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Re: What's Up with Ulta?

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Next year consider Burt's Bees for stocking stuffers. Look under Outlet as they have $2 almond hand crème, other items for $1, $2 & $3. Foot creams, moisturizers, shampoos, lipsticks. Check it out. Sorry that happened to you as you waited so long and they never informed you. You can also consider Aveda if you have a store near to you. They sell travel sizes in a bunch of products. I hope the New Year brings you much happiness and orders shipped in time! ha! Continue Reading


Re: Volumizing mascara

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ladylovesred, You are not alone. Mally's mascara looks horrible on -- clumpy, thick, no thank you and when she uses the models with the spider lashes that are so long, it's even a freak show. Now if I am going to spend money on mascara, I look at Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown & even Stila. However, I try to stay under $20 so I use Aveda and almay. Continue Reading


Zum is at Target!!!!!

Last Reply by Tissyanne 1419044343.097 | Started by KatCat1 in Beauty Banter

Zum is one of the best hand soaps I have ever used. NEVER dries your skin. I use it as hand soap and sometimes in the shower. Zum has many other products but I believe Target will only be selling the hand soap. You won't be disappointed. Continue Reading


Re: 50+ ladies- Will you rock a RED holiday lip this season?

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Possibly, as I purchased a brown/red lipstick and not sure how that will look but it can't be bad at least I hope not. It's from Laura Mercier's sheer collection called Tender Lips. I have so many lipsticks I need to stop buying any. I also tried a crayon looking lipstick by Burt's Bees and did that surprise me as it was very moisturizing. Continue Reading


Re: 60's (+/-) Ladies........Come Join Us For December!

In Beauty Banter 1419029108.48

Hi Ladies, Countdown to Christmas! I had lunch with one of my girlfriends today and then I had to make a return to Crate & Barrel so I went to the mall. Boy, that mall was busy. Cars everywhere. I had no problem making my return and picking up a French rolling pin as I find it much easier to roll out dough. Since Pottery Barn was next door, I decided to stop in. Glad I did. I bought a large Christmas tree in a pot with burlap wrapped around it and the tree had tiny, battery operated white lights and little pinecones. The tree was originally $135 and I paid $50. I wa... Continue Reading


Re: Beware: Shopping at Pottery Barn

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I have shopped at Pottery Barn for many years now. In the last few days I noticed a few pricing tricks of theirs. There was a lamp base I was considering that went on sale 2 days ago for $105. The next day the price was up and today the price is higher so I figure that's why they are offering free shipping as they are adjusting prices on many items but I certainly do not know which other ones or how many. I did notice that JJill was giving free shipping any order & 30% off. That's a first for them. I think that last year retailers did not do as well as expected and t... Continue Reading


Re: Laura Mercier samples: the best!

In Beauty Banter 1418958400.013

I love LM's products. I use her foundation, tinted moisturizer (change off), lipsticks, Invisible powder, and I have a couple of her eye shadows. More importantly, I love her body butter and spray fragrances. Yes, she does have great samples that you are able to select. Continue Reading


Re: A pimple at age 60

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Burt's Bees has a wonderful blemish stick that is a liquid that dries it up fast. Neutrogena has a skin color blemish sticks that also dries it up & covers and comes in different shades. I use both for milia. Yes, it's hard to believe we still get zits. I have not had regular zit but one under the skin kind & the milia. Never ending. Continue Reading


Re: 60's (+/-) Ladies........Come Join Us For December!

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Hi ladies, The choc. chip cookies are in the oven and smell soooooo good. The other day a chef on TV said if you increase the brown sugar your cookies will be chewy so the recipe called for 3/4 c sugar & 3/4 brown sugar. I used 1 c brown sugar and 1/2 sugar and the cookies are chewy. I will be taking to Bingo on Sat. night. Mocha, the fudge I made Sunday night but it lasts a couple of weeks in the refrigerator. I will take the remaining to Bingo again this Sat. I should give you the recipe it's called Fannie Mae fudge for a candy store here in the Midwest (supposedly their... Continue Reading


Re: Sonia Kashuk- difficulty finding items?

In Beauty Banter 1418932337.163

On 12/18/2014 vaccinia said: Have you checked online? Target has free shipping, so it wouldn't cost more than buying it at the store. ditto Continue Reading

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