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Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Hi everyone! Thank you to all those who have served/are serving in the military. Well, looks like I have to forget about taking my girls for a swim today - it's overcast with a 100% chance of thunderstorms. I guess I'll have a lazy day at home; I was up late/early doing a homework assignment (writing the papers themselves doesn't take long - it's the Turabian formatting that's super time-consuming) and also got a lot of weeds cut down and shrubs trimmed, so I'm tired. It's warm now, but was so cool last night I had to find warm PJs to wear. Tootie, sociopaths can't turn over a new leaf - ... Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT---Memorial Day

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Hi girls! Well, I was halfway through my post, got up to go to the bathroom, and this stupid laptop decided to restart itself and go back to my sign-in page so I lost it all. I wish this board had the feature my personal one does - posts are saved as drafts until they're either deleted or posted. I had planned to take Honeybun and Autumn to the park for a swim today, but it's overcast with a 100% chance of thunderstorms so that will have to be postponed - I guess I'll just have a lazy day in the house. I had also intended to cut the grass yesterday then cut back the shrubbery today, but I ... Continue Reading


Re: small household hints that help?

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Another thing I do to save a little money....before I go to bed, I always wipe down the kitchen sink and counters. I used to use paper towels, but that adds up, so now I use the dish towel I pulled out at the beginning of the day and clean the counters with that. It does a better job, and I was going to toss it in the wash after using it to dry my hands all day anyway. And as far as vinegar does, if you put some shallow dishes of it where you have an odor problem, it removes the odor naturally, no chemicals. (No, you won't smell the vinegar.) Continue Reading



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Hi girls! It's warm outside after a second night in a row of needing cold weather PJs, but it's going to be a boring one - I have to write an essay that's due by midnight, so between that and cutting the grass my day isn't going to be very exciting. I have to get some weeds cut back and some shrubs trimmed, but I'll leave that for tomorrow. Yesterday I took Autumn and Honeybun to the park, so I got my long walk in - well, 2 miles. Autumn went dashing into the water as soon as we passed the pond and she had herself a nice swim - the water is much deeper than in the stream at the park we u... Continue Reading


Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Hi everyone! Well, seeing as I'm still on Hawaii time, 1 a.m. is just the evening for me! Closing the boards down at 1 a.m. will mean that people in California won't be able to post past 10 p.m. and those in Hawaii, 8 p.m. Tootie, it would be great to have a painting party - not just for my porch rails and posts, but my woodwork could use a paint job as well. Walker, those cookies are wonderful - I sometimes find them in TJ Maxx. None for me right now; I've been good on cutting back as I have literally dozens of outfits I've never worn because they're a size too small. I have some upset... Continue Reading


Re: small household hints that help?

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Two things I wish I'd learned about sooner, but I especially wish I'd known about the first one 30 or so broken knick-knacks ago! If you have pets (especially cats) or small children, there's a product called Museum Wax. Ever wonder how in museums they'll have an expensive vase or small sculpture on a pedestal and it doesn't get knocked over? It's this stuff. You take little globs of it, roll it around in your fingers to soften it, and put it in a few places on the bottom of the item you want to secure, press the thing down, and voila! It won't get knocked over once it sets. To remove t... Continue Reading



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Ohh...this doggone browser! I was just about to copy a post and submit it, when the tab changed to a previous page. I've been using Firefox again as Chrome has become just awful - it also stopped supporting the video formats my class lectures are on - and for some reason I can't run IE on this computer. You'd expect browsers to get better and better, but no.... Anyway, I ended up sleeping late, even for me. Autumn wanted to go out twice last night to do her business, then a third time...when she decided to go off exploring rather than come right home. I ended up going out looking for her ... Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT - Friday 05/22/15

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Hi girls! It's another cool day out; yesterday it only hit 63° and although it's a bit warmer today, it's not warm enough to take Autumn for a swim. I guess I'll just take the dogs out for a drive. Poor Autumn has a hot spot; I've been putting medication on it but she licks it off; I ordered some Benedryl for her, which should be in the mailbox. I woke up to messes on the rug again - the rug I just shampooed for the THIRD TIME the other day. On top of that, a litterbox was overturned, and Angelica got hold of Honeybun's bed and tore it to shreds. I just want to cry, I'm so stressed o... Continue Reading


Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Hi everyone! It's gotten really cool out - only 62° earlier, and it's supposed to go down to the 50s tonight. I just ran a few errands earlier; I dropped off some clothing for the missions closet, got a couple of things at Publix and Aldi, and some corn and peaches at the farm stand. The corn has been surprisingly good this year, as has the watermelon; I hope the peaches are too. Hey Tootie, my porch railings need painting too; send DH over, OK? I'll feed him well... As it is right now, I'm letting the honeysuckle grow like crazy over them. L = Life Cereal or Lemons M = Continue Reading



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BTW Jean, that cole slaw looks good; I saved the recipe - thank you. Maybe I'll make it for the next pot luck. Continue Reading

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