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Re: 60's Ladies ~~~~~ Please Join Us For March!

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On 3/4/2015 Spammom372 said: KAT - DH and I were talking today. (We have a lot of time to "think" and "talk" about things lately.) We talk about things we want to do differently when I finally do get home. The first thing we said is exactly what you did! We MUST start shopping more often with smaller purchases - even if it means shopping 2 or 3 times a week. We usually go to 3 of 4 stores, and then come home with all those packages to carry in. Our garage isn't attatched to our house, so we must carry everything., and it's just too much for us old people! I do hope we can change our ways! And... Continue Reading


Re: I think I'm done with Bobbi Brown eye shadow palettes

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Check out Stila Cosmetics online. Go to Makeup and select Phased Out Favorites. There eye shadow palettes with 10 shades and 2 maybe shimmery. Once you open the palette you are interested in, you will receive a description of each color shade. They are on sale for $20. Stila makes very nice shadows. Laura Mercier also has really nice shadows but they cost more. She has a new palette for Spring that is really nice. I think all shades are matte. Good luck. I personally do not mind a shimmery shadow once in a while but prefer matte. ... Continue Reading


Re: 60's Ladies ~~~~~ Please Join Us For March!

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Hi Ladies, We are freezing here again and with the wind we are below zero. Tomorrow will be another cold day (-10 with wind) but then it will be warming up. Next week we will end up being in the low 50's. Good day for me as I won 2 games of Bingo and 1 raffle ticket. I went to pick up a few groceries after Bingo. I don't like to buy a huge amount of groceries at one time as I would rather return to the grocery store 2 or 3 times a week. I was able to reschedule my Dr. appt. to next week (I have written down few things so I don't forget to tell the dr.). I really wish ... Continue Reading


Re: Smudging Eye Liner--HELP!

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So much for bulletproof. Try Laura Mercier or Bobbi Brown. You may pay a little more but you will receive an excellent product. Continue Reading


Re: What's Your Favorite Lipstick?

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Laura Mercier Healthy Lips (sheer bright rose) from the Sheer Lipstick collection. For spring/summer Kissed Lips from the same collection but Laura discontinued it. It is a beautiful coral. The sheer collection is not heavy on the lips but you do receive the color. Continue Reading


Re: 60's Ladies ~~~~~ Please Join Us For March!

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Good Evening, Ladies. Spammom, why not make chocolate chip cookies. They are actually easy because you just have to drop the dough off the spoon. Kids love chocolate but then so do adults! Received some news from my pulmonary dr. Whatever was on the lungs 2 years ago is gone and the nodules are normal size and emphysema has not changed at all. so that is good news. However, I have a blood vessel abnormality in my liver. The pulmonary dr. sent the report to my primary care doctor. I had a CT scan w/contrast of my lungs and evidentally they received a picture of my live... Continue Reading


Re: Totally O/T....need recs on a good mid-sized SUV

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Toyota or Honda are my two picks. I own a Toyota and it's a wonderful, dependable car. Continue Reading


Re: Drug store mascara rec please BUT not a wet goopy one

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Lash Discovery by Maybelline gives excellent length. It has a narrow brush so it's easy to get in at the lash line too. Continue Reading


Re: cindy crawford pic a fake

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Cindy can afford to have that skin taken care of. Just like the woman that had all the babies (6) years ago. Continue Reading


Re: 60's Ladies ~~~~~ Please Join Us For March!

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On 3/3/2015 lovestoteach said: We are dealing with the weather again... so we have spent the morning changing plans to make a quick get-away tomorrow before the sleet begins! I will feel better about it all once we are finally there! ... TTYL! loves, maybe that's what we are receiving from your way. The weather we are experiencing is coming from the south. First we had snow and now sleet. It's quite slippery outside & I am not sure I want to venture out. Oh, the best part is Wed & Thurs it will be very cold around 15. If you venture out be safe. Continue Reading

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