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Re: Chuck's leather and gemstone TSV

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If I hadn't bought other pieces I would have bought 3 of the bracelets. They seemed like fun running around doing errands bracelets. :-) Continue Reading


Re: Rec'd. my Evine TTV Shield Ring in Citrine!

In Jewelry Talk 1431222631.64

I ordered the rhodolite version the day it was offered. It didn't ship out until May and came in same package as a Gems en Vogue ring I ordered 2wks after the special. I don't know if I will keep it. I was irked it came so late so haven't looked at it since it arrived a few days ago. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone bought Colleen Lopez jewelry how is the quality?

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I haven't ordered a lot of her pieces but I have not noticed a quality issue. I have returned items but not because they weren't made well. They just didn't look good on me. Last week when she had the London blue topaz ring as the Today's Special I ordered it and two matching pieces. They haven't arrived yet. Continue Reading


Re: Barbara Bixby

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I would be surprised if the TSV is a repeat of the Jezzebel ring. There was also talk on delphi it may be the new paisley pieces. One of them being the TSV and the other matching pieces as an up sell. There is a pic of the dragon key. I like it but am expecting it to be 400 or more. The unicorn looks more cartoonish and the mermaid looks like the tail should be longer. Of course, seeing something on-air is very different than a picture. I do like the dragon but it will depend on the price. I ordered the frog key first airing and it was a short time later it was marked down 100 dollars. After ... Continue Reading


Re: Oro Nuovo J292602, on the fence

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Let us know how you like them! Continue Reading


Re: Jewelry Clearance

In Jewelry Talk 1425479041.333

I am torn. They have good sales but if I don't watch then I won't be tempted. Continue Reading


Re: Would you wear this?

In Fashion Talk 1425478833.407

No. Jacket looks bulky to me. Continue Reading


Re: Target

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Businesses are in business to make money. Yes, it is awful so many people will lose their job, but Target needs to make money. If they don't, everyone loses their job. Continue Reading


Re: What's Your Favorite Lipstick?

In Beauty Banter 1425478454.237

Estee Lauder's mauve glacé. They stopped making it over 10 years ago but it is still my favorite. Great by itself and was perfect layered over any deep color. Best lipstick ever and I have not found any of their colors replaces the perfection of the creaminess of mauve glacé. Continue Reading

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