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Re: Polka Dots Please

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K39473 sign me up for more in pd! I bought the above item in red and love the looks. I haven't used it yet but figured it would be great for warming a couple of leftovers together now that it is cooler weather and can use the oven more. I am not sure it will fit in the microwave and rotate-I have to try it. Last year I purchased items from her web site when she offered free shipping and bought polka dots. It was a rather trying experience as they sent one item in the wrong size, then the wrong color and then another pattern, but I did end up with some free 'grab its' which are handy (though ... Continue Reading


Re: boucle hooded color block coat

In Susan Graver 1413567225.11

Yes Kittymom, I left out a # that is the one. I have a lot of black/dark clothes and was looking for brown & camel to go with my brown clothes and this just fit the bill. The winter white at the top is a nice touch. For me , in a very cold climate a hood that does not attach is a great idea as I have at times forgotten to reattach one after cleaning a coat and wishing I hadn't. Hats never stay on my head and scarves are very 'loseable' for me. I hope it washes well. Mtnbikegirl , that is a nice looking coat and from what I read it is wool and washable. Continue Reading


my experience with tt

Last Reply by Sweetbay magnolia 1413565903.39 | Started by okaywitheasypay in Temp-tations

has been very enjoyable. I do not have room for a lot, but what I have purchased I love. I have found baking with it to be very satisfying. Of course if one cracks I will be back here ticked off. I feel for those who have that experience. I always spray a little and try to remember not to put them in a filled sink. I love the racks for cooling and find items always turn out right. I am waiting for delivery of a divided dish in polka dot and a floral lace meatloaf pan. I love polka dot and this is my first floral lace. I would buy more of the FL if it didn't have brown trim , but figured jus... Continue Reading


Re: Oct 14 Today is also NATIONAL DESSERT DAY What's your favorite dessert??

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On 10/15/2014 kibbi said: Banoffee! kibbi, gotta admit I had to google this. Thanks a lot --just what I need to add another dessert to my list! My favorite ? CHEESECAKE . Continue Reading


boucle hooded color block coat

Last Reply by cerb 1413645367.193 | Started by okaywitheasypay in Susan Graver

item A35432 This is the first SG item I have purchased. The 3rd fashion item from QVC . I usually just purchase items from the kitchen & home departments. Last year I bought 2 coats from D&C , kept one and sent back another as I ordered according to measurements and one was huge so I found that to be a disappointing experience. I thought never again! Just brick and mortar stores where I can try it on. Lately I shopped B&M stores and could not find anything and noticed prices were high every where. I kept seeing this item demo'd from SG & thinking it was really cute . It had fr... Continue Reading


Re: guess I'm missing the newest way of cooking!

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Real estate in the majority of kitchens needs to be thought out carefully! It is great that we can do what we wish. Personally the Ninja 3 way (4?) cooking system , an electric pressure cooker, and a Nu Wave like appliance this summer has been a treasure for us to not heat up the kitchen and still have home cooked food. I like that they are timed also. I have a tendency to forget to check on long cooking stovetop dishes while I go outdoors, so these appliances keep me from burning my house down or at least ruining a dish! I have had a Montel Williams pressure cooker for 3 years now and still ... Continue Reading


Re: Dan said that Marie Osmond's exercise bar was ONE OF A KIND....

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sidsmom, Yea -- Childers ! (couldn't remember her last name) I have one of those tapes ! (purchased used) I used it for awhile , they were great for relaxation I found , but if I did them around my dog he wouldn't stop barking as he thought I was in trouble with the noises made! She also had some sort of exercise bar that she had infomercials for. I don't know if QVC sold it or not. Continue Reading


Re: Dan said that Marie Osmond's exercise bar was ONE OF A KIND....

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It looks like a pretty good product for not a whole lot of $$s. I think resistant workouts are excellent especially as we grow older. Sometimes simple is the best for longevity. As far as "nothing like it" , when that was stated I thought of some product hawked in the 90's via infomercials by a 'Greer' something that was very similar and of course the Tony Little one mentioned here , but I guess when selling a little hyperbole is the American way. :) I have used similar , portable gyms(?) mainly bought at yard sales etc. that you hook over the door or knob and one bounced off and about knoc... Continue Reading


Re: Rachel Ray

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On 8/27/2014 Fortune said: Rachel's voice sounds so much better now!! I wonder if she had surgery? I agree and wondered that also. In fact I was doing something else when I clicked the remote on and looked to see who was doing her presentation along with QVC host! Her voice sounded different to me -- I wondered if she was seeing a voice coach to protect her vocal cords or ??? I also thought maybe she was trying to NOT talk over the other person and succeeding. I loved the TSV --beautiful colors and she showed they do stack. I had to use control and remember I needed other things more. I am ... Continue Reading


Re: What do you prepare in the Ninja 3 in 1 cooker?

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On 8/28/2014 Krimpette said: On 8/28/2014 KatieB said: I'm interested in the replies to this question also, but I wanted to know if there's a cookbook for the 3 in 1 Ninja... Thanks, KatieB My unit came with a great cookbook that contains over 150 recipes, as well as a smaller booklet containing several recipes. I made the Impossible French Apple Pie yesterday--I goofed up and used all of the mix on the second step but it turned out all right anyway. I love the Ninja cooking system (especially for hot summertime) . A steam roasted chicken is the best ever. I have cooked cake mixes, banan... Continue Reading

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