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Re: O/T AOL-Blue Belle ice cream listeria recall! Which ice cream do you buy?

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I'm Team Blue Bell all the way. I'll buy again when they are on the market again. I used to love Breyers but it feels greasy in my mouth now. I was a fan of their vanilla bean since I was a college freshman. Continue Reading


Re: My first Crossroads Candle!

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Good luck on your candle. I don't think I would order from this line because I do not like food scents. I especially do not like maple syrup scents! I can barely tolerate it in real life. Lol. My sister however would adore this line. She likes food, bakery, and fruit fragrances. For her, the stronger the fragrance the better. Please post if you get a resolution on this. Good luck! Continue Reading


Re: Hot Toddy Candle Goose Creek or Candleberry??

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My sister ordered a couple of Goose Creek Toddy candles. She has since reordered several of them. She loves the depth of sent and the throw and they all burn very cleanly. I know nothing about the other brand Candleberry so I cannot offer any opinion on that. Continue Reading


Re: Levian Jewelry!!!!

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On 2/27/2015 cosmic1 said: They have beautiful jewelry. The one thing about them that I don't like is that they claim to be the only company in the world that makes jewelry with chocolate diamonds and that is not true. I bought chocolate diamond earrings from QVC and I've seen them elsewhere. That claim is a lie and doesn't sit right with me. Levian trademarked the name "Chocolate Diamonds". Nothing more. The same diamonds can be sold under any other name. You can buy the brown diamonds from any source. Continue Reading


Re: Levian Jewelry!!!!

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The Levian Company of today does not offer the same quality and craftsmanship that they did in the past. Ezzy is absolutely correct about the quality of the colored diamonds set in black rhodium. In the past Levian offered unique well made fine jewelry and affordable prices. They had great trunk shows and offered the trade in policy so you could upgrade if you chose to. Once the patriarch passed away, so did many of the company's standards. Continue Reading


Re: Bath Body Works 3 wick candles went up in price!

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On 2/9/2015 dgluvr said: Actually ALL their product prices have gone up and the candles aren't filled as full as they used to be. The soap containers are smaller than older ones and neither are the body lotions - I have older ones (always hit the sales)- so I noticed when I bought new ones they aren't the same size or amount or price. Still, I'm stuck on them but I have a stock buildup and shouldn't even look at anymore. And the luminaries are ridiculously high priced! One thing that really annoys me is they've changed the shape of their soaps and I had bough the decorative metal covers and t... Continue Reading


Re: Is it rude to ask visitors to take off shoes at the door if circumstances warrant it?

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I do not think it is rude to ask guests to remove their shoes upon entering your home. The considerate thing to do would be to advise your guest in advance so they can be prepared. Whether they choose to bring their own slippers socks or other foot apparel, or go foot commando, at least they are forewarned. We were invited to the relatives home this past Thanksgiving. It was the first time any of us had ever been there. So that was quite a bit of surprise when everyone was asked to live their shoes with no advance warning, no place to sit to remove the shoes, and nothing to put on your feet. ... Continue Reading


Re: BBW Rainforest Gardenia

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I did smell it Sunday and it is very floral. I hope you enjoy your candles very much. Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone get a suspicious email from Manuela Marcheggianinof Isomers

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What is really bizarre is receiving one of those emails from yourself! It goes straight away into my Spam folder and immediately deleted. Continue Reading


Re: Signed Mom Up for Assisted Living at Last!!!

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Madisson, I am so glad that you didn't let the negative and judgemental posters here dampen your happiness. You are entitled to your peace of mind. Even after she moves out, she will not relax fully. I know that it was at least six months before I slept the night through again. I was always on hyper alert status listening for my dad. I had a support group of women that I met here on QVC's forum. They saved my sanity. Before and after my father moved in. I wish you and your family well. Continue Reading

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