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Re: "All Easy Pay" for four hours on 5/25? Really Q?

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On 5/26/2015 Karnerblue said: I couldn't even log in! same here. I waited until about 11 pm though . I wanted to order the D&C skort and the comfy jeans they were offering but couldn't even log in and since I was headed for bed & did not want to call and w-a-I-t. I asked DH if he had arranged it to save money . Continue Reading


Re: Tonight you can get shorts and a tank for under $100.....

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for anyone interested -- I purchased some underwear for dh online at hanes and they e-mailed some ads for their site . I surfed around on it and was surprised at the variety they had in casual items also. Some all cotton, French terry summer shorts and casual skirts. I think I might try some items if they offer free shipping deals (which most places eventually do when you are on their e-mail lists.) I think the offer was free shipping over $ 30. when I made the purchase and usually with over $60.00 (?). There were some items I had never seen at the stores. Continue Reading


Re: Love you, Susan, but please stop using 'literally' so often and incorrectly

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On 5/24/2015 Plaid Pants said: This morning I was watching a presentation of a Josie Marin product. I forget the name, and number of it, but it was a white powder, that you wet with water, turn in to a paste, and scrub your face with. I like Josie. I like some of her products. She said, "When you use this, you'll literally be 10 years old!" (Face palm!) So, if I use her product, I get to go through my teen years all over again, apparently. Oh, yea! Holy, heck woman! You are selling the fountain of youth! I will use her product then order clothes in xx small sizes which will need tailoring! B... Continue Reading


Re: Tonight you can get shorts and a tank for under $100.....

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The SG coats I bought are labeled made in Bangledash (sp wrong) and China . Continue Reading


Re: I wish QVC would offer coupons/savings like regular online retail stores

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those pitches have reeled me in before. Of course you have to read through the exclusions carefully before order . I have had some real bargains because of those. Lately even the clearance on QVC seem high. Continue Reading


Re: Tonight you can get shorts and a tank for under $100.....

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On 5/25/2015 seniorCTzn said: On 5/25/2015 KathyPet said:Perhaps people got all befuddled and dizzy watching Susan twirl and before they knew what hit them they were ordering! Waaaaaay too much $$. I have always thought brainwashing and salesmanship have some attributes in common. Repeating the same phrase over & over again works sometimes. I agree with snicks > In fact for my day to day tanks and shorts for around the house, gardening , paint projects etc. thrift store items or one of the 'marts' is just fine for under $20 ish. I wear shorts for 'going out ' also and will shop for... Continue Reading


Re: Interesting-Q brands my consignment shop will not accept

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On 5/22/2015 jazzbabe said: On 5/22/2015 Alsee said: I don't try to sell unwanted clothing. I donate everything to the women's shelter in my county. I know it will be used and saves me having to deal with it. The money I would make is just not worth it. Same here. All my professional clothes goes to Dress for Success or similar charities that help women entering the workforce and all other clothing is donated to various charities. This is a great charity that helps women so ! Not that anything is wrong with selling in consignment shops. But Dress for Success was/is such a great idea! Continue Reading


Re: How many no longer use Temptations they purchased?

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My TT collection consists of an 8x8 /2.5 qt. baking dishes /a divided casserole dish/several 'grab its' in polka dots and one meatloaf dish in French lace (which looks like the hand painter had a bad day - but it is very useful for not having a greasy meatloaf and cleans well.) I have had them for 2- 3 years , use them frequently . I follow the directions carefully and have not noticed crazing so far. I did have the 8x8 platter spontaneously break in my cabinet though. When I put it away it was perfect. When I got it out of the cabinet about 5 months later it was cracked in half! I had not u... Continue Reading


Re: Wardrobe mistakes

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On 5/16/2015 SoX said: On 5/16/2015 birdmama said: My wardrobe mistakes usually come from forgetting who I am, the real me. Sometimes I buy into a trend that I know darn well has never been me and never will be me. You, too? ITA. In all parts of our lives I think it is important to step outside of the box. Sometimes you add to your life. Fashion wise I frequently just add to my storage closet then donation bag, then step back into the box . Also I do not pay attention totally to the vendors or hosts when they say 'size up or down' without checking measurements & reviews . I sized up on ... Continue Reading


Re: thank god for customer reviews!

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I always use them . I appreciate with clothing items when the reviewer gives statistics , height ,weight, & measurement of chest/waist/ & hips. I know in real life we would be hesitant to state all of that, but giving a review where no one can be catty , smirk , or roll their eyes --so what. The info can be very helpful for fellow shoppers to use. Continue Reading

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