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Re: Shopaholics ODAT---Monday

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Linda, that's so funny that you could pick out the Q clothing! Every now and then I will see someone on the street and wonder if they got what they are wearing at the Q. I'm not sure what the trigger is - the thing that makes me think QVC. The only thing I KNOW I've seen that came from QVC was a Dooney handbag like the one I have. Speaking of handbags, I think it's time I switched from my summer straw to a more fall/winter look! Continue Reading


Re: Le Creuset, here at Q!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1412561501.747

Thanks for the replies! I didn't know that Lodge was made in China. I just assumed they were made here in Tennessee. I do like the way it cooks. Even heat distribution, easy to keep clean, great for slow cooking. I did notice that the bottom is not flat like LC. It is somewhat rounded at the bottom edge, which means it doesn't make full contact with the heat source. I've learned to work with that. Continue Reading


Re: It's SHOPAHOLICS Sunday!

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Linda, I think you should get the heater! If I'm right, you felt the same way when this heater was offered last year, but you didn't purchase it. Seems to me that it's going to keep calling your name until you make it yours. I have a similar one in our cabin, and use it frequently. Our furnace runs on propane, and that is quite expensive. Speaking of heaters, I finally had to turn mine on last night. Seems like I was running the AC only 2 weeks ago and today it was 42 degrees when I woke up! Continue Reading


Re: Le Creuset, here at Q!

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I have always wanted an LC Dutch oven but the price kept me away. Instead, I bought an enameled cast iron Dutch oven made by Lodge. It was about $65 at Kohls. Do you LC owners think the LC is really that much better? Continue Reading


Re: TSV a good deal?

In TSV Talk 1406058092.63

I bought the earlier version of this printer 2 years ago. Same mfg, brand, capability, and price (I actually paid more because S&H was not free). I was very disappointed because despite the advertised page count, I had to refill ink cartridges after about 25 pages of mixed color and B&W. These pages were not photographs, they were very simple flyer-type pages. If I had known how costly the ink was, and HOW OFTEN IT NEEDED TO BE REPLACED, I would never have purchased this printer. Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1404918958.66

Rosa! So glad you posted. I am not on the forum as much these days, but I do check in from time to time, and I was very glad to hear from you. Ruby Tuesday croutons are THE BEST, I agree. I think I could just fill a bowl with croutons and snack for dinner. Jean, we had a good bit of wind and rain, but we were not in the red zone, like WV was. Glad your impatiens survived, they are lovely. I have a Vera Bradley duffel I bought a few years ago and I love it! I use it frequently. Good deal for you. Continue Reading



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Jean, I'm so glad to hear how well you seem to be doing after a year of treatment for AFib. You strike me as a conscientious patient who is her own "best advocate" for good health. I can relate to your grocery woes, as I must drive 18 miles to reach a Kroger or other grocery store. Our local IGA carries many things, but prices are high and they don't have much variety. Linda, you and DH stay so busy, and yet you still have time for your volunteer job. Sorry about the guinea pig. I remember my girls losing hamsters and gerbils. We had a gerbil that disappeared for 3 weeks until we realized he ... Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone return the Trish kit from 4/27?

In Beauty Banter 1401302274.137

I kept it, but I'm seriously underwhelmed by It. After all the good things I read about TM, I decided to spring for this rather expensive organizer. Never again. Not one item is any better than other cheaper items I have. For example, I like my Maybelline Age Rewind Eye Treatment concealer better than her Instant Eyelift, which I find to be thick and heavy. Her mascara is flaky. The brushes are ok, and the lip pencil is nice. The gloss tube has little to no color. Oh well, live and learn. Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT---Friday

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Rosa, so glad to hear from you. You have been so much on our minds, and I'm sure you know that we are all praying for you. Thanks for starting LindaR, hope your dogs have calmed down by now. LindaL, happy anniversary. We are also going out for Mexican tonight. Kathleen, hope you have a great weekend in your second home. It really sounds like an adventure. Arlene I had Jay stop by Publix yesterday to get the BOGOs. I still can't really do a lot (like drive) with this arm, but I am improving each day. Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time Monday

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I'm so, so sorry,Rosa, and I can hardly believe it. I will pray for your peace and comfort. What a devastating turn of events. We are here to support you in any way we can. Continue Reading

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