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On 10/31/2014 ValuSkr said: I'd ask them to replace under warranty, but steer clear of future purchases. Don't be tempted any more by this line. I may not have been clear (being angry I may not have included all of the facts). It was still under warranty by about 2 weeks. But I would have had to pay $9.95 shipping charges to have a 8"x 8" baking sheet sent to me. I was also told that at least they wouldn't ask me to ship back the broken one when I had stated you have to be kidding! I did not read all of the fine print on the guarantee , are they supposed to pay shipping ? Continue Reading



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On 10/14/2014 kevid said: I have had my temptations crack and come apart also. I stopped buying them. Just had that experience myself. It was within the year and I could have another sent to me for $9.95 shipping no thank you . I will put that amount into something else. RR? / good metal baking sheets. I was told at least they didn't expect me to ship the cracked one back. Continue Reading


Re: my experience with tt

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well it wasn't allowed to post my experience with a cracked TT (no rhyme or reason for it).No more for me Continue Reading


Re: Good Chili Powder...

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Mexene I add a bit of cumin also. Continue Reading


free return

Last Reply by happygal 1414443049.57 | Started by okaywitheasypay in The Q We Love

with the free returns offered thru January(?) do you have to pay return shipping charges? Is return totally free ? Continue Reading


Re: Funny this morning (10-23) Susan Graver

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On 10/25/2014 Q4u said: I think we all love Susan.... these comments certainly don't mean we don't love Susan, but after over 20 years, and she's ~always~ more or less been this way, it's evident that it's something she just can't help. She's excellent at designing and she seems to be a very nice, kind hearted woman. I simply watch something else when I can't take it anymore.... it's pretty much that simple. ITA. I was watching that a.m. and not sure of what happened. Personally I think she may have ADD. I think she is a good designer that designs with what many women want. Like her 'puffer... Continue Reading


Re: boucle hooded color block coat

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It hasn't been cold enough yet to wear the new coat I posted about. I will be careful when I wash it though . My washer has a very delicate cycle and will hang dry . I shop at thrift stores a lot and look for QVC labels to give me an idea of sizing and quality. I saw a SG hooded casual boucle fleece lined jacket - not the same style as above (no telling how old it was either) but evidently had not been washed properly(?) I would not have let my dog sleep on it. I do hope when the x comes the one I bought washes well. Anybody washed theirs yet? Continue Reading


Re: New questions they asked at the Doctor's office last week

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On 10/26/2014 Vivian said: I've been asked these questions for awhile, plus two others: Have you fallen this year? and Do you feel safe at home? I think these questions provide an opportunity for doctors to identify potential problems that can affect people's health and well-being. Of course patients can lie but I imagine there will be some people who answer honestly. These questions can lead to discussions that patients might never have brought up. If, for example, a woman says she does not feel safe at home, her doctor can help prevent future abuse by connecting the woman with appropriate s... Continue Reading


Re: Polka Dots Please

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K39473 sign me up for more in pd! I bought the above item in red and love the looks. I haven't used it yet but figured it would be great for warming a couple of leftovers together now that it is cooler weather and can use the oven more. I am not sure it will fit in the microwave and rotate-I have to try it. Last year I purchased items from her web site when she offered free shipping and bought polka dots. It was a rather trying experience as they sent one item in the wrong size, then the wrong color and then another pattern, but I did end up with some free 'grab its' which are handy (though ... Continue Reading

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