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Re: am I the only one feeling meh about makeup this year?

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I didn't buy mine from any of the shopping channels. Maybe that makes a difference. The majority I bought in person. Most were planned purchases after seeing reviews and or sampling and testing. Only one return. Continue Reading


Re: My Son Never Received His Birthday Card In The Mail I Am So Upset

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You just never know how hold a thief may be. Continue Reading


Re: am I the only one feeling meh about makeup this year?

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I've had the opposite feeling this year. So many lovely items made its way home to me. I will definitely put myself on a very short leash regarding purchases in 2015. Continue Reading


Re: refunds on shipping

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What was the date of purchase? Was it during the Extended Returns period? If so, you should receive a refund of your original shipping charges. You are responsible for your return shipping charges. Which charges are you referring to? Continue Reading


Re: Kathy Levine- Facebook

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I'm glad Pamela McCoy will be back. Continue Reading


Re: O/T how would you take this?

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Playing devils advocate here , maybe she only meant did you inherit any of your furnishings. Maybe? I think we all agree it was awkwardly worded and she probably totally regrets how she phrased it. I would never mention it and just see how the rest of the relationship plays out . Continue Reading


Re: A funny thing that happened. (Well I think it is).

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No, not funny. I'd rather laugh with someone rather than at them. Maybe it's one of those instances where you would have had to be there to find it amusing. Continue Reading


Re: Good News for Jay Leno Fans

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My husband will love this. He enjoys Jay Leno and is a car fanatic. Continue Reading


Re: TGIF Peeps! what did you purchase this week? ending 10.10.2014

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1- Dior Pore Minimized Skin Refining Matte Primer 2- Tom Ford Nude Dip Eyeshadow Quad 3- Tom Ford Lipstick in Négligée 4- Tom Ford Contouring Cheek Duo in Softcore Continue Reading


Re: Charlotte Tilbury products coming to Beautylish.

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On 8/25/2014 KerriT said: On 8/25/2014 D Oro said: Her line is already available at Nordstrom online. Plus some select stores will have Charlotte Tilbury counters. With the exception of the sculpt/highlight she had available on the anniversary sale (and completely sold out and went to advance sales), I am not seeing her products online yet. Any idea which stores will have her products?(Dallas northpark..hint hint). When I posted this, everything was on the site. The Magic Cream, lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadow, bronzed, etc. When I checked later, it was pre-order only, then gone. It will be bac... Continue Reading

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