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Re: I need a new hair dryer and flat iron suggestions please...

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I have BaByliss hair dryer. No frizz, static, dries hair quickly and you can find one for around $45 or $50. Travel hair dryer is $30. They do go up to over $200.00 but that is not necessary. Continue Reading


Re: 60's Ladies~We Hope You'll Join Us!

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Happy Friday! Sunny, a little humid and low to mid 80's (tomorrow 66) - so strange this weather. cottonball - I use to take acidolphillis (SP?) when taking antibiotics and eat yogurt. When I lived in California for 4-1/2 years, I learned all about healthy alternatives. California is way ahead in healthy eating, medicine alternatives and it eventually comes east. I found that out when I learned about essential oils but it took about 5 to 5-1/2 to get to Chicago. Mocha, I remember when I spent the summer in Biloxi, MS many years ago and after the rain, the stree... Continue Reading


Re: 60's Ladies~We Hope You'll Join Us!

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Good Morning, Ladies. <h1> Spammom, Thinking of you and hoping you are doing well. I am taking anti-fungal pills for the thrush which I believe is now gone but I have to finish the prescription. I was on antibiotics intervenously in the hospital plus pills for 2 weeks or more. One antibiotic that was extremely strong caused double vision and my joints became swollen plus insomnia (I was on that for one day). It felt like it cleaned my whole body out but not in a good way! Some medicine is scary especially when you have side effects.</h1> Helen, I am now tempted to... Continue Reading



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If Stila still carries it, they have a really vivid pink called Betsy in their lipstick balm line. Check Nordstrom or Stila, even ULTa. Nordstrom has it and it's $22. Continue Reading


Re: What is your favorite Marula Oil + other Oils?

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I use acure organics marula oil (under $20). It has balanced my skin (no dryness) and really diminished the look of fine lines. I have been using for over a year now. It absorbs quickly too. I use maracuja oil for my scalp & hair by tarte. Continue Reading


Re: Those massage chairs they have at nail salons

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Not a fan. I find them to be too intense/hard and not comfortable at all. They really need to be toned down so you could enjoy it. Who test marketed the chairs??? -- King Kong? Continue Reading


Re: I am a blush and lipstick addict, so.........

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On 5/26/2015 MIMA said: I think giving skin hair and eye color along with what your favorites are would be very helpful! I'm very fair/pink with green eyes, light brown hair with blonde highlights. I love Laura Geller's Ethreal Rose as blush. It's perfect and brightens my face and makes me look younger. My favorite lipstick is discontinued, so that won't be helpful to anyone. It is a nice pink with a bit of shimmer. I like the long lasting ones. I will be looking for ideas here. Thanks for starting this thread. You may like Baby Lips or Brown Sugar by Laura Mercier. Brown Sugar has a littl... Continue Reading


Re: I am a blush and lipstick addict, so.........

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My current two favorites are: Sheer Lip Color - Healthy Lips Powder Blush - Rose Petal (peachy-pink) both by Laura Mercier Continue Reading

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