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Re: Rose of sharon

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I always thought Rose of Sharon was one of those plant 'em and forget 'em trees. They like lots of sun and are the last to get leaves. In my area the Rose of Sharon look dead long after everything else has turned green and bushed out. Then the Rose of Sharon comes to life. Continue Reading


Re: Pansies

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I have never dead-headed pansies. I just leave them be. I love pansies. In the fall when I get them they are still blooming through the snow. Funny. We had high 70s on Saturday and Monday it was snowing. Pansies didn't care. Continue Reading



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When is Lisa coming back? Continue Reading


Re: Paging Kachina

In Jewelry Talk 1397659323.327

Bling - is 139-587 going to be the TTV? Continue Reading


Re: May 2014 midnight shows as listed in InsideQ

In Jewelry Talk 1397658778.33

Thank you, bebe777, for taking the time to compose these lists and post them. They are very helpful! Continue Reading


Re: Judith Ripka Sold

In Judith Ripka 1397658411.15

It says ennui1 is the last poster but I do not see her post Continue Reading


Re: Why can't you size Gems en Vogue II?

In Jewelry Talk 1397657768.72

You can send your ring to his company to have it sized if need be. Call first, though. Continue Reading


Re: new Bixby

In Jewelry Talk 1397657665.753

Free shipping and easy pay though! I like the new ring. Pricey, but I find I will pay the higher price for her pieces. Weighty and unique. Continue Reading


Re: Can anyone suggest a cookie sheet that won't warp when it goes in the oven?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397657094.88

Chicago Metallic. I have the uncoated cookie sheets. The. Best. Cookie. Sheets. I got mine at Home Goods years ago. They still show up now and again but not in the small size that I have that I just love. But the large (regular cookie sheet size) are still available. I have not tried their non-stick cookie sheets. I prefer the stainless cookie sheets that have no coating because they bake nicer and cookies don't slide off when I take them out of the oven. Let cool for a couple minutes and a spatula takes them right off no problem. I have used these cookie sheets for years and they ... Continue Reading


Re: Need help selecting Probiotic

In Health & Fitness 1397656560.77

Natrin's Healthy Trinity. Pricy, but very good. It must be kept refrigerated. Also do not take it with tap water. Take it with bottled water. Something in tap water "deactivates" for lack of a better word the probiotic. You can order it online or I get it from The Vitamin Shoppe. Continue Reading

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