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Re: Oro Nuovo J292602, on the fence

In Jewelry Talk 1425479144.717

Let us know how you like them! Continue Reading


Re: Jewelry Clearance

In Jewelry Talk 1425479041.333

I am torn. They have good sales but if I don't watch then I won't be tempted. Continue Reading


Re: Would you wear this?

In Fashion Talk 1425478833.407

No. Jacket looks bulky to me. Continue Reading


Re: Target

In Fashion Talk 1425478738.96

Businesses are in business to make money. Yes, it is awful so many people will lose their job, but Target needs to make money. If they don't, everyone loses their job. Continue Reading


Re: What's Your Favorite Lipstick?

In Beauty Banter 1425478454.237

Estee Lauder's mauve glacé. They stopped making it over 10 years ago but it is still my favorite. Great by itself and was perfect layered over any deep color. Best lipstick ever and I have not found any of their colors replaces the perfection of the creaminess of mauve glacé. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone remember the 14k DMQ bracelet with two sizes of stones?

In Diamonique 1425478105.77

On 3/3/2015 LexPex said: Sorry, I don't own but I do remember the bracelet. Unfortunately I have no idea when it was carried. I did own a beautiful 14k all round stone diamonique tennis bracelet that I bought 20+ years ago. I lost it a few years back and was so sad. The 14K and diamonique that Q sold years ago was top notch and this was totally believable. Do you still own the bracelet? and just looking for some history? Hope someone can help you. How has Diamonique changed? Why are the pieces from long ago better? Have they changed how they make Diamonique? Continue Reading


Re: Upcoming JAI TSV???

In Jewelry Talk 1425477946.263

I haven't been able to locate any information on a Jai TSV. Where did you see this information? Continue Reading


Re: Scott Kay Reviews

In Jewelry Talk 1425477729.253

I have received a couple more of my wait list items. The 36" necklace j320768 that matches the bracelet j320773. I posted a lengthy review on the bracelet in its own thread. Love it. The necklace is just the bracelet but longer. Not as big of a wow in the necklace but that could be because it is as expected. Nice weight as well. I also got the bangle. My first reaction was how small it was. I was expecting it to be bigger and thicker. It has a nice weight considering the size. I would like to get 2 more of the same bangle. I haven't seen the bangle in daylight. It was late when I got home and... Continue Reading


Re: scott kay ring sizing help

In Jewelry Talk 1425477164.7

I have the cross ring. I was concerned since it is a concave ring but I ordered my regular size and it fits perfectly. Very comfortable. Continue Reading


Re: Have to check....

In Judith Ripka 1425477065.89

I don't believe the increase in silver cost has gone up 400%, has it? I know prices increase but the new price of over $400 is a bit much. It is a very pretty bracelet but I am not willing to pay that price for it. There was a time I wouldn't care but I'm trying to make better decisions and not get sucked in. I do like the colors of the stones and it is a very springy, fun bracelet. Continue Reading

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