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Re: Baked Rice

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Sounds good, except for the mushrooms! (I'd leave them out, or substitute something else.) Continue Reading


Re: Melting chocolate....

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I usually use chips of all kinds (chocolate, butterscotch, etc.), although I find that some (especially peanut butter and butterscotch) need to have a tiny bit of butter added to them so they melt more smoothly. You can also buy both milk and white chocolate bark that melts easily - can't think of the name offhand, but Walmart or any store with a decent baking section should have it. Continue Reading


Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Hi everyone! Welcome Remee! Well, I hate to bite the bullet and turn the heat on; hard to believe it was downright HOT just two days ago, and now there's a frost warning for the weekend! I miss Hawaii!! I = Ice Cream Cone J = Continue Reading



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I LOVE candy apples - but it's so hard to find them anymore! I've seen caramel apples, but I like the ones with the red candy coating. We used to have a market that sold them along with produce and all kinds of old-fashioned candy, but they closed down last year. Darn I want one! Continue Reading


Re: I accidentally left my Kerry Gold butter that I just bought from the store out for 24 hours. Is it ok?

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I use Kerry Gold, and leave it out overnight if I'm having it for breakfast; even longer if I know I'll be using it later in the day, unless it's really hot in the house. Never had a problem. Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT---Halloween edition

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Oh good, Jean, I'm glad the book arrived. I'm finding that she gets better and better with each successive one; this latest one was the best yet, IMO. I've read other series that are good to start with, but then once the author develops a following she cranks out wishy-washy novels just to make money; I just gave up on the donut shop mysteries for that reason. I've really come to enjoy cozies. Well, I went to the PO and the package from my friend arrived...this was the one with the suede jacket where she painted the shoulders, and I was almost afraid to open it! Well, it's not too terr... Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT---Halloween edition

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Hi girls! Well, it's gotten so chilly I had to break down and put the heat on; I was hoping I could hold out for a few more weeks, as even earlier this week it was in the 80s. There's actually a freeze warning out for the weekend! I don't have anything to do with Halloween, but...for my Protestant friends, Happy Reformation Day! The extent of my Halloween involvement will be going to Walmart tomorrow to see what candy is half price so I can get some for the troops. Twinny, I hate it when you call a company and the person is nearly impossible to understand. I realize people in other ... Continue Reading


Re: Do you like cabled sweaters?

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LOVE cable and fisherman knit sweaters; back when I had the time I used to knit my own. I got a couple of really pretty ones for just a few dollars when Coldwater Creek was going out of business - $89 sweaters for $6! (Guess what some friends and cousins will also be getting for Christmas? ) Continue Reading


Candy Corn Cheesecake

Last Reply by 2zbeach 1414721262.693 | Started by FunkyHulaGirl in Recipe Swap

I haven't made this yet; I just got the recipe in an email and it looks like fun. CANDY CORN CHEESECAKE Recipe by Macheesmo Candy Corn Cheesecake A simple homemade cheesecake with a cool candy corn design! Prep Time 45 min Total Time 4 hr 0 min Servings 16 CRUST 2 Cups graham crackers, crushed 2 Tablespoons sugar 1/2 Teaspoon cinnamon 6 Tablespoons unsalted butter, melted 1 Pinch salt FILLING 32 Ounces cream cheese 1 1/3 Cups sugar 2 Teaspoons vanilla extract 1 Cup sour cream 1 Cup heavy cream 4 Large eggs 1 Pinch salt Red food coloring Yellow food coloring Candy corns, for decor... Continue Reading


Shopaholics - ODAT - Thursday

Last Reply by twinny2 1414711355.413 | Started by FunkyHulaGirl in Fashion Talk

Where is everyone today? It's after 4 p.m., I looked for the thread, and couldn't find it. I just got on-line; when I first woke up I was listening to some radio on my Kindle while still in bed, and the internet was fine, but then when I got up tried to get on the laptop the internet was down; just spent a half hour on the phone with tech support. We're up and going (obviously) but they're sending someone out on Monday to look things over; I don't need to have any problems, especially when I'm doing school work. It's another beautiful day out; the leaves are starting to turn at last, and ... Continue Reading

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