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Re: Rachel Ray

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1409255037.92

On 8/27/2014 Fortune said: Rachel's voice sounds so much better now!! I wonder if she had surgery? I agree and wondered that also. In fact I was doing something else when I clicked the remote on and looked to see who was doing her presentation along with QVC host! Her voice sounded different to me -- I wondered if she was seeing a voice coach to protect her vocal cords or ??? I also thought maybe she was trying to NOT talk over the other person and succeeding. I loved the TSV --beautiful colors and she showed they do stack. I had to use control and remember I needed other things more. I am ... Continue Reading


Re: What do you prepare in the Ninja 3 in 1 cooker?

In Recipe Swap 1409253799.867

On 8/28/2014 Krimpette said: On 8/28/2014 KatieB said: I'm interested in the replies to this question also, but I wanted to know if there's a cookbook for the 3 in 1 Ninja... Thanks, KatieB My unit came with a great cookbook that contains over 150 recipes, as well as a smaller booklet containing several recipes. I made the Impossible French Apple Pie yesterday--I goofed up and used all of the mix on the second step but it turned out all right anyway. I love the Ninja cooking system (especially for hot summertime) . A steam roasted chicken is the best ever. I have cooked cake mixes, banan... Continue Reading


Re: BRING "CHAIR GYM" TO QVC.......or something like it :-)

In Health & Fitness 1409252963

I bought and received the one from HSN. I think I am going to like it & USE IT . I think that is an important part of any home exercise equipment. I have owned and used a gazelle for a long time , have many favorite dvds that I use regularly and feel better when I do them. I am trying sell my total gym that I bought just a few years ago as it is just not for me. I pull a muscle when I use it , cannot move or adjust it , and for safety sake I probably need a spotter. This chair gym can be easily rolled into my closet , the bands are simple to adjust, it only weighs 20 lbs. , the dvds a... Continue Reading


Re: exercise chair

In Health & Fitness 1408648687.923

thanks for your response. ITA with you. I have one on the way. I know at my age =senior (all ages really) we need to do stretching and at least light resistance which this looks like it will fill the bill on those. I kept pulling a muscle with my Total Gym and it just takes up too much room. 'The exercise chair' really will fit in my closet and is only 20 lbs. (shipping weight) For very light cardio I use the gazelle, DVDs (Lesley Sansone and others). I brought my rebounder up from the basement and have been striving for at least 15 minutes of jumping jacks, light jogging , etc. I like the ... Continue Reading


exercise chair

Last Reply by okaywitheasypay 1408648687.993 | Started by okaywitheasypay in Health & Fitness

Anyone own one? I am talking about one sold on other channel--maybe QVC will have one sometime. Also wal mart and amazon and the as seen on tv. It is blue ,folds, has pulleys , resistance bands, and twister seat. I have seen many glowing reviews especially from seniors. I bought a total gym a couple of years ago and had high hopes, but I always pull something when I use it and it just takes up more space than I want. This one folds, looks light weight , but on the flip side I wonder how it would hold up. The only exercise equipment that I have kept and used regularly is the Gazelle, hand weig... Continue Reading


Re: tv remote

In Electronics Talk 1407287628.8

On 8/5/2014 dooBdoo said: This link goes to the SE28HY10 user manual PDF. It has an image of the remote control. If you look at page 8, instruction number 4, it appears you need to use the "-" button when a channel has more than one digit: Thank you, that does it! I don't have to do that on the others but I guess I do on this one. I appreciate all of your responses. and no one hung up on me!:) I had to use a magnifying glass to read what came with the tv--smallest print I have ever not seen. to me the ... Continue Reading


tv remote

Last Reply by okaywitheasypay 1407287628.847 | Started by okaywitheasypay in Electronics Talk

I bought through amazon the seiki tv SE28HY10 /the same as product # E275494 on QVC. I wonder if anyone owns it. It has a great picture and sound and was just the right size for where I wanted it in my kitchen. But I cannot get the remote to work right. It will only change via the + and minus, not with the # pad. If it is on 13 and I press 20 it appears to be changing but has not-- still on 13. I spoke with 3 different people at amazon , they were polite and helpful ,sent a new remote (no difference) The 3rd transferred me to the Seiki co. and the rep was rude and could only say it was the a... Continue Reading


Re: *Hair Color Warning from Pauley Perrette

In Beauty Banter 1406232014.623

You are right gazelle. Of particular concern are women who've dyed their hair for many many years with dark dye. I think hair dyes today are made with less harsh chemicals than say 50 yrs. ago, but it's still a health risk. This was brought up as a factor when Jackie O. died of non-Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer. She dyed her hair very frequently for many years. I also remember about the time of her death reports brought up about her smoking. She was very good about keeping it out of the public eye , but apparently she was a long time smoker. I was surprised. Of course many non smokers and peop... Continue Reading


Re: One thing you 'can't live without' from HSN ???

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On 7/14/2014 brewhaha said: On 7/14/2014 Andreatoo said: JM hangers, Korres shower gel and I'll raise you a set of Debbie Meyer green boxes I did buy some brilliant Vince Camuto shoes but they will soon be relegated to 'only around the house-foreplay status' 'cause I never should have bought those giant heels!! (or I'll hang them on the wall as art) A girl can't have enough foreplay. I don't usually pay much attention to the 'deals' offered at HSN as it seems the discounts rarely end up being applicable to what I am ordering. I do like the WP items I have ordered, I enjoy that they offe... Continue Reading


Re: 9 c KA food processor

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1405342450.727

to wagirl - "Decrease gradually or bit by bit" "Also, for potato gratin, you cant beat a mandoline for the perfect slice "... I have bought some of the cheaper ones and they do not stay sharp long and the quality ss are pretty expensive ,or at least I want to channel my $ s into something that does it for me at the moment. I have seen chefs on cooking shows use them and I believe you are right about the beautiful job accomplished with them. I watched the presentation a couple of xs for the 9 c KA food processor ,measured my space, & read reviews and decided it would work for me . Probably... Continue Reading

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