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Re: Oy............The Prices on the New Stuff!

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You've got to be kidding about the heat treatment on pink sapphy. Of course it's all heat treated including this washed out pink sapphire in this cuff. Red ruby is almost always heat treated. And emeralds usually have more fillers than faces on Madison Avenue and Beverly Hills. Untreated vibrant pink sapphire is always worth more than untreated pale pink sapphire period. And these stones are treated for sure. There was talk about a home shopping gemstone buyer new to buying spending too much money on morganite at the big Vegas jewelry show. They've turned a gold buyer loose to buy gemstones. ... Continue Reading


Re: Oy............The Prices on the New Stuff!

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The cuff in pink sapphire does not look like great color to me-too pale. Remember pink sapphire should be a vivid almost fuschia pink. I bought the Heather Ring from Chuck Clemency in May with real gold, diamonds, vivid pink sapphire and a large flawless completely natural kunzite for the price of this mediocre silver cuff. This is Qs pricing as I am almost certain that David the gold buyer is shopping stones as was true for morganite, emerald pias and aqua. Those emeralds are Zambian, not Columbian on the other cuff. Just nothing anywhere near the price that the Q wants. Continue Reading


Re: Husband sells off deceased womans Q stuff

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There maybe many who shop just from habit and forget what they purchased even a few days before. Memory loss is a big part of the problem for older people. Shopping channels take advantage of this. Continue Reading


Re: Comet coming towards Earth in November? Does anyone know about this?

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Well, here's an update on the Carrington-class solar flare that reportedly (Washington Examiner) nearly missed Earth a couple of weeks ago..... a complete hoax....NOT...never happened....yep, bogus. Seems the story got picked up at a meeting of Ex-CIA Chief Woolsey and other top security folks who advise the government on EMPs and who casually mentioned the solar flare in their comments. I saw the video of the meeting. And they talked about it like it was common knowledge. But NASA reports if anything, the Sun has been rather quiet of late. Nothing erupting of concern.Solar maximus is quite t... Continue Reading


Re: Advice Please: I think my my neighbor's dogs are piddling in my front yard, killing my grass

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I will say the OPs description of her lawn damage is an exact description of the urine damage that deer do to my lawn. No dog has ever caused that type of damage and a lot of big dogs run loose relieving themselves in my yard. If there is any chance Bambi is visiting the OP, I would consider that as a possible cause other than dogs. I long ago resigned myself to the deer, and my landscaper calls our home Deer House. Just part of life. Continue Reading


Re: My question and your answers on the Judith Ripka Olive quartz earrings seem to have disppeared.

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There is a matching enhancer as well, both introduced in very early Jan 2007. Very nice pieces! Continue Reading


Re: Comet coming towards Earth in November? Does anyone know about this?

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On 8/2/2013 Jules5280 said: Is it just going to mess up my computer, or destroy Earth? I need to plan ahead for Christmas shopping, and might cancel some of my CIJ orders Well, CIJ is now making perfect sense. Cause unless you own a car made well back in the last century with your own generator and in ground gasoline supply, you'll not make it to the mall and your computer will be useless. Continue Reading


Re: Comet coming towards Earth in November? Does anyone know about this?

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Comet ISON poses no threat to Earth, but this week scientists say it is not brightening its "coma" (tail) as it should be doing now. There is now some question it will display as first thought-the Comet of the Century. But we shall see.... One of the most dangerous events in our solar system happens when extremely large solar flares destroy the entire electrical grid. Just this past week, the most extreme type of solar flare did come from our Sun, striking Earth's orbit in an area where our planet will be in two weeks. A very narrow miss. It was a Carrington Coranal Mass Ejection, a solar fla... Continue Reading


Re: O/T Today I Said Goodbye To My Darling Pompom

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So sorry, BGDC. Your Pompom looks like cuddles and love personified. Just heartbreaking. Our beloved pets are just here too briefly no matter all the good times. (((Hugs))) and sighs. Annika Continue Reading


Re: When will we see this neckace that was on Beth?

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The photo of the necklace on Beth versus the photo of the same necklace by QVC illustrates the problems with the Q's photo department. The Qs photo makes it look ugly, but we know the piece is quite beautiful. With so many pieces never being aired, the photos posted here by forum participants is invaluable. Thanks to you all, especially JSMB whose blog alows me to see what my browser sometimes blocks here. Continue Reading

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