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Koos Van Den Akker Dies at age 75

Last Reply by castlenv 1423423129.377 | Started by minismom in Fashion Talk

So sad to hear of Koos passing on 2/4/15. I read that he passed away sitting at a sewing machine in his factory. The article stated that he had no family, so the factory people looked after him until his passing. He had been battling colon cancer. I used to enjoy his shows back in the day, and was fortunate enough to own a few of his pieces. RIP Koos. Your designs were one of a kind. I will miss you. Continue Reading


Re: To All of You, My Good Friends: Thank You

In Hosts & Personalities 1418423907.41

Lisa: I hope your future brings you the kind of joy that your past twenty years on the Q have brought to your viewers/QVC friends. All the best to you! Take care! Continue Reading


Re: Celebrating Joan and a Special Message from Melissa Rivers

In Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Joan Rivers Classics Collection 1413222105.19

I watched this morning with a lump in my throat. It is still so difficult to accept that Joan has left this earth. I so appreciate that David, Melissa and QVC, will continue to bring us Joan's beautiful designs and creations. Some of my favorite pieces came from Joan. What a magnificent, classy lady Joan was! She was a true gift from above. Nobody could make me laugh and smile like Joan could. I remember years ago, when Joan would bring Melissa to QVC with her. Melissa was adorable, and she did a great job assisting Joan with her presentations. I noticed that after awhile, I stopped seeing Me... Continue Reading


Re: I can't stop crying.................

In Fashion Talk 1409893103.76

On 9/4/2014 Jerry Lee said: On 9/4/2014 blossompie said: @Jerry Lee I feel your pain and I totally get what you are saying. Im so mad at that clinic and that doctor. I can't imagine a world without that warm funny lady who said what we all were thinking,how she would make the hosts bust out in laughter while selling clothes jewelry etc. And learning how generous she was and u like so many other celebrities who give to charity as part of their own publicity but Joan did it from the heart without the fan fare. I'm still crying. She brought so much fun and joy to everything she did. Hats off to ... Continue Reading


Re: I just ordered a Joan River's pin...

In Jewelry Talk 1409891525.987

I ordered her Limited Edition Crystal Multi Tassel necklace in Gold/Silver combo. I have wanted it for a very long time. I will always remember Joan when I wear it. Continue Reading


Re: QVC Mourns the passing of Joan Rivers

In Q News, Hosts & Personalities, Joan Rivers Classics Collection 1409891197.277

I am not easily amused. Most things that make others laugh, I really don't find all that funny. Joan Rivers never failed to make me laugh, every time I saw her. I will miss her. RIP funny lady. Continue Reading


Re: What do you remember the most about Joan Rivers?

In Jewelry Talk 1409863829.397

RIP Joan. Thank you for all the laughter. You will be missed. Continue Reading


Re: David's Distracted

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1402638615.863

On 4/7/2014 Sooner said: On 4/6/2014 Craftie said: On 4/6/2014 sue52 said: It's plain to see he just isn't enjoying himself anymore like he used to. I agree with you 100% David isn't enjoying himself anymore, he seems very distracted on the air, perhaps he is bored presenting the same products over and over again and maybe he is tired of hosting in the kitchen which I don't think is his forte, he's not a chef and I don't think cooking is his life's work. I think he is a great salesmen and does well presenting other items on the Q. I agree. He had no past food interest and apparently no othe... Continue Reading


Re: Self Tanner Odor?

In Beauty Banter 1402636784.823

Vita has no self tanner smell at all on me. I just recently purchased isomer's Golden Goddess self tanner. It also does not smell when I use it, and it is with out a doubt, the most moisturizing self tanner I have ever used! Haven't used it long enough to determine how it fades yet, but so far, I rate it above even Vita. Continue Reading


Re: Shawn's Ring

In Jewelry Talk 1400300418

I tweeted Shawn awhile back about what the symbol was. She said it is a star. Continue Reading

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