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Re: QVC going out of the jewelry business?

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During the holidays, the Q likes to push big price electronic items. I wish they did offer some jewelry shows like Jai & Michael Dawkins. I am sure a lot of husbands would be interested in jewelry shows especially since their wives watch the Q. Continue Reading


Re: WHY WHY WHY don't you put the Perricone on the face of someone

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One thing I noticed is none of the hosts nor Dana look extremely young with his products. Save your money for plastic surgery as that will make difference not these creams that are outrageously priced. Now that you mentioned it, I don't think any of the skincare vendors do demonstrations. Continue Reading


Re: Applying lotions and creams to back - what's your solution?

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I use an old wooden spoon that is smooth with a long handle. Works like a charm. I use for lotions or when I am sick for Vicks. Continue Reading


Re: Using Up My Creams & Serums!!!!!

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virgosun, I agree with you that all these different products do one thing -- soften the skin. I do not spend $$$ on facial creams or serums as I never believed in them. I guess when I heard on TV years ago that drugstore vs. expensive is basically the same, I never invested in the $$$ products. I found my HG in a facial cleanser after liking many but this product really cleans my skin and does minimize the look of pores. It's Neutrogena Pore Refining facial wash. When I take a cotton ball with witch hazel on my skin after washing, there is no trace of makeup. I never experienc... Continue Reading


Re: Which Makeup Items Do You Splurge On?

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I splurge on foundation and/or tinted moisturizers and also lipsticks. Continue Reading


Re: Tyra Banks

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=On 10/16/2014 F1wild said: Her mascara and lippy products look good. I had a feeling she would launch a product line, especially after getting her Harvard business degree! Tyra did NOT graduate from Harvard. She took some cla-sses in the Owner/President Mgt. Extension Program at Harvard. I like Tyra but she has a way of exaggerating her accomplishments. She is a smart business woman but not a Harvard grad. Continue Reading


Re: 60's Ladies........Come Join Us For October!

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Hi Ladies. Helen, Next time I make the veg/beef soup, I will put a can of V8 in. With the beef bouillons and Gravy Master, & seasonings, I did have enough flavor but V8 sounds like a great addition. Loves, Come on over, there is plenty of soup. I did freeze some and I am going to give my neighbor a big bowl. Mocha & RetRN, come on down!! There is plenty of soup. Perfect day for it. High 50's, sunny, the perfect fall day. Does anyone know if QVC will have another 5 easy pay day before Christmas? I am curious. Thank you. Continue Reading


Re: 60's Ladies........Come Join Us For October!

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Hi Ladies, My homemade vegetable beef soup is on the stove simmering. I will freeze some and eat some for a few days. I use stewed tomatoes (1 can), fresh carrots & potatoes, onion and add some beef bouillon cubes and 1 bag frozen mixed vegetables and of course, cut up beef chuck in cubes and season with salt & pepper & a little Gravy Master for color. I always brown the meat w/onion first in a little bit of oil. What happened to a soup green? My mother always used one for her soups. I also used Soup Starter but cannot find it on the shelves any longer. Don't... Continue Reading


Re: Poll: What's Your Beauty Obsession?

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Lipstick. I am always looking for the perfect shade. Continue Reading


Re: Get Lisa back

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I believe that QVC should send different hosts to the special events in Italy, California, etc. and not place all the focus on one person. I think Lisa is a great host but she held the spotlight for a long, long time. It's her decision to move on and try something new. Hopefully, we will see her again. Continue Reading

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