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Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Hi everyone! I'm easing back into commission; I fell asleep with my contacts and had TWO abraded corneas. Besides the pain I couldn't handle any bright light, which included sunlight and the computer screen. I'm now behind on my homework and am catching up as I can - I contacted my advisor who contacted the profs. Happy birthday, tootie! I replaced some worn-out cat scratchers, and the new ones came today. Hopefully the kitties will enjoy soon as they've tired of the paper-filled box they came in! K = kabobs L = Continue Reading


Cooking "toys" at Aldi!

Last Reply by queendiva 1411161017.22 | Started by FunkyHulaGirl in Kitchen & Food Talk

I just got back from Aldi, and they have a HUGE assortment of all kinds of "cooking toys" - everything from toasters to cast iron skillets to brownie and whoopie pie makers, quesadilla makers, as well as utensils and storage pieces - it's the best selection I've ever seen there. Check it out if you want to get yourself a little something, or get a jump on Christmas shopping! Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT - Thursday

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Hi everyone! Got back from running errands - I got an "it ch" to go and look at purses, and found one by Rosetti that I liked a lot at TJ Maxx. It has everything I like, and was very inexpensive. I tried on a couple of blouses that I loved, but they were junior sized and didn't work. (Isn't it something how the webbie permits all the ugly, hateful posts, but perfectly innocuous words are prohibited? ) I haven't had any trouble sleeping, but I have been having some really weird dreams. For example, the other night I was dreaming about our Jean - she had some sort of 3-D tattoo all along ... Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT - Thursday

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Hi girls! Well, at last - I can see again! I don't think I've even been incapacitated because of a corneal abrasion for so long before, but even once my eyes started feeling better pain-wise, I couldn't endure bright lights or even the computer screen this time around. Sorry you had a bad night, Susan, but yes, it's better to get up and do something than toss and turn. I hate the thought of closing my pool - my pool guy said it's best to do it when it's colder, so hopefully I'll get to use it a few more times - it's supposed to be pretty warm this weekend. The other day it was hot out, ... Continue Reading



Last Reply by KonaKat 1410915451.67 | Started by FunkyHulaGirl in Fashion Talk

Where is everyone? Well, I'm working on one eye now. I felt a bit better yesterday and HAD to run some errands; I put my contacts in and they felt OK. It was supposed to be rainy and overcast, but turned out to be bright and sunny, which really hurt my eyes, even with sunglasses. One of them is back to hurting badly, so I can't wear my contact in that one and plan to spend the day pretty much not doing anything. I listed both my microwave and my old printer for sale on Craigslist; I've been reading too much on the hazards of microwave ovens to want to use one (they change the DNA structure ... Continue Reading



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Hi girls! Where is everyone today? It was a wasted weekend; my eyes we hurting so badly that I couldn't stand any light, and wearing contacts was out of the question, so I pretty much spent almost all my time lying in bed in a dark room with a cold compress, listening to radio programs on my Kindle. Homework for one class didn't get done on time - I sent the prof a quick email - and the only time I went out was to fetch Autumn. On Sunday morning that darned dog decided she'd make a break for it and head to church. (sigh) Since her collar is embroidered with my phone number I got a call;... Continue Reading



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Hi girls! I way overslept - I was up very late doing an exam, and it took longer than I expected. It wasn't difficult, but it was long - 50 questions. I was so tired by the time I went to bed that I forgot to take my contacts out, now my eyes are burning. Before I can do anything else or go anywhere, I need to take them out for an hour or two. It's a nice, sunny day, but temps are only around 80°, so the pool is out. Yesterday I had to go to Publix since I was totally out of kitty kibble, and I found out they'll actually cash personal checks up to $500! Since I was out of money bu... Continue Reading


Re: ~The Squatter Nanny on Dr. Phil right now~

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If anyone is interested, you can watch the entire show here. Continue Reading



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And they're 1/2 price at Sonic after 8 p.m. every day! Continue Reading


Re: Breyer's Gelato Indulgences...OMG!!

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Actually, Aldi also sometimes has a very good gelato - imported from Italy. Continue Reading

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