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Re: I LOVE my new haircut

In Beauty Banter 1414206096.69

It's always great to get the perfect haircut. Good for you so enjoy your new look. Continue Reading


Re: Best NATURAL looking mascara that SEPARATES Lashes?

In Beauty Banter 1414163932.95

Give Aveda's Mosscara a try. It's my new favorite -- no clumpy and it conditions lashes too! Under $20. Continue Reading


Hi Beauties, What did you Purchase this past week ending 10/24/14???

Last Reply by dakotacheryl 1414236361.21 | Started by KatCat1 in Beauty Banter

Hi Beauties, I hope you had fun shopping. Come and share your purchases. Have a great weekend and week ahead. I purchased: Laura Mercier almond coconut milk body butter; essential oils and Zum essential oil room spray; My Pillow; and pullover sweater from D&Co. in wine color. Continue Reading


Re: Texturizing hair product ?

In Beauty Banter 1414124681.077

Control Paste by Aveda does the job. Does not weigh hair down, gives a piecey look. My hair is short / layers and I use it all the time. Best I have found. Continue Reading


Re: scientists found perfume makes you prettier/more attractive

In Beauty Banter 1414124234.773

Perfume will not change your looks; however, I know when I wear it I feel pretty. Scents that please you make you feel good inside. Continue Reading


Re: Where is Lisa going?

In Fashion Talk 1414113560.407

Only time will tell but I wish her the best in her endeavor. Continue Reading


Re: Need a new blush.....

In Beauty Banter 1414113224.503

Crème Cheek Colour by Laura Mercier. Long lasting and she offers free shipping with any purchase & 2 deluxe samples at this time. Continue Reading


Re: Review Lisa Rinna Poncho

In Fashion Talk 1414105947.483

Sounds like you found a winner -- good for you. I think Lisa has some very cute clothes but they tend to be a little pricey for what they are. However, she is no different than the rest of the designers over charging. I tend to always wait until something is marked down. Continue Reading


Re: Tarte Maracuja Oil vs. Josie Maran Argan Oil

In Beauty Banter 1414105056.66

If you decide on argan oil get the light because it will absorb faster. Maracuja oil absorbs more quickly == it's excellent for your scalp too balancing it out. I personally have used both own both but I like Marula oil for my face that I purchase from acure Organics. Continue Reading


Re: 60's Ladies........Come Join Us For October!

In Beauty Banter 1414036091.447

I'm back again. Helen, Thank you for the information on the "My Pillow." Gosh, I did not know that you hurt your foot. I sure hope you feel better soon. Try to take it easy tomorrow and especially over the weekend. It's best to rest a foot injury by staying off of it as much as possible. Take care. H2be, Let me know how you like your "My Pillow." I bought the standard one from QVC. Helen loves hers which is good to know. If I end up loving it, I may purchase another. actually My Pillow has a TSV a week from this coming Tuesday on the Q. Good Night for good now, I p... Continue Reading

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