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Re: Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh.

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You have such a good sense of humor...we have had wet and windy and yucky weather here in Kansas too...it is amazing the things we do to get by...I grew up in CT and the hurricanes always took out trees...well glad that you made it through all the yuck...take care! Diane Riley Continue Reading


Re: What is the Best Advice Your Mom Ever Gave You?

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My Mother taught me "You can get glad in the pants you get mad in..." her Pennsylvania Dutch interpretation of cheer up, stay Happy...happy is a choice...I choice to be happy even though I buy lots of pants...LOL! Continue Reading


Re: Share your Holiday Advice for a Chance to Win!

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My advice is to remember that it is about spending time with family and friends, and taking the opportunity to make and bake things that are easy...use your Kuerig, use the treats that are available in abundance, put out fruit...it is about the Reason For The Season...I try to use things around the house in a new way and to add to the festive feel put bows on plants, place greens around, try to be able to clean around things so you don't get overwhelmed. Smile, greet everyone with a cheerful Hello...put out your throws, stock up on cocoa, turn on your Duraflame...and watch the Christmas progr... Continue Reading


Re: I have a husband!!! Plus, Mother's Day...Lisa Rinna rocks!...battling chin hairs...peanuts at my wedding...and a lantern I bought on my honeymoon!

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Your wedding dress is dreamy and so is your "husband", and you always have interesting quips and quotes that I adore. I live vicariously through you...I am a little disabled, but love upbeat people, I seek them out. I think your idea of "Wonderful Wednesday" is a winner...I look forward posting. You and QVC has been my friend and family throughout the past few years, (many many surgeries) and lots of down time. But you have helped me furnish my home, dress really cute and comfortable, and got me outside to plant my garden. I love the food, kitchen stuff and Issac! Have a wonderful marriage, a... Continue Reading


Re: 'Tis the Season to Treat Yourself!

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Love your clothing line...especially the pants. I had to send back my last ones as they were too large so I have to figure out my new size. I have had several surgeries on my abdomen this year, and the pants feel so good on my belly. Keep making these flattering and comfortable styles for us 'blossoming" women...Diane Continue Reading


Re: Laura Geller Blog Chat Tonight at 9:00 pm ET!

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Oh I just love Laura...she is so down to earth and her makeup is so fresh and fun...you are such a nice host. I have been recuperating from three surgeries in three months so QVC is my social outlet. I am a kidney transplant and I encourage donors to step forward...but at least I am the best dressed, best smelling, (Philosophy), best made up, best cooking patient in town...thanks so much! Continue Reading


Re: Overtalking

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I think Susan Graver has wonderful styles, and I tolerate her rambling because I like her clothing. QVC needs to control her better. She talked so much one day they could not show the models, and I prefer to see the clothing on the models than watching Susan twirl around in her outfits. She acts like a 12 year old with ADD. Also, she has to comment on every color while the host is trying to let us know what is available...I would love to see a Susan Graver presentation without Susan Graver...just once! Continue Reading

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