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Re: That Byzantine price is crazy!!

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... Pat just interrupted David to tell a story about donuts. She compared all the steps it takes to make a donut to making a Byzantine bracelet... It came across as very odd to me. Continue Reading


Re: upcoming Bixby

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I am looking forward to February 1 to see what new pieces Barbara brings in. Continue Reading


Re: Why doesn't the Q have the gold shows ...

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People actually work on weekends, too, so whether it is a week day or a weekend day isn't as important. I don't understand why they don't keep it on the same date like they used to. Continue Reading


Re: Anybody recieved MV's coral jewelry?

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I missed out on the TTV. By the time I decided to get it the larger size was sold out. I like necklaces a good distance from my neck. I did order a bracelet and ring in coral from MV but neither have showed up yet which surprises me. Continue Reading


Re: CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH…Anybody watching/shopping?

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On 1/23/2015 autumnfaire said: I'm always surprised when QVC chooses a jewelry TSV which is so expensive. I think the TSV should be something that many people could buy. They probably have a much smaller quantity because of the price so when it sells out or is near to sell out there will be OTOs the rest of the day. Continue Reading


Re: That Byzantine price is crazy!!

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I don't think the TSV is outrageously priced when you do the math on cost per gram. I love Byzantines but was not planning on buying. My husband saw it and knows my love of Byzantines and told me to get it. I considered, but after watching the presentation, it appears it will bend or smoosh easily. That is the reason I am not getting it. I realize the price is high but like I said, when you break it down, it's actually pretty good, especially for such an intricate design as a Byzantine. I am curious if people will get notification that the gram weight is not what was presented like the Byzant... Continue Reading


Re: With the talk about Ripka... anyone know about Michael Dawkins?

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On silver designer day on February 1 there will be a one hour Michael Dawkins show from 10am to 11am eastern. Continue Reading


Re: Probiotics

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I don't know what IBS is but the probiotic I like just for general health must be refrigerated and is made by Natrin's Healthy Trinity. Can get it online or at The Vitamin Shoppe. Do not take it with tap water. Take it with bottled water. It might be the fluoride in tap water not good with it. I don't remember. I just take it with bottled. Continue Reading


Re: Fish Oil Capsules for Dogs

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My dog gets one omega 3 fish oil capsule by Andrew Lessman (procaps labs or hsn) and one half of a Zyrtec every day. Continue Reading


Re: upcoming Bixby

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I got the frog key pendant the first day it aired and was not happy to see it on clearance for $100 cheaper a couple months later. I actually had to return the first one I got because the enameling was spotty and pale. The second one was better but not as bright as the one shown on-air. I kept it because I didn't want to chance another pale one. A couple weeks later it was on clearance and easy pay. I like it, though. The cuff will be even more expensive. I will probably want it. :/ Continue Reading

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