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Re: is anyone watching Trish on HSN?

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Watching now. "Look at the Power" - that is what Trish is saying -- give me a break! How about lowering your prices??? Continue Reading


Re: Dennis (used to be Ojon now tweak'd)

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What I found interesting is his shampoos, etc. are being sold by Origins (see their website). Most of the vendors give you a line and some of the products are really good and others are not. His voice was a bit much to listen to for me. Continue Reading


Re: 60's Ladies~~~~Come Join Us For April!

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Good Morning, Beauties. It's another beautiful day. Low 70's and sunny so I have to enjoy it while it's here because next week it is cooling down. Not much going on today except Bingo in the early evening in our main community room. I may take a ride to Kohl's today or tomorrow as they have crew neck tee shirts for under $10. I believe they are $5.99 and I bought one last sale and it's really soft and a good fit. I don't like a lot of things Kohl's carries but I do like Intimate apparel, pj's, some tees, jeans, I think you have to pick and choose but then that is eve... Continue Reading


Re: Coconut Oil For Face

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I don't know anything about coconut oil but I do know that Marula oil is excellent for dry skin and absorbs quickly. For pore size, my suggestion is Pore Refining facial wash by Neutrogena. Give it 3 to 4 weeks to see results with pores & it never dries your skin. This is a suggestion so go with what makes you happy. Good luck. I use both products & purchase my Marula oil (under $20) at iherb.com. Continue Reading


Re: 60's Ladies~~~~Come Join Us For April!

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On 4/16/2015 Spammom372 said: KatCat1- You asked about Cindy. This is what I know, and I don't think her DH will mind if I share it. I hadn't heard from Cindy like I usually did.....and I knew something was wrong. On March 29th, I got an e-mail from her DH telling me she was in the hospital again. They were shopping, and her leg was hurting, so he took her to the ER. After he went home, the hospital called him to say they found Cindy on the floor. She was unresponsive and had no heart beat. They did CPR, and got her breathing again. He said she was in CCU and on a ventilator. Then, on Good Fr... Continue Reading


Re: 60's Ladies~~~~Come Join Us For April!

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Helen, You bring back memories. When I lived in San Diego, my girlfriend and I would take the ferry (before the bridge was built) to Coronado Island and we would go very early in the morning and sunbathe next to the hotel. By noon we would leave and run in the hot sand. Of course, we were only 19 or 20 years old. If any of you ladies need a water resistant jacket, there are "as is" Dennis Basso ones for $38 & change. It's a great price if you need a jacket with a detachable hood that is light & protects you from the rain. No one uses Balan... Continue Reading


Re: FYI ======== re: carolyn pollack

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On 4/14/2015 maryebrown said: Are they from the MINE that has been CLOSED for several Years ??? I am soooo sick of hearing "that story"...and the price gouging that's going on. The fact that the Q perpetuates it is nauseating ! You are too funny but so right. The story of the mine is closed is old and then you see over a thousands different pieces of sleeping beauty in a few days! No, her website offers all different stones, styles, etc. Continue Reading


FYI ======== re: carolyn pollack

Last Reply by jugtown 1429309658.5 | Started by KatCat1 in Carolyn Pollack

Carolyn's website is offering free shipping and she has several pieces marked down. Check it out. Continue Reading


Re: 60's Ladies~~~~Come Join Us For April!

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loves, I am not sure I could do the swing. Where are the colored hills located? Very unusual looking. I need to look at phones this week at Target to see what kind of deals they have on cell phones. My car insurance is due (2nd install.) so I have to watch expenses. It was absolutely beautiful today - almost 70 degrees, a light wind and now it is cooling down but still light out at 7:16 pm but not for long. Will someone tell me what happened to Cindy? I thought she had the flu and then she passed away. It's tragic. I extended my condolences earlier but I never knew ... Continue Reading


Re: 60's Ladies~~~~Come Join Us For April!

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Good Evening, Ladies. It was almost 70 degrees today. Sunny, but that cloudy & back to sunny. Not as much rain as predicted. I really need to get my tomatoes planted if I can find them now (may be too early). Today I did some cleaning and ran out to the grocery stores for a few items. I got back into reading a couple of weeks ago so I am on a roll now. Mocha, Love your flowers. Is that a white Iris? Very pretty. I guess I will watch DWTS tonight. Songs from Disney & animation which is always cute. Have... Continue Reading

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