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Re: O/T 65 yr. German woman pregnant w/quadruplets...

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On 4/12/2015 ValuSkr said: I read it too. She became pregnant via artificial insemination; I'm not sure how that results in multiple births in a post-menopausal woman. Sounds crazy, but if she can handle four infants at her age, more power to her. I did not read an article about it , but figured it would have had to be artificial insemination. I have heard of a few women in their mid fifties getting pregnant naturally , but it is very rare. I agree with adelle38 about lack of responsibility on the doctors part. I imagine comedians would joke about being in diapers together . Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone hear Jane say last night....

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whenever your being sold something 'buyer beware' is good advice. Continue Reading


Re: Susan Graver

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Most lines on QVC have become pretty close to $50. per item since the S&H was lowered. Personally I will not spend that for most one piece apparel except maybe coats. The only SG items I have purchased are her coats and was quite pleased with those. I thought they were very good quality and more to my taste than what was offered in B&M stores. I check out the clearance here ,other online shopping channels, and B&M stores. I want to try SG's liquid knit when I come across something on a markdown that I could use , but gamble with $50. plus back and forth shipping if it doesn't fit-... Continue Reading


Re: Let's post our favorite REALLY BAD fashion product shots!

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semi sweet, I could not figure that one out ! Continue Reading


Re: Does Quacker Factory usually run large? Anyone know?

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I think the skort is very cute. I have never bought this line myself. It is a thought to me today! on the chart for sizing the measurements for small is 30"/31" & the click here measurement if I understand this correctly ( I never have been able to get clarification ,I did a chat with cs once but they did not seem to know) titled 'waist circumference relaxed' is 28" which is the measurement of the actual garment with an elastic waist I think this means it would stretch from 28" to 30/31" ? Continue Reading


Re: vacuum storage bags

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thanks again , I will consider smaller ones so I can lift them and sounds like a great idea to leave out of the dryer for a couple of days to make sure items are thoroughly dry. I have done that a few times with comforters and put in ordinary storage and when I went to take them out noticed funky smells. I definitely wouldn't want to do that to items stored in a storage bag! Continue Reading


Re: Does Evine have a "wish list?"

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On 3/31/2015 betteb said: No, but you can sign in, put stuff in your cart, then "save for later" from your cart. After that, when you sign in and click on your cart, at the bottom will be "saved items". Never thought of that ,TY! That would be handy on their special sales that truly are just for the length of their presentations. I have to watch them on my ROKU in one room then go to the computer to order. I have missed out a couple of times. Continue Reading



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On 3/31/2015 1OldDoll said: I do love the clothing I see on TV by D&C, but, I do have a question. When you go to the garment actual measurement chart....do you add 1-2 inches to get the correct size to adjust for body movement...I am just sort of confused. Thank you ladies...I appreciate your help. I do not know the answer to your question exactly. What I do that so far has worked (ok crosses her fingers and knocks on wood) is of course check the basic sizing guide and compare my measurements. Then I check the chart you are referring to and compare it to the actual measurement of severa... Continue Reading


Re: Pet Peeves

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Lola, I am curious --what are people collectors ? drug dealers? or ? I live in an urban area and the worst items we find when picking up others trash left curbside/alley are used condoms. Of course caring homeowners and neighborhood associations have a supply of disposable gloves to use while cleaning. Children are frequently blamed for other various trash but when observed it is the drivers and pedestrians throwing down trash items who are supposedly adults. People never taught to respect themselves and consider community. Continue Reading

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