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My SPRAY Lotion Experience.....Funny or NOT!?!?

Last Reply by Farnella Dot Gridwhop 1402306121.12 | Started by beautyandabag4me in Beauty Banter

So I decided to jump on the "easier way to quickly apply lotion" bandwagon and purchased a spray can lotion. First of all this was almost $7.00 (St Ives) so no real savings there. So I get it home and from the commercials it looks like you barely need to rub this in......just spray and GO....... well sooooo not the case. First of all I tried spraying it in my bedroom.....big mistake since the overspray coated my carpet in a slimy damp mess which I am sure will likely trap some dirt today..... so I then went to the bathroom to try again. Again spray was thick and all over the place.....DEFINAT... Continue Reading


BIG Purge of makeup!!! Surprising results!!

Last Reply by Bobsey 1392389309.33 | Started by beautyandabag4me in Beauty Banter

After watching some recent youtubers attack the purge I have hit my stash HARD!!!!! Let's just say I once had a tower of rubbermade drawers and now have one!! I swatched...I smelled...I rubbed and water spritzed and heres what held up....Keep in mind a lot of these items were just getting OLD. I trashed all Bobbi Brown!!! I had a few palettes...eye shadow and lip. The lip was DRY, DRY, DRY and I couldn't believe how the shadows were not the payoff I one thought compared to others. I kept all of my NYX...I have several of the old three circle sets and they really do hold up well. It cosmet... Continue Reading


Re: Please help with ideas...my friend just told us she has cancer today.

In Beauty Banter 1391488218.107

Just read through these last several added posts and I truly truly can't begin to thank yo all for your help with this. You have answered so much of what I am afraid to ask right now. I am just trying to be me which has been nice since she said that I made her laugh so hard today her cheeks were hurting which of course made my day thinking that these moments could be the best medicine. XOXOXO to you all and your health! Continue Reading


Re: Please help with ideas...my friend just told us she has cancer today.

In Beauty Banter 1391323159.967

THANK YOU SO MUCH LADIES for sharing your experiences! I completely agree that I don't want her to feel in any way that I am going to treat her any differently than the amazing person she already is and I don't want her to feel like this now defines her so my thought was to just drop things by her doorstep...not ringing her bell, not emailing or calling....but rather let her set the communication she may or may not want. Just want her to know I'm there should she need it and love her! I know I would be the person who would have many days where I wouldn't want to answer the door or talk. I ha... Continue Reading


Please help with ideas...my friend just told us she has cancer today.

Last Reply by bluechat 1391538838.277 | Started by beautyandabag4me in Beauty Banter

My great friend, a woman who is beyond kind and very self-less told me today she has been diagnosed with cancer. She is going in for treatments next week. I have already planned to pick up a meal to deliver when they get back and thought to bring her a bag of magazines with some love notes inside and a fresh coffee the morning of. Please help me with suggestions for ways you helped offer a smile or laugh during difficult times for a loved one....thank you. Continue Reading


What makes you "connect" with certain stars, famous people?

Last Reply by jeanlake 1391290122.893 | Started by beautyandabag4me in Beauty Banter

Just read an article on Cameron Diaz and I can't seem to figure out if I like her or not? Kind of like Kelli Ripa for me....there is something that makes them not as relatable. Their "cutsie" thing seems more forced to me...where as someone like Drew Barrymore feels so much more like "one of the gals". Do you have other stars who you can't tell if they are all an act or real. Continue Reading


Re: Christie Brinkley at age 60

In Beauty Banter 1391232180.633

Hey plastic surgery or not....she looks amazing so worth every penny! And last time I saw her daughter on Today show she obviously had work done....but again it looked "right". Reminds me of Ashlee Simpson...yes, of course she did something.......but isn't it great for them when to outcome is great and we end up questioning it? Not many women are so lucky......Meg Ryan, Courtney Cox, etc. Continue Reading


Re: OT: Hormonal Anxiety Question

In Beauty Banter 1391231609.903

Just saw new MD today and it looks promising...rather than quickly prescribe meds she wants to do the FULL thyroid and FULL hormonal and FULL blood sugar lab work. She didn't even bat an eye at my condition versus the last MD who I felt very judged by when she just snapped at me, " why won't you just take harder meds!" I did try something new today and...until now....ha ha...fully unplugged myself! I am beginning to realize that those middle of the day texts or emails from my work on days off when I am with my kids don't help my worries out at all!! I really think there are probably many mor... Continue Reading


Re: OT: Hormonal Anxiety Question

In Beauty Banter 1391083025.923

Thank you so much ladies- I'm literally up at 3:00 am right now reading all of these after a long night with SICK kids....ahhhh the stress continues...no wonder I'm anxious! HA! Anyhow, I REALLY appreciated having this nice supportive help to read right now. I love when women help each other out! Continue Reading


OT: Hormonal Anxiety Question

Last Reply by Sandgirl 1391353488.13 | Started by beautyandabag4me in Beauty Banter

I know this is not a beauty question....but I trust the ladies on this board to give some advise on this topic. I am finding that my body is occassionally "surging" faster than it should especially during times of PMS. I have been getting bad headaches. My legs feel heavy and shaky at times. I know that this is classic anxiety and my mind knows that this is the culprit. I do feel like my to do list is really overwhelming me more than it should and things are hitting me a bit harder than they should. So here's my question...when I have spoken to an MD about this they are quick to prescribe d... Continue Reading

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