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Re: Gems en vogue snake chain charm bracelet ?

In Jewelry Talk 1418881301.617

On 12/4/2014 Shogirl said: I'm just sick about this - I ordered the snake charm bracelet at the special price ($24) along with 8 charms. Well, guess what was in my bracelet box when I opened it? This ugly thing - So, I called and they said send it back and now I'm waiting (and hoping) that my size bracelet comes back into stock so they'll replace it. Okay I realize that was not the bracelet you ordered so it must have been upsetting to open, but oh my gosh I laughed so hard! It's not funny you got the wrong bracelet but opening the box to see THAT? FYI - I believe Michael said the charm bra... Continue Reading


Re: Jill Bauer was wearing a nice ring yesterday.

In Jewelry Talk 1418880888.663

I like the name black orchid to describe the color. Continue Reading


Re: Croco Christmas

In Jewelry Talk 1418880714.317

I had the large in pink in my cart when I read Scott's note it should fit like a watch. So I changed it to average. It arrived today. I really, really wish I would have kept my original instinct and got the large. I don't like the way it feels close. I have a 7" wrist. I don't think the large would have flipped down if I had got the large. Ugh. I like it a lot except for the size. I don't want to pay for both ways to get a different size. Yup. I am feeling irked because I really do like the design. I don't understand why some had a problem with the magnet. You can see if it is not secured pro... Continue Reading


Re: H204354 Jeweled Jewelry Cubes

In Judith Ripka 1418880186.843

I saw that these were being presented but wasn't in the market for a jewelry box so turned the channel. I also didn't want to be tempted to buy jewelry. After reading the ideas for uses other than jewelry I am bummed I didn't order any with the great easy pay. Still inexpensive to order but $5 easy pay is just so.... $5! ?? Continue Reading


Re: What do you keep on hand for guests

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418879805.427

On 12/17/2014 dex said: With unexpected visitors and people dropping by..I just never know what to feed them.I guess snacks and lunch ideas would be helpful....thanks for any ideas. Offer a beverage and order take-out. Continue Reading


Re: Santa Rocks

In Jewelry Talk 1418103279.327

So I said I would be window shopping. Oooooor I ordered two items. The ttv and the garnet cross. I don't love the ttv ring but I am thinking I will like it better in person. The cross just sold out and is big and how pretty will it be to wear this time of year. Cross is 144-287. Ttv is 143-818. Continue Reading


Re: Parents Visiting for Christmas!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418093928.173

How exciting! That's so fun that they will come to your house fo the holiday this year. What a treat it will be for them to have you cook a well thought out meal for everyone to enjoy. Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1418093640.227

I bought the drone for my nephew lol. My husband and I were at an indoor mall over the weekend. Oh ugh. I love to shop but I did not love it that day. We got in the car and I told hubby I like shopping and having it delivered to our house. He agreed. I find it interesting ShopNBC I mean ShopHQ I mean evine Live keeps changing its name. I am all for new product lines and hope they keep all the jewelry shows. I'm not a watch person so I am fine if they lighten up on that. I don't mind watching the Waterford shows. I won't buy Marquis by Waterford since I'm pretty sure I bought that s... Continue Reading


Re: Ugly Christmas Sweater

In Fashion Talk 1418093090.797

LOL! Thanks! I will check it out! Continue Reading


Ugly Christmas Sweater

Last Reply by KathyPet 1418306987.297 | Started by Sakuya in Fashion Talk

With the popularity of the Ugly Christmas Sweater and Ugly Christmas Sweater parties, where are all the ugly sweaters in the stores? I used to see them every year but am surprised to not see an abundance of them now with their increasing popularity.... I need one for a party this year. Continue Reading

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