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Re: Thread for those who choose to be Silver Foxes

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Hooty, what a beautiful photo (hair cut & color). Her hair looks healthy. The worse thing to see is when some women over color their hair & it turns to straw. Her hair color does not make her look older like so many women think gray hair does. You see her pretty face, eyes & features & beautiful hair. Sweet Susie, I had my hair cut very short & let the gray grow in. It did not take long. I now wear my hair in short layers (not as short as when the gray was growing in) but it looks pretty with the different shades of gray & the dark brown that is left. I li... Continue Reading


Re: Who has a great blue mascara?

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Navy blue mascara by Estee Lauder or try Laura Mercier. Continue Reading


Re: does your Target carry SheaMoisture?

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Yes, they do. I was in Target this morning. They also have some other new brands one of which begins with an "L. The prices are higher $30. They have Sonya K. fragrance & lotions too. I ended up purchasing something by Boots No. 7 Organic line. Continue Reading


Re: Thread for those who choose to be Silver Foxes

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I actually receive compliments from my hair stylists to never color my hair again. I think it's bout 5 years now that I decided to stop coloring & my hair is salt & pepper & I wear it in short lers. It's easy care which I prefer. I love my hair & looking at myself in the mirror at the real me plus my hair is healthy. Continue Reading


Re: Makeover Monday Meets Transformation Tuesday!

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Some of the names do not go with the right people. Who did that? Continue Reading


Re: Baking Soda as exfoliant -- how to do it and would it be o.k. for sensitive skin?

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I use alba Botanica Hawaiian facial scrub with pineapple enzyme. It is very gentle. I exfoliant only once per week as my skin is sensitive. I have used baking soda mixed with water made into a runny paste or 2 T lemon juice, 2 T sugar & 2 T honey is also a great exfoliator. Continue Reading


Re: What beauty item would you not purchase again?

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On 4/22/2014 Lanikins said: After many years of using Purity, I am done. It really doesn't do anything different than I can get at a drugstore. Totally agree. I can sting my eyes for much less. Purity would always sting my eyes and felt a light film on my skin using it. Moved on to much better products for less. Continue Reading


Re: 60's ladies and all ages come and chat for April....

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Hi Ladies, We are back to Spring weather mid 50's, low 60's which is fine with me because I do not need the air conditioning. Sun is shining so I am going out to run a few errands & make spaghetti with Italian sausage for dinner& clean today. Oh, I won $6 at Bingo on Sat. night. It's not much but it's a start! Continue Reading


Re: Please Advise.. So many do's and don'ts regarding face sunscreen

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alba Botanica has very, very nice sunscreen products. They carry for body & also facial sunscreen & carry both physical & chemical. I used last year and I was very pleased. No white film, under $10 & good ingredients. Check out at My skin tends to be sensitive & I did not have any problems. Continue Reading


Re: What beauty item would you not purchase again?

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Mineral powders - not at my age; Olay products - I had terrible allergic reaction to their skincare; and Benefit Cosmetics - Cute names, cheap products. Continue Reading

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