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Re: Nordstrom beauty bag available on Hautelook tomorrow, only $25

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On 7/17/2014 Katey1261 said: I'm in central time? 10am Central Continue Reading


Re: Smacking lips together

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It depends on the lip product. If it is matte, I lightly blot and then I reapply for staying power. A glossy lipstick, I don't blot. I apply a thin layer and then press my lips together. Then add more if needed. The models have to have some activity so they don't appear static the entire presentation. We all do things slightly different. There is nothing wrong with that. Continue Reading


Re: HSN mails me thank yous with $10 gift cards!!! Why not QVC???

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I've never received a gift card from HSN. I have won that 15% off and free shipping codes, but I can rarely use them. There are so many restrictions. But at least they try to accommodate. Continue Reading


Re: HSN mails me thank yous with $10 gift cards!!! Why not QVC???

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On 7/16/2014 BlueCollarBabe said: On 7/16/2014 chrystaltree said: On 7/16/2014 Tique said: On 7/16/2014 chrystaltree said: Good for you. QVC doesn't do that (that I know of) because QVC doesn't HAVE to resort to tricks like that to get people to shop with them. HSN isn't thanking you for anything. They buying your good will and hoping that you are so happy that you'll buy something else from them. If they are buying my goodwill and hoping that I'm happy, it's working. I suspect it's working for quite a few of us. You could be right about that. But, I noticed that HSN isn't a 24/7 shoppin... Continue Reading


Re: The color white in decorating.

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I have an off white leather sofa in my vanity room. I have a teal pillow and a mink pillow with a taupe throw on it. The painting above it has the same colors in it. Continue Reading


Re: Sunscreen Myth: more bad news about sunscreens

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On 7/10/2014 ennui1 said: On 7/9/2014 sidsmom said: Scientists Blow The Lid on Cancer & Sunscreen Myth by PAUL FASSA According to a June 2014 article featured in <em>The Independent (UK)</em>, a major study conducted by researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden found that women who avoid sunbathing during the summer are twice as likely to die as those who sunbathe every day. Um, I think everyone is likely to die, no matter what they do. Did that change, and immortality is now an option? So okay, Ennui. I had to laugh at that one. You're absolutely right. Everyone is... Continue Reading


Re: O/T What type of snack food or candy ...

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On 7/6/2014 ECBG said: Ladies! I meant "call your name in the back of your head"! The dog was barking and DH talking! Lol! I thought it was an expression that I was unfamiliar with. Continue Reading


Re: Yay!!! Generations 1912 Is Back!!

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Great news! I love Bob Weinman. When? Continue Reading



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Dupe! Maybe the upcoming vet visit will shed more light on this vexing situation. Continue Reading



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My Maltese has always been a picky eater. He's never liked wet dog food. He free feeds, but he chooses to only eat once a day. Or rather will graze on that one bowl over the space of one day. When he is really hungry, he will eat it at one time but never when I put it out for him. He eats Stella and Chewy freeze dried patties crumbled up over Natural Balance Food Roll-Beef chopped up and mixed with Nature Balance Synergy Ultra Dog Dry. He loves raw baby carrots for treats. He comes running if I cut into a watermelon. Who knew? He is very healthy and he has great fresh breath and white teeth. ... Continue Reading

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