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Re: Uncork and Unwind..

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On 4/23/2014 croemer said: I don't drink wine...can I join with my Dr. Pepper? Such a fierce baby! Continue Reading


Re: AWKWARD......................

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I agree with peace6576. You shouldn't have to ask the stylist to disinfect her tools. Heck, I disinfectant tools I use on my dog for grooming. Saving five dollars to get my nails done just would not be worth the other sacrifices. I also don't think you have to explain anything to your former stylist. Just stop going. When she sees you, and she sees how much better you look, she'll understand. She had plenty of opportunities to get your hair the way you wanted it to be done. She failed, and she failed miserably. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone an Ina Garten fan?

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On 4/22/2014 glitzandglam said: On 4/22/2014 JeanLouiseFinch said: On 4/22/2014 faeriemoon said: On 4/22/2014 BeckiWV said: On 4/22/2014 JeanLouiseFinch said: I enjoy watching her cook, but the set-ups are always so contrived and scripted that it's a bit ridiculous. I'm not doubting that they love one another and enjoy their lives together, but that's also made me wonder how scripted the sweetness between Ina and Jeffrey might be. I was also disappointed when I read in this forum that she refused to grant a "Make a Wish" request to a sick child a few years ago. That has altered my opinion of ... Continue Reading


Re: Why do they keep dressing the hosts in such tight clothing?

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I am pretty sure the host decides what size they wish to wear. It's all about choices. Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone just hear MBR say...?

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Much ado about nothing. JMO Continue Reading


Re: Do you use a lip brush for applying lipsticks?

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I usually use a lip brush if I am wearing red. I like for the red to be long wearing and very precise. I have several lip brushes but I usually carry a retractable Chanel lip brush. They also help to get the rest of your product out of your favorite lipstick when it runs low. Continue Reading


Re: Tweezers

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I vote for the Anastasia too. Continue Reading


Re: La Mer Concentrate

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I burned my hand on an oven rack a couple of months ago. It left a mark on the top of my hand. I used Mederma for a few weeks and couldn't see any changes. While at the Guerlain counter, the SA noticed it and put some of the La Mer Concentrate on it. She said that she uses it any time she has a cut or a burn and it gives her great results. She gave me a very generous sample and told me to apply it once a day. It has faded about 75%. I either need another sample or I just need to bite the bullet and buy it. It works for me. I do use the original cream moisturizer at night a few times a week. I... Continue Reading


Re: Confession time: Hi, I'm Cindy and I am a Blush fanatic

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Where do you find Milani blushes? A friend recommended them to me. Continue Reading

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