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Re: Temp-tations bakeware

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On 12/9/2014 MariS said: Wow! Yes, I am new to QVC, temp-tation searching and forums of any kind....I asked about the sum of reviews I have gathered in trying to make an educated decision about a product before purchasing. Simply put, where is QVC and temp-tations in the concerns I have read regarding the products. Instead, I get suspicious, pot stirrer, etc. WOW I do not even need to read past the first few ugly comments from such hateful people. I can see clearly this is not a place to get the truth about a product, glorious or dreadful, nor attempt make a final decision about a purchase. Y... Continue Reading


Re: OT A Rant: UPS

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On 11/29/2014 blahblahvampemerblah said: Glad it worked out. UPS will literally have a GPS location for the delivery so they can tell where it went missing. I found this out when two packages were stolen. That is good to know blahblahv. Where I am UPS is wonderfully accurate. I find their competition not so much. Isn't it wonderful to encounter honest people josey girl. I am glad for you. Continue Reading


Re: I Admit It - I prefer Fall decorations to Christmas!!!

In For the Home Talk 1417272928.743

I like fall decorations. I do not use a lot , but do really like the 'sparkly' things of Christmas and winter. I really like snowmen! I get tired of real snow fast though. Then come late February I am ready to think pastel spring colors. Continue Reading


Re: OT A Rant: UPS

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Contact UPS. Also on your tracking did it say something like "met man/woman/customer at door" ? I live in an urban neighborhood and am very careful to follow the tracking on my personal account with UPS. It is free to sign up. I like UPS the best of the companies , of course the regular man in brown is very reliable and good at his job. I am glad when something is delivered by UPS and not their competition . Good luck. Also in line with HonnyBrown's comment maybe your neighbor is concerned about bringing over because of your fur children. If you feel safe doing so you might go ask if somethin... Continue Reading


Re: Fresh CRANBERRIES: What else can I make??

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416403201.813

we like them combined with canned pineapple chunks or tidbits (drained) in muffin recipes. I freeze them also for latter in the year because Christmas and New Years time seems to be the only time I can purchase fresh ones and they are on sale anyway. Continue Reading


Re: Just have to ask about your peanut butter habits.

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416402786.803

straight out of the jar! (my own) the calories don't count that way! Continue Reading


Re: Plus Size "Misses"

In Fashion Talk 1416230273.933

on '4 of 23' posting --What is the first one in beige??? Halle Berry would look less than in that ! I agree most of these designs are hideous at any size. I do not think op meant harm. Just wanted to bring a laugh. The models are all beautiful. They are probably telling themselves "smile--keep smiling --remember I get paid for this , it is my job." Continue Reading


Re: Decaf K-Cups ~

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I use to purchase bold decaf by Emeril - bold jazzy decaf, but notice a lot of flavored ones although they are usually medium roast. I bought some samplers of decaf from amazon when I first bought my keurig. If you have prime at amazon it can be a bargain and if you purchase more than (I think) $45. (?) from Keurig it is free shipping. Continue Reading


Re: Lock-n-Lock mess today - so disappointed.

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1415019270.563

If you deal with their customer service could you post the results here? Continue Reading


Re: Refrigerator advice - side by side or bottom freezer?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1414846442.257

On 10/31/2014 StlrFan said: We had a bottom freezer on our GE when I was a young child in the 1950s! I've had both types and the bottom freezer is my favorite. My access to the refrig part is important as this is what we are in and out of most often. All my food is within reach and at eye level. Much better to see leftovers and use them before they become science experiments. I also have the ice and water dispenser with my latest model. I had a side by side refrigerator and neither side was large enough for large bowls of food, frozen pizza boxes, etc to get in and out. Love the bottom freeze... Continue Reading

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