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Re: Hi I'm beauty junkie,thread killer!!

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WOW!! DesertFlowerDI--that was some dust storm!! I trust all is well for you and Princess Furbottom... Sock Return: If your washer is a top-loader,sometimes small stuff can get jammed under the rim or the base of the agitator so your missing sock finally un-stuck itself? My former washer,a Bosch front-loader,had a rocket-launcher high-speed spin cycle that could have spun the whole machine into space! Socks and small items used to get compacted into crevices so that I got into the habit of peeking into the tub to see if anything was plastered against the walls. Solved a few missing sock myste... Continue Reading


Re: Best Cleanser that's gentle but won't break the bank

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On 7/28/2014 LuvMyBoxer said: Dove Beauty Bar...white. I am so mad that I spent years and oodles of money on cleansers when this has been in my shower the whole time. I used it out if desperation when I ran out of cleanser. After two days, I realized I should have been using it all along. Another vote for DOVE beauty bar,basic white version. Softly cleans skin,leaves no residue,gentle on the eye-makeup removal. Great for all over cleansing. Continue Reading


Re: Hi I'm beauty junkie,thread killer!!

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Good morning to all TKKs,wherever they are- Di,the original name of Vitabath was Badedas; my dad used to travel to Germany often and he would bring back tubes of Badedas. Think it would be pronounced bah-da-dass? Somewhere along the way from the 50's it was rebranded to Vitabath. Love the stuff. Making the not-so-surprising discovery that not wearing any makeup other than mascara makes my skin very happy. It's been too summery for the stuff. Just a dusting of good old Mineral Veil and she's off! Been a very good girl by not getting tempted by all the sephora e-mail goodies. Those try-me sizes... Continue Reading


Re: Hi I'm beauty junkie,thread killer!!

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Hello to TKKs and fur friends- I shall try to figure out that post of pics thing; panther Lola and lion Orangey are just fine. Di,that closet-thinning-out project sounds familiar; I have done it with each move (many) and still the stuff adds up! Inspiring me to pull a few things out and see just what is what. LARoses,best of luck with your surgery. The recovery time is swift and the nurses will have you strolling about almost immediately. The lack of hormones is the big result so discuss this issue and of course,everything you can think of,with your doctor. Energy comes back faster the younge... Continue Reading


Re: Hi I'm beauty junkie,thread killer!!

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Bastille Day Bonjour to all TKKs- Welcome back SilverLining!! Glad that surgery went well and that your hospital experience was so terrific. Stay Well now! Miss Lola went to the vet on Friday for her neutering and she is doing very well--a Free Kitty Girl!! Mr.Orangey is still her buddy and they like to sit together on the deck or in the grass,like a panther and a lion,surveying the landscape- very cute. MeowPowerLove from the green jungle of WI xoxoxo Continue Reading


Re: Hi I'm beauty junkie,thread killer!!

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Good Meow Morning to all- Lola is sending her MeowLove to all her TKK Kitty Pals and Thanks! She is a quick study and I swear she's channeling Miss B's Tips&Tricks Handbook; Lola has moxie and likes to be wherever there's FOOD going on so yes,Di,I predict she will like chicken. She digs roast beef and ham deli meats,butter and cheese,potato chips,peanut butter!,and more taste discoveries to follow. Even old OrangeyBoy seems to be getting less skittish and even ventures inside a bit further inch by inch. They are very cute buddies and we are thrilled to have them running the show around he... Continue Reading


Re: Hi I'm beauty junkie,thread killer!!

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Greetings to all TKKs and a special hello to those TKKs who aren't feeling so swell; you are missed! The Universe has spoken and gave me a new kitty! Mr.Orangey,the feral tomcat,brought his girlfriend to us (oh,these older guys with young sweet things!) She is a tuxedo kitty with an adorable spot of white on her mouth and we have named her Lola,and she does indeed get whatever she wants. She is very socialized,cuddly,and prefers being a house-kitty. Orangey understands and they still hang out together; he likes being an outdoorsman,I guess. Lola has instantly adapted to inside snoozing and s... Continue Reading


Re: Hi I'm beauty junkie,thread killer!!

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On 6/26/2014 Desertdi said: So......the bank teller said to me today, "Why don't you use the drive-up window?" And I said, "Maybe because I can't even reach the drive-up mail slot at the post office." Sometimes, I wish people wouldn't be so "helpful"................. Petite Panther Power!! Being a basic 5'4 person,LOTS of things are awkward to reach,so I am with you Di!! Yesterday,I used an ATM at a local bank; it's outside,just past the drive-up window,and it's hard to reach from a car! Crazy...therefore, if you want to use the ATM while on foot,you'll be in the path of any vehicle that is ... Continue Reading


Re: Hi I'm beauty junkie,thread killer!!

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And I bet you looked just great,,a little mascara and under eye concealer,lip something and that's all folks for a normal day. I am very pleased with the Yes to CC cream w/SPF18 and a tiny bit of color--perfect and simple. Love to all TKKs xoxoxo Continue Reading



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HOORAY for YOU and continued good health!! Continue Reading

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