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Re: WP rice cooker

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I have used mine daily since I received it a couple of weeks ago. It is perfect for my lunches and when DH works late and I have an earlier meal. I marvel at how it senses and so far has cooked items perfectly! So far I have set it ,walked away and came back for a wonderfully cooked item. If it keeps up I may order a second one. One sweet potato cut in half and left in the skin, salmon & tilapia with seasonings and 2T. liquid, 2 chicken burgers, bob red mills steel cut oats. I must admit the host and Wolfgang talked me into it. When I first started watching it I thought rip off but as I... Continue Reading


Re: What's your favorite neckline?

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the one I had in my 20's . but since I don't have that now, to seriously answer your ? In the winter I like a comfortable turtleneck or a nicely designed/fitting cowl. In the hot hot summer a not too revealing v or scoop for comfort . Free advice to younger women and all I suppose --remember to condition and sun screen your décolletage /neck area in all seasons. Continue Reading


Re: Flattering cap sleeves

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retired1 , Susan Graver has her own facebook page where you would probably get her attention better. I am at an age where I feel better in the summer with a bit of a sleeve. Cap sleeves can fill the bill well! I notice lace is popular this year also . I like that for covering my arms but not dying from the heat. I saw basically one SG dress in different sizes with a cap sleeve. A253262/A255941/A262341--AS IS PRICING/A255362 Continue Reading


Re: What is up with all the Horizontal stripes?

In Liz Claiborne New York 1424993048.13

ITA with you OP! I love pretty , crisp , spring like ,stripes for decorating especially patio furniture. They can look nice on some people even horizontally striped if designed proportionately although vertical are my favorite for fashion. Boy they do seem prolific in design this year! I saw one presentation on QVC recently and thought I had the news on and there had been a prison escape from a women's facility--about 4 women in black and white stripes. It was just a modeling of a boyfriend shirt in stripes. Continue Reading


Re: Only Venting In Hopes It Helps QVC

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I watched at it this morning and didn't notice any unusual tension. Of course we all see what we see. I think we all have had co-workers/ friends that get on our last nerve at times with quirks in personality (and we probably have been on the other side of that street) . Of course in the end we forgive and hang on to our friends. With co-workers I have focused on the end result--getting the job done. This is probably what QVC looks for too. Continue Reading


Re: Temptations non stick or not

In Temp-tations 1424786654.487

I spray mine. They do clean easily after soaking in the dish , not soaking the dish in water. Soaking the dish in a sink of water is a no-no according to instructions that come with TT s as the bottoms are not glazed. Continue Reading


Re: What would you have said?

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On 2/22/2015 Stella Dallas said: I guess I'm just not so ready to be offended. Maybe you should have ASKED her why she asked, rather than being so sure she was being rude. I have used this ? when I am feeling offended , sometime s people clarify why they asked, then sometimes you see their embarrassment for trying to be 'snarky'. Continue Reading


Re: Laura, the KA lady is the best!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1424019123.49

On 2/15/2015 StlrFan said: I've followed her on Pinterest...."KitchenAid Lady on Q". ty StlrFan I am going to look that up later. The KA lady is a professional and you can tell she has used the products she sells as she claims. KA in my experience is are great products. It is my go to brand. Continue Reading


Re: evine Live is up and running!

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I do not see much of a difference. I had to clean my living room yesterday , so turned the channel on . Really didn't see much of a difference. They did have the NY(?) family that have the restaurant on --kind of interesting . Other than the name change and having difficulty signing into my account Friday I thought it was pretty much the same. Same brands some of which I like and can afford some not. I did not have any trouble using my account yesterday. There clearance items were the same (I ordered some). I noticed there were some prices that said 'Evine pricing' but that was the higher p... Continue Reading


Re: evine Live is up and running!

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On 2/11/2015 maestra said: I tried to place an order and it rejected my valid cc info as invalid#. Then I spend 15 min. trying to get thru to CS-0no luck there either. If this is what Evine is going to be like I'll have to hoard my Lip6x balms. since I wont shop there. same thing happened to me with an 'error' (unexplained) I will keep and eye on the account . I left the phone on speaker for an hour and never could talk to a person. I guess we will have to contact the bank. Oh well it saved me ordering their special of the day as I researched it and figured it wasn't all that. Continue Reading

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