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Re: Shop HQ Holiday Sale

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I did not see a coupon code on Shop HQ main page. What is the code? Continue Reading


Re: Will Ship

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On 9/27/2014 castlenv said: Has anybody ordered an item that won't ship for at least 2 months?? I'm not sure why anyone would do this. It seems somewhat common on QVC but I don't recall the other shopping channels doing this. What's the point?? I have bought advanced order items several times. I know when it is expected to arrive when I order the item so know full well it won't be coming in the next week. Advanced orders do not bother me. I do believe it is a way to order what is needed and not be stuck with items that don't sell. A lot of times they call it "fresh from the fair," which... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone's watching Hong Kong show on ShopHQ?

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On 10/4/2014 kachina624 said: I got Michael's amethyst and rhodolite butterfly ring yesterday. Can't resist those insects. I ordered that one as well. I've been staring at it forever and it was finally discounted. I hope I love it after all the time I have spent gazing at it online. Continue Reading


Re: Ambrosia bracelet at Sam's

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Well, whether you got the Q version or the Sam's version of the bracelet, I hope everyone who bought one loves it and that it brings a smile to your face when you wear it. Continue Reading


Gems en Vogue Red Ring

Last Reply by SANNA 1410374537.413 | Started by Sakuya in Jewelry Talk

I don't have any info on this, just some questions. At first I thought he was bringing a new pink stone in September. Then that changed to a new red stone in September. I see that next week on Wednesday, Spetember 10, Michael will have a TS in a show called "Sapphires En Vogue Jewelry." Will this mysterious new red ring appear in that show? A ruby? Is it supposed to be a Today's Special? Does anyone have any additional information on this? I have been waiting all summer and have not bought other things because I was waiting for this new piece. Hopefully I will love it because if I ... Continue Reading


Re: What did you buy from Barbara Bixby?

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It was very difficult to decide what to get. I was sticking to my plan of only one item. I finally decided on the frog key. I do not have any of Barbara Bixby's keys and I just loved the imagination of this frog key. It reminded me of a fanciful fairytale and how fun would that be to wear. I would like to get the frog ring at some point as well. I wanted to see it on-air instead of ordering from the picture. Oh my did I love it when I saw what it looked like on a hand. It was a hard decision between the frog ring or key, but the event price on the key is also what helped to sway me. ... Continue Reading



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I have heard of a dessert table but not a cookie table. Fun! A wedding screams black tie cookies, doesn't it? Continue Reading



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A fresh fruit salad would be very expensive to do for 200 people. Cookies or brownies would be very easy. I like to pre-cut brownie squares and put them each on individual cupcake liner so it is easy to pull a liner off a serving plate and keeps hand clean. Continue Reading


Re: how do you manage to fit everything in your fridge after shopping at Costco?

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I buy fresh food from Costco when I am having a party. Otherwise, I don't buy their huge quantities of fresh food. Sometimes I buy the fruit because that will get eaten by the family within a week. Continue Reading

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