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Re: How do I get the chlorine smell out of my swimwear - some what ot

In Fashion Talk 1406157350.217

Woolite and a touch of fabric softener should do the trick. Continue Reading


Re: Nordstrom-Fast Delivery, great packaging....love my new Lysse' Leggings

In Fashion Talk 1406157223.143

I can only add that their shipping is excellent. Nordstrom ships out quickly and I have my order in 2 days. Nordstrom knows the meaning of Customer Service. Continue Reading


Re: Vote Now to Guess About Susan Graver's Early Fashion Career!

In Fashion Talk, Susan Graver, Hosts & Personalities 1406157045.827

What I first noticed in these photos are the bigger shoulder pads. Reminds me of Dynasty show. Continue Reading


Shark Bite Tops

Last Reply by lovesrecess 1406161737.01 | Started by KatCat1 in Fashion Talk

What I have noticed about the shark bite tops is they make women's hips look bigger. Most of the tops fall just below the hip line. I can't understand women wanting bigger looking hips. It's also such a trendy look. I think it's cute on little girls 2 through 6 or 7 but not women. Has anyone else noticed the bigger hips look? Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1406156340.653

Don't watch it. It does not come around except once a year. I actually enjoy the Valerie Parr Hill shows. Continue Reading


Re: How much would you pay for a wedding dress?

In Fashion Talk 1406156032.017

I can be very practical and I was with my wedding dress. I purchased it at I.Magnin (remember that store)? I paid under $500. I really liked another dress but my parents were paying for it and I did not want to have them spend the money. It's a one day event. Some people have lots of money to burn so they don't care which is understandable. Continue Reading


Re: JM Matchmaker/LG Balance-n-Bronze/ other foundation recs

In Beauty Banter 1406152147.373

I have used matchmaker and although I liked it, it did start feeling too oily for me. Laura Mercier has one of the best tinted moisturizers around. Light coverage w/SPF. She also has mineral powder products. I use her tinted moisturizer & foundation in a jar (fall/winter). It is lightweight but better coverage. You may be interested in LM's Radiance Bronze primer. It gives a slight beautiful glow to the skin. Use alone or under foundation. Continue Reading


Re: argan oil products

In Beauty Banter 1406151848.08

On 7/23/2014 addiegal said: I ordered my argon oil from Amazon. I think I might try marula oil next. Do you like it better, those who have tried it? If your skin is really dry you may like the marula. I switch between oils. I have found that all oils make your skin soft. Continue Reading


Re: 60's ladies and all ages come and chat for July....

In Beauty Banter 1406138227.8

Talk about PERFECT weather. It is 72 degrees, sunny with a little wind. It is absolutely beautiful outside. I could handle this all summer long. Good afternoon, ladies. I hope you all are having a good day. I slept in late and passed on Bingo. I am sitting here thinking of all things -- food. I love the chicken avocado salad at Panera Bread. Lately, I can't get enough of that salad. Has anyone tasted this salad? Yum. Wishing all of you a wonderful day! Continue Reading


Re: argan oil products

In Beauty Banter 1406137694.217

acure Organics sells argan oil and marula at very reasonable prices. iherb.com sells acure at discounted prices too. acure has very good products. Continue Reading

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