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Re: Total gym users, be careful!

In Health & Fitness 1397846465.063

I keep a bright pink shower cap on my total gym to remind me to put it on when I do certain exercises on it because I did get (fortunately only a few hairs) caught when I first got the machine. It made me realize what could happen. My hair is not very long but I could see how it could be a real problem. Hckynut makes good points on safety. Perhaps for awhile it would be a good idea to have your DH spot you like is done in a gym. If one has children/grandchildren/or just guests with children it pays to make the TG or any home exercise equipment off limits with little holes --that little fin... Continue Reading


Re: Collage Video Back in Business !!!!

In Health & Fitness 1397414827.07

I just tried the link you provided and it comes up " oops! Link broken " I had already tried to find it today to search for any dvd that may have pilates that could be used with a total gym. I found one on amazon but there are some reviews that say it is boring. I will miss collage. Continue Reading


Re: Total gym users, be careful!

In Health & Fitness 1397410807.24

I agree with all of you. I bought mine about a year and a half ago , so probably isn't the exact model. I loved the idea of just about 15 minutes a day being so helpful and maybe it wouldn't be just an expensive wardrobe valet. It turned into an expensive cat bed instead:). Of course part I suppose was looking for a good excuse not to use it ( I am inclined toward being a sloth), but I was VERY discouraged with not being able to keep up with attaching the parts and Miss flat abs at 50! I cannot tolerate very much 'perky' either. DH demonstrated how easy it was but of course his hands are tw... Continue Reading


Re: Pasta maker

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1396463271.53

K3448 here is one in clearance through the Q. Continue Reading


Re: Kitchen aid food processor

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1396190836.983

A cut above the rest. This 3-in-1 food processor slices, chops, and shreds its way through everything from tomatoes and peppers to potatoes, carrots, and cheese with an adjustable feed tube and three speed settings, making work in the kitchen easier than ever. From KitchenAid. Includes food processor, 13-cup bowl, 4-cup bowl, lid with 3-in-1 ultrawide mouth feed tube, slicing disc, shredding disc, chop/puree blade, mini chop/puree blade, knead blade, spatula, and storage case 13-cup capacity Three speeds/cutting systems Three adjustable feed tube widths Side handle Bowls/lid: BPA-free, dishw... Continue Reading


Re: dessert bullet question

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1396034990.837

I bought one mainly for myself. DH likes vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and rarely varies that. :) I love smooth and creamy frozen desserts and love trying things out with the dessert bullet. My favorite is just frozen banana pieces. Frozen berries that were ripe to begin with are great . I can eat dairy so I use Fage non fat greek yogurt and mix in items like berries, chocolate, peanut butter, or?? with some agave or stevia, and flavoring vanilla or whatever goes, then I freeze it in silicone ice cube trays( they pop out easier). After they freeze I store in baggies so I can have jus... Continue Reading


Re: Need Advice on vacumn cleaner for pet hair

In For the Home Talk 1395409604.637

I have had pets in my home just about all of my life. Just about any vacuum cleaner I had after about 6 months started blowing dust out instead of vacuuming it up and wouldn't pick up pet fur. About 2 years ago or more I bought a Shark lift away navigator (I think that is all of the name :) ) I bought it because I didn't want to spend quite the amount for a Dyson. I purchased it through the infomercial on payments. I have NEVER owned a better machine. I have had to clean the beater bar occasionally and of course wash the sponge filter. Also the plastic hose tore, but the company sent me a ne... Continue Reading


Re: polka dots

In Temp-tations 1394974731.657

mominohio, a good job for me too, except I probably would be fired for not making the dots round consistently !:) I have always been curious about why "hand painted" would be so grand for bakeware etc. I do not mind mass produced. I wish more in polka dots would be offered. Polka dots are so popular in fashion currently and as a geezer I have seen them come and go in trending as everything does. But they do make me happy to look at as I have said before. Continue Reading


Re: Gluten Free Cookbook

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1394798665.53

Any one try a recipe? I made the 'birthday' cupcakes. Turned out good. I also(first) put together their flour mixture and have a lot left to experiment with other recipes. Continue Reading


polka dots

Last Reply by okaywitheasypay 1394974731.707 | Started by okaywitheasypay in Temp-tations

Are the polka dot TT hand painted? It must be a boring job if so. :) Continue Reading

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