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Re: O/T: Do you remember Christmas Club Accounts?

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I remember them from when I was a little girl. Back then, the Christmas insanity didn't start in August like it does now, and the check would arrive around Thanksgiving. We'd go and watch the Macy's Parade, and the last float was always Santa, and that was the kick-off for the season. Between Wednesday afternoon and Black Friday morning (when the stores opened maybe an hour earlier), the stores were magically transformed. No rioting, no people trampled...I remember everyone being very jovial and friendly. Stores were open late one day a week - until 9 p.m. on Thursday, and they were close... Continue Reading


Re: Hand mixer?

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I have a Cuisinart that also has a whisk attachment and dough hooks. Had it for years, and have been very happy with it. Continue Reading



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Hi girls! It's cloudy and overcast, but not cold - if I get a burst of energy before it gets dark, I'll finish raking the leaves. I got a bunch of books from the library to see me through the weekend; today I have to get some baking done for an order I got that has to be delivered tomorrow, and maybe I'll get some more cleaning finished. I had an ugly "thing" at the top of my stairs - the prior owners made a family tree of hand prints made by dipping their hands in paint and "framed" it with molding on a narrow section of wall. I couldn't just paint over it, as I'd then have to paint the ... Continue Reading


Re: Nestle Toll House "DelightFulls" filled chocolate chips

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Oh good - I'm so glad they'll be a regular item; I really can't afford to stock up right now. I think it was Hershey's that had a similar product years ago; I remember caramel filling and raspberry filling, but then they disappeared from the stores. Continue Reading



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Coupon Queen, Actually, I used to do that years ago! I'd send my husband to work with a three course meal, and when he told me the guys (who had things like bologna sandwiches for their dinner) were drooling over his food, I started sending a second dessert to share. Soon he started coming home and telling me, "So-and-so wants to know what you'd charge for an entire (pie/cake/whatever)?" So, I started to take custom orders, and made some nice money that way. I had to pull all-nighters the week before Christmas, and when one of his co-workers transferred to Miami, I'd get calls asking if I... Continue Reading



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Hi girls! Well, I had my post almost done, had to put the laptop down to get my cupcakes out of the oven, and Ziggy shut the computer off. (sigh) I was up early, as today was the last day to drop off the Christmas Child shoe boxes, and I was afraid of oversleeping and missing the deadline of 2 p.m. I set my alarm for 10, but was up much earlier than that on my own. The boxes have been delivered; I may not have a good Christmas myself since I don't have a SO or any close family, and my BFF lives on the other side of the country, but knowing I made a bunch of kids happy and thinking abou... Continue Reading


Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Hi everyone - It's a NASTY day out - been pouring all day, and I haven't been feeling up to do anything. I was going to deliver the Christmas shoeboxes but overslept; tomorrow is the last day so they MUST be taken to the church. Please keep my BFF in prayer. Her son was arrested over a year ago, and was just transferred to a Federal prison in Texas - they live in California, so she can't visit him. She's had health problems of her own, and her brother died on Friday. We had tried to share the Gospel with him, but he wouldn't hear it and died an atheist. She's really going through a lot;... Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT--Sunday

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Hi girls! It is NASTY out there - heavy rain, with thunderstorms predicted for the rest of the day. I overslept after having some strange dreams. I did get the kids' Christmas shoeboxes finished and ready to go late last night; the watches didn't arrive, and I'm very angry about that - I'm going to demand my money back. Tomorrow is the last day to drop off the boxes, so I MUST get that done; I didn't want to have to drag all that stuff around in the pouring rain as the wrapping would likely get ruined. LindaR, it's amazing what some people donate to charity - makes you wonder if they don't ... Continue Reading



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Hi girls! So sorry to hear about your niece, Jean - I updated the original prayer request for her on my board with the latest info, and Karen, I'll also add a prayer request for your mom. Jean, I'm not a pumpkin fan at all, but if you do get the pie, make sure you eat it properly: Twinny, you got yourself a really good deal! Alfred Dunner makes some cute tops and it's one of the few brands that makes quality items anymore, although I was disappointed with the last top I got from that company: it had spandex added to it, and kept riding up, so I gave it away. Not a whole lot going on ... Continue Reading

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