzy moments so the acronym stands for thread killer klutzes and we just like to ramble a bit and share some giggles,so please join in! Continue Reading


Re: Hey,I'm Talkin' Here!

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Kate,you are most welcome to join us; we are old shoe,no fuss but still send Thank You notes and encourage kindness and laughter wherever possible (and not at someone else's expense) so Hi to you and any other kindred souls who may wander onto this thread. Old friends--new name,that's all... 20 below at 6AM here: how are the other TKKs and NEW friends doing? xoxo meow Continue Reading


Re: Hey,I'm Talkin' Here!

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Morning to all and wow,it is mighty nippy out here in the frozen WI farmlands but we have lucked out big-time with just normal snowfall. I see the Arctic air has dipped way south so Di,has it cooled off for you and La Princesse Furbottom? Miss L is not out for long;just sits on the top step of the deck,checks out the birds,and then hustles back inside. Smart kitty. On a warmer,sunny day last week I banished cabin fever by doing some retail therapy: needed some new bras and scored some perfect-fitting Wacoal bras-hooray for The Girls--and then a tiny spree at Sephora to pick up the VIB birthda... Continue Reading


Hey,I'm Talkin' Here!

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OK TKKs- "our place" has a new name but the same friendly ambiance,with flattering lighting,comfy chairs and great food for thought cooked up by our Girl Genius Correspondents and a renewed commitment to Fun,Beauty,Truth,and LOVE (and our beloved fur friends) Here's to friends and happy days! Continue Reading

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