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Re: Honoring Holiday Traditions & Creating New Ones with Chaz Dean

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Hi Chaz, I am new to wen 2 months now and trying new products. My question is I have a yorkie who is 2 1/2 and her is like hair not fur it is fine and cotton and tangles. Last time she had a bath I used wen on her much nicer to comb and her groomer even said about it. My question is at one time I thought I heard you say about wen for dogs I was wondering if you will be looking for animals to try the product and if so where could I sign her up would love to try it on her. I live in PA about 4:00 away from qvc. Thank you Susan Continue Reading


Re: In the Kitchen with David - May 22nd Show

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Hi David, Awhile back you had a cookbook (diabeteic) that had all meals including those sweets treats I cannot remember the name and if QVC still has it? Thank you susan Continue Reading

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