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Re: Ambrosia bracelet at Sam's

In Judith Ripka 1409766965.5

Well, whether you got the Q version or the Sam's version of the bracelet, I hope everyone who bought one loves it and that it brings a smile to your face when you wear it. Continue Reading


Gems en Vogue Red Ring

Last Reply by SANNA 1410374537.413 | Started by Sakuya in Jewelry Talk

I don't have any info on this, just some questions. At first I thought he was bringing a new pink stone in September. Then that changed to a new red stone in September. I see that next week on Wednesday, Spetember 10, Michael will have a TS in a show called "Sapphires En Vogue Jewelry." Will this mysterious new red ring appear in that show? A ruby? Is it supposed to be a Today's Special? Does anyone have any additional information on this? I have been waiting all summer and have not bought other things because I was waiting for this new piece. Hopefully I will love it because if I ... Continue Reading


Re: What did you buy from Barbara Bixby?

In Jewelry Talk 1409766457.993

It was very difficult to decide what to get. I was sticking to my plan of only one item. I finally decided on the frog key. I do not have any of Barbara Bixby's keys and I just loved the imagination of this frog key. It reminded me of a fanciful fairytale and how fun would that be to wear. I would like to get the frog ring at some point as well. I wanted to see it on-air instead of ordering from the picture. Oh my did I love it when I saw what it looked like on a hand. It was a hard decision between the frog ring or key, but the event price on the key is also what helped to sway me. ... Continue Reading



In Recipe Swap 1405961639.837

I have heard of a dessert table but not a cookie table. Fun! A wedding screams black tie cookies, doesn't it? Continue Reading



In Recipe Swap 1405961211.567

A fresh fruit salad would be very expensive to do for 200 people. Cookies or brownies would be very easy. I like to pre-cut brownie squares and put them each on individual cupcake liner so it is easy to pull a liner off a serving plate and keeps hand clean. Continue Reading


Re: how do you manage to fit everything in your fridge after shopping at Costco?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1405959668.427

I buy fresh food from Costco when I am having a party. Otherwise, I don't buy their huge quantities of fresh food. Sometimes I buy the fruit because that will get eaten by the family within a week. Continue Reading


Re: H203277 Valerie's Mercury Glass Finials - Frozen

In For the Home Talk 1405959439.487

If I had little ones I would adore putting together a Frozen party! Continue Reading


Re: Who's got the time, skill, storage space, and $ for this type of Christmas decorating???

In Beauty Banter 1405958538.457

Call me tacky because I love glitter at Christmas! I love to decorate and take turns every other year going "all out." If I could start in September I would! But I love, love, love fall so November 1 is the first day of Chrismtas decorating season for me. I have numerous trees upstairs and downstairs and I hang glass ornaments from organza ribbon as well as bead garland from the ceiling over the peninsula in my kitchen and the table in my foyer. Decorated garlands rope my stairwell up and down and every chandelier is a centerpiece. I change location of some decorations and change the t... Continue Reading


Gems en Vogue II Canary Citrine Ring

Last Reply by SANNA 1405986010.163 | Started by Sakuya in Jewelry Talk

140-882 Is this the ring that is going to be the TTV at the end of July? Continue Reading


Re: H203277 Valerie's Mercury Glass Finials - Frozen

In For the Home Talk 1405955847.893

I would like them with 4th of July decorating as well. The blue would also go for those who decorate in jewel tones at Christmas. Continue Reading

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