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Re: Am I the only one who doesn't 'get' the LOGO by Lori Goldstein style???

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On 8/3/2013 milly said: On 8/3/2013 ogetoverit said: On 8/3/2013 champagnepoodle said: On 8/3/2013 milly said: I don't get the pieces hanging on the sides It looks horrible on everyone I've seen. This hip I don't want to be. I am convinced QVC can sell anything and Lori is a genius at marketing. I can see the comfort factor but that's about it. NOT hip at all. No one my age (almost 30) is wearing this! We are wearing jeggings, peplum short top, boyfriend sweater and high heels. Her look must be for the older crowd. Last edited on 8/3/2013 I guess you're right cause nothing says "older crowd"... Continue Reading



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No, I never received that letter ever ... How much is too much? They keep saying people can return a item within a 30 day period they should honor that .. I cut down a lot on my ordering because, of the shipping and handling is getting ridiculous. Continue Reading


Re: A MAJOR MILESTONE FOR OUR LIBBY![ After having open heart surgery a few months ago].

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Good morning all! I want to thank you all for all the letters you wrote me...I have a lot of friends here on Pet chat corner and pet lovers forums and I pray and love you all. When the doctor told me no more medications my heart and soul was so happy. Mommy cried happy tears and she was happy too .daddy hugged me so tight and now said Lib you can be a 11 year old now.. I went to my bedroom and wrote in my book how thankful to God I am that I have a second chance to be a kid now.. I do not have to be afraid to run and play now with my friends and no more hospitals stays.. and no more really b... Continue Reading


Re: Pretty sure that sweet Mary Beth got ...

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I was embarrassed for her....She looked much better and I am sure she felt more comfortable in the outfit she put on from D&C. Continue Reading


Re: Enough About Logo

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On 8/3/2013 Kathleen said: I'd love to have a LOGO show on a couple of times a week, along with a few hours of Renee and Susan. You would say that!!!Why am not surprised? Like SG is not on enough? My husband would be happy we would save plenty of money. Last edited on 8/4/2013 Continue Reading


Re: LOGO Layers?

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On 8/3/2013 Bobby K said: When I saw Mary Beth on with all those layers...I said right away...this is so not Mary Beth's style and it looked TERRIBLE ! It was so out of character for what she wears...I even called my DH in to look at her. I think the LOGO clothes are extremely unflattering to anyone who is not thin. Some of the models carry it off ok...but, the outfits they had on that 2 hr show today...one uneven layer right after the other was really really bad. I also think that Mary Beth didn't feel comfortable in the outfit..but, thats her job and she's got to wear it. Next hour I saw he... Continue Reading


Re: LOGO Layers?

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On 8/3/2013 lime1 said: Who wears this stuff? Not anyone where I live, at least I haven't seen any one dressed like that. we do live in the country, but there some pretty upscale stores in the area, and they don't sell anything that looks like that. Sure doesn't interest me, but someone must buy it, but who and where do they go to wear these garbs? Good morning lime 1.. I live and work in NY city and have a home in NJ also. I never see anyone wearing those clothes not even in the village. They sold a lot of the clothing yesterday and Friday.. Who knows maybe there will be a lot of returns?... Continue Reading


Re: LOGO Layers?

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Mary Beth looked terrible yesterday.... There are a lot of folks who like these type of clothing items. I do not! I think it makes everyone look heavier even the models looked pregnant. I noticed when everyone turned to the side their butt's looked big and it was tight around that area. My husband had a laugh and said it looked like a three ring circus everyone walking around like that. My 12 year old daughter said it looked like Halloween. I called LG Logo... comic relief! Continue Reading

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