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Re: For how many minutes do you rinse?

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i'm still experimenting only used it 2x.. i have curly hair, not sure weather i like it or not.. its very expensive, i wont use it everyday... i have lots of other salon shampoos, i do wanna try this though,, when i shampoo i use like 7 pumps. i have shorter hair above my collarbone i feel like 7 pumps it too much.. idk, like i said im experimenting.. i got it for a xmas present, i doubt i'll be buying it again, unless it totally changes my hair.. any insites?? hoping it wont make my hair too soft. don't wanna soften my curls to the point where there limp Continue Reading


Re: 12/17 Lamo TSV

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well i got them i wear a 6 1/2 or 7 depends i got an 8.. there big, but i dont wanna return.. thinking of getting the black but in 7, the 8's are big & slip up & down even with heavy socks.. i think the 7 would fit perfect.. there very nice boots, so warm & comfy.. Continue Reading


Re: Ice Storm...

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we are having crazy weather.. we got 3 snow storms in 8 days here, that never happens... now this weekend was 60 on sat. & 70 today CRAZY! they say with the crazy weather the world is coming to an end... 70 here today it is winter isn't it? and next week we'll have 8 inches of snow... stay safe! i wish the whole winter would stay at 40 that would be nice, and no more snow or ice.. im dreaming lol i dont mind the freezing weather, just dont like ice or snow.... Continue Reading


Re: OT Target credit card breach - what are you doing?

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On 12/22/2013 VaBelle35 said: On 12/22/2013 lovestodance said: A thought came to me.. Wondering if the wallet security card that Qvc sells would work to prevent any hacker from obtaining any personal information? Was thinking of getting it some time ago... I don't frequent shopping malls very often.. You never can be too careful these days... Hate going to stores during Holiday season.... Would appreciate anyone that has this security protection care reply? Thanks,lovestodance That wouldn't help in this instance because the hacking was at the little terminal where you swipe your card. This i... Continue Reading


Re: OT Target credit card breach - what are you doing?

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my mom was there at that time it happened, she called discover, they said she has some kind of protection on her card, not sure what, but they said there's no need for a new # yet... & if there are odd charges they would right away notify her.. they cant hold u responsible says the news... i dont go there alot, i spend too much $ there lol Continue Reading


Re: 12/17 Lamo TSV

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On 12/22/2013 santorini said: Mine arrived today. I wear 8 or 8-1/2 and ordered a 10. They're a little loose, but feel great. These will be my house slippers when I'm cold. I love them. that's the thing, i'd rather them be a little loose than too tight.. can't wait to try them on Continue Reading


Re: Remarkable Turnaround Time-Delivery

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yes i got my things in about 5 days or less..... they ship it out usually the next day Continue Reading


Re: 40" TV... Delivered, left in rain, no signature, box damaged, etc...

In Q Did What? 1387671002.51

something that big it's not just a small box, should require a signature u would think.. Continue Reading


Re: 12/17 Lamo TSV

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thank you i wear a 61/2 to a 7 in boots... i got an 8.. hoping they fit, better be here soon lol Continue Reading


Re: 12/17 Lamo TSV

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cant wait to get mine, should be here within the next 2 days.. hope they fit, i'm going to order a black pair next Continue Reading

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