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Re: vacuum storage bags

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thanks again , I will consider smaller ones so I can lift them and sounds like a great idea to leave out of the dryer for a couple of days to make sure items are thoroughly dry. I have done that a few times with comforters and put in ordinary storage and when I went to take them out noticed funky smells. I definitely wouldn't want to do that to items stored in a storage bag! Continue Reading


Re: Does Evine have a "wish list?"

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On 3/31/2015 betteb said: No, but you can sign in, put stuff in your cart, then "save for later" from your cart. After that, when you sign in and click on your cart, at the bottom will be "saved items". Never thought of that ,TY! That would be handy on their special sales that truly are just for the length of their presentations. I have to watch them on my ROKU in one room then go to the computer to order. I have missed out a couple of times. Continue Reading



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On 3/31/2015 1OldDoll said: I do love the clothing I see on TV by D&C, but, I do have a question. When you go to the garment actual measurement you add 1-2 inches to get the correct size to adjust for body movement...I am just sort of confused. Thank you ladies...I appreciate your help. I do not know the answer to your question exactly. What I do that so far has worked (ok crosses her fingers and knocks on wood) is of course check the basic sizing guide and compare my measurements. Then I check the chart you are referring to and compare it to the actual measurement of severa... Continue Reading


Re: Pet Peeves

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Lola, I am curious --what are people collectors ? drug dealers? or ? I live in an urban area and the worst items we find when picking up others trash left curbside/alley are used condoms. Of course caring homeowners and neighborhood associations have a supply of disposable gloves to use while cleaning. Children are frequently blamed for other various trash but when observed it is the drivers and pedestrians throwing down trash items who are supposedly adults. People never taught to respect themselves and consider community. Continue Reading


Re: vacuum storage bags

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I love these forums. I think many experiences help so in the long run. TY to all. I think I will purchase some and plunge in , but will not put in anything fine or prone to wrinkle . Continue Reading


vacuum storage bags

Last Reply by Ceci 1427855538.027 | Started by okaywitheasypay in Fashion Talk

Any one have experience using those storage bags that you use your vacuum to withdraw the air from and store items in a much smaller space. I would like to do that with my sweaters and heavier tops , but wonder if they return to looking the same when 'unpacked' ? Continue Reading


QVC plus?

Last Reply by Reever 1427332597.513 | Started by okaywitheasypay in Kitchen & Food Talk

does anyone know if there is a ROKU channel for QVC plus? I know there is one for HSN 2 . I have searched on my ROKU but did not come up with one. We cut the cable long ago. I want to watch ITKWD tonight. I know it can be watched on the computer but I do not want to sit in our office that long. I will probably just use my Kindle . I just kind of watch 'at it', but enjoy. Jewelry is not an interest to me. Whenever I put QVC plus in the search here I just come up with plus sizing. Continue Reading


Re: What's your favorite television house?

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On 3/22/2015 !FitChick! said: Father Knows Best or Leave it to Beaver for a traditional house. If I had to live in an apartment by myself, it would be Mary Richards' first apartment. If I married someone with money, the apartment on The Bob Newhart Show ( I love Suzanne Pleshett- I wanted her wardrobe, too). I agree about the apartments .I loved the bed linen in the Newhart bedroom . One of my favorite houses, I love the colors especially in the program 'Last Man Standing'. I don't always watch the show but love the house. I also love the kitchen in the show 'Separated at Birth ' Continue Reading


Re: Models sizes

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On 3/20/2015 donovan said: I have never understood why they have 3 or 4 models out there and they are all wearing xxs or xs. IMO, every model out there should be in a different size. < I realize that there are more important things in the world than to lament about sizing, but this is a shopping network, we are trying to figure it all out as we hand over our hard earned cash.> ITA. & spending our "hard earned cash" is important . Who wants to spend $s on excess S&H? Continue Reading

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