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Re: *Hair Color Warning from Pauley Perrette

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You are right gazelle. Of particular concern are women who've dyed their hair for many many years with dark dye. I think hair dyes today are made with less harsh chemicals than say 50 yrs. ago, but it's still a health risk. This was brought up as a factor when Jackie O. died of non-Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer. She dyed her hair very frequently for many years. I also remember about the time of her death reports brought up about her smoking. She was very good about keeping it out of the public eye , but apparently she was a long time smoker. I was surprised. Of course many non smokers and peop... Continue Reading


Re: One thing you 'can't live without' from HSN ???

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On 7/14/2014 brewhaha said: On 7/14/2014 Andreatoo said: JM hangers, Korres shower gel and I'll raise you a set of Debbie Meyer green boxes I did buy some brilliant Vince Camuto shoes but they will soon be relegated to 'only around the house-foreplay status' 'cause I never should have bought those giant heels!! (or I'll hang them on the wall as art) A girl can't have enough foreplay. I don't usually pay much attention to the 'deals' offered at HSN as it seems the discounts rarely end up being applicable to what I am ordering. I do like the WP items I have ordered, I enjoy that they offe... Continue Reading


Re: 9 c KA food processor

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1405342450.727

to wagirl - "Decrease gradually or bit by bit" "Also, for potato gratin, you cant beat a mandoline for the perfect slice "... I have bought some of the cheaper ones and they do not stay sharp long and the quality ss are pretty expensive ,or at least I want to channel my $ s into something that does it for me at the moment. I have seen chefs on cooking shows use them and I believe you are right about the beautiful job accomplished with them. I watched the presentation a couple of xs for the 9 c KA food processor ,measured my space, & read reviews and decided it would work for me . Probably... Continue Reading


Re: If you eat fried chicken out, where do you go??

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1405170940.19

KFC. I fell in love with the way the old southern gentleman prepared it in his converted gas stations ( I was a baby er adolescent ) We only buy it a few xs a year but it is still pretty good if we hit a store that is professional. Love the breast , mashed potatoes, and I have never found better slaw! I have tried 'knock off' recipes for the slaw at home but never have duplicated it! Continue Reading


9 c KA food processor

Last Reply by wagirl 1405349759.903 | Started by okaywitheasypay in Kitchen & Food Talk

Does anyone who owns or knows about the product know whether it slices 'very' thin on the thin slice setting? There are some recipes such as potato au gratin that I have trouble slicing as thin as I would like. I am weighing whether to purchase or not. My last Hamilton Beach food processor lasted just beyond the warranty . Also, can you slice a fairly medium sized veggie without paring it down? Continue Reading


Re: Trader Joe's Question

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1405082183.4

enjoy! Have a nice trip --just no 'Thelma and Louise' stunts on your road trip--unless you see a Brad Pitt type hitchhiker . I love TJs. Aldis also . I agree with Pie1993 about their coconut oil it is great . I also love their peppermint shampoo for me and my dogs. ot="The cats were allergic, so we got rid of the kids"! Daisy this makes me smile every time I see your posts! Continue Reading


Re: electrolux cordless vac

In For the Home Talk 1405080919.587

On 7/10/2014 CindyinNC said: I've been looking for a corded stick vac under $150 that can handle carpets and floors - just for a quickie clean up. Everytime I read a good review in one place, there are bad reviews on another website. LOL TY all for your help. I agree with you CindyinNC it can be difficult to decide from reviews sometimes but in the long run it can help. I will look into Shark's cordless vacs for my quick pick up needs if what I bought yesterday turns out to be a dud. I was at a Mennard's and shopping for other items and saw a clearance on a 'as seen on tv' swivel sweeper G2 ... Continue Reading


Re: Annoying vendor presenting Lock and Lock today!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1404906183.897

I haven't seen a presentation yet today. Probably will catch ITKWD tonight and see it. I must say the usual rep Chris______ is really a pro and knows her product. Of course the product is great. I always look forward to seeing her Chef's outfits also--so colorful! Continue Reading


Re: electrolux cordless vac

In For the Home Talk 1404905824.46

er! I hate when that happens. I have been a pet owner all of my life and Shark is the only vacuum that I have ever had that ever kept it's suction. I have owned it for 3+ years and it works like the day I received it. Most in my past have worked for about the length of the warranty then started 'spitting' out debris. (Dyson probably keeps working but the$$s -yikes!) Thanks so much for your reply. I liked the idea of the beater bar cleanup but hey back to the drawing board. :) Maybe I will try one of the Shark cordless for quick messes. Anyone own one? Continue Reading


Re: Flipping Channels - Why the Happy Dance Sign????

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1404851375.4

"Why the happy dance sign?"--Why not? :) Who argues with happy ? Also, while it won't burn all the calories in fried mac n cheese raising your hands and twirling around is on all the 'geezer type' exercise routines! that I do :) or step-touching and moving your arms as Jane Fonda started and still has in her routines. Good for the heart lol. Continue Reading

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