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On 1/19/2015 ShopperAZ said: What would the host know more of than Susan herself. I like Susan and how she talks about her work. ITA I see other designers that repeat phrases over and over . Isaac Mizrahi frequently speaks of how he loves flower prints . When one has to cover everything about the line ,prices , colors , etc I don't see how you could not repeat. Granted SG is hyper as she has stated, but to me she does know what she is talking about in design. I have only purchased her coats and found their quality to be as promised and am surprised at the amount of compliments I receive wh... Continue Reading


Re: combined vacuum and steam mop

In For the Home Talk 1421678994.673

thanks for your input. I have a Shark Navigator something/something. Also a black and decker steam mop. They both do a good job, but of course they are done one job after another--2. With the spring-ish thaw weather we had yesterday and big dogs it gets really repetitive . I have to let the wet fur and dirt dry to use the vacuum and if I just steam it the crud just gets pushed to the borders. My thoughts went to the infomercial--complete two tasks at once. I was just wondering if anyone has one or knows someone that does. I checked out HSN and will again to get model #s and try to decipher... Continue Reading


combined vacuum and steam mop

Last Reply by okaywitheasypay 1421678994.397 | Started by okaywitheasypay in For the Home Talk

does any one own the Bissell vacuum and steam mop combined? or a similar item? If so does it live up to its claims? I see QVC has 2 offered by Bissell. One that I have seen on an infomercial and one called pet something. There are no reviews. I get tired of sweeping then mopping if one item COULD do it all, but wonder if it lives up to the claim. Continue Reading


Re: How many cups of coffee

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1421628382.67

2 k cups one strong and dark like Emeril's or Peet' s then a milder roast sometimes flavored usually before about 10 am then if I have anymore decaf coffee or herbal tea. I usually put in evaporated milk I , stevia or agave , sometimes black in coffee/decaf. Continue Reading


Re: I truly like Pat, but I can't believe what she just said...

In Beauty Banter 1421520586.44

it also may be that she goes to a salon that is far more expensive /exclusive than many of us think of so in proportion to HER budget "too expensive" Continue Reading


Re: Rachael Ray set of 3 oval bakers problem

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1421520009.673

if you notify the manufacturer would you please let us know the results? Continue Reading


Re: No mess dough disc

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1421519707.237

which machine are you referring to? Ninja? Kitchen Aid? Continue Reading


Re: Inconsistent sizing a serious problem

In Denim & Co 1421418544.51

A261548 I thought this was adorable for casual wear and like French terry. I figured since it was petite the sleeves would not be too long --wrong. I loved the pockets and princess seaming. I usually order a large online as I am busty and I went over the measurements several xs and concluded a L would be right. I received it yesterday and it is just too huge to be attractive so I will lose on sh&h but do not wish to gamble with an exchange for M. I hate returning items but do not wish to pay a high price for something to look unattractive. Continue Reading


Re: Enough already with shirts sticking out the bottom of other shirts.

In Fashion Talk 1421417029.74

I can do maybe one layer sticking out, but being short this look could overwhelm me and make me look like a dumpy little 'bag lady' easily. I do like a slightly rounded or pointy back to the top layer. I don't buy very many because I feel in a few years it will be outdated and do not want to be stuck with a whole lot--but such is the fashion world! I think the skinny tees look a little tight even on the models and my muffin top does not need highlighting! I like mostly cotton tanks for the summer. I am sure it will work for many though. Continue Reading


Re: SG Pricing?

In Susan Graver 1420766567.287

On 1/4/2015 bonnielu said: I have good luck with her styles and the quality of her clothing in general. What I do to reduce the price point is wait and wait for AS IS or CLEARANCE. I have not been disappointed. I add her products to my wish list and check back. I have only purchased her coats . They seem in line with b&m stores to me . The 2 that I have purchased seem to be a good quality and made to be complimentary, practical , and warm as she frequently states. I have her latest puffer coat on the way. bonnielu I am doing the same as you in checking out the AS IS /CLEARANCE. I could n... Continue Reading

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