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Hello everyone! Just wanted to thank you for the birthday wishes -- they really brightened my day. DH is taking me out to dinner and the we will stop by DD's and meet the kids and grandkids for pound cake and fruit. I'm going to hopefully find a dress to wear in my closet, if the moths haven't eaten them up! Karen, good to see you posting. I know how difficult things must be for you after your mother's loss. For me, the hardest thing was reaching for the phone to call my mom, or just wishing she was still here so I could ask her something. Continue Reading



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Jean and Marijane, thanks for the tip on making paragraphs! Just had to try it out! Continue Reading



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Ipad STILL doesn't allow paragraphs! Marijane how do you do it? LindL, what book did you discuss? Continue Reading



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So glad to check in and see all my friends here! I just don't stop by as often as I'd like to. Jean, I'm really glad your monitoring is coming to an end. I hope that the data collected will result in positive outcome for you! BTW, I use the First Aid Ultra for my eczema/mild psoriasis and it really helps, especially throughout winter. Thanks for the tip on the special, because I am nearly out. Susan you inspire me, because I need to declutter. I would be embarrassed to have you visit me, because you must have the neatest house, and mine always looks so cluttered. Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT---Monday

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Linda, that's so funny that you could pick out the Q clothing! Every now and then I will see someone on the street and wonder if they got what they are wearing at the Q. I'm not sure what the trigger is - the thing that makes me think QVC. The only thing I KNOW I've seen that came from QVC was a Dooney handbag like the one I have. Speaking of handbags, I think it's time I switched from my summer straw to a more fall/winter look! Continue Reading


Re: Le Creuset, here at Q!

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Thanks for the replies! I didn't know that Lodge was made in China. I just assumed they were made here in Tennessee. I do like the way it cooks. Even heat distribution, easy to keep clean, great for slow cooking. I did notice that the bottom is not flat like LC. It is somewhat rounded at the bottom edge, which means it doesn't make full contact with the heat source. I've learned to work with that. Continue Reading


Re: It's SHOPAHOLICS Sunday!

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Linda, I think you should get the heater! If I'm right, you felt the same way when this heater was offered last year, but you didn't purchase it. Seems to me that it's going to keep calling your name until you make it yours. I have a similar one in our cabin, and use it frequently. Our furnace runs on propane, and that is quite expensive. Speaking of heaters, I finally had to turn mine on last night. Seems like I was running the AC only 2 weeks ago and today it was 42 degrees when I woke up! Continue Reading


Re: Le Creuset, here at Q!

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I have always wanted an LC Dutch oven but the price kept me away. Instead, I bought an enameled cast iron Dutch oven made by Lodge. It was about $65 at Kohls. Do you LC owners think the LC is really that much better? Continue Reading


Re: TSV a good deal?

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I bought the earlier version of this printer 2 years ago. Same mfg, brand, capability, and price (I actually paid more because S&H was not free). I was very disappointed because despite the advertised page count, I had to refill ink cartridges after about 25 pages of mixed color and B&W. These pages were not photographs, they were very simple flyer-type pages. If I had known how costly the ink was, and HOW OFTEN IT NEEDED TO BE REPLACED, I would never have purchased this printer. Continue Reading



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Rosa! So glad you posted. I am not on the forum as much these days, but I do check in from time to time, and I was very glad to hear from you. Ruby Tuesday croutons are THE BEST, I agree. I think I could just fill a bowl with croutons and snack for dinner. Jean, we had a good bit of wind and rain, but we were not in the red zone, like WV was. Glad your impatiens survived, they are lovely. I have a Vera Bradley duffel I bought a few years ago and I love it! I use it frequently. Good deal for you. Continue Reading

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