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Re: Need help with basic cosmetics, please.

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I hope you are feeling better. Maybelline Lash Discovery is very nice if you want great length and no clumping. almay also has nice mascaras. Both are at the drugstore. For a concealer, I like Secret Concealer by Laura Mercier. It's $23 I think. Check out Bobbi Brown for an eye brow pencil or Laura Mercier. You want a pencil that stays on so sometimes it's best to spend a little more money than the drug store. Continue Reading


Re: 60's Ladies........Come Join Us For October!

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Good Morning, Ladies. I had to turn the heat on early this morning to take the chill out. The leaves on the tree outside my window are all gone. I am wondering if we will have an early winter. My "My Pillows" will be delivered today so I need to stay home to wait for UPS. I plan on making spaghetti w/meat sauce. I actually purchased an organic sauce w/basil from Target to see what it tastes like and I will add a little cooked ground beef to it. Mocha, Nice photo of your Dad. I like the way men and women dressed in the 40's. My mother had fox... Continue Reading


Re: QVC Shipping????

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The Q uses UPS as an option for shipping. They have never used UPS/USPS to my knowledge. I believe HSN does use the mix. Continue Reading


Re: Does this mean I now have dry skin?

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Give "Simple" a try. Sold at the drugstore. I received a sample of the Replenishing moisturizer and it is very nice. Light, absorbs quickly, hypo-allergic, etc. I actually was pleasantly surprised with this moisturizer. Continue Reading


Re: Rennee Zellweger

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The day the picture was taken of Renee she did not have much makeup on. No, she did not look the way she did when she was younger but you could tell it was still her (at least I could). The second picture I saw of her, her eyebrows her darker. Everyone ages differently. I recently saw a picture of Demi Moore and her daughters. If Demi would have been alone, I would not have recognized her. Everyone changes with age and some more than others. Men especially can really look different with age. Continue Reading


Re: I think these two women...

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I am not familiar with these two women as I seldom watch HSN but at that age you should look good. If you did not bake in the sun (especially your face) you should still be attractive. I think women are attractive at any age. If you take care of your appearance, that is, a little makeup and nice clothes, you should feel young & look young even if your hair is gray! Continue Reading


Re: I love this new foundation

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No, I don't but quite a few women on this board love his foundation. If you have a chance test out Laura Mercier's new Fluide foundation. It's like a second skin, oil-free, med. coverage. Continue Reading


Re: Eye puffiness gone! A possible culprit???

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I am surprised you did not mention eating everyone out of house & home when you are on steroids. I gained quite a bit of weight from 70 mg of steroids when I was in the hospital at the beginning of the year. as far as your eye cream. There was no such thing when I was growing up. Cosmetic cos. have to keep coming up with new products. I have used eye creams but now I just use my moisturizers as you want to keep the area hydrated. Believe it or not, Vaseline is excellent for under the eye area as it keep the skin taut. Continue Reading


Re: O/T anyone here use yahoo email?

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NO problems with Yahoo mail for me. I just opened my mail up but from time to time it will shut down and I receive a message. It does not happen often and it usually does not last long. Continue Reading


Re: 60's Ladies........Come Join Us For October!

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Good Morning, Ladies. I thought I would start this morning with a very easy jello recipe that my Mother made for us every Christmas. Christmas Jello One large box Lime jello One large Red Delicious apple chopped in small cubes with skin left on 1/2 cup or more of chopped walnuts Prepare jello according to directions, let set and add the apples & walnuts. I use a Christmas tree jello mold but you can use whatever you like. Serve with whipped cream or your favorite cream topping. Fancy, My sweater arrived late yesterday. It was almost ... Continue Reading

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