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Re: How often do you all use your Emjoi?

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I am like you. Two to three times a week. LOVE IT! I caved when they offered 2 easy pays and purchased the soft lavender before they came out with all the bright colors which I don't like at all. I think the pastel colors are more feminine and pretty. Continue Reading


Re: 60's ladies and all ages come and chat for August....

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Ladies, Let's pick up the pieces and keep the thread going. Have any of you ladies purchased anything from Nordstrom's anniv. sale? I did purchase a great cosmetic tote that includes 3 cosmetics bags for $12 & change but apparently it sold out. But, there are some other good deals. Shorelady, Thinking of you and hoping that you are feeling better. It will take time and you will always have memories. I wish you peace at this time. Take care. Have a wonderful evening, ladies. Thank goodness the weekend is here!! Time for the Fa... Continue Reading


Re: Cat Cosmetics 25% Off and free shipping plus two gifts!!!!!!!

In Beauty Banter 1406929943.14

That cat photo is too cute for words. She is styling!! I will have to take a look at Cat Cosmetics (never heard of this line before). Continue Reading


Senior Day @ Walgreens - Tuesday, august 5

Last Reply by sunshine45 1406930541.567 | Started by KatCat1 in Beauty Banter

55 & over balance reward member or aarp member. 20% off Walgreens brands & 15% off everything else. No longer applies to sale items (darn it). Continue Reading


Re: Need acne cleanser

In Beauty Banter 1406929015.607

You can pick this up in the drugstore -- my suggestions would be Burt's Bees or Neutrogena. Both would be reasonably priced and do a very good job. Continue Reading


Re: Do you own a travel hair dryer?

In Beauty Banter 1406917788.317

I own the BaByliss Travel dryer. It is excellent. I use it everyday, Dries my hair quickly, does not damage the hair, no frizz. I bought it Target Online (only online). It was $29.99 and worth every penny. Very lightweight so you keep your hand & arm while drying! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone color and highlight their hair at home?

In Beauty Banter 1406917500.33

I no longer color my hair but when I did, I used Natural Instincts because it was not damaging to the hair. Plus, my gray started on the top of my head so when I colored it, the top looked a little lighter like I was highlighting it. Continue Reading


Re: 60's ladies and all ages come and chat for August....

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I was honestly shocked to hear that Bobbiesue had liver cancer. She was resting a lot and could not eat. I sincerely felt so sorry for her. Then I hear that she attended church and was able to eat out at a restaurant. Come to find out, there is no liver cancer and I find out that she diagnosed herself. I thought she needed a new doctor that would diagnose her with liver cancer before all tests were in. Then I hear that the Lord healed her -- all is well. Frankly, that is too far out for me and I finally have to say something about this whole ordeal. Now, a lot of you ma... Continue Reading


Re: Hi Beauties, What did you purchase this past week 8/1/14?

In Beauty Banter 1406913600.227

I finally fell asleep a little after 4 am and just woke up! Continue Reading


Re: Great Cosmetic Tote

In Beauty Banter 1406913468.253

I just woke up. Sorry, but it is now unavailable. There were two designs the one above and another one with navy blue & a small design. The item no. for this one is 874212 if you want to check with customer service. I was looking for a bag like this for a while now and this price was outstanding. Continue Reading

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