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Re: BIxby TSV

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I think once it arrives and I try it on the ring & middle fingers, I will figure it out. This is my first Barbara Bixby piece. Excited to get it! Continue Reading


Re: Jai John Hardy Elephants

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I like elephant but I won't be purchasing. What is with the vendor and all his talking? I had to change the channel. He is non stop. Cut him off the caffeine, please. Continue Reading


Re: Pat Really Shines....

In Jewelry Talk 1422813857.213

I like Pat but I thought she should have kept her comments to herself about Michael D. having one show. It was in poor taste. Continue Reading


Re: Bixby Chat

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What's not to like? Her designs are exquisite! I caved and purchased the TSV in Iolite. Can't wait to get it. I wish Barbara would offer more affordable pieces in bracelets, rings, etc. I love the new bracelet that went with the TSV (the use of two different gem stones, the twisting of the sterling silver) the bracelet is beautiful. I love her signature necklace too. Have you ever seen her website? OMG! This lady is so talented. Thank you, Barbara, for the TSV and all your beautiful designs. Continue Reading


Re: I love it!!!!

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The TSV is stunning and wish Barbara would offer more affordable pieces. Her jewelry designs are exquisite but pricey for a lot of women, including me. That goes for the other designers, lower the prices, please. It has been fun watching the shows. Continue Reading


Re: ANTONELLA is going to be the HOST to go to ITALY!!

In Jewelry Talk 1422813245.737

How appropriate. She is Italian and I know she must be over the moon about it. Continue Reading


Re: I like jewelry as much as anyone, but almost 20 hours???

In Jewelry Talk 1422813088.957

Change the channel. I am enjoying it although not watching everything. QVC does the all day with fashion too so this is nothing new and this event was on last year. Continue Reading


Re: Disappointed w/Michael Dawkins Show

In Jewelry Talk 1422812921.003

Michael is no different than any of the other vendors. Look at the prices of Barbara, Judith and Jai. I think there could have been more easy pays. I believe that all the jewelry designers need to design to offer lower prices on more of their pieces. Continue Reading


Re: Remember the Vidal Sassoon shampoo from the late 70s early 80s?

In Beauty Banter 1422812318.857

Yes, I remember it and used it. The scent was a winner. Continue Reading

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