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Praise God, Jean! Well, I got my packages mailed and went to Walmart to see if they had Entenmann's hot cross buns. Seems like several Walmarts in the area have stopped carrying Entenmann's altogether, so hopefully Publix will have them. I got some ice cream for the dogs and a couple of other things, had lunch at Church's chicken since I hadn't had it in months, and now I'm taking a little break before I tackle the sweaters. Gosh twinny, I had no idea you've been through so much - God bless you! Have a peaceful evening, everyone! Continue Reading


Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Hi everyone! It sure is pretty out - almost 80°, bright and sunny. I guess I can't put off swapping my winter sweaters out any longer; it'll have to be done tonight. I sent Kathy a PM on my board, so if she checks in, she'll see it. I can't imagine her just "dumping" us. Bigkat, that feeling of being off balance is most likely something to do with your inner ear. Perhaps you need to have some waxy build-up removed. Pssst....cookie....cows are a "she," not a "he!" You udderly failed on that one! At least it's just one cow. When I lived in Na'ahelu, Hawaii, I was surrounded... Continue Reading



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Hi girls! It's a gorgeous day out - almost 80°! I didn't get around to putting away the winter sweaters yesterday, so I guess I'll have to get it done today. I suspect this year will be much like the last two: a hot spring, followed by a relatively cool summer. I'm not investing money in the pool; the pump isn't working and needs to be replaced, and whereas I wouldn't mind if I used the pool every day, the last two years I wasn't able to use it much at all because of the weather. Victor said he'd fix it, and my pool guy said he'd help, but we'll see. Jean, I've been praying for you... Continue Reading


Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Hi everyone! Well. HOPEFULLY spring is here to stay. I've been busy with my clothes swap - I want to get it done before it gets too hot to spend lots of time in the upstairs closets. No word from Kathy - she didn't respond to my email, and she hasn't been on my board in weeks. I hope she's OK. Maybe she has left us. S = sushi T = Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT - Monday

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Susan, I have a problem with Angelica...(besides the fact that if I got down on the floor with her, I might now get up again! ) - she never "goes" in her crate, but will make a mad dash upstairs (even right after being outside for a few hours) and pees there. Any idea on what I can do about that? Autumn is turning out to be a real sweetheart (although she's not my precious Angel whom I miss so much), and is finally house trained, but Honeybun is another one I can't figure out. If I give her a bowl of kibble outside, it'll sit there all day. Yet when I bring her in, she'll head right for... Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT - Monday

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Hi girls! Wow, we had some storms last night! The lightning was so bright it lit up the entire room like daytime, and the rain was torrential,'s bright and sunny today and the temps are warming up - back in the 60s and supposedly going into the 70s later this week. I did get a burst of energy last night and got the entire bedroom closet swapped out - the pants I wear most often, hanging tops, and shoes. What I did was empty the closet and sort everything on the bed, so I wouldn't be tempted to give up halfway through. So many things have never been worn and still have tags on... Continue Reading



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Hi girls! It's bright and sunny out, but chilly...I don't plan to go anywhere today, but hopefully I'll finally get around to the bedroom closet swap. The temps are supposed to go back into the 70s in the next few days, with rain forecast for tomorrow, so I'd best get it done and out of the way. Jean, I hope and pray you can make your trip; I posted a prayer request for you on my board, so people from around the world are praying for you. Always remember, God is in control... even though at times it sure doesn't seem like it! Pinky, it's funny how one can get used to things that are "just... Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT - Saturday

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Hi girls! Looks like a slow day here. It's sunny out but pretty chilly; I had to turn the heat up again. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be in the 50s, then back up to the high 70s - my body doesn't like these wide temperature swings one bit! I never did get to the closet swap last night. I took a nap and was still "out of it" when I got up. I figured I'd get it done today, but woke up with a backache this morning and went back to bed - I don't know where that came from, as I didn't do any hard work or lift anything heavy. I took some Aleve and rubbed some cream into it; hopefull... Continue Reading



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I'm back! I ended up having lunch at The Firebox Grill, a new burger place that opened up a few months ago that I had been meaning to try. The fries and onion rings were very good, and they had a nice bar with all kinds of things you can put on your burger, but the burger itself was way overcooked...but that seems to be the norm these days, which is why I rarely have burgers away from home anymore. I don't like them rare, but overdone is not at all appealing - they get too dry. I had a library book that had gotten buried under some stuff that I keep meaning to return, so I brought it back ... Continue Reading



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Hi girls! Well, it's a beautiful, sunny day, although chilly, and I was looking forward to my outing. I agreed to pick up my friend because she's letting her loser nephew use hers; he's almost 30, is married (apparently to another loser), and for the past few years she's never had money to do anything because she's been helping him out of one scrape after another...including paying his bail. Well, now she's unemployed, so since he can't get money out of her (at least, not much), he's found another way to take advantage of her...and she stupidly lets him. Well, I went to check my email to ... Continue Reading

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