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Re: New Laura Mercier fragrance: Verbena Infusion

In Beauty Banter 1397772444.88

The spearmint sounds interesting. I will have to test this one out. I hope LM's F&F event is soon. Does anyone know when her F&F event starts??? Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1397772301.193

I have to agree with you that the before & afters are awful. I know Benefit has a few good products but most of them are selling on their cutesy names. Continue Reading


Re: Foundation Primer

In Beauty Banter 1397739256.98

I use and really like Laura Mercier's Hydrating primer. She offers Hydrating, Normal & Oil Free primers. Keeps makeup on and good for my skin (keeps it hydrated). Nordstrom has a sale on right now (10% off) & free shipping. Continue Reading


Re: YOGURT discussions......This is a "no" brand for me......

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397664826.13

Fish? Yuk. I eat Chobani Greek yogurt. Ingredients are normal & they give 10% of profit to charities. Continue Reading


Re: 60's ladies and all ages come and chat for April....

In Beauty Banter 1397602508.513

I can't understand why my replies are being deleted but then I am not the webbie. Wishing all you ladies a wonderful evening. Continue Reading


Re: Salt/Pepper hair....w/faded highlights

In Beauty Banter 1397602199.613

You may want to try Blue Malva shampoo or conditioner by Aveda. If they still make Fanci Full rinse (sold at drugstore or Beauty supply) is a rinse that washes out with your next shampoo. Continue Reading


Re: OT walmart usa

In Beauty Banter 1397601904.423

Prices may vary depending upon where you live but I will check out on Wed. Thank you. Continue Reading


Re: What is the Best Lip Balm for Florida heat in June

In Beauty Banter 1397601728.783

eos lemon drop lip balm with SPF 15 (comes in the round yellow ball) Continue Reading


Re: Replacement for Urban Decay Cream to Powder Foundation

In Beauty Banter 1397583777.653

I can't believe UD cancelled that product as it has not been out that long. Go to Sephora or Nordstrom & check out Laura Mercier's products (quite nice) & great shades to choose from. Continue Reading


Re: Why do they lie?

In Beauty Banter 1397583451.78

I personally do not care for her or her products. Bye Bye Redness is a joke. I tested it out at ULTa and one coat does not cover redness. You would need quite a few coats. I don't find her to be sincere but that is my opinion. Continue Reading

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