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Re: Hi I'm beauty junkie,thread killer!!

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Good Monday Morning to the fabulous TKKs! Would you believe--SNOWSHOWERS right now and overnight there was some snow too--enough to stick for a few hours!! Sigh....xoxoxo to all Continue Reading


Re: Hi I'm beauty junkie,thread killer!!

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Hi TKKs-- It's FINALLY warmed up here a bit! Talking Pet and a buddy of his are going for a motorcycle spin and so begins TP's Happy Season... Orangey showed up for a meal,looking a bit bedraggled,sad to say,but he's here still! Poor guy,has a few scabs on one ear. Wish he would let us patch him up. Sigh.... BJ,I also have "floaters" which initially freaked me out but I have just adapted to them; also have potential eye issues but so far,so good,according to my eye doc. Good luck with your health in general,dear BJ. DorothyToo!!! So glad to see you back home with us and sharing your darling f... Continue Reading


Re: High End Lipstick: Any Recs? Guerlaine, Chanel, YSL, Dior, Tom Ford, Burberry...

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Chanel,Dior,and Lancôme all make the most glorious colors and several different formulas so go play and have fun--Happy Birthday,Beauty! Also must add: Estée Lauder makes a million shades and the case is very pretty! Continue Reading


Re: Hi I'm beauty junkie,thread killer!!

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Poisson d'Avril mes amis! That's what the French call April Fool's Day;the gag is to stick a paper fish on someone's back for laughs. Innocent fun. The weather here is no joke--windy and chilly--brrrr. Just thinking of short-shorts,Di, makes me wish it would warm up here SOMEDAY!! Woodpecker Wackiness: a while back,we had a woodpecker hammering away at a supporting post on the garage! He finally gave up when he realized (?) that it was dense,cured lumber and he wasn't getting anywhere--what a racket he made!! Orangey showed up for a meal on Sat. and promptly disappeared again. We all knew yo... Continue Reading


Re: Hi I'm beauty junkie,thread killer!!

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Well, my beauties, Bad Girl Confession: nice weather today,Talking Pet was going to do a Spring Shake-out ride,plus all-day basketball--soooo--Bad Girl went to Sephora with that hypnotic discount card and she went a tiny bit crazy,but not wickedly so...uh-huh...really,not too naughty but in light of my "I don't need anything" comment,so much for my will-power. Beastie,there was a sweet trio of Urban Decay pencils which flew into my little basket,oops! And I went off the wagon with some skin care items and mascaras,just to stash,of course! A new TOCCA perfume also leaped into the basket! How d... Continue Reading


Re: Hi I'm beauty junkie,thread killer!!

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Good Morning to all! Wildlife,WI style: watched a huge flock of wild turkeys this morning;it must be Boy meets Girl time because the guys were fanning out their massive tail feathers display and the girls were checking them out--must have been about two dozen birds--they are big birds!! Our old farm is in a valley,surrounded by old sandstone cliffs formed from being a lake a few million years ago. The animals love it here--no hunting and plenty of woods to live in and small streams to get a drink,old corn fields to nibble in,happy critters. Congrats,BJ,on the new Mac and dishwasher--use them ... Continue Reading


Re: Hi I'm beauty junkie,thread killer!!

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LOOPYLOVE--try ANASTASIA Beverly Hills eyebrow stuff. I just checked on Sephora and there are 2 possible matches for your beautiful brows: a caramel shade and an auburn shade. This a two-pan kit so it can be blended to suit. I also like Sephora's brow pencils and they come in a bunch of shades for red-hot redheads like YOU! xoxoxoxo Continue Reading


Re: Hi I'm beauty junkie,thread killer!!

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Thanks for the pat on the head,my lovely Di! xoxo Funny thing was,I noticed this problem when I was at my "local" (9 miles from me) cobbler leather and shoe repair place but I decided to do it myself because the cobbler gal--yes--gal--is a major chain smoker and I didn't want my purse to smell like cigarettes forever!! Figured I could do a decent job as a machine wouldn't have been able to maneuver this repair and I like a challenge. I did see a BB bag on HSN that was gorgeous,may just take your Official Petite Hottie OK and order it--like I need another bag,hah! xoxoxo to all TKKs-- Happy Fi... Continue Reading


Re: Rumor or Truth...Tarte Cosmetics sold

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I am certainly against testing products on animals for cosmetics but how far is one willing to go in maintaining their principles? Will you give up using petroleum-based products,like gasoline or using plastic? What about large-scale farms or damaging fishing practices? Clothing and products made in inhuman workshops? Like pulling a thread from a (sweatshop) made garment,soon it falls apart and all that's left is going back to a lifestyle that's hundreds of years in the past;growing and making everything one needs by yourself. Please don't get angry with this as I am in agreement on the anti-... Continue Reading


Re: Hi I'm beauty junkie,thread killer!!

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Hey DesertFlowerDi--a few posts back,we talked about BigBuddha handbags,you sweetly brought to my attention the great selection of them on HSN and you know I typed in that site ASAP and,oh,was I tempted!! Especially after I spent a tough hour or so repairing a BigBuddha bag that was only a few months in use and had stitches come apart along a tricky pleated seam!! OY!! I had to open up the lining and do some serious needle and threading through the thick vinyl faux leather--grrrr--it's fixed and invisible but,ouch,no fun to do. Do I deserve a new bag? Methinks I do! xoxoxo Continue Reading

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